Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 11

Lucifer was slurping his massive peanut butter and jelly milkshake. They went to one of the fast food joints at the mall, one that Lucifer chose. The task of taking care of Lucifer was eating up a lot more energy than Tooth imagined it would, but at the same time he couldn’t just leave it be and let the kid rot.

Tooth’s own food was already gone, and he was helping himself to some coffee. Today was turning into a disaster. Lucifer had hardly spoken since they left the clinic, and Tooth wasn’t sure how to approach this hedgehog of a boy. It felt almost like disturbing a dog during its meal.

“So, where do we buy this shampoo you want?” he eventually asked.

We’ll just need to try and go around all the stores.” Lucifer slurped his shake and by the sound of it, the drink was ending. “Do you think I have it?” he asked all of a sudden, making Tooth almost choke on his coffee. He knew all-too-well what Lucifer meant because he had been thinking about it as well. What would he tell Lucifer if any of the two tests they’d done came out positive? He wasn’t a therapist. What would he do?

He cleared his throat, moving his fingers over the warm cup. “I don’t know.”

But, like… do I look like I have it?” Lucifer squinted at Tooth and leaned a bit closer over the table.

Tooth couldn’t help but smile. “No, you look very healthy. The tests are the only way to know, and we’ll only do one repeat to confirm it.”

“I’m gonna have to do it again?” Lucifer moaned and slouched. The look of exasperation on his face was kinda cute, but Tooth wouldn’t admit that.

Only once, and I’ll be tested again too. It’s good to know where you stand because the earlier you’re diagnosed, the more chance you have to live a completely normal life.” Tooth sipped more coffee, drilling Lucifer with his eyes.

Lucifer put his hands over his ears. “Oh, my God, I don’t wanna think about it. But I’m sorry I freaked out like that. I probably looked like a total wuss.”

Tooth bit into the edge of the cardboard cup, wondering what he should say. “Nah, I’ve seen guys much bigger than you faint when they saw blood. Since when does it happen to you?”

Lucifer bit his lip and looked into his empty cup. “A few years. I used to live with my mom, but she was… she had problems. I really tried to make her feel better, but she’d just be so sad all the time. Nothing I did made her happy. Then one day I came back home from school, and there she was in the bathtub,” he seemed to speak about it casually, but his voice became monotonous. “The whole bathroom was red with blood. I still remember the stench. It got me so dizzy I barely stumbled out of there.”

Tooth swallowed and reached over the table to squeeze Luci’s warm forearm. Poor, poor kid. “I’m sorry.”

Shit happens, right?” Lucifer shrugged, but didn’t pull away. “I bet you’ve seen worse. I just wish I would have come home earlier that day.” His pale eyelashes covered the big blue eyes, so Tooth couldn’t read much from them.

Tooth wanted to howl. This was way out of his competences. “You couldn’t know.”

“I knew she wasn’t feeling well. But then again she rarely felt well in that last year. Blah.” Lucifer began disassembling the straw into bits of plastic.

Everyone has regrets, you know. But you can’t change certain stuff.” Tooth leaned back, his mind offering him the last image he had of Tracy. Dressed in tight jeans and an orange longsleeve, with some big hippie necklace at the front. His full mouth stretched into a smile. “I’ll be back in an hour,” was all Tracy had said back then.

Lucifer shrugged. “I try not to dwell on it, but when I see blood it all comes back. It’s like it got ingrained into my body in a physical way. I get dizzy, weak, nauseated.”

Tooth cleared his throat and opened his wallet. “Let’s make sure you don’t have to look at it very frequently.”

You’ll make sure I don’t have to visit the dentist?” Lucifer laughed nervously, and Tooth wasn’t sure if it was a joke or if the boy was actually scared he would hurt him.

“I wouldn’t do that,” he said, just to assure him. “I don’t hurt people so much weaker than I am.”

Lucifer looked up at him with his nose wrinkling. “You make me sound like a pussy. I just have a low pain threshold.”

Tooth snorted. “I was your age once too, you know. I wasn’t always as strong as I am now.” He had some old scars on his body to prove it.

