Book: Bang Switch

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Chapter 4

Alpha’s. Men who don’t listen to a word you say. Do what they want. And expect you to deal with it.

-Fact of Life


“I think you pissed her off,” Luke said dryly.

I turned to our captain, my best friend, and glared. “Did I ask you what you thought?”

The man thought he was so fuckin’ smart now that he was married. Little did he know he wasn’t. “You want to go for a round later tonight?”

He laughed. “We can go for a round right now.”

I shoved him in the shoulder with my own and downed the rest of my drink.

“No can do. I have to meet the contractors that are putting in my floor, then I have to go to…shit,” I said as my beeper went off. “Mother fucker!”

We all stood, throwing down cash as we always did.

However, seeing the greedy woman’s eyes at the front that hadn’t done a thing the entire time we’d been here had me gathering the cash and shoving it into my pocket.

“What are you doing?” Nico asked as we started walking out.

“Girl at the counter’s looking kinda greedy. I’ll give it to her when I get home tonight,” I said as I shoved it all in my pocket.

As we were leaving, I saw Memphis sitting on the car that was normally in the parking lot of our apartment building when I got home from work.

I actually thought it didn’t work, so it was a surprise to see it out of its spot. As well as having a hot little woman on it laying back against the glass as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

She was still in her armor.

Today she was wearing black shorts that came to a stop just under her knees, a royal blue shirt that said The Angry Goose on it¸ and hot pink Toms.

Her hair was down today. Long and silky down to her lower back.

She was wearing a pair of sunglasses over her eyes, but I knew they were on me the moment I got out to the parking lot.

I walked to my truck, keeping my eyes on the lot in front of me, every cell in my body very much aware of the cute little oriental girl trying her damndest to keep her own off of me.

Oh, this would be fun.

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