Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 12

Tooth stretched in his bed, awoken by a creak followed by silent footsteps. He rolled underneath the warm covers, feeling them slide over his body like a soothing caress. He felt weightless on the memory foam mattress, with his head resting on the pillow that had just the right shape. He was dozing off again.

He had heard the shower before, and the smell of Lucifer’s new shampoo filled the room. It had a nice almond-like smell to it. Or was it the conditioner Lucifer used? He had no idea. The boy got so much stuff it barely fit on the shelf by the tub. But even though Lucifer went a bit overboard with the shopping: new jeans, hoodies, shirts, and tons of cosmetics, a hair straightener and some weird new brush, Tooth never felt like it was just mindless spending. Lucifer assessed every item, asked Tooth five times if it was really fine for him to have it. The way he acted only made Tooth want to shower him with gifts but that wouldn’t be the best policy.

Dissatisfied with his current position, Tooth rolled to his back and groaned when he sensed a distinct smell of coffee. Damn it, he could have asked Lucifer to make a cup for him. But when he finally opened his eyes, he had to rub them to make sure he wasn’t still dreaming. Lucifer sat by the little table to the side and was straightening his hair with a puff of steam each time he ran the tongs through his strands. Next to him lay a tray with two cups and plates with food Tooth couldn’t quite see from the bed.

“Good morning,” he muttered, squeezing his eyes shut for a moment to feel less sleepy. “What time is it?”

“Nine.” Lucifer smiled at him, and it was brighter than sunshine. “I got you breakfast.”

Tooth sat up, reciprocating the smile. It felt good to have someone do that for him. “Thanks, I think I really need that,” he said, slowly pushing himself all the way to the edge of the mattress. When he reached for the T-shirt he’d left on the chair, he noticed it was missing and stalled for a moment.

Oh, I was doing my laundry, so I did yours as well. Hope you don’t mind?” Lucifer sipped some coffee and sizzled another partition of his hair. He was already dressed and even had his boots on. The ghastly things were old and it showed, but Lucifer said he didn’t need new ones.

Tooth got up from the bed, a bit overwhelmed. Seeing Lucifer look so good in the early morning had him a bit self-conscious so he smoothed out his hair with his fingers. “Thanks. Er... you get up real early.”

“Don’t wanna waste the day. I met Bell in the kitchen, and he was surprisingly nice. Should I be worried?”

Tooth smiled and sat down next to Lucifer, their knees brushing for a brief moment. “I don’t know, but yesterday he seemed to be adjusting to you being here.”

Did he say that? He said he wants to take me somewhere today. You think it’s all a ploy to dump me in some ditch?” Lucifer pointed to a plate with eggs, toast and bacon. Tooth couldn’t ask for more.

He quickly pulled the plate closer and dug in. The food was simple and delicious, no burnt taste or unnecessary oiliness. He gave Lucifer a thumbs-up and swallowed before answering the question.

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Priest would kill him, and I would assist him,” he said.

You’d take him to the dentist?” Lucifer laughed, and his padlock necklace dangled as he turned his head upside down to brush his hair. The sound made Tooth’s skin tingle. He would sometimes put a disguised tracer on a hookup he was seeing more than once just so he could see what they were doing in the meantime, and it was hard not to remember the warm skin underneath steel.

“Yes. He would lose a lot of teeth.”

Milk’s been avoiding me, so I didn’t get a chance to check, does he still have all his teeth?” Lucifer got his head back up, and his hair looked like fucking magic. Tooth would love to nuzzle it and run his fingers through the smooth strands.

He swallowed some food and flushed it with the coffee. “Yeah, his wife’s pregnant so I don’t want her freaking out.”

Lucifer burst out laughing. “Aww, so thoughtful. How did you lose yours?” He pointed to the gold teeth in Tooth’s mouth. It did awake some bad memories.

“I was questioned by a rival club, and they did it. In hindsight, I thought it was a great way to make a man do pretty much anything,” said Tooth, munching on his delicious breakfast.