Lucifer poked his arm. “You gonna train me up?”

Tooth laughed, looking at the slim finger against his skin. “If you want to. I started when I was about sixteen.”

I bet you were never my size though.” Lucifer sighed. “I’ve got some muscle, it’s just… you know.”

Tooth looked at Lucifer’s slender body, and no, he’d never looked like that. Even as a kid, he was much more meaty, broader in the shoulders. “I had to grow to stand up to my dad,” he said with a slow sigh.

The complete attention Lucifer gave him was so intense Tooth was feeling his neck heat up. The boy was like a sponge, eager to soak up any detail Tooth would throw him. “Was he in the club?”

Tooth chuckled and put the money on the table. “Nah, he was just a drunk jerk. He’s probably dead anyway.”

“Do you have any other family?”

Tooth shrugged. “Possibly, but no one I actually knew well or wanted to keep in touch with.” He swallowed hard, remembering the way Priest took care of him soon after they met. There was no denying that he was a bit of a father figure for Tooth. “The Nails are my family now.”

Was he that bad? That it was worth leaving your family?” Lucifer slowly stood up, but never took his attentive eyes off Tooth.

Those memories weren’t painful anymore, and Tooth had no problem talking about them. He slowly pulled off his leather jacket and turned around in the chair. He quickly surveyed their surroundings and pulled up the back of his shirt. He still had some burns and ugly patches of skin that never healed. “His handiwork. And since it was just me and him, I didn’t look back since.”

Luci’s fingers were on the sensitive skin before Tooth could back off. “Oh, God… That’s horrible. You think that’s what made you want to…” Lucifer lowered his voice to a whisper, “hurt people?”

Tooth took pride in all his scars, but he didn’t want to be touched like this in a public space, so he quickly covered up, unsure what to make of Lucifer’s question. Was the boy still afraid of the dental chair underground? “I already told you I don’t randomly go off hurting people.”

Yeah, but your… You know. The box.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

Tooth blinked, and it took him a moment to realize what Lucifer was talking about. “Why does everyone think people who like BDSM are damaged?” he groaned, dragging his hand down his face as they walked out of the restaurant.

Lucifer rolled his eyes and put his hands into his pockets as they began to walk along the shop windows. “It just came to my mind.” A blush was crawling up his pale cheeks.

“It’s like saying gay men like to suck cock because they weren’t breastfed,” muttered Tooth.

Lucifer burst out laughing and slapped Tooth’s arm. “Hey!”

Tooth smirked and poked Lucifer in the ribs. “Isn’t it?”

Stop it, I don’t wanna think about tits in my mouth.” Lucifer kept laughing and hid his face with his hands. It was nice to finally see him cheer up, the day had been fucking ghastly. “But I suppose you’re right, just like someone who got hurt could go the other way, and err… fantasize about all sorts of dirty stuff.”

Tooth scratched his head. “I suppose.”

But not you, right? You like to do the hurting.” Lucifer snorted and looked up at Tooth from behind his fingers.

Tooth shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t hurt people. I dominate them, if you need to know.”

Lucifer’s cheeks were positively alive with fire. “And they do what you tell them to?”

Tooth smiled, for a moment really tempted to brush his fingers over those delicious cheekbones. He would love to see that boy bend to his will. Or better yet, want to follow his orders. “They want to meet someone to tell them what to do.”

They must trust you. ‘Cause you don’t pay them, right?” Lucifer frowned slightly.

Tooth kept up their connection. He didn’t usually discuss his sex life with anyone not involved in it, but with Lucifer this might clear up a few issues the boy had, so he chose to continue. “Is that so strange?”

No. I suppose it must be nice to trust someone.” Lucifer’s gaze drifted off to a shop window.

Tooth sighed, watching the fine hair on the back of Lucifer’s neck. “Didn’t we agree to trust each other?”

Lucifer groaned and stretched his arms. “Yeah, but it’s not like that.”

Like what?” Tooth looked at the mannequin dressed in a woolen coat. Sometimes Lucifer was really hard to read.

