Book: Bang Switch

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Chapter 15

A girl always judges her men after her daddy. Lord help you if that man is a biker, ‘cause you’ll never fill his shoes.

-Life Lesson


“Hey, darlin’, how are you doing?” My dad asked me as he answered my phone call to him.

“I love you,” I said sweetly.

He snorted. “What’s wrong?”

“I want to come to the rally,” I said quickly.

It was the next morning and I’d come to a decision. I wanted to go somewhere.

I’d waited up for hours for Downy to come over, but he’d gone to his own bed.

His own bed, I’d noticed, at exactly fifteen past midnight.

I’d been listening, waiting up for him.

Except he’d come home, and gone to his own room instead of mine. I’d listened while he’d puttered around in his room, placed his gun on the nightstand, and took a shower.

Then I’d listened to him fall asleep, and kept listening until his nightmare had started.

That’d been when I’d gone into the living room to sleep on the couch.

I couldn’t handle listening to him cry out in his sleep, and not go to him.

It’d be even better if he’d tell me what those nightmares were about, but all he ever said was that they were ‘nothing.’

I’d let him change the subject one too many times, and now he didn’t even bother to give me excuses anymore, he just ignored me when I asked.

Which pissed me off.


Just another piece of wood on the fire…

Now I just needed to get my head on straight, and what better way than to spend my long holiday at my daddy’s sponsored run? The run that was specifically planned for one of my best friend’s ever. Sean.

He’d made it home from deployment, and what better way to celebrate than to go on a run that supported our troops?

“Really?” My dad asked in shock. “I thought you didn’t like this run.”

I grimaced. “I don’t like the way they act at this run. It’s rowdy, and I don’t like seeing women’s boobs. That may be for some people, but it’s not on my top list of wants out of life. I need a couple of days to myself, though, doing something I want to do.”

He held this same run every year since a lot of our members were ex-military.

Hale for a Hero Rally was now an annual event in our small Alabama town, and I hadn’t been in two years.

“Do you want me to come pick you up?” He asked unsurely.

I thought about it for a few seconds. Did I?

After a few more moments of contemplation, I smiled. “Yeah, daddy. I’d like that.”

Maybe a ride was just what I needed.

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