“Learning from experience, huh? I had one removed, in the back, but that was with anesthetic. See?” Lucifer opened his mouth wide and pointed at somewhere in the back of his jaw.

Tooth swallowed, leaning closer. It was such a lovely pink mouth. He’d love to slide his fingers in and explore, just to have Lucifer submit to it. Have him suck them. “Wisdom tooth, huh?”

Yep, left me dumb as a rock.” Lucifer grinned.

Tooth smiled. “Aren’t you scared of me?”

All he got was a shrug. “Not really, no. You’re on my side, so I like that you’re a scary motherfucker. Makes me feel safe.”

Tooth smirked, but Lucifer’s words seemed to light his whole body on fire. “And you’re amazing at housework. My room’s never been as tidy.”

“My mom used to stress out if the house was a mess, so I did all the chores to make her happier. Not that it worked. I don’t like when stuff is out of order. I don’t believe in hippy dippy bullshit, but it really messes with energy levels when it’s untidy.”

Tooth looked into the blue eyes only to cast a glance at the perfectly fried bacon. “And you cook?”

“Nothing fancy, but I didn’t want my mom to eat shitty microwave food. Then it just stuck with me. Rick encouraged it as well. When you can cook something, in, like, a proper kitchen, do the groceries, it makes the place seem more permanent.” He gave Tooth an uncertain look. “More like a home.”

Tooth smiled, holding on to the fork for dear life. He was in big trouble, but he did want to help Lucifer finally find a home. “I can’t cook. What else are you so good at?”

Lucifer ran his fingers through his hair. “Not much, really. I know a lot about hair products? I can give a killer lapdance.” He wiggled his eyebrows at Tooth, who had to take two controlled breaths not to think about Lucifer’s ass grinding against his cock, his young tense thighs, the soft hair hitting Tooth’s face.

“Wouldn’t you like to do hairdressing if you like that so much?” Tooth nodded toward the straightener.

Luci’s gaze wandered there as well. “I was actually thinking it would be cool to do a barbering course, but I can’t afford it, and you have to know people to get an apprenticeship. I could meet proper gentlemen if I were a barber.”

Tooth snorted and hid his eyes behind his hand. “You’re killing me, kid. And you know your sister is a hairdresser’s apprentice, right? Why not ask her?”

Lucifer hesitated for a longer moment. “I’ll think about it. I don’t want to impose. I don’t want her to think I just keep wanting something from her.”

Tooth ate up the remaining egg. “What if I ask her?”

“That… would be really nice.”

A quick knock on the door interrupted their conversation, but Tooth invited whoever it was.

Bell barged in with a quick ‘hi’. “Come on, Luci, let’s go.”

Tooth frowned. “Where are you two going?”

Bell smirked, and Tooth didn’t like the look of those full lips. “It’s a surprise for Luci.”

Tooth leaned back, his eyes drifting to Lucifer. There was something fishy going on here.

I can go, right?” Lucifer asked, already getting up.

You don’t need to ask him.” Bell snorted and grabbed a few strands of Lucifer’s freshly straightened hair. He rolled it in his thick fingers with a frown. The brothers couldn’t be more different. Bell dusky skinned and big boned, Lucifer pale and slim.

Tooth exhaled, holding on to his warm cup. He was suspicious of Bell’s sudden change. “Can I join you two? I have no plans anyway.”

“I suppose.” Bell shrugged, but Lucifer paced in place with enthusiasm.

Tooth couldn’t help but smile at him. “Give me fifteen minutes. Will you wait in the lounge?” he asked Bell.

“Yeah, yeah, finish your bacon, old man.” Bell snorted and stomped off without closing the door.

Tooth cleared his throat and finished the coffee in one swig. As silly as it was, he didn’t want Lucifer to think of him as some old fart. “I’m only thirty-two.”

“I know, daddy.” Lucifer started laughing as he pulled on his new hoodie. It was simple and black, but so soft to the touch that Tooth would love to slide his hands inside. Instead, he slapped Lucifer’s ass.


