Book: Bang Switch

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Chapter 2

There’s a 99.9% chance that I’m hungry.



“Oh, God!” Foster laughed, wiping a tear away from his eye. “She really saidwoof-woof’?”

God, the woman I’d met in the dark had been a stunner.

I hadn’t seen much last night when I’d come home to get some lunch, but this morning. My God, she was fucking beautiful. Then she’d said ‘woof-woof’ and I’d about died laughing.

I’d met Foster’s girl on the way home this morning, and I’d stopped to let her out before I went in. Then she’d come out of her door, and I’d been frozen.

I nodded. “Sure as fuck did. You’re really going to have to stop using my bed. That’s disgusting.”

Foster and Miller had stayed over one night when they’d moved to town, and had never left. They’d been occupying my spare bedroom. The only redeeming feature about having them here was that they bought food and paid all of the rent.

I hadn’t paid rent since they’d both moved in. However, there really wasn’t enough room for them here.

Foster shrugged. “I’m sorry. You were supposed to be working last night. I needed a bed.”

“Well…then you could find your own apartment,” I offered dryly.

He glared. “I’ve been looking. I just can’t find one that allows pets.”

“You don’t have any pets.” I said dryly.

“That doesn’t mean I won’t have any later!”

I sighed and kicked back in my recliner. I’d do it in my bed, but the bed had who knows what on the sheets, and I wasn’t sleeping in it ‘til the fucker changed them.

“She’s familiar somehow. I haven’t fucked her…but I’ve met her somewhere,” I said tiredly.

I’d worked the night shift last night from twelve in the evening to eight in the morning for some rookie who’d gone home with the shits.

It wasn’t the first time I’d done that, but it wasn’t getting any easier, either.

I was thirty four years old. I didn’t do late anymore. It was a rare occasion to be up past twelve. Let alone all night.

“I really am looking. There’s a two bedroom opening up on the first floor next month. I just have to wait for them to get the fuck out,” Foster replied.

I sighed and squirmed until I found my nook, crossing my arms across my chest. “You know, you could go live with your brother.”

“My brother doesn’t like me,” Foster lied.

His brother loved him. What he didn’t like was that his brother and his brother’s wife were all up in his business. That’s what he didn’t like.

Trance’s wife, Viddy, was a sweet woman. She also loved her brother- in- laws, and had been here no less than thirty times in the period they’d been living at my place.

“If you’ll help me fix up the place I bought last year, get it livable, you can live here,” I told him.

I don’t know why I’d said it. Nobody, besides Luke and my stepsister, knew about my place.

The conditions in which I’d gotten the house weren’t ideal, and it still hurt to think about why I had it.

“You have a fucking house?” Miller asked as he came out of the bathroom in a billow of steam and balmy air.

I didn’t open my eyes, too tired to bother with niceties. “Yeah. It’s not in the…” I stopped, searching for the right word. “Best of conditions. It needs a new floor at least. And a little wiring work. Probably windows, too.”

“Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? I’m tired of sleeping on the freakin’ couch,” Miller grumbled.

I snorted. “Just as soon as I take this here nap. I’ll show you what I need to do, but I’ve got to go up to the college tonight to give them the experience. It’ll only be a short trip.”

By experience, I meant that I had to go tell little police officer wannabes what I did for a living. What my job consisted of. How much I liked it. All of that fun bullshit.

Each of us, and by us, I meant the SWAT team, took turns doing it for the chief, who taught criminal justice classes at the local college.

“Tomorrow we have that meet and greet with the Longview SWAT at that deli Miller hates. What’s it called?” Foster asked as he started lacing up his boots.

“Don’t you dare leave this apartment until you change my sheets,” I said tiredly. “As for the conference, it’ll be tomorrow at Jason’s Deli at three in the afternoon.”

He grinned at me. “10-4. Where are the sheets at?”

I told him, but never did end up getting to the bed. The chair was just too freakin’ comfortable for my exhausted body to handle.

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