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Chapter 16

I hate it when I eat my last bite, not realizing it’s the last bite, then immediately get sad because I wasn’t able to mentally prepare.



It’d been four days.

I was 94.9 percent sure he wasn’t coming.

I glared at my mother as she kept aiming her disapproving look in my direction.

“What are you looking at?” I snapped.

“What number beer is that?” My mother asked.

I held up six fingers. “Seven.”

My mother blinked, and then laughed. “Is that right?” She asked. “Then why are ten cans in front of you?”

“Because I rounded, duh,” I said, twirling around in my chair.

I’d stolen it from my father’s office.

It was big and fluffy, and large enough to seat a big man, like my father, comfortably.

It practically swallowed me, but it fit me and my comforter I’d grabbed off my bed very easily.

“Tell me about your man, baby,” my mother said, taking a seat on the log beside the chair.

I grimaced. I’d done really well not thinking about Downy. In fact, that was probably why I’d managed to drink ten beers…or eight. I couldn’t remember which one I was on now.

The pre-rally party was in full swing, and I was sitting in front of the bonfire drinking beer with my family all around me.

There was only one thing that was missing, and he didn’t even realize I was gone yet.

“I like him,” I said softly, staring at the flames as they danced.

My mother snorted. “You know, when your daddy met me and got me pregnant, I never regretted one single thing. Not one. I knew from the moment that I met him that he was the one.”

My head dropped, and I picked at a loose thread at the edge of the comforter. “I know, mama.”

She stayed quiet for a long moment before continuing. “I regret it every day that I let you walk to the clubhouse. I regret it with every single piece of my being.”

I closed my eyes, nodding. “I know you do, mom.”

I heard her breath hitch.

“This last time you came back home was the first time I’ve seen you since you were twelve years old. Since the night you were attacked by that stupid dog,” she hissed.

I blinked and turned to her, “What?”

She nodded. “Yes. Yes, you came home. I’ve missed you so.”

She stood up and ran her fingers down my hair, running the tips down the back of my neck, coming to a stop on the scars at the base.

I didn’t have much feeling there. I could feel pressure, but not touch of any sort.

But right then, with my mother curling her warm hand around my neck and looking into my eyes, I could feel the warmth.

“He did that for you, baby. Let him in,” she whispered.

A tear slipped down my cheek. “He’s ignoring me.”

It came out sounding petulant, but I reserved the right to do that every once in a while. Especially since I just finished having my period, and my boyfriend was ignoring me. And he didn’t know I was even out of the apartment, let alone out of the state.

“Your daddy ignores me. You wanna know what I do when he isn’t paying me enough attention?” My mother asked.

I shook my head. “Not really.”

She grinned. “I make him see me. I annoy the shit out of him. I go to his work and see him. I follow him to the clubhouse.”

“She stalks me,” my father rumbled from behind us.

We both turned to find my father standing there. He had a beer in his hand, and he was looking at my mother and me with his whole heart in his eyes.

I knew my father loved me, and I loved him. Dearly.

“I don’t stalk you. I make you see me,” my mom snapped. “There’s a difference.”

“Yeah, right. Whatever helps you sleep at night,” he laughed.

“Oh, dear. I fear we’re needed over there,” my mother said quickly.

I turned to her with a questioning look. “Over where?”

She was already gone, though, pulling my father through the crowd in her wake.

My father liked it, though.

He loved having my mother. He called her his blessing in disguise.

Apparently, when they’d met, he’d been on the fast track to Loser Ville.

My mother had shown him what it was like to be loved, and they’d gotten pregnant with me very early in their relationship.

Which then caused them to marry at a young age, and then, from there, they raised their child.

My father had gotten into the police academy when my mother had been six months pregnant, and the rest was history, according to them.

I found myself smiling as I watched them walk away.

I loved that they still loved each other now, just as much as they did then.

They were one of a kind that was for sure.

“Hey there, Mimi,” Sean said.

“Hi yourself, Seanshine,” I said to one of my best friends in the whole wide world.

Sean, or ‘Seanshine’ as I like to call him, was one of my childhood friends who’d stuck with me through it all. Mostly because he had to, not because he wanted to.

He was gorgeous, which meant that he sort of stuck out around here, just like I did.