Lucifer laughed and trotted off to the corridor, leaving Tooth with a coffee to finish and a tingling in his hand that he wished could last longer.




Tooth took a quick shower, dressed in his regular clothes, and arrived downstairs with his hair still wet. He tied it into a braid so it wouldn’t make him look like a drenched cat. It would have been an issue if he were to ride his bike, but they ended up taking the car.

Bell finally revealed they were going to do some target practice, and Lucifer was excited like a kid on Christmas about getting a gun. Even if just for a few hours.

“You got a bodyguard now, Luci,” Bell laughed as he drove the car over gravel to an abandoned shopping mall.

Tooth snorted and looked over his shoulder at Lucifer, who kept popping his head between the front seats. “His personal guard dog.”

“He’ll need that with those arms like twigs.” Bell snorted, and it got him a punch on the arm.

“At least I’m not fat,” Lucifer said.

Bell parked with a screech of tires. “You little shit!”

Tooth laughed, leaning his forehead against the window. Bell wasn’t exactly fat, but he wasn’t chiseled either. Big but unsculpted. “Run, Lucifer! Run!”

Lucifer rolled over on the backseat to exit from the door farthest from Bell and managed to get out before Bell automatically locked all the doors. His laugh still resonated in the empty parking lot when Bell got out to chase him down.

It was such a good feeling to see the boy so carefree and genuinely happy. Tooth grinned at Bell and gently punched his shoulder. “It means a lot to him that you’re doing this, you know.”

Bell smiled but his gaze followed Lucifer all the way to the abandoned building. “Well, he’s gonna change his mind once I catch him,” he said, but there was no malice in his voice. Bell grabbed his backpack and they made their way through the parking lot as well.

The boy was nowhere in sight, and in the two-story shopping mall, there were plenty of places to hide in. It was a sunny day, and the windows—some intact, some just partially glassed—were shining bright. They frequently used this spot for target practice and occasionally as a holding place or hideout, but with the police paid for turning a blind eye, they could easily access the mall through a hole in the fence.

“Lucifer, are you playing hide and seek?” yelled Tooth.

“Jeez, what a kid,” sighed Bell with a slight frown.

Let him have his fun. He’s had it tough so far.” Tooth approached the wire mesh fence and smiled, noticing it had been tampered with. Someone was already inside.

“Tough? Having sex every day and doing nothing with his life? I’d hardly call that tough.” Bell shook his head and squinted when they heard footsteps over some metal stairs far away.

Tooth gritted his teeth and squeezed Bell’s shoulder. “He won’t tell you what really happened, you know? But he’s afraid. It’s obvious he’s been mistreated, so cut him some slack.”

Bell went silent as they walked along the ruined, locked-up shops. Tooth hoped there was some train of thought behind the lack of words.

I just…” Bell made an incohesive gesture with his hands in the air. “I wanna strangle anyone who’s put a dick in him.”

Tooth sighed. Well, it was progress. “I can second that,” he said as they approached the ruined stairs to the main doors of the mall. It used to look quite grand, with colorful panels on the outer walls and black marble on the stairs. Most of the stone has been since removed—Tooth suspected—without authorization, and they walked on white dust and debris covering the concrete steps.

I bet that’s what’s made him all fucked-up.” There it was again. Good old Bell, oblivious to how the world worked.

Tooth groaned. “Come on, you can’t believe that,” he said, walking through an empty doorframe, the glass that belonged there crunching underneath his boots. “He found his mother’s corpse, and then lived in the streets.”

He should have come to the clubhouse,” Bell said, clearly forgetting that it was him who didn’t move a finger to look for Lucifer all those years ago.

Tooth shrugged as they walked along the empty stores and past a dry fountain. “Maybe he thought the streets were safer. You saw yourself how eager Priest is to spend time with him.”

There he is.” Bell pointed at a shadow far away down the corridor and sped up. “Go from that side,” he whispered and already turned the other way, hunched like a predator, but with a silly grin on his face.

The shopping mall was built in a semi-circular plan, so if Lucifer didn’t flee to the second floor, they were bound to catch him if they approached him from both directions.

