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“Why do y’all come talk to these kids again?” Miller asked as he walked up the steps to the college with me.

I shrugged. “Chief Rhodes has a career day each semester. He gets a volunteer from different departments to come in and talk to the class about our jobs.”

He nodded and let the door close behind us.

My eyes scanned the area, noting the lack of students that were there this late at night.

“I didn’t realize they held classes this late,” Miller wondered aloud.

I’d just made it to the door when I said, “They have to accommodate the masses. Sometimes this is the only time people can come. I took…”

I trailed off when my eyes connected to a familiar pair of blue ones. Ones that were attached to a body that still looked just as good as it did this morning when she’d left her apartment.

I smiled at her, and she winked at me before turning back to Chief Rhodes who was discussing reasonable doubt to the class.

“…is a type of proof required to prosecute a criminal case,” Chief Rhodes explained.

My neighbor was taking notes, and from what I could tell, coloring them with a shit ton of highlighter.

Didn’t she know that those were supposed to be for accent purposes and not highlighting the entire page?

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll take a ten minute break and meet back at nine fifteen. Sound good?” The chief asked.

They all nodded and stood, making their orderly way outside.

My attention, though, was still on my neighbor who was probably bleeding her yellow highlighter through three pages.

Her hair was just as perfect now as it’d been when I’d seen her leave this morning.

Her brown pencil skirt didn’t have a single wrinkle, and the white button down shirt she’d tucked into it still looked just as impeccable.

The only thing different that I noticed was that her shoes were on the floor next to her chair.

She was different from my usual type.

She had an athletic build with oriental features. Maybe one parent had been half Asian or something, but she had just a hint of the slanted eyes, coloring, and shaping of the face.

Her hair was colored sort of a toffee brown, and her eyes were nearly the same color.

She still had glossy lips as she’d had this morning, and her makeup looked flawless.

I hadn’t seen her walk out with a large bag this morning. How’d she keep the makeup so fresh?

“Chief,” Miller said, offering his hand.

The chief took his hand and shook it, looking over to me. “What’s going on?”

Miller laughed. “I came to see what the big fuss was about. Everyone’s been going on and on about how good of a teacher you are, and I wanted to sit in, see what you did to make the class so ‘awesome.’”

I laughed. He’d spoken with another rookie not too long ago who’d gone on and on about how much he ‘learned’ in his classes he’d taken with Chief Rhodes.

The rookie, or ass kisser, shortened to AK by Miller, Foster, and Bennett, had gone on for hours about our procedure not being what the chief told him how it was to be done.

He’d then gone on to tell me, who’d been a police officer for going on eight years now, how I was doing everything wrong.

I’d never in my life wanted to throat punch someone so much than I had the day I’d met Adrian Prescott.

He was a weasel.

Harmless, but a weasel nonetheless.

His daddy, though.

Now his daddy was the big wig.

He wrote all the checks for the city. Not the mayor, but the mayor’s advisor. He also had plans to run for the senate, and didn’t like me because I was a threat to him.

Ronnie Prescott was the man my mother had turned down to marry my father. He’d also been the man that my mother turned down a second time when she’d lost my father.

I, unfortunately, was the spitting image of my father.

And since my father wasn’t here to take it out on, he took it out on me.

Ronnie Prescott owned the property butting up to mine, as well.

We were enemies. Or, at least, he thought I was his enemy.

I’d never done anything to provoke the man in my life, but ever since I’d found out the property my mom’s house was on was mine, he’d made it a point to let me know that he, in no way, shape, or form, liked me.

Unfortunately for Adrian Prescott, his daddy was pushing him into a war he didn’t even know was happening.

Right now he was just an annoying rookie. Who knew what he’d be in six months. Or hell, even next week.

“So you’ve met Prescott, I see,” Chief Rhodes drawled.

Miller snorted. “Sure have. It was a wonderful experience.”

The sarcasm in Miller’s voice didn’t go unobserved, but the chief chose not to call him on it.

He knew, just as well as I did, that the Prescott’s were all shitheads.

Every fucking one of them deserved a throat punch.

“Alright, well, take a seat in the back. Don’t interrupt,” the chief growled, tilting his head to the back of the room where an open seat was located.

“Hmm,” Miller hummed as he walked to the seat the chief had indicated and sat, staring at me as if he was enraptured by me.

“Ham,” the chief muttered.

I snorted and sat down on the desk in front of the room.

The chief’s cell phone and papers were spread out over the front, but I just shoved them all to the side and made room, letting my feet dangle.

“Please, make yourself at home,” the chief said dryly.

I gave him a thumb’s up, drawing a laugh from my neighbor who’d just walked in the room.

“Now, now, Ms. Memphis, there’s no reason to encourage him,” Chief Rhodes sighed.


Wow, I’d have never expected her name to be Memphis.

“Memphis, eh?” I drawled.

Memphis looked at me with a brow raised in challenge. “Yeah. Got a problem with that?” She asked.

I shook my head. “Absolutely not. I just didn’t expect to hear that. I figured you for a Jessica or a Sylvia, by the way you dressed.”

Her head turned. “And how exactly do I dress?”

I blinked. “Like you’re high maintenance.”

Her jaw dropped, but before she could let out the sharp retort I could see resting on the tip of her tongue, the chief cleared his throat, halting Memphis’ scathing retort in her tracks.

She glared as she finally took a seat and turned her attention to the chief.

I, however, couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I wanted to laugh, in fact.

The expression gracing her face was comical. Her eyes were narrowed, and her brows pinched. Her nose slightly wrinkled, causing the sparse freckling covering the bridge of her nose to blend into her skin.

