Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 17

The next few days were quiet. Tooth and the guys distributed new stock in town, Blitz’s ‘girlfriend’ almost broke his nose when she found out he’d been cheating on her with another hangeron, and life was surprisingly normal. Lucifer was going to school like a good boy, and as a reward, he could party after today’s lessons.

Bell's birthday bash was in full swing when Tooth and Lucifer arrived home. Unusually, Asty was also invited, though everyone in the club knew not to give her any alcohol and distract her when some of the guys joined Bell to watch a stripper perform in one of the guest rooms. Suzy was there too, looking much better than the last time Tooth saw her, and she waved at Lucifer from above her drink.

With the clubhouse fully packed and music resonating all the way in the street, it seemed the party was in full swing. Tooth relaxed as soon as he saw that when they arrived after Lucifer’s classes. They were still spending a lot of time together, and it was weird that Lucifer now knew his preferences. Especially since the boy was clearly crushing on him, and Tooth didn’t want him to get too attached. While he did think Lucifer needed a mature guy, someone responsible, who wouldn't just run as fancy struck him, he himself was through with taking care of vulnerable boys.

He did donate to a homeless LGBT youth shelter, but he wouldn't volunteer, afraid he'd get too attached to somebody again. He simply couldn't afford that.

As sweet, as attractive as Lucifer was, and as warm as Tooth's feelings were toward him, things just couldn't progress beyond the simple friendship they had. It wouldn't be loyal toward Priest, and it would create too many problems in Tooth's life. But if given a chance, in different circumstances, he'd fuck the hell out of that pert ass, he'd munch on the lean thighs and kiss the pink, wonderful lips while watching Lucifer struggling in bondage.

But the easy camaraderie with a bit of improper touching was what he had to settle for. He had been dubious at first, but they’d developed an easygoing partnership, and he was surprised to find that it didn't really bother him that he shared a room with a teenager. Lucifer was generally a quiet and agreeable roommate, very clean, too. And the way he showed his appreciation for Tooth by taking care of his grooming and making him food felt as though there was someone who genuinely wanted to make him feel good. Thus, Lucifer never moved out to his own room. Neither of them talked about it because it would be awkward to admit they still wanted to share one.

Tooth went off to take a shower and grab some food, but Lucifer got pulled right into the party by his brother. With Milk sober and watching over the crowd, Tooth could take his time.

“Tooth,” he heard Priest call from behind.

He turned around and waved at Priest with a small smile. As strange as it was, sharing his secret made him feel lighter. “What’s up?”

“How is he doing at school? It’s been a week right?” Priest walked up closer with a glass in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other.

Tooth gestured for him to follow, and they ended up in his fresh and clean room. It would be more comfortable to talk here, even though the topic was something Tooth wanted to avoid. Still, he was happy that Priest took interest. “You want to sit down?”

Priest stilled for a moment, but in the end sat down by the desk, scanning the room. “What did he do?”

Tooth sighed but looked into Priest’s eyes. “Someone said something to him, and he ran away on the first day.”

Priest picked up the hair straightener and gave it a suspicious glare. “What do you mean? Where’d he go?”

Tooth shrugged. “I think it’s because he’d been bullied at school, and he’s afraid this might happen again. He hid in some abandoned building, but I tracked him down through the chip in the necklace I gave him.”

Priest nodded with appreciation. “Well done. You got him to get his ass back there?”

Tooth lowered his head. “No, but I gave him a lesson, and he’s been good since then. I got Milk to guard the entrance to the school to make him feel safe.

“Isn’t that a bit excessive? You’ve been teaching him self defense.” Priest poured himself more alcohol.

I did, but he isn’t feeling it yet. He is grateful and wants to get the diploma so he can actually go to barbering school. It’s just difficult for him, I guess.”

A wicked smile stretched Priest’s lips after he downed his whiskey. “I know just the thing to pull Lucifer in.”

Tooth frowned. “Please, don’t tell me it’s a girl.”

“No, no, better. It’ll leave him even less time to think about dating.” Priest grinned to himself and got up from the chair.

“So? What is it?” Tooth stepped closer.

“I won’t tell you. It’s a father son thing.”

Tooth groaned and scratched his head. “So... you really want to keep Lucifer from dating until he’s done with school? He’s a teen guy, you know.”

