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Chapter 9

If you were one of the three little pigs, and I was the big bad wolf, instead of blowing your house down, I’d blow you kisses. And wink at you and shit.



“Alright, momma. I’m going to head home if you’re sure,” I said, giving my mom a warm hug.

My mother was smaller than me, but she had a little more padding up top than I had.

We really looked nothing alike, except for our eyes.

She was around five foot three and had the features of most in Chinese culture.

The lightly tanned skin, dark brown hair, slanted eyes.

She was the epitome of beautiful, even at fifty-four years of age.

I wanted to be her when I grew up, but sadly I had too much of my daddy in me, and it would never be.

My eyes squinted and I looked around. “Where is daddy?”

He’d been here last night, but I hadn’t seen him all morning.

She shrugged. “He had a few errands to run. He said he’d come see you soon, though.”

I looked at her skeptically but shrugged. “Okay, well I guess that’s fine.”

I walked out to my old car and threw my bag into the backseat, not needing to open the door since I’d never bothered to roll it up when I’d gotten here three days ago.

When I turned, I saw her staring at my car with a frown on her face.

“What?” I asked.

Her eyes moved up to mine as she said, “Why are you driving this?”

“I like it,” I said, lying through my teeth.

In all honesty, it was a piece of shit that I got for a grand off the side of the road. It needed a hell of a lot of work, and quite a bit of it I couldn’t do myself, so it never got done.

She looked at me skeptically but stayed quiet. “You should’ve taken your car.”

I laughed, then.

My ‘car’ as she said, was the one I’d been driving since I was sixteen. It also had a GPS tracking device in it. Something I hadn’t known until the day I’d turned twenty.

For four years, my dad had known where I was at all times, and that’d really stuck in my gullet. I hated how he was so overprotective.

I realize that he nearly lost me when I was younger, but that didn’t give him any right to stalk me.

“Sure, as soon as daddy takes the GPS chip out of it, I’ll start driving it again,” I said.

She sighed at hearing the familiar statement. “Take care of yourself, baby girl.”

I nodded and gave her one more kiss before I dropped down into my old car, and started it up with a rumbling cough.

Smoke poured out of the tailpipe and my mom waved her hand in front of her face to clear it from her face before scowling at me.

I smiled at her and said, “How about you take care of yourself, too?”

She waved a dismissive hand at me and turned around to walk back into the house.

My heart hurt at watching her walk away from me.

The call I’d gotten three days ago had scared the ever-loving shit out of me.

I was in the area of medicine, but I had no knowledge, whatsoever, about the actual diseases that there were. Not knowing that the seizure she’d had was actually not ‘bad,’ I’d driven straight home, skipping my classes and work, as I went.

It turned out that she wasn’t hurt or dying after all, and I’d probably overreacted, but I’d been scared.

My mom and dad meant the world to me, even if my dad was overprotective as hell.

The same day I’d arrived, my father had started grilling me on my life. That night when I’d told him I met somebody at my apartment complex and had started seeing him, he’d gotten really weird about it, even going as far as to interrogate me about who Downy was. What he did for a living. Who his parents were.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was at work running a background check on Downy, even though it was his day off.

My drive was uneventful, and when I finally pulled into my parking spot at the apartment complex later that afternoon, I was nearly about to pass out.

I hated driving. It always made me so tired.

I’d had to stop at a gas station about half way and buy some sunflower seeds.

I was cheeking them like a baseball player does while chewing tobacco.

In fact, it was a good thing that my mouth was occupied, because the moment I stepped out of my car, my eyes caught on a very familiar looking motorcycle.

One that looked incredibly similar to my father’s.

I started to get a sneaking suspicion that there was more to my father’s frantic phone call, telling me that my mother was sick.

Oh, I didn’t doubt for one minute that she’d been ‘sick.’

What I doubted was that she was sick enough for me to come all the way home.

Something that got me conveniently under my mother’s watchful eye, and freed up my father to come check out my new man.

