Book: Bang Switch

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Chapter 3

I wear black to workout it. It’s like a funeral for my fat.



“Shit,” I growled as, once again, the fucking asshole next door, kept me up. This time with his moaning.

For the fourth night in a row.

As if I didn’t have anything else to hate the man about, he wouldn’t stop his midnight rendezvous long enough to let me get a full night’s rest.

Jesus Christ, why me?

At least this time he wasn’t being asked to bark like a dog, or some shit like that.

What a fucking douche.

My head turned until I could see the clock.

It read 1:18 A.M.

“Would you give me a fucking break?” I screamed, slamming my heels against the wall.

Peter barked, following my lead, and the moaning stopped.

I fell asleep, scared to death that he wouldn’t let me sleep because he was too busy fucking some chick.

However, it started back up again an hour later, waking me up.

That was about when I lost patience.

Throwing the covers off my body, I stupidly stormed out of the apartment and moved down the hall to Officer Downy’s apartment.

Then I proceeded to slam my fist down hard on the door, rattling the door with intensity.

It might have been more impressive if pain hadn’t shot up my arm with each pound, or possibly if the door wasn’t a piece of shit that wouldn’t keep a toddler out.

Regardless of the fact, my display, to me, was impressive.

My anger was hot and raging, and I was good and mad, ready to rip the man who couldn’t keep it in his pants a new one.

When the light beyond the door turned on, I braced myself for a good confrontation.

What I hadn’t expected was for the door to be opened by another man.

He was built.

I knew that because he was wearing nothing but a pair of underwear.

His body was impressive.

Perfect six pack abs, lean and defined. He was also tattooed, and I liked tattoos.

Then there was another one. He looked much like the one who’d answered the door, but more bulky.

Oh, and his underwear were red instead of black.

The final one to show behind the two men was the one I’d originally been after, but suddenly my ability to produce cognitive speech was gone, and it its place was a stuttering idiot.

Was he gay?

I’d never expected gay.

I’d expected womanizer, but not gay.

Holy shit!

Now all those nights spent listening to him moan wasn’t quite so bad, knowing that they were all doing each other.

Then my mouth, tired from the lack of sleep I’d gotten over the past four days…and hell last month, stopped filtering properly.

“You know, if you’d let me watch, I’d never complain about y’all waking me up again,” I blurted.

They didn’t say anything, and I could see confusion on all of their faces.

Of course, my brain, the poor thing, couldn’t shut up.

“I never pictured you as gay,” I said, aiming that comment to the man behind them all with his arms crossed.

With that, I left before I could further embarrass myself.

Except, I never made it past my door before my waist was caught up in a hold that lifted me up off the ground.

The man behind me had a steel band for an arm. I squeaked as I was pulled up to Downy’s hard chest, while the front of me was pressed against the wall.

My hands went forward, trying in vain to push off against the wall to no avail.

However, Downy was much more powerful, and his superior strength was forcing me into the wall. I had no other recourse but to collapse or my arms would give out.

His hand traveled up underneath my shirt, coming to a rest just above my pubic bone. Flattening his palm until it was pressed from hip to hip. His pinky finger tickling the hair covering my mound.

His hard body pressed against me, thighs to chest, as he said, “I’m not fucking gay.”

With that parting comment, he ground his hot, giant cock into my butt.

Not long, but long enough that I could feel it before I was abruptly let go, and he was gone.

I heard him walking away, but I couldn’t muster up the energy to move.

My heart was beating a mile a minute, and all I could do was pull in deep, aroused breaths as I replayed the previous ten seconds over and over again in my mind.

Holy shit, he’d moved fast.

And not only had he manhandled me, but I’d liked it.

I mean really liked it.

When I finally found the gumption to move, I pushed against the wall and stood up straight.

The shirt that had been pushed up as his hand moved underneath fell, covering my ass once again as I walked blindly into my apartment.

I walked straight to my room, and collapsed onto the bed.

My hand traveled down to rest where he’d rested his, and it was only then that I remembered that I was naked underneath my shirt, and he’d felt it. He’d also seen it since my shirt had stayed hiked up over my ass as he’d walked away.

“Oh, my God,” I gasped. “I’m a hoe!”

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