Book: Bang Switch

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Chapter 23

Don’t like cops? Next time you’re in trouble, call a cab. See where that gets you.

-Downy to a reporter


It’d been nearly three weeks, and I hadn’t seen her in two and a half of them.

The last time was in the hospital as she said goodbye, with me unable to move to tell her not to go.

I’d been drugged up on God knows what, and so out of my fucking mind that I couldn’t tell my own woman not to go.

I’d just laid there, my feet and arms not obeying what my mind was screaming them to do.

I’d returned to work three days ago, and I already had a nickname.

Luke and Nico had started it.

And were currently giving me shit about it.

Bearded dragon.

Apparently, I was acting more grumpy than usual, and my beard was getting overly long.

“Beards. It’s Kevlar…for your face,” Nico jeered, throwing his head back and laughing his fool head off.

Apparently, I’d let my ‘beard’ get out of hand. Something that I could give less than a fuck about right at this moment in time.

I barely wanted to get out of bed each day. What made them think I wanted to shave my fuckin’ face?

“What’s wrong? Don’t think you can grow a beard as good as mine?” I played along.

They all had beards. It just so happened that mine was bigger than theirs. And a little more unkempt.

“You should respect his beard,” Michael chimed in as he led the way to the tattoo parlor we were currently walking towards. “It could crawl off his face and burn you alive.”

I shoved Michael, making him lurch forward and take a quick step up to avoid hitting his face on the door.

He did manage to laugh his ass off, though.

Pieces of shit.

It was good, though.

I needed the release.

We’d gone for a beer earlier, and now we were coming to Michael’s favorite tattoo parlor.

I was bound and determined to get myself a tattoo for her. To prove to Memphis just how much I fuckin’ loved her. That I didn’t watch over her because I was paid to.

Not that she’d given me the chance to explain.

I didn’t blame her, though. I’d have done the same thing if I were in her shoes.

Ten minutes later I found myself under another girl’s hands, and I felt like my skin was crawling.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “This isn’t going to work. I need a man to do me.”

I must’ve said it a little loud, because the men in the room beyond started to bellow like buffalos.

She gave me a sad look. “It’s okay, honey. If you’ll wait another ten minutes, I can get Peek to come in.”

I nodded and said, “Thanks.”

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