Tooth waved at Bell and went down the corridor, his eyes scanning all the ghost stores, the broken escalators, in search for the brilliant blond hair. The mall smelled of dust, except for places where the glass on the ceiling was broken, letting in fresh air and water to feed the plants slowly starting to overtake the building. It was like walking through a post-apocalyptic world.

And there it was. Tooth’s prey fled into an abandoned store through a hole between two rotting pieces of wood. Quick, but not quick enough. Tooth managed to spot the boot-clad foot before it disappeared in the shadow.

Tooth ran straight for the store that used to sell stuffed toys and rushed to get in, breaking the withered planks in the process. They fell apart as he kicked them in, and for a strange moment, Tooth really was a wild animal about to catch a rabbit. His mind registered everything, from the dust dancing in the rays of light coming in through the ceiling, through the stuffy smell, to the low noise of an old metal shelf creaking with movement.

A rat escaped from a ripped-up, decomposing teddy bear, and it distracted Tooth for a second. But once he was back to scanning the store, he noticed a shadow sliding along a row of shelves.

“I can see you,” he growled, slowly approaching his phantom prey. His breath quickened, and so did his heartbeat, making his head feel light and heavy at the same time.

There was a loud inhale on the other side of the shelf, and a slow creak of sand and debris. Lucifer was trying to move quietly, but he was definitely there. Ideas of what he could do with the boy once he caught him flooded Tooth’s mind and wouldn’t go away no matter how hard he tried. But when he turned around the corner, Lucifer was gone.

A quick glance toward the entrance assured him he didn’t have to run that way, and instead he turned his attention to the darkest corner of the abandoned store. There was a shadow behind a counter, and when Tooth got closer, he realized it was a door. This place had to have a back room, or something of this sort. He sped past the counter and blindly walked into a narrow corridor behind the door. His fingers touched steel, and as he moved forward, he recognized there were lockers on one side, but his mind was completely focused on listening for the familiar sounds.

Instead of farther in the old staff room, the sound of movement against the grit on the floor came from behind Tooth. He turned around and there Lucifer was, crawling away slowly under the counter Tooth had passed. The boy was only a shadow, but there was no doubt it was him.

Tooth’s lungs emptied, and everything seemed to slow down as he ran back to the door in three long steps, his heartbeat furious in his ears as he grabbed Lucifer’s hips and pulled him up. Lucifer squealed, but it was no use. In one well practiced move, Tooth pushed him against the wall and pulled his hands behind his back. The furious rhythm he could feel in Lucifer’s wrists made Tooth want to grind against his prize.

In the darkness, somehow it seemed less of a crime, especially since he had caught the boy fair and square. Instead of getting closer, he lowered his head and discreetly sniffed the sweet golden hair. It felt incredible to have him like this, defenseless, against the wall.

The whimper Lucifer gave him went straight to Tooth’s balls. “Oh, my God, you perv, you love it, don’t you?” Lucifer let out a nervous laugh and wiggled in the grip. “I’m not a girl, you know.”

Tooth bit his lip, his eyes straying lower, to the shadow of Lucifer’s pert butt. “Did you just call me a perv? Say that again.”

Lucifer chuckled, managing to pull away slightly, only to get pulled right back into place by Tooth. “Perv.”

Without thinking, Tooth stepped back and slapped Lucifer’s ass hard enough for it to jiggle. He had to keep his breath in for Lucifer not to hear it tremble.

Lucifer yelped in surprise. The dark, dusty space felt almost like another universe, an alternative reality where Tooth would actually be able to pull down Lucifer’s pants and fuck that tight ass after the buttocks became hot from smacking.

You’re being bad again,” rasped Tooth, resting his chin on top of Lucifer’s skull and feeling the shapely head mold to his neck.

Lucifer’s heart pounded so hard Tooth could hear it.

It’s my nature…” Lucifer whispered and made a slow move with his ass against Tooth’s groin. Tooth backed off again and delivered a sharp strike with his hand, strong enough to have his palm tingle. He would probably come within seconds if he only could grind against Lucifer’s naked ass.