I let Peter out of the car, slamming the door closed behind him.

He was much more watchful now since the near dog attack, and stayed within three feet of me the entire way up to the apartment.

I debated on whether or not to go to Downy’s apartment, but decided against it when I heard laughter coming from behind the closed door.

I went to mine instead, opening the door wide for Peter to go in before slamming it behind me.


That little shit.

I started slamming stuff, going first to the kitchen cabinet where I left the cups, then going to the fridge for my jug of juice…only to find it empty.

Either dad had been in my apartment, or the house full of men next door were making use of my amenities.

Sighing, I went to the faucet and filled my glass up all the way. Then chugged it.

Water ran down the sides of my mouth, but I didn’t stop until I finished the entire thing, slamming the glass down on the counter when I was finished.

“Wow,” Downy drawled. His sexy, Southern accent making tingles trickle down my back. “Who’d have thought seeing your girl chug a glass of water would be that sexy?”

I smiled and turned, finding him leaning against the side of the island that separated the kitchen from the living room.

He was shoeless in jeans and a red t-shirt that said, ‘If all else fails, empty the magazine.

“That’s a nice shirt,” I said, walking towards him, stopping with my hand pressed lightly to his chest. “It’s soft, too. Do you mind if I borrow it sometime?”

He looked down, spying the entirely way too big pants I was wearing of his, and smiled.

Hooking his finger in the loose waistband, he pulled me all the way against his chest and wrapped his arms around my body.

My face went to the middle of his chest, and I breathed in his unique scent.

Pine Needles and leather.

The leather was from his gun holster, and a smell I’d smelled since I’d first been old enough to hug my daddy.

Dad never went anywhere without a gun strapped to him somewhere, and Downy didn’t either.

Even lazing around the house, he had a gun on him.

His ankle, if I’d guessed correctly.

“How was your trip?” He asked, looking down into my eyes.

I shrugged. “Mom’s fine. She played it off the entire time I was there, and dad did, too. It never made any sense until I saw dad’s bike in the parking lot.”

He smiled, trying to contain his laughter, but he was unsuccessful.

“He wasn’t…mean, was he?” I asked nervously.

He shook his head. “No, he was fine. It was my first time meeting a woman’s parent, though. It proved to be nothing but interesting.”

I shook my head. “When did he get here?”

He looked at his watch and said, “Around seven. I was on my way out for a run.”

He pursed his lips and said, “I went for a walk and breakfast instead.”

I sighed and rubbed my nose on the softest t-shirt I’d ever felt before. “Where is he now?”

He pointed his thumb in the direction of his apartment. “That way.”

I looked at the wall that separated my living room from Downy’s as if I could see through it and asked, “Does he know our rooms are open to each other’s?”

He shook his head. “Nope.”

I nodded. “Who’s been drinking my juice?”

He grinned. “Me.”

“Why?” I asked, running my hands up his sides until I met his ribs just under his armpits.

“Because I wanted it,” he said simply.

I could do nothing but shake my head. “You’re a cop, you know. You shouldn’t be snooping around in other people’s belongings.”

He shivered when my thumb swiped over his nipple, pressing me further into the counter behind me.

“You’re father thinks I’m in the bathroom,” he explained.

“So?” I asked, not seeing the problem like he did.

“He’ll get suspicious if I’m gone too long,” he countered, strain evident in his voice.

I could feel the evidence of his “strain” pressed up against me, and the fevered way he ran his hands up my side.

“Fuck my father,” I replied huskily.

I licked his neck, running my tongue from the bottom of his collarbone as far up as I could reach, standing on my tiptoes.

He growled and then lifted me onto the counter. His eyes were filled with need, and his jaw, which was even more scruffy today than it’d been three days prior, was hard and fixed.

“Quick. We need to be quick,” he rushed out. “Lift your hips up.”

Balancing my hands on either side of my hips, I pushed myself up enough for Downy to be able to work the pants down and off my legs.

