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Chapter 13

You can suck it. Your fuckin’ mom can suck it, too.

-Memphis, to the officer that pulled a douche move and gave her a ticket for no freakin’ reason.


“So you’re telling me that a police officer can pull me over for going a single mile an hour over the speed limit?” I asked. “Seems to me to be kind of a dickish move.”

Chief Rhodes’ eyes sparkled with mirth. “It’s up to the discretion of the police officer. However, most officers don’t give tickets for going one mile an hour over. It’s too hard to uphold in court. There are too many things that could go wrong. We have to have a certain leeway for our machine’s calibration, as well as your speedometer.”

I glared at him, waving the paper ticket in his face. “It clearly says thirty one miles an hour in a thirty. He didn’t say a word about any stinkin’ calibration of machines.”

Chief Rhodes grimaced. “It really is up to their discretion. You can take it to court, though, and get it knocked off.”

“I’m not taking shit to court. I’m just going to make that kid’s life a living hell,” I growled, glaring at the chief.

“What’s this officer’s name?” The chief, I could tell, was trying his best not laugh. He looked like he was appeasing me. Stalling or something.

I pulled out my phone and practically shoved it in his face. “And aren’t they supposed to have their hat on or something?”

“That’s a state trooper,” Downy’s amused voice came from behind me.

I whirled around and pinned him with a look that could strip paint. “And you…I’m not talking to you!”

I highlighted that point by taking three long steps toward him and poking him in the chest.

His brows rose.

“Why?” He asked in amusement.

I didn’t bother telling him why. If I had to tell him, then he wouldn’t understand.

It would also totally defeat the purpose of the silent treatment I was about to give him.

I walked away from them both, ignoring both of the men’s confused faces.

I was really, really mad.

On my way to school, I’d gone past the police station to see if Downy was there.

He had been, but as I’d been about to turn into the parking lot, I’d seen him walking someone into the back door.

The person he’d been escorting had been handcuffed at the time, so I was fairly sure he was busy unless that was just a new game he liked to play with his friends.

So I’d continued on, only to get pulled over a half mile from school, by an officer saying that I was ‘speeding,’ when I wasn’t. He said I’d been going one mile over, and I said that I wasn’t.

He gave me a ticket anyway, and I called him an asshole.

Then I’d had to come to class to, not only listen to a lecture about cop ethics, but also to see the very same fucker who’d given me the ticket talking about his job as a patrolman, and how his day had been ‘fun.’

And fuck me, but I’d had to leave. I couldn’t handle seeing his ugly, snotty face any longer.

Officer Prescott was a douche canoe.

So, as Chief Rhodes gave us the break we usually got around eight thirty in the evening, I’d gotten my stuff gathered and started to leave.

Chief Rhodes, however, had followed me out asking if I was okay.

Which had then turned into a screaming match, but only on my part.

And that little fucking weasel, Officer Adrian Prescott, had come out, grinning at me and the chief.

I’d known that he’d heard, but I didn’t care.

Which led me to now.

Pounding down the back steps, I slammed out the front door, very aware of the dog that was keeping close to my heels which, inevitably, meant that the dog’s owner wasn’t far behind.

I made it all the way out the backdoor, and around the side of the building when the strong arm finally wrapped around my waist, hauling me backwards.

I gasped as I turned in Downy’s arms but stayed silent, staring at his chest, so I didn’t get sucked into his beautiful eyes and decide to talk.

“What’s your problem, Hells bells?” Downy growled, running the tip of his nose along the bridge of mine.

I refused to answer, even if he was using the cute nickname he’d started calling me over the past couple of weeks.

You know, when he was actually there.

I shook my head, crossing my arms as best as I could across my boobs.

He leaned down, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek, then kept moving.

“Tell me,” he said, licking along my jugular.

I broke.

“You put the wall back up,” I said accusingly. “And you stopped sleeping with me in my bed.”

He smiled, leaning down to slowly lick the seam of my lips. “The door swings both ways, sweetheart. I haven’t seen you in my bed.”

I wanted to punch him for always being so logical.

“You weren’t there. What’d you want me to do, go over there and wait in your bed? What if Miller or Foster had walked in and seen me naked, draped across it?” I asked, pulling him down so I could suck on his neck.

He hitched my leg up, and I lifted the other one to help as he wrapped them around his waist and held me aloft. Then started walking to his truck.

God, this part of our relationship definitely didn’t need any help whatsoever. We had the sex game down pat.

When a group of students started to pour out of the back exit, laughing and carrying on, I made a move to get off of him.

Conversely, he felt the shift of my legs and held me in place.

His free hand that wasn’t under my ass was clamped around both of my ankles, keeping me planted against his jutting erection as he kept walking to the truck.

I didn’t protest too much, though.

Mostly because I was right where I wanted to be. It’d been a long time, at least four days, since I’d seen him last, and nearly a week since I’d had him between my thighs.

It’d also been nearly two weeks since we’d spent any time together, other than the cursory, ‘Hey, how ‘ya doing’ thing.