He was the son of my father’s VP, Big Papa. Everyone always thought we’d get together and have copious amounts of babies.

However, we didn’t see each other like that and never would.

He was my confidant, and I’d missed my friend over the last couple of years.

He’d joined the Marines when he was just barely eighteen, and I hadn’t seen him other than at his graduation from boot camp since then.

It was good to see my old friend, even if he did seem a little off and distant.

He seemed to be having a good time, though.

“All these people are making me claustrophobic,” Sean said softly.

“It helps if you can watch the entire area. Twist your seat around until your back’s to the tree trunk,” an achingly familiar voice said from behind me.

I looked over my shoulder sharply, seeing Downy in all his badass glory standing directly behind us, arms crossed over his well-defined chest.

“Tried that already. When they started setting off fire crackers, I nearly flipped a lid,” Sean said, eyeing Downy from top to bottom.

He must’ve seen something he liked, because when Downy offered his hand, Sean took it. Pumping twice before letting it go.

“What are you doing here?” I asked rudely.

Sean looked at me with wide eyes. “Is this not the man you’ve been going on about all night?”

I flipped my best friend off. “No. Shut up.”

His lips kicked up into the beginning of a smile, but he ducked his face and said, “Ahh, Memphis. I gotta go, have a good night.”

Sean practically skipped in his haste to get away.

Sean had never been one for confrontation, much preferring to stay on the outsides looking in.

He hated attention on him, too, and I had a feeling that the deployment only served to exacerbate that issue.

“Come with me,” Downy said, pulling me deeper into the shadows.

“I don’t want to go anywhere with you,” I grumbled, going with him. “I’m mad at you for ignoring me.”

He stopped when we made it to the shadows, about fifteen feet away from the bonfire, as well as my blanket.

“You know, I may have been ignoring you, but you damn well could’ve come over at night. I’d thought to let you get some sleep before your shift today, I was going to come talk to you. Except that wouldn’t have done any good either, because you were three states away,” he growled.

I crossed my arms over my shoulder. “Oh yeah?” I asked.

He nodded. “Yes. When you got off work at two.”

I pursed my lips. “I got the week off because the diner was shut down since the stove quit working. They said it’d be a good time to do a few minor repairs; I don’t have to go back until next week.”

He raised his brow at me. “And you didn’t think to ask if I wanted to hang with you? Didn’t we have plans today, anyway?”

I grimaced. “You were ignoring me, how was I supposed to know that you intended to keep those plans?”

“Text. Call. Knock on my fucking door,” he snapped.

I crowded in close to him, making sure he could see my eyes when I said, “I did knock on your door. Three nights in a row. And you never answered. Then I came over to your house, during your party, and you ignored me. Then, I find out that you spent the week I thought you were working, or at least that’s what I told myself since you were ignoring me and I couldn’t really know for sure, working on the house. The same house you told me you didn’t need help with, but I find out that you had a woman there. A woman who picked out your patio furniture. I can take a freakin’ hint, you know.”

I watched his face as I spoke, and his eyes had gone from finding the conversation amusing to quite pissed by the time I was finished with my diatribe.

He growled. “You can take a hint, huh?”

I nodded. “Yes. I know all the signs of when someone’s tired of another person, and I am very clearly getting on your nerves. Why would I call someone that doesn’t want to talk to me? I’m not desperate, you know.”

“You know what you sound like right now?” He asked with a growl, corralling me into the corner of the building we were leaning against.

“What?” I asked nervously, licking my lips.

“A young girl who doesn’t care about anybody but yourself. Did you happen to wonder why I was acting like that?” He snapped.

We were in a dark corner, but I knew damn well that we were seen.

The entire chapter that daddy was a part of was made up of cops.

Even some of the kids were cops.

They saw everything…knew everything.

There was no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that we were drawing everyone’s attention.

In fact, I was fairly positive that the dark would only serve to make the attention all the more prominent.

The princess of the MC and the cop.

The cop that was a shining beacon among us all, because he didn’t belong to the club.

“They’re watching us,” I said warningly.

He gave me a droll look. “You don’t think I know that already?”

I pinched his side, trying for some fat but found none.

He laughed at my attempt to pinch him, pushing me further into the wall with his body.