My panties went with them in his haste to get them off, which worked for both of us.

My eyes went to the door, then back down to Downy as he started to unbuckle his belt.

I went forward, licking his lips.

He growled, and his eyes, those green eyes that were starting to mean everything to me, latched onto mine.

“The door. I need to lock the door,” I said desperately.

He ripped himself from my front, stalking to the door while he started yanking at the buttons of his jeans.

When they were all the way undone, the back of them slipped, giving me an unhindered view of the crack of his taut ass.

And what an ass it was.

My hands clenched, and I had to physically stop myself from jumping off the counter to go to him. When he turned around, though, my ass slipped off the counter on its own accord.

His cock was now hanging out of his pants: angry, red, and hungry.

I licked my lips, taking a step towards him, but his command stalled my forward movement.

“Stay,” he ordered.

I stayed, looking at him, waiting for what he was going to ask me to do next.

A shiver chased down my spine as he looked at me with those commanding eyes, those eyes that could tell me to do anything when it came to my pleasure, and I’d jump through hoops to do it.

“Turn around, put your hips up to the counter and lean over it,” he said roughly.

When I didn’t move quick enough he took me by the hips and did it for me, pushing me roughly into the counter.

My bare legs met the cold of the counter, causing me to squeak in surprise.

He laughed. The fucker laughed.

Reaching down, he gathered my shirt by the hem and yanked it roughly over my head.

My arms went up in reaction, causing me to gasp at the sudden movement.

I felt his nimble fingers at the back of my bra as he unhooked it and let it fall over my shoulders.

Instead of removing it all the way, though, he just pushed me forward until my bare breasts pressed against the laminate counter, and then bent down.

I gasped as he bit the cheek of my ass.

“Spread your legs wider,” he ordered.

I moved my legs as far as the pants still around my ankles would allow, and he started to feast.

He buried his face between my legs, zeroing straight in on my weeping entrance.

I groaned and dropped my head to the counter as he worked his stiffened tongue into my pussy in short stabs.

I clenched down on him as best as I could and he growled against the lips of my sex.

His hands traveled up the back of my thighs until he met the apex of my legs. Then he hooked his thumbs on the outside of my lips and pulled them apart, spreading me open wider so his mouth could gain access to my clit.

Switching targets, he flicked his tongue rapidly over my sensitive bud, making me moan as my orgasm started to barrel towards me at supersonic speed.

However, just when I would’ve tipped over the edge, he stopped and stood.

It would’ve been tragic if he hadn’t replaced his mouth with his cock.

He knew what I needed, though, slamming inside of me so hard that I cried out in surprise.

He growled, taking a hold of my hips and pulling me back roughly into his thrusts.

He snapped his hips, skin smacking against skin, and the sound of it filled the room around us.

I felt a droplet of sweat hit my lower back, and my head and back arched.

He worked his hard cock inside of me, deeper and deeper until I swore he’d barrel straight through me.

He didn’t, though, only gave me it to me hard and rough, just like I needed in that moment.

He’d thrust, and I’d groan.

The pattern held until my orgasm was once again knocking at the door, and Downy sensed it.

Moving his hands, one went down towards my belly and was buried between my legs.

He ground the heel of his hand into my clit as he spanned the width of his cock with his fingers, feeling where I was stretching for his intrusion.

I came.


The breath left my lungs in a rush as I threw my head back, hair brushing my ass as I clamped down hard onto his cock.

He growled and gave three more rough thrusts inside of me before he, too, came.

I was panting, my face laying flat on the counter as he finished inside of me, shooting his come deep.

When he gave his final, smooth glide inside, and came to a stop with our hips flush against each other’s, he ran his hand down the length of my spine.

“Why is it that I’m already ready to go again? You have a magic fucking pussy, I swear. It’s all I’ve thought about for the past three days,” he growled.

My nipples pebbled, but I knew my father wouldn’t wait much longer.

