Book: Bang Switch

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You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do will be remembered and brought up in a fight eight months later.

-A man’s rule to live by


“Dadadada!” Lock yelled loudly.

Lock had his daddy’s mouth…as in he was really loud when he wanted to be.

I turned from paying bills to see Downy’s serious face on the screen.

He was talking to a reporter about something, but I couldn’t hear it over the loud music that Lock’s toys were blaring.

The scrolling banner underneath, though, said, KPD’s spokesman, Officer Lachlan Downy, comments on the SWAT team’s role in saving a young child that was kidnapped from Louisiana.

Shivers went down my spine.

Downy and the boys were asked to set up a road block on four major intersections through town since the kidnapper was suspected to be traveling to a family friend’s house in New Mexico.

Similar requests had been made nearly all over the state, but lucky for Downy, it was their little town that the man had chosen to come through.

Downy had been working on the one nearest to the Longview-Kilgore border.

They’d been there for going on eight hours when Luke had finally spotted the black sedan that fit the suspect’s description.

What really tipped them off, though, was the fact that the sedan had turned around on the highway when the checkpoint was announced on a sign about half a mile from Luke.

Luke called it in, and Downy was the one to follow him.

The man had run into a hotel off the interstate, and there ensued an hour long standoff where the man threatened to kill his kid, a two year old that’d been scared to death, with a straight razor he’d found in one of the drawers next to the bed.

As the SWAT team had prepared to enter with force, Downy had done his thing, talking to the man as he, too, prepared to go inside.

The amazing thing was, was that the man listened to Downy. After more than forty-five minutes of smooth talking, Downy successfully talked the man outside, where Nico promptly took the man down.

The child, they’d later learned, was hidden from the father.

The mother hadn’t told the father about him, and when the father had found out, he’d gone a little nuts.

Sadly, the one to lose the most was the child, and he didn’t even know it.

“I hate seeing my face on the fuckin’ TV. Fuckin’ chief,” Downy said from directly behind me.

His voice shivered down my spine, settling like a warm blanket over my core.

Jesus, but the man had the power to undo me.

I turned to my man and smiled, wrapping my hands around his neck.

“You know,” I said as I threaded my fingers together, while looking into his beautiful green eyes. “I distinctly remember hearing Mercy say that you were to stay at your hotel room. It’s bad luck to see your bride the day of the wedding.”

He grinned unrepentantly. “I missed my baby.”

I snorted. “You’re a sucker.”

He shrugged and buried his face into my neck, tickling my sensitive skin with the wiry hair of his beard.

We’d held off on getting married while I was pregnant. Then we’d held off on getting married because we were insanely busy with our new child, my new job, Downy’s new job in the police department as ‘Official Police Spokesman,’ and just everyday life.

Now Lock was eight months old, and we were getting married in less than four hours.

“I’m your sucker,” he agreed, letting his bare hand slip up the inside of the shirt I was wearing only to disappear into my panties.

His mouth traveled down to my breasts, sucking my nipples through the fabric.

“You know what you need?” Downy asked teasingly.

I shook my head, gasping as his mouth found a particular happy place inside of me. “No, what?”

“My dick,” he said, carrying me into the bedroom.

“Lock,” I tried.

“Asleep in his playpen,” he said sternly. “Now shut up about our kid. Can’t fuck you if his name comes out of your mouth.”

“How do you know he’s asleep?” I gasped.

His dick ground into my core, and I clenched my legs around his waist, throwing my head back in anticipation.

“Because I passed his playpen on the way. He was out. Promise. The dogs were also sleeping on either side of him. He was fine!” He growled.

I giggled.

Our baby boy was, what you would call, difficult.

He slept like shit. He was a crier. He wanted to be held fifty-nine out of sixty minutes of the hour, and we loved him with all of our hearts. That wasn’t to say he wasn’t a pain in the ass, though. He was also perfect, and fell to sleep near instantly when he wasn’t supposed to be sleeping.

Which worked for us in this instance.

“Okay,” I agreed quickly.