“Do you want to stay, or take this somewhere more private?” He asked.

I looked at him. “I’m staying with my parents.”

He raised a brow. “Really?”

He pronounced that statement with a twist of his hips, letting me feel his full erection as it dug into my pubic bone.

Then abruptly backed off, leaving me reeling.

“What the heck?” I asked him.

He backed up until he had about four feet between us and said, “Then let’s go to your room and finish this argument.”

Wary now, I walked around the side of the house, and cut through the back patio to the door that led to my room.

The room itself was exactly like I’d left it the day I moved out.

All the way down to the embarrassing posters of The Jonas Brothers on the wall, and the Tie Dyed comforter covering the bed.

I walked to the small lava lamp on the side table next to my bed and rolled the switch to the on position before I turned and surveyed Downy.

He looked around the room with a small smile on his face. “This right here shows the difference between our ages, more than anything. For instance,” he pointed to the poster. “I don’t even know who the fuck they are.”

I laughed. “The Jonas Brothers.”

He shrugged. “I think the girls of my generation grew up on New Kids on The Block…not Disney princes.”

I just shook my head. “Whatever.”

He grinned and walked closer to me, pulling me in close to his body until his mouth was only inches from mine.

I could smell mint on his breath, and the slight, sweet smell of candy as he breathed in and out.

“Skittles?” I asked.

He smiled and leaned in, kissing my lips and swooping his tongue into my open mouth.

“Taste the rainbow,” he declared.

And taste the rainbow I sure as hell did.

Groaning, I threaded my fingers through his hair, pulling it as his beard tickled my chin.

His hands went to the bottom of my shirt, and he removed it, only breaking our kiss for the shortest of seconds before he was back.

His mouth traveled down, running along the curve of my neck until he got to my collarbone. “I missed you.”

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to hold onto my anger and failing miserably.

“You really hurt me,” I said, putting all the hurt and sorrow I’d felt over the past few days into it. “I think I’ve lost ten pounds. I couldn’t eat. You’ve really ruined me.”

He turned his head and raised his brow.

“Really?” He asked.

I narrowed my eyes.

“Yes,” I snapped.

“Then why did you have so much trash last week. I know I saw at least four take out bags of food in your can outside,” he challenged.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Why are you going through my trash?”

He leaned forward and wrapped his arm around my lower back, yanking me to him. “Because it’s right next to my trash, and Mocha wanted to eat whatever you’d left in the boxes. She was already halfway done with a couple of chicken strips before I stopped her. Now…it’s time to shut the fuck up.”

With that pronouncement, he slammed his mouth down onto mine and pushed us forward.

My back hit the bed as he followed me down, allowing me to wrap both my arms and my legs around his body.

“Mmmm,” he growled against my mouth. “You taste like chocolate and beer. My two favorite things.”

I giggled against his mouth. “Those are my two favorite things, too. But I’m still mad at you.”

He leaned up until his knees were resting between my splayed legs, then kissed his way down my belly until he came to the waistband of my pants.

Unbuttoning the snap, he lowered the fly and smiled as he read my underwear.

“Caution?” he asked. “Oh, I’m sure I’ll need to use caution all right…because I’m in the mood to fuck the hell out of you. You won’t be able to tell me no, either. You’ll just lie there and take it like a good little girl.”

I shivered, staring up into his eyes with not trepidation, but anticipation. “My parents.”

He shrugged. “I’m sure they can just get the hell over it for a couple of hours.”

“I’ll be quiet,” I vowed, sucking in a breath in surprise as his mouth met the heat of me.

He didn’t believe me. I could see it in his eyes.

As he moved my panties and jeans down my hips, I could see the determination in his eyes. His own vow that he’d do everything possible to make me be vocal.

Once my jeans slipped fully past my feet and fell somewhere below us to the floor, he leaned forward and bit down lightly at the apex of my lips.

“Oh, God,” I whispered quietly. “Oh, fuck.”

I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, hand covering my mouth as he descended into the seam of my lips, stiffening his tongue and licking all the way down.

His beard tickled my shaved lips, causing tingles to shoot up my belly to settle in my nipples.

My free hand went down to one turgid peak and started to pluck it lightly as Downy picked both of my legs up and rested the soles of my feet on a big shoulder.

