Book: Bang Switch

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Chapter 7

I go into survival mode when tickled.

-Life Lesson


I didn’t wake all at once.

It started slow, first becoming aware when she started to move.

I took stock of my body, knowing instantly how close to the edge I was.

One of my hands was knotted in the dark tresses of her hair, and the other…yeah the other was sitting on heaven’s door.

Right at the brink of the fucking promise land.

My digits were wet. I knew that instantly without having to be told.

They were wet because my fingers were practically touching the entrance to her hot, sweet pussy.

For all the teasing I’d done, it was all a boast. I didn’t think she’d actually do it. Fuck, but the girl was hotter than hell. She could have anyone.

She was twenty years old, and I was going on thirty-five.

Why would she want me?

I stayed still, feeling her move and twitch as she thought about how to get out of her predicament.

Fuck me, but I was going to hell, not offering her the least bit of help even though I was awake.

She moved after she’d closed her thighs, realizing that her position wasn’t helping any. She hitched her knee up, her skin resting on the fabric of my underwear where my balls rested between my legs.

Her hand, though, was the thing that got my attention.

She’d moved it down, all the way down, until she encountered my cock head.

My breathing hitched slightly as she froze with her hand over my cock, the pad of her thumb sweeping over the head.

I squeezed my eyes shut and stayed calm, curious as to what she’d do next.

Then she rolled, straddling my thigh with her bare pussy rubbing provocatively.

My breathing stayed even and my eyes stayed closed as she studied my face.

She was still for a few long moments, and I fought not to move the entire time.

Then I felt the tip of her tongue at the crest and I reacted.

She was flat on her back and staring up at my cock in under three seconds.

My fists clenched as I tried to regain the control I’d nearly lost.

I was a controlling person, in and out of the bedroom.

I like my women to be submissive and accepting, and I knew Memphis was anything but.

She was twenty. There was no way she’d been with a man like me before.

That’s not to say that she wasn’t experienced.

A woman of Memphis’ caliber had to have experience…but she didn’t have experience with me.

I wasn’t a sadist or anything, but I liked to be in control. I liked to hold women down and fuck them. I liked to have them ride me while I held onto their hair and captured their hands behind their back.

The only way I could go into this with Memphis was if she had an idea of who and what I was.

“Memphis,” I growled, pulling away from her tempting mouth that was now sucking on my balls.

She groaned and started to move forward again, but I grabbed a hold of her hair and held her in place.

“If we’re going to do this…there’re rules,” I explained.

Her eyes had dilated the moment I’d grabbed a hold of her hair, holding her back so she couldn’t move.

It was something I liked.


“Like I lay back and take whatever you give me?” She asked, shifting up until her hair pulled a little tighter. “What, you don’t think you can handle me?”

I blinked and raised my brows. “No, not really. I think that you’re young, and you’re used to little boys who give you what you want. Like I said, I can give you what you need, but I’m sure as fuck not a little boy.”

She smiled and pulled up some more so she could reach my cock with her mouth; I gave her what she wanted.

Letting go of her until her head fell back, the column of her throat exposed as it fell over the side of the bed I said, “Open your mouth.”

She complied, and I leaned forward, giving her a small taste of my cock.

Her tongue circled the head, ringing it carefully before sucking what I gave her.

“Use your hand, too,” I ordered.

Her hand lifted to wrap around my dick. Her fingers met my skin, and my balls started to tighten.

I broke, losing my control.

Using my hands in her hair, I started to fuck her mouth.

In and out, coating my cock with her saliva.

Her eyes were flared each time I pulled back, making the entire thing so fucking enjoyable I could barely think.

Pleasure rocketed through me, and I got some sort of sick, twisted enjoyment at seeing my balls resting against the bridge of her nose.

She relaxed her throat after one thrust, and by the next I was sinking even further in, nearly a whole inch more.

Then she fucking moaned and I had to place my hand down or risk falling.

My hand found her neck, and I moved it lower until I was caressing her beautiful, lightly browned nipples.

Much darker than the rest of her skin, I became fascinated with the discovery.

She physically jolted when I pinched lightly on one, causing another moan to bubble up her throat.

It was a vicious chain reaction that had me thrusting into her mouth in long, deep strokes.

The more I pinched and played, the more she moaned, and the better it felt.

She was being neglected, though.

When her hands started to slip down, running from her belly button down into her curls, I reluctantly pulled out of her mouth, walking around the side of the bed.