“Exactly. He’s stupid. I don’t want some frat boy feeling him up.” The frown on Priest’s forehead got deeper.

Priest was treating Lucifer the same way he treated Asty. Trying to shield them from the sex life they were bound to have anyway.

“How did that work out for you when you were his age?” asked Tooth.

Give me a break, Tooth. You know exactly what I mean. Since when are you the gender equality warrior? I was doing the fucking when I was his age. Maybe if he met someone his age I’d turn a blind eye to it.”

Tooth shrugged. “Sure. He’s your kid,” he said though he knew Priest’s idea of what was best for someone like Lucifer was inherently flawed. An older guy would do much better.

“Good. So, you know who to tell if you notice some creep making a move on my boy.” Priest laughed and went for the door in a slalom.

Tooth waved his hand in the air. “I’ll do that. Don’t worry.”

In Priest’s mind the best ‘guy’ for Lucifer most probably had boobs and a pussy, but Tooth was there to put his mind off stupid ideas like that. Knowing the party would last for a long time anyway, Tooth decided to make use of the rare time he was alone and took a bath instead of a quick shower.

Once he was done and dressed, the music was just as loud as before, mixed with screams and laughter. He walked straight to the lounge and got himself a lemonade, scanning the room for someone he wanted to talk to. Lucifer was nowhere in sight.

Asty was sitting in the corner talking to some guy, a few people played pool, others danced with girls. There was a drinking contest at the bar, but half of the people were clearly gone. Probably off to the guest rooms.

Tooth groaned. He wasn’t really in the mood for partying, and with Lucifer busy, he could have hooked up with someone. What a shame. It wasn’t like someone would notice that he was gone.

The screams and laughter from down the corridor were getting loud enough to pique even his curiosity. He made his way there at a slow pace, and instantly recognized there was different music coming from inside an open room, more like something he’d expect from a mainstream club.

The moment he heard someone asking for tits, he knew what was happening. He wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but he ended up going in, not to be one of the few who didn’t want to see a naked dancer. The small room was completely full, the air thick with the smell of sweat, perfume, and cologne.

The girl was dancing on a table. All she had on was a thong and a whole set of colorful tattoos. She was inviting Bell closer with a move of her finger, and the other guys pushed him forward, all of them laughing and drinking. It took Tooth a while, but he spotted Lucifer as well, all red-faced as Bell pulled him closer to the girl. The noise was so loud Tooth couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Just perfect. Tooth leaned against the wall and got to his toes, watching the situation. Lucifer could speak his mind if he really didn’t want this.

“Go on, touch her boobs!” Bell roared with laughter.

Lucifer stumbled forward. He must have been doing hard alcohols to get this drunk so fast. Lucifer’s hand ended up on the stripper’s tit and she petted his hair, encouraging him forward.

Tooth scowled and hung his head. And this happened whenever he let himself have a little bit of time off. Just great.

Lucifer shook his head. “Nope, nothing,” he slurred to a disappointed booing around him.

“Try the other one!” Bell encouraged, backed up by several other voices.

“I think the lady would rather someone interested touch her,” said Tooth loud enough for the guys to hear through the music.

Lucifer’s eyes darted Tooth’s way, and he took his hands off the girl as if her boobs were on fire.

“I suppose that’s gonna be me!” Bell laughed and pulled the stripper off the table and into his arms.

Amidst the chaos that ensued, with all the guys eager for a bit of touch, Lucifer started slowly drifting toward the door, and Tooth couldn’t help but laugh. The boy looked utterly lost, like he had just landed on another planet.

Tooooth! You came to save me!” Lucifer smiled as he approached with flushed cheeks and bedroom eyes.

“Me and my gentlemanly ways,” sighed Tooth, walking out first. “Shouldn’t you be used to that after working at the Vanilla Lounge?”

Oh, I don’t mind the tits.” Lucifer shrugged and held on to the wall. “They just don’t give me a boner.”

Tooth laughed louder and patted Lucifer’s head. “That’s kinda healthy. So, who gave you the alcohol, you little brat?”

Me?” Lucifer pointed to himself in a wide gesture. “I never drink.”

Tooth rolled his eyes and pushed Lucifer against the wall. The flush was spilled all over that gorgeous, milky skin like strawberry sauce over ice cream. “Tell me.”