The first time his tongue met my exposed clit, my back arched, bowing off the mattress as shocks shot through my core.

He flicked it lightly back and forth as he let two fingers run up and down the length of my sex, massaging lightly at my perineum, getting really slick with my juices before plunging both in deep.

I gasped into my hand, biting down on my finger in response to his shocking entrance.

All the while he watched me, gauging his effectiveness.

I looked down into his eyes as he worked me, fingers moving in and out at a fevered pace as his mouth sucked my clit between his lips.

The suction of his lips, and the curling of his fingers into my G-spot had me seeing stars.

He chuckled darkly before pulling away completely.

The first thing to go was his shirt, which he grabbed at the back of his neck and ripped from his body.

The next thing to go was the jeans, which were gone in nothing less than a push and a kick from his feet, sailing across the room with a large thump against the wall.

Laughingly, I asked, “Did you forget to take your stuff out of the pockets?”

He fell down onto the bed, crushing his body with mine. “My phone. My keys. Possibly a gun. I can’t remember.”

I shimmied my upper body, letting my nipples run along the hair on his chest, relishing in the feeling.

My sex clenched when I felt the head of his penis brush against my folds, arching my hips upward involuntarily, causing him to growl in appreciation.

“You ready for me, honey? Ready to take my cock into that tight, sweet, juicy pussy?” He asked, voice deliciously low.

When his lips came into contact with mine, my mouth parted, allowing his seeking tongue to penetrate.

His cock lined up with the seam of my sex and he rocked deliciously slow, running the hard ridge up until it met my clit.

I was doing rocking of my own, hips moving frantically against his, hoping in vain that he’d slip inside of me.

I should’ve known better. He marched to his own beat, and followed nobody.

Sex being no different.

He wouldn’t be pushing inside of me until he was damn good and ready, and he was enjoying teasing me too much to give me what I wanted right when I asked for it.

“Please,” I sobbed, needing him inside of me more than I needed my next breath of air.

He continued to tease me, hand moving up to pinch a nipple between two fingers, causing shocks to rip through my body in response.

Just when I was sure he was going to tease me forever, his hips tilted on his withdrawal, and the head of his cock notched at the entrance of my sex before he pushed all the way inside me in one smooth, effortless thrust.

He filled me up full. So full that it burned slightly where my vagina parted for his invading cock.

I groaned, pussy pulsing around his cock as he nearly split me in two.

“Fuck, but you’re so freakin’ tight. It’s like a goddamned wet fist,” he panted, looking down the length of his body to where we were connected.

He watched as his cock left my body, covered to the root in my juices.

I swallowed thickly, as I, too, was watching the sight before us.

I bit my lip, eyes rapt on the site where his thick cock parted my flesh.

“That’s ‘cause your dick is super human,” I teased breathlessly.

He snorted, eyes moving up to light on my expression, watching them flit across my face as he pumped his hips.

When I was nice and warmed up, yielding to his invasion, he started to move faster.

Our flesh slapped together loudly, bouncing off the walls like cannon fire.

I knew we weren’t being quiet.

With each pump and twist of his hips, my childhood bed slammed hard against the wall.

The Mardi Gras beads that were hanging from one post clicked and clanked with his zealousness.

I smiled when the squeaking started, then turned my face into the pillow when he slowed to a stop and moved me to where I was on my side, all the while staying planted inside of me.

He growled when he sank deeper, moving to where one of my legs was in between his knees, and one leg was in a split position going up along the expanse of his chest.

My foot was straight up in the air as he pumped his hips into mine.

His cock hit me deeply, causing my orgasm to start to tease me at the edge of my consciousness.

This new position allowed him free, unencumbered access to my clit, and each time he pumped his hips, his balls would swing backwards and forwards, tagging me at my perineum with his exuberance.

I lost the battle when my orgasm finally flipped me over for a backflip.

My head spun and my world tipped on its axis.

I spiraled up into the throws of my orgasm, pulling him right along with me for the ride.

He growled, thrusts going a tad frantic as he chased his own orgasm, and I let him.

His hips pounded into me. The head of his cock reaching the darkest, deepest part of my being with each thrust of his hips.

I screamed.

It ripped out of me straight from the bottom of my soul, heart pounding and ear screeching in its intensity.