“We can’t,” I said, tapping his leg. “There’re some dish towels in that drawer to your right, can you reach it?”

“Dish towels?” He asked as he reached for one.

He shifted inside of me and I clamped down on him in reaction, causing him to hiss in a breath.

“Not fair,” he said, tossing it down on the counter in front of my hands.

I took it and held it between my legs to catch the remnants of his release.

“Thanks,” I said as he pulled out wetly.

I groaned, missing the feel of him instantly.

He groaned himself, but nonetheless wiped his dick off with another towel and then pulled his pants back up.

“I’m going,” he said, giving me a slow kiss. “Come over when you get cleaned up.”

I nodded and watched him retreat back to my bedroom, following behind him as best as I could with a towel and my hand wedged between my legs.

He looked over his shoulder and caught me walking, making a sound of amusement before he disappeared into his side of the room and then out the locked door of his bedroom.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, keeping his pants on, and then headed over to Downy’s door less than five minutes later.

Downy wasn’t the one to answer the door, though. It was Miller, who still had a sheepish look on his face.

“I said it was okay,” I shook my head.

Jesus, he wouldn’t let the wall debacle drop.

I knew he didn’t mean to!

“I know,” he responded, holding the door wide for me to come in.

My father was sitting at the bar with a bottle of beer in his hand, and a look on his face that said he wasn’t sorry at all that he was there.

I didn’t think he would be. He was like that.

He made no apologies, which I’d found was a normal for any alpha-like man. Cops. Dixie Wardens. Firefighters. Military. They were all the same. They did what they wanted and made no apologies for it.

“Daddy,” I said, giving him a look that said I wasn’t happy with him.

His eye twitched. “Baby.”

I just shook my head. “Did you get what you were looking for?”

He nodded. “Yep. Except I could’ve done without knowing you were over there fucking ten minutes ago.”

I choked on my own spit, eyes squeezing tight as embarrassment flooded me. “Shit.”

Foster and Miller laughed. Downy, however, didn’t look sorry in the least.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, trying to change the subject. Fast.

“I wanted to meet this man that you couldn’t take the time out of your day to come see us for,” he said evenly.

I just shook my head. “Daddy, you know I was in school. In fact, I missed two days by the both of you faking a sickness. You know you could’ve used the flu as an excuse. Seizures are scary. I was nauseous the whole way home.”

My daddy, the hardest man I’d ever seen, looked down at his feet in defeat. “Would you have come home?”

I bit my lip. No, I wouldn’t have.

I was still mad at him, even two years later. I was mad that he was always so high handed with everything. Mad that he never gave me anything. Mad that when I gave him something, he took and took until I had nothing left to give.

“Daddy,” I said, not knowing what to say. “I’m sorry.”

He nodded and stood, walking towards me.

When he got within arm reach, he pulled me into his arms.

I went, relishing the feeling of his warm, muscular, familiar arms wrapped around me.

My daddy always made me feel safe and loved.

That wasn’t the problem, though. It was too much of that feeling when all I wanted was to live my life.

“You’ve got to let me have my own life. I think I know by now how to pick out a man that knows how to treat me right,” I said crossly.

He rubbed his whiskers against my face, as he’d always done when he was thinking. “I know. I just had to see. I knew this one was different.”

He said it so quietly that I doubted that any of the other three men in the room had even heard.

I looked up into his eyes. “What do you mean?”

He smiled. “You’ll see, baby. When you see, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.”

With that, he gave me a peck on the lips, offered his hand to each man in the room, and walked straight out the door. No doubt to start the long ride home.

“Daddy,” I said, stopping him before he closed it.

He stopped, but didn’t turn around. “Yeah?”

“I love you,” I said, putting my whole heart and soul into those three words.

“Back ‘atcha, baby girl,” he rumbled. “Keep her safe, boy.”

With that, he left, leaving me a gushy feeling in my stomach in his wake.

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