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“How’d you find us?” I asked my dad as we waited for news on Downy.

“GPS,” he murmured.

I winced. He really hadn’t wanted to tell me he had GPS on me, I could tell.

“Where’s it at?” I asked quietly.

“Your birth control implant isn’t so much an implant, but a tracker,” he murmured.

I closed my eyes, not knowing what in the fuck to say to that.

“What. The. Fuck,” I asked, turning on him. “What the fuck, dad!”

He grimaced. The lines of his face multiplying as he waited for the melt down that he knew was coming. And oh, Good God Almighty, did I give it.

“You’ve got to be fucking shitting me!” I bellowed at the top of my lungs¸ drawing not just the attention of my mother, but every man in the room: cop and Dixie Warden alike.

He leaned forward, whispering to me warningly. “Sit down.”

“Sit down?” I asked shrilly. “You want me to sit down when you just told me that the ‘birth control implant’ in my arm that, now that I think about was kind of weird for mom to offer to take me to get, is not actually an implant, but a GP-fucking-S?”

“Yes,” he said, no bullshitting.

I laughed humorlessly. “Jesus, this is fuckin’ rich.”

And I couldn’t complain, could I?

My father had saved not only mine, but Downy’s life, today. All because of a GPS he’d had implanted in my arm over three years ago.

“You know,” I said, a thought occurring to me. “I could be pregnant, all because you fucked me over. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

He grimaced. “That was a risk I was willing to take. I’m not a very liked man, and after you nearly lost your life, I made a promise that I would never see you hurt again. That was the solution that allowed me to sleep at night.”

I just shook my head. “Allowed you to sleep at night.”

He nodded.

I turned and surveyed the room.

My eyes lit on Chief Rhodes. “Can I press charges if I’m knocked up?”

His face was blank.

“Probably don’t need to be pregnant to press charges,” he acknowledged.

I could tell it pained him to be brought into the conversation. Sadly, the entire waiting room, which was filled with about eighty people, were witnessing my humiliation. What the fuck did I care if he was uncomfortable?

“Hmm,” I hummed, turning back to my father. “No apologies at all?”

He shook his head. “Not a one.”

I turned to my mother to see her staring in the opposite direction, her face blank.

“And you?” I asked softly.

She turned to me, her features tight, and replied. “I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

I threw my hands up. “Of course you would. Y’all are a match made in fucking hell.”

With that I walked out of the waiting room, stomach in knots, not just about Downy, but my life in general, and went to the end of the hall.

That’s where I waited until the doctor came out an hour later.

“Hey,” I yelled, causing him to turn.

“Are you Downy’s doctor?” I asked frantically.

“Yes, are you his family?” He asked.

I nodded and gestured to the end of the hallway. “His fiancé. Come tell me what is going on before you tell the rest of them.”

He nodded and went into his explanation. “Mr. Downy had a lot of internal bleeding. It was practically everywhere. We did quite a bit of exploratory surgery on his abdomen area. His liver had a laceration on it that we were able to repair. His kidneys are bruised. His spleen was bruised. He has four cracked ribs. We repaired his orbital socket. His jaw wasn’t wired shut, but my best guess is that it’s going to be sore for quite a few weeks.”

I nodded, tears spilling over at the sheer amount of injuries he had. “Okay. What else?”

He took a deep breath. “He had a brain bleed. We didn’t operate on it, but we’re going to monitor it. He’s going to need to be in the hospital for a week, if not more.”

My eyes closed, but the tears still dropped.

“Is that all?” I asked.

Then I laughed. Was that all. What the fuck. That was enough. Enough for fifty people, let alone one man. A man that I loved with all my heart.

He nodded. “Yes. Mr. Downy will be in recovery for a few hours, and then will be moved to the medical ICU to be watched closely for the next day or so. You can go see him then.”

I nodded and watched him leave, heart lost and not knowing what to do to make it better.

In the end, I decided that the best thing I could go do right now was pick up the dogs from the vet, who’d been taken there to have any possible injuries detected and treated.

Luckily, we’d gotten a clean bill of health for them both.

By me going to the dogs, first, I was able to clear my head slightly.

And by the time I got back, I was in a much better state of mind.

That was until I walked up to see my father in Downy’s ICU room.

And what I heard set my world spinning on its axis. So completely lost that I wasn’t sure I’d ever recover.

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