Awkwardly, my one leg wrapped around his knees, and the other one bent practically to my chest as he leaned down to get more traction for his thrusts.

I panted, watching the way his neck corded, his jaw muscles tensed, and his arms bulged.

“Fuck yes, baby,” he hissed, then poured himself deep inside of me in hot, wet pulses.

He grunted with his release, thrusts starting to slow until they were little less than involuntary jerks.

His cock twitched as he let my leg go.

It flopped on the bed beside his hips, splaying unladylike, seeing as I’d lost the desire to move…and possibly function as a normal human being.

He chuckled as he caught the expression on my face, reaching behind him for his discarded t-shirt as he grabbed it and shoved it underneath my ass.

He pulled out slowly, allowing me to come back to myself with his rude departure.

“I like you better inside of me,” I said breathlessly.

He winked and bent forward to kiss my lips, the softening head of his cock touching the bare skin of my belly as he did so.

His balls fell heavy against my well-used pussy, heavy and deliciously comforting.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, putting all that I had into the kiss.

When our lips finally parted I said, “I could still beat your ass for making these last ten days hell for me. You made my tips go way down, too.”

He shook his head and leaned up, easily breaking the hold I had around his neck and sitting up before walking to my bathroom.

I inhaled sharply, eyes riveted on the tattoo that was on his back.

“What is that?” I gasped, leaning forward to get a better look.

He shrugged, and the beautiful lines and swirls on his back twisted with the movement.

I heard the water running, and when he came back a moment later with a wet washcloth in his hand, I could do nothing but smile at his thoughtfulness.

That didn’t mean that I forgot about the newest addition.

“What’s up with you, Downy?” I asked softly, leaning forward until I was sitting crossed legged on the bed, being doubly sure to make sure I didn’t drift off his shirt.

He set the rag on the nightstand, sitting down and facing the wall.

“I had my first negotiation. A little girl was killed,” he said softly.

My brows lowered, “What?”

He reached forward and grabbed his pants, pulling the phone out of his pocket before he opened it and handed it to me.

“She was five. I was the one talking to her father when he pulled the trigger and shot her in the head,” he explained brokenly.

My heart clenched and I abandoned my perch to crawl to him.

Wrapping my arms around his shoulders, I asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”

He shuddered. “I watched her die. Through my binoculars, while the men of my team went in. It all started with a phone call to police from neighbors that said the father was beating the kid in the front yard. When police arrived on scene to check it out, he had a gun to her head, and refused to answer the door. This was all seen through the room’s open windows.” He cleared his throat. “Luke wanted me to talk to him, so I did. I spoke to him about what he wanted. How old his daughter was. Where he grew up. Fuck, by the end of it, I practically knew his whole life story.”

“I asked if it’d be okay if we came in to talk, and he said okay. The minute one of our team stepped through the door, he shot the little girl in the back of the head,” he gasped. “I watched it from the stupid fucking tent they put me under. And I heard the little girl’s last death rattle from the phone falling on the floor after Michael shot the father.”

I squeezed Downy’s neck tighter, pressing my body against his for support.

“I’m sorry, Downy,” I cried softly against his neck.

He shrugged. “Nothing you can do, honey. I was just not ready to talk these last couple of days. I needed a break. Not from you, but from my life. That’s why I had the week off. That’s also why I worked on my house. I needed something to occupy my mind, but not keep me from thinking about the things I needed to think about.”

I sighed and leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“It’s okay, Downy. Just let me know when you need a break.” I ran the tips of my fingers along his beard. “I’ll leave you alone whenever you need it, you know.”

He pulled me forward before I could retreat all the way to the bathroom, grabbing me by the back of the thigh and pulling me forward.

When I was close enough, his free hand moved up to cup my lower back, splaying from nearly hip to hip from thumb to pinky. “I’ll try not to check out again. Or let you know if I need to.”

I leaned into him, letting my bare breasts brush his chest as I said, “I like the wing tattoos.”

Big and beautiful wings spread out across his back as if they were open for flight. They were white with a shade of gold overlaying the tips. It spanned from shoulder to shoulder, all the way down to mid back.

He smiled. “That’s good, ‘cause they’re permanent, and I couldn’t make them disappear even if I tried.”

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