Book: Bang Switch

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I hunkered down into the small space between the desk and the wall, covering my head and praying hard I’d live to see the sun rise another day. 

Loud, raised voices started up again in the vestibule of the law firm’s main waiting area, and I felt bile rise in my throat. 

My office was three doors down from the commotion and, although I was but a lowly secretary, I still needed the room to keep up with the massive amount of paperwork I was expected to wade through on a daily basis. 

Which I was thankful for right that moment.

The men had come in the front door while I'd been in the restroom, walked straight past my office, not bothering to check and see if the others had even been in the office, before they went directly to find Mr. Pierson. 

When I'd heard the raised voices, I'd crept down the hall and about fell over when I saw the two men surrounding my boss, Tate Pierson. Tate wasn't a bad guy.

Although more touchy feely than I'd like, I didn't want him to die. 

I’d immediately called the police to tell them about the situation. 

That had been thirty minutes ago, and I was getting worried. The argument was escalating, getting a lot worse than what it’d started as. Now there wasn’t any negotiating going on, only yelling about how Mr. Pierson had been successful in acquiring the divorce for his ex-wife. He was also yelling about having to pay her lawyer fees as well, even though, from what I was hearing, he’d been the one to cheat. 

A large black form edged up to the glass of the front of our building, and my eyes widened as six men dressed in all black, with massive guns pointed in all directions, looked in on me.

I was spotted quickly. 

I'd told the lady on the line where I was when she'd asked. I assumed that was how the man that was currently heading in my direction found me so quickly.

There was a beautiful German Shepherd at his side, but I knew immediately it wasn’t just any ordinary pet.

No, this one was deadly.

She was wearing a vest over her chest area, and her eyes were highly aware and scanning the area. She clocked me in a matter of moments, but dismissed me as no threat to her being.

The voices were what held her attention, and mine as well.

They were getting louder and more threatening. I just knew that, at any moment, words were no longer…

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

My heart jumped into my throat just about the same time, what felt like a bag of cement, dropped onto my shoulders.

When my eyes opened and I started to struggle, the thing, which I now recognized as the man who’d made eye contact with me when he came into the door, held me immobile despite my struggles.

“Don’t move,” he growled.

Despite his holding me in place, I still managed to move so my foot was between what I expected were his thighs, though I couldn’t be sure.

“I said don’t move,” he hissed.

I couldn’t help it. My mouth ran away with me when I was scared, which it did. “I have a Charlie horse in my ass.”

I think I surprised him, because he went even more still, if that were possible, and raised his head slightly to look at me.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Shots were being fired rapidly and, not able to help it, I flinched.

But his eyes. His eyes held me steady, kept me focused so I didn’t freak. They were a beautiful green with golden flecks. They were the only thing I could see with the huge black mask over his face and the black helmet covering his head.

I couldn’t even see his skin at all, in fact. Nothing but his eyes.

Then something was yelled from the other room and the weight pinning me down, as well as those beautiful eyes, were gone.

His weight lifted from me faster than I could snap my fingers, and the moment we’d shared was gone.

In its place was a lot of questions. And a lot of visuals of the aftermath that I could never forget.

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