It was rare we were able to find the time to do this, and we’d mastered the art of ‘using our time wisely.’

Sadly, it wasn’t just the baby’s fault. It was also Downy’s job as the official police spokesperson, the SWAT team, and my odd hours.

His mouth descended to my chest where he rubbed his bristly jaw over my covered breasts.

Sadly, we’d found that when we did the deed, my boobs liked to think it was feeding time. So in everyone’s best interest, they were now banned from the party unless I had no problem washing the sheets and our clothes afterwards.

He missed them, though, and never seemed to quite be able to leave them alone.

Which was why he was currently lavishing them with kisses.

I could feel it coming, though.

Pressing on his head, I pushed him away from the messy girls and pulled him up.

My mouth slanted over his as I did a partial ab curl, coming a few inches off the bed to meet his lips.

One arm curled around me as he rolled, landing with me on top.

I was surprised to find he’d already stripped his pants off.

When he did that, I didn’t know. He was like the ghost whisperer…but in the form of pants.

The pant whisperer, was more like it.

“Jesus,” I groaned as he pressed my hips down to grind on the length of his erection.

He grinned, the flash of his white teeth through his beard had me smiling right along with him.

Leaning up, his hands left my hips and traveled underneath of me. One went to my panties to move them to the side, while the other moved to his cock to settle it against my entrance.

“Fuck,” we both drawled, as I dropped down slowly onto his cock.

He filled me to the brim, just as he always did. I ground my hips around and around, feeling the delicious fullness all the way to my belly.

“Put your feet flat beside my chest,” he ordered.

I complied, moving until I was literally impaled on his cock, the only thing balancing me was where his hands rested at my hips and my hands that were against his thighs, causing my chest to arch.

“God, you look so sexy,” he said as he lifted my hips, moving me up and down slowly on his cock.

“Mmmm,” I said, no longer able to push forth a coherent thought through my rapidly losing control brain.

He lifted up, causing our chests to press deliciously close.

This way I was able to balance more, allowing me to move faster and faster on his cock.

He helped me, of course. He wasn’t able to stop himself.

Faster and faster we went until I gave up trying to help, just going along for the ride.

My orgasm blindsided me, bursting forth from the shadows of my core and blasting out like a nuclear bomb, stealing my sight and speech from me.

My pussy clamped down hard on his cock, which caused Downy to lose his own control.

He poured himself into me, bathing my insides with his release.

“You’re going to be late,” I panted.

He snorted. “All I have to do is show up. You’re the one who still has to get her hair done.”

I grimaced, but didn’t contradict him.

It was true.

Lifting up awkwardly, I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up, leaving Downy to take care of himself.

Knowing he was there to watch Lock, I took my time in the shower, relishing the peace and quiet that I knew wouldn’t be interrupted.

Or at least I thought, anyway.

“Baby’s hungry,” I heard Downy say over the shower.

His cry started to make my milk letdown, and I sighed.

There goes my shower.

Rinsing off as quickly as I could, because I knew if I didn’t hurry, he’d start screaming so hard he wouldn’t be able to eat, I dried off and went directly to the living room.

There I found my two men on the couch.

Lock in Downy’s lap, screaming his head off while his daddy read, what looked to be a report, over his head.

Shaking my head, I walked forward and took a seat beside Downy.

I hadn’t bothered getting dressed.

It would’ve been for nothing, seeing as Lock refused to eat unless we were skin to skin.

Which I’d found was very inconvenient.

I’d had to start bottle-feeding him while we were out, because I was fairly positive Downy wouldn’t like it if I was naked at the restaurant table.

Once I was situated, I took Lock off Downy’s lap, placing him to my breast as I leaned into Downy’s body.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close, allowing me the support of his body as I fed our son.

“Must be an interesting case,” I murmured tiredly.

“Yeah, you could say so,” he said distractedly.

I started to read, but decided against it once I saw ‘rape’ and ‘torture.’

Not on my wedding day.

For right now, I was happy exactly where I was at.

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