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I’m learning that as an author’s fan base grows, there are more and more people that need to be thanked for their contributions to a novel.  Some are significant, such as my beta readers Jess and Scott.  Some may not spend nearly as much time, but are just as important because they offer suggestions that trigger ideas I might not have had.  I would try to name everyone, but without fail I’d miss someone, so I’ll leave it as a Thank You to all my fans that have corresponded with me either via email or Facebook.

I’d also like to respond to several comments I’ve received from people who admit they haven’t served in the military, but feel that sometimes I unfairly pick on branches other than the Army. 

Yes I do! 

And anyone out there who’s served understands completely, and can probably tell as many disparaging Army jokes as I can Marine, Navy or Air Force jokes.  In all seriousness, whether Air Force, Navy, Army or Marines (and Coast Guard, too, though you’re part of Homeland Security) the US military is just one big dysfunctional family.  We snipe, berate and denigrate each other endlessly, but at the end of the day if you mess with one you mess with all of us.  I just hope my Air Force readers can forgive me for making Roach an Air Force officer.

Finally, as always, my heartfelt thanks to Katie for putting up with me and being a good sport about her husband off running around with a stripper while she’s left to the designs of a psychopath.  Yet another reason I’m glad you married me!

You can always correspond with me via email at and if you’re on Facebook, please like my page at   I enjoy interacting with my fans on Facebook and I answer all of my email… eventually.

Thanks again for reading!

Dirk Patton

October 2014


Book main: Foreword