It also looked as if she were holding her breath, wanting to fling that comeback in my face.

Well, it was obvious she didn’t like to be called high maintenance.

Dually noted.

“Officer Lachlan Downy is an officer with the Kilgore Police Department,” the chief started, turning his attention to a young man in the front row. “He’s on the SWAT team, and also holds his certification in level two crisis hostage negotiation. He’s going to talk to y’all a little bit today about what his job is like on a daily basis.

Chief Rhodes then gave the floor up to me, and I went about telling them about my job. What I liked about it. What I didn’t like about it. What the hardest negotiation I’d ever done was.

Then she chimed in, and we got into what seemed like a mini battle. One, in which, my dick was the winner.

“Officer Downy, have you ever had to use your hostage negotiation skills since you received the training?” Memphis asked.

Knowing it was a trap, but unable to see exactly how, I answered with, “Once.”

“What happened?” She asked.

“It was a gas station robbery where the clerk and a pregnant lady were held at gunpoint by a man wanting money to fill his bike up,” I explained. “Filled his bike up for him, but made sure to drop a little sugar in the gas tank. He got away, but he only made it about two miles down the road before he broke down and we caught up to him.”

She blinked, and then looked disappointed when I didn’t go into the exact details. Not that I could. I did my best to ignore the fact that I botched my first hostage negotiation.

The whole thing had happened so fast.

I’d been in that gas station, too, when the biker had tried to rob it.

He’d been desperate, and I’d known it.

I’d done everything I could to talk the man out of the direction he was going.

When he shot the girl behind the counter, I knew that the cops wouldn’t arrive in time.

I also didn’t have any way to protect myself, nor help them.

So, I’d offered to go fill his tank up.

He’d allowed me to do it by myself with his gun trained on my back the entire way, following me outside but staying at least ten feet away from me as I did.

He hadn’t seen me slip the sugar packets into his tank.

The biker, a mid-thirties man like myself, had then tossed me the keys to his bike and demanded the keys to mine.

Drive it outside of town. I’ll follow you, he’d said.

The bike had made it all the way out of town and to the county line before the sugar had made its way through the bike’s motor.

It gave out with a huff of black smoke, and the biker hadn’t wasted any time trying to run me over.

It’d been by the grace of God that I’d managed to not be plowed over by my own truck.

When I went down and under the truck, I’d seen my life flash before my eyes.

All the things I’d wanted to do, and hadn’t wanted to do with my life roared through my thoughts.

The bike had crunched underneath the chassis of the truck, and I’d lain there stunned that I hadn’t been killed, or worse, pinned.

I’d done neither, and my reflexes had been like lightening when the biker had gotten out to look at his handiwork.

When he’d bent down, I’d given him a boot to the face with all the power I could pull out, slamming it all into his face with a sickening crack.

I guess I’d been high on adrenaline or something, because the kick had had a lot more force than I thought it would. It’d snapped the man’s first two vertebrae in his neck, causing him to become paralyzed from the neck down.

To this day, three months later, the man was still on a vent, aware but unable to move.

The girl who’d been shot, the clerk, had died.

She’d been seventeen.

The pregnant woman had lost her child, miscarrying the night of the subsequent robbery, and I’d been left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Needless to say, I couldn’t talk about it.

It brought up too many bad memories. Ones that I didn’t want to think about.

Chief Rhodes must’ve recognized my reluctance to speak on the subject, so he’d changed the focus by introducing Miller to the group as the newest member of the SWAT team.

Memphis wasn’t interested in Miller.

Her eyes were all for me.

Narrowing them at me as she glared for all that she was worth.

She couldn’t rattle me, though.

My dick may find her attractive, as did my mind, but I’d been a cop for eight years now, and had been in the Army for eight years before that.

If I’d learned anything in that time, it was how to take a glare.

Because glaring was something that I got every day on the job.

Being a police officer wasn’t a pretty profession.

A lot of people didn’t like cops just on general principle.

They had no problem calling us when they were in need of our services, though.

Even the ones that had a problem with our authority, like Memphis did.

The question and answer went on for an hour longer, stopping once the clock struck ten.

The students had enjoyed the question and answer period. All except Memphis, who’d continued to glare the entire time.

I took in in stride, and as they all walked out, I watched her as she left.

She really had a great body.

I’d describe it as round.

The skirt she wore was hugged tightly to her hips, but the curves she had were what I’d describe as soft. It wasn’t the toned flesh that I’d usually be attracted to.

Her body wasn’t perfect, but that turned me on even more to know that, when I fucked her, she’d have a little bit of cushion. A little something extra for me to grab a hold of enabling me to fuck her all the harder.

“What’s her reason for being here?” I asked as the last student filed out of the room.

The chief didn’t pretend that he didn’t know what I was talking about. He knew.

“Memphis Conner. She said she was here for elective credit hours so she could finish her degree as an ultrasound technician,” Chief Rhodes explained. “I think she chose this because she wanted to know more about the law. To keep herself informed. She’s very,” he searched for the right word. “Ambitious. She participates in the class, and asks questions. She’s exactly the kind of student one would want. Though, I know she’s interested to know about something. Something I haven’t figured out…yet.”

I’d gotten the same vibe from her myself.

She may be here for her ‘elective hours.’ However, she had an ulterior motive in taking this particular class. Police laws and procedures wasn’t usually the one most people took for electives. It was normally Introduction into Criminal Justice. Which meant she’d taken the other two classes that were required to get her to this point.

All I wanted to know was why.

Why was she so sweet this morning, smiling shyly at me, and all glaring this afternoon?

However, she’d inadvertently tripped a trigger inside of me.

One that loved a fucking challenge.

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