It’s not the kind of trust you need to have for someone to let them fuck you.” Lucifer pouted and absentmindedly ran his fingers along the glass.

Tooth frowned. And it was Lucifer of all people saying that? He decided not to comment on it though. “Good, you’ve only known me for two days.”

Lucifer turned around and looked into Tooth’s eyes with the most sincere smile. “But it feels like forever.”

An utterly uncomfortable silence followed, as Tooth didn’t know what to say to that, but then Lucifer burst out laughing and punched Tooth’s arm.

“Oh, my God! You should have seen your face!”

Tooth frowned. The kid had actually gotten to him. “Don’t scare me like that.”

Yeah, yeah, so… you gonna lend me some money?” Lucifer played with the zipper of his hoodie. Tooth rustled his hair, soft and fine like silk. He knew that question would come up.

“You can have whatever you want. You know, within reason.”

Lucifer squinted at him. “For real? My dad gave you money for me?”

Tooth shook his head. “No, but it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“You gonna pay for me?” He cocked his head to the side. “Are you rich?”

Tooth poked him. “That’s really none of your business, boy. Just enjoy what you get.”

Lucifer started walking backward into the store. “You gonna be my sugar daddy?”

Tooth groaned. “Don’t call me ‘daddy’. Especially not after that first night with me.”

Lucifer pouted as he began looking through T-shirts. “Oh, Jeez, I was just horny. You gonna rub that in my face forever?”

Tooth burst out laughing. “Maybe you should get something to remember it by, and I could then shut up,” he said, watching Lucifer’s reaction. He needed to get a tracking device on him. He brought one with him, but needed to find a classy way to put it on Luci so the boy wouldn’t get suspicious.

Oh yeah?” Lucifer raised his eyebrows and picked out a T-shirt. “Like this? ‘I jerked off next to Tooth and all I got was this lousy T-shirt’.”

Tooth nodded, as if considering this option. “How do you feel about jewelry?”

“Depends if it’s sparkly or not.”

With a small smirk, Tooth pulled out the tracking device hidden in a small padlock. “How about this?” he asked, presenting the padlock on a thick chain. It would be difficult to remove, but not too heavy.

Are you actually giving it to me?” Lucifer quickly shoved the T-shirt away and stepped closer.

Tooth swallowed. That was just the enthusiasm he needed. “Sure. It looks too small on me anyway.”

Lucifer held out his greedy little hands. “How do I put it on?”

Tooth pulled out his wallet and quickly got the small key. He smiled, showing it to Lucifer. “That’s the thing, you don’t.”

“You gonna put it on for me? Like in a nineties romcom?” Luci snorted, but eagerly turned around and pushed his hair out of the way, presenting a smooth, lovely nape, with tiny blond hairs caressing the skin. If this were a different situation, and Lucifer were Tooth’s hookup, he would mouth it, or give it a squeeze to signal his power. But now, he looked down at the padlock and fumbled with it.

“Did they do that?”

“Yeah, when they’d want to woo the girl.”

Tooth shrugged, trying not to follow Lucifer’s suggestion. “Well, you aren’t a girl so’s fine.”

Totally fine.” Lucifer snorted. Having him stand like that, with his back obediently turned to Tooth made it hard to focus. Would Lucifer like Tooth’s beard scratching his back? Would he like having his thighs spread and being watched?

Tooth bit his lip and quickly closed the chain around the slender neck with the padlock. The sheer contrast of cool metal and warm, impossibly smooth skin made Tooth stare for a second with his fingers touching Lucifer’s nape.

Lucifer helped him make the decision by turning around. He played with the little padlock in his hand. “Now you have to keep me.”

Tooth swallowed, unsure what he was feeling. It was like taking a lost puppy under his wing. “I don’t intend to throw you out. You could get your own room in a few days, but it will be in the clubhouse.”

We’ll see how things go.” Lucifer twirled the padlock in his fingers, making Tooth slightly guilty that he’d secretly planted a tracker in it. But it was for the best, he couldn’t take any chances.



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