In fact, the last time I’d spent actually talking to him, as opposed to sleeping, was when he’d taken me to his house to show me what he was working on.

Then, this morning, I’d gotten home to find my wall fixed, and I wouldn’t even have him slipping into my bed at the wee hours of the morning anymore.

Raucous laughter had my eyes uncrossing from the pleasure of Downy sucking on my neck to look up and find the two of us the center of nearly six people’s attention.

Then, he did some twisting of his hips and yanked the backdoor to his truck open before climbing inside.

And the fact that he was carrying a hundred and thirty pounds of dead weight didn’t affect him in the slightest.

I sighed when he settled down in the seat, allowing me to place both of my knees on either side of his hips.

“You wanna know my favorite thing about you wearing skirts all the time?” Downy asked teasingly.

I rose up, letting the top of my clit dig into the steel-hard dick Downy was packing behind his jeans.

“W-what?” I asked, grinding up and back against his length.

He held my hips as he ground up, letting his erection swirl against the seam of my jeans.

“It’s easy to pull your skirt up and fuck you. Now I have to pull your pants off to be able to accomplish the same thing,” he growled.

I snorted, giving him a soft, wet kiss on the lips before I said, “We didn’t need to be doing that, anyway. There are too many people here, not to mention the amount of people that were outside, only guessing at what, exactly, we’re doing.”

He laughed darkly. “They can go fuck themselves. The only person I care about is currently sitting on my lap with her tits within sucking distance of my mouth.”

I smiled tightly at him. “I care about what they think. They can see me, and I’m the one that has to come back to class each week.”

I was saying all the right things, of course, but even the thought of doing it in his truck with everybody around was turning me on beyond belief.

I couldn’t see much, though, and that was probably the saving grace in the entire act. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have been that excited.

He grinned, leaning forward. “One of the good things about my truck, Memphis, is that they can’t see in here. In fact, I could do anything here, and nobody would see. The windows are tinted. I could turn on a flashlight and they wouldn’t even be able to see that. Plus, you’ll be the one doing all the work. So, unless you go all crazy on me while you ride, they won’t be able to tell by the truck rocking, either.”

He grinned devilishly at me as he pushed me off his lap and turned me around.

I was leaning forward awkwardly, staring out the window at the brick of the building when he ripped my pants down my legs.

He leaned forward, running his tongue down my slit, plunging straight inside of me, making me rock backwards to meet the thrust.

My thighs clenched involuntarily, moving and rotating, trying to get more of him inside of me.

It didn’t work, because his tongue was only so long, but his motive at that point was to get me extra wet. While he’d been busy between my thighs, he’d also been busy between his own.

Pulling his cock out and holding it straight up.

Guiding me down slowly, he pushed me down on his lap, allowing the thick head of his cock to penetrate my opening.

In slow, excruciatingly pleasurable thrusts, he filled me to capacity.

I felt full.

Almost on the brink of too full.

Except he took control as he always did, moving me up and down on his cock, allowing me to just lay back and enjoy the ride.

Which I did, laying my head against his chest, enjoying the way he filled me so completely.

“Ah, yes,” he growled, hands tightening on my hips as I clenched down on him.

His lips found my exposed throat, licking and sucking, while I circled my hips.

I could do nothing else, though.

Not with the way he dominated the entire situation.

Something I absolutely loved.

Which showed in the next moment when his cock hit that place inside of me, the one that had me on the verge of orgasm.


“Fuck,” he hissed, slowing down slightly.

I squealed, “Don’t stop! Oh, God, harder!”

He growled, pulling me down so hard that I swear I felt it in my throat.

It was what I needed, though, because I came. Hard.

Eyes closing, I hissed as my orgasm rushed over me, filling me to the brink of overflowing.

He, however, didn’t come, only kept it up until my orgasm was coaxed out of me fully.

Pulling out of me, he panted for a few long moments while I collapsed on the seat next to him.

He leaned sideways into me so he could get into the pocket of his jeans, pulling out his pager.

He scanned it and gritted his teeth at what he read.

“SWAT?” I asked quietly.

He nodded and bent his still hard dick down until he could fit it into his pants.

Zipping them up, he opened the other side of the truck door and ushered me out.

Good things I already had my pants on, or he’d have kicked me out without them on.

Well, not really, but it didn’t do anything to help my mood that I’d been in before.

The orgasm was blissful, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t erase the fact that I was still mad at him.

Nor the fact that I hadn’t even come down from the high of my orgasm before he’d pulled me off and practically kicked me out of his truck.

I knew it was selfish. I knew I should be more considerate, but I didn’t like being used, and that was exactly what it felt like was happening.

Fuck, but even my hair was a mess. He’d left me with that ‘just fucked’ look. The one that I despised.

Kissing me on the cheek, he walked around the front of his truck while I walked around the back. I watched him pull away, tingling still in the pit of my belly, as I walked to my car, and then eventually went home to my empty apartment and its new freakin’ wall.

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