“I should spank it out of you.”

I can’t help being bad,” Lucifer mewled when Tooth pulled him away from the wall and bent him over the dirty but sturdy countertop. Tooth couldn’t help his surprise at how light Lucifer was every time he was handling him.

That was two strikes. Three more,” said Tooth, and as much as he tried to think of it as punishment Lucifer needed, his mind kept straying somewhere he could never go. “Keep your hands on your nape.”

The speed with which Lucifer followed the order had Tooth biting his lip hard. Lucifer’s head was flat against the counter with his forehead on the wood, while the pliant body was splayed out for Tooth to use. He had to hold back a groan when Lucifer slightly parted his thighs.

Tooth’s dick had few morals and quickly filled, making his jeans feel far too tight. “You’re running from me. Why?” groaned Tooth, stepping back and forth just to tease Lucifer. The boy would be fantasizing about the slap but completely unaware of when it would come.

I… I…” There it was. Too focused on what was happening to answer. “It’s a game…?” The question mark in Lucifer’s voice came only right at the end.

Tooth gave his ass a merciless smack, imagining the flesh beneath the denim blooming with a red flush. God, this was so hot. “Yeah.”

Lucifer let out an inarticulate groan and tensed up, raising to his toes. Tooth could see his buttocks clench in the tight jeans. The boy wasn’t running anywhere though, and in Tooth’s fantasies, it was a sign Lucifer liked it. He savored the last two smacks, leaving his hand on the pert ass for a second too long. And just like that, it was over, and Tooth was left with a raging erection behind an unwilling boy who was bent over because of a ‘game’. Tooth really needed to get laid. Soon.

Lucifer straightened up, rubbing his ass through his pants and shifting his weight from side to side. “That’s one hand of steel,” he moaned.

Tooth bit back a groan. “You need to learn how to defend yourself. From pervs like me.”

Lucifer turned around with a big grin on his flushed face. “Oh, yeah? You gonna teach me some moves?” He pushed Tooth’s chest without much force.

I should, shouldn’t I?” asked Tooth, grabbing a strand of Lucifer’s hair. It suddenly occurred to him how weird it was, but before he could see recognition of his ulterior motives in Lucifer’s eyes, he bent over and quickly yanked the kid over his shoulder.

Lucifer yelped and stirred in on his arm, but wasn’t kicking. “What are you doing?” he demanded.

It was fun, but holding him was also a good opportunity to feel the leanness of Lucifer’s thighs. And an erection poking against Tooth’s shoulder. Now that was unexpected.

Tooth laughed, walking toward the door. “Bringing you back to our camp. You are gonna be roasted until you’re succulent and soft.”

Lucifer kept wiggling around, but it was easy to hold him nevertheless. “My brother wouldn’t eat me.”

Shame on him then. You’re quite a catch,” said Tooth, willing his own erection to fade. At least the bright sunlight in the corridor seemed to disperse some of the lusty atmosphere as he carried Lucifer toward where Bell should be coming from.

“I was about to call for backup!” Bell yelled from the first floor and laughed. “But I can see you managed with one skinny boy in the end.”

Tooth waved at him and let Lucifer slide off.

Lucifer looked down over the railing. “At least I’m not so fat no one can pick me up!” he yelled to his brother.

“Why would I want anyone to pick me up?”

You would be like this hippo ballerina from Fantasia,” chuckled Tooth, his arousal finally dispersed.

Lucifer pouted and leaned even farther over the railing, leaving Tooth to stare at his ass. “What do you mean ‘why’? So your next boyfriend can fuck you against the wall.”

“You little fairy! Just wait till I get up there!” Bell yelled and his steps quickened on the floor below them.

“What? You threatened by the thought of a big, fat cock?”

I’ll give you a big fat co—” Bell stopped talking halfway, probably realizing what he just said. “Fuck!” His yell resonated throughout the corridor, making Tooth chuckle. Slowly, Tooth leaned down to Lucifer’s ear.

“That’s five more when we get home.”


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