Her eyes watched me, laser focused on my hard cock that bounced lightly with each step of my feet.

She licked her lips as I walked around the bed and crawled up between her thighs, chest heaving as if she knew what happened next.

“Memphis?” I rasped, hands running up the soft skin of her thighs.

She lifted her head, and I grasped her hips, pulling her until her head rested fully on the bed.

“Y-yeah?” Her voice cracked.

“Are you on birth control?” I asked, leaning forward until my cock rested solidly against the lips of her sex.

She lifted her arm and pointed to something, some outline of a stick of some sort in her arm.

“I have an implant for birth control,” she replied huskily.

I smiled at her and leaned forward, capturing her turgid nipple between my teeth and pulling slightly as I flicked the tip of my tongue against the bud.

She gasped and lifted her hips, asking with her body for more.

I sucked hard, eliciting a gasp out of her before I reached down with the hand that wasn’t planted in the bed beside her hip and positioned my raging erection at her entrance.

With slow, purposeful movements, I started pushing inside of her.

In an inch, out all the way. In an inch and a half, back out all the way.

I did this for long, torturous minutes until finally I sank fully inside of her wet, tight heat.

We both gasped when my hard cock met the back of her.

Her hips raised, legs moving up until her knees rested against her chest. The flats of her feet resting in the crook where my hips met my thigh.

The position gave me a wide-open view of her clit, and my cock tunneling into her beautiful pussy.

I pushed in and out, flexing my hips.

I watched as it slid in and out of her like silk along skin, my cock covered in her juices.

I looked up from the sight to her eyes, seeing them glazed over in passion, and I smiled.

“Ready for more?” I asked.

She bit her lip and moved her hands up to cup her breasts.

She pulled roughly on the tips of her nipples, biting her lip, as she nodded. “Yes.”

I smiled.

And gave it to her.

Rearing back until I was resting on my knees and the balls of my feet, I took a hold of her hips and lifted up to make us align properly.

Then I started stroking in and out of her, hard and fast.

With each thrust of my hips, her breasts jumped, drawing my eyes to the way they hit the tip of her chin.

“Can you suck your pretty nipples?” I rasped, really interested to know if she could.

She nodded and I said, “Do it.”

She leaned her head up and brought her breast up to her mouth before sucking one in, pulling hard.

My cock jumped at the sight.

“The other one, too. Don’t leave it out,” I commanded.

She switched sides and I slowed, trying to keep control of the situation that was about to slip from my grasp. Fast.

I canted my hips, swirling my dick around inside of her, and caused her to gasp.

Her nipples were wet from her attention and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do this for much longer.

She felt too hot. Too good. Too fucking right.

When she started to cry out, I started to pound into her harder.

My pace started to get jerky, going from smooth, deep strokes to quick and jerky.

I fell forward, throwing her legs over my shoulder as I started to slam into her, using the new position to my advantage.

“Play with your nipples,” I ordered, causing her to jump to attention.

The added stimulation was all she needed, and her hot, greedy channel clamped down on my tunneling cock, and I finally released.

Sensation traveled up my spine, shooting straight to my cock as my orgasm overtook me.

My cock was in a vice grip made up of Memphis’ pussy, being milked as I shot my come high and deep inside of her.

I grunted with each thrust, going hard until the final drops of my release found a home inside of her.

I let her legs fall to the side, rolling until she rested on top of me, her head pillowed on my chest, and my cock still planted deep.

She was panting, as was I, as we both came slowly down from our orgasms.

She was like a limp noodle covering my chest, and my hand curled over her back, coming to a rest with two fingers on one side of my cock where it entered her, and two on the other, feeling where we were still connected.

Feeling how her skin still stretched around the thick column of my cock.

“You weren’t kidding. You can give me what I need,” she gasped. “I didn’t know I needed that.”

I laughed, causing my dick to jerk inside of her, which elicited a moan from her.

“Yeah, baby, I can tell,” I agreed.

She snorted. “You’re so confident. What if I’d said that it was the worst lay I’d ever had?”

“Then I’d know that you were lying. I felt how tight and sweet that pussy was around my cock. You don’t think I can read it?” I asked.

I could practically feel her blush, but I didn’t comment further.

“I have places to be,” she whispered. “School.”

I started to run my finger around her entrance, then started moving my cock slightly inside of her, causing her to moan.

“Later,” I said against her neck.

She groaned. “I have to go…” she tried. When I started to suck on her neck she said, “Oh, fuck it.”

Fuck it, indeed.

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