Lucifer looked up at him with those big, shiny eyes. “Bell.”

Tooth groaned and rested his forehead on the wall above Lucifer’s shoulder. “Idiot. Do you throw up after you drink?” he asked, already tired.

No, I just get really horny,” Lucifer whispered, and he sneaked his agile fingers under Tooth’s shirt.

Tooth stepped back, looking to both sides. Luckily, it seemed no one had noticed, but his heart was still beating furiously from mere touch. “I... maybe you want to talk to Asty?”

Nooo,” moaned Lucifer and settled on pulling on Tooth’s sleeve. “I want to talk to you. I have so many questions.”

Tooth looked around, but thankfully everyone was too busy to notice them. Even Priest was probably drinking his ass off with Don somewhere in the office. And he didn’t really want to stay either. “Like what?”

“Like, did you ever bottom?” Luci licked his lips, breathing fast, and sending the scent of spirit toward Tooth.

Heat rose in Tooth’s face. “Okay, okay, let’s go.” It only now occurred to him that Lucifer could be too talkative when drunk. The last thing he wanted was him telling everyone about Tooth being gay and liking BDSM. Everyone would immediately jump to conclusions, and he’d have a hard time rebuilding their trust.

Lucifer moaned and stumbled to his knees when he tried to walk too fast. He hissed and pulled back his hair before struggling up.

“How much did you even drink?” asked Tooth, looking at the pathetic attempts at moving straight.

“A little.” Lucifer laughed as he looked over his shoulder. “A little vodka, a little tequila, a little sake…”

Tooth had enough of it and quickly pulled Lucifer up by the arm. “There. Can you stand?” he asked, watching the slim, endless legs.

Of course I can stand.” Lucifer raised his eyebrows. “But I’m walking.” He giggled and moved along the corridor toward their room. It was both cute and annoying.

“Are you gonna crawl up the stairs?”

If I have to.” When they reached the steps, Lucifer got down to all fours and began his way up, presenting his denim-clad ass on a silver platter. Tooth couldn’t help but stare. At least until one of the guys ran down the stairs, and he had to make room by walking up behind Lucifer. God, it was a fine ass, shapely and tight. If the situation allowed it, he’d bind Lucifer to the railing, push down his pants, and make sure those buttocks turned a lovely shade of pink.

Instead, he had to watch the boy’s slow struggle up. “Tooth, I’m tired,” he moaned when he was almost at the landing.

Tooth chuckled and put the sole of his boot against Lucifer’s ass, pushing him up. “Don’t be lazy. You’re halfway there.”

Lucifer moaned his incoherent complaint and continued his journey toward a much quieter first floor. “You said you weren’t a sadist!” His hair dragged over the steps, sweeping up all the dust along the way. It was a sorry sight considering how much care and attention Lucifer dedicated to his hair.

“What do you want me to do?”

Lucifer rolled over to his back and held out his arms to Tooth. “Carry meeee!”

Tooth stared at him, unsure what to do. This was ridiculous. “Is this the first time you ever had alcohol, or something?”

Lucifer pouted and returned to his crawl. “You’re no fun.”

So he had it in him after all.

Tooth ran up to the first floor and stopped in front of the staircase, looking at Lucifer’s slow ascent. He really hoped he wouldn’t have to take care of an ill Lucifer in the morning.

The boy looked over his shoulder before gazing back up at Tooth with a silly grin. “You wanna have fun, since I’m on my knees and all?”

Oh, God. Would that be his quiet evening? Denying himself something he really wanted? Tooth groaned. “No.”

Lucifer sighed and plopped to his ass by Tooth’s leg. “Tooth?” He wrapped his arms around Tooth’s thigh, all too close to Tooth’s crotch.

“Yeah?” muttered Tooth, eager to disappear behind the door of their room.

I really like you,” whispered Lucifer ridiculously loud, stroking Tooth’s leg and looking up with those puppy eyes. He clearly wanted his boner-shaped cookie.

Tooth’s heart sped up, but his mind didn’t react nearly as fast as his body, leaving him at loss. He knew Lucifer had a crush on him. He knew he himself really liked Lucifer too, there was no denying that. But there wasn’t much they could do about it in the situation they were in. “I thought you wanted to ask me questions,” he said, pulling Lucifer up.

They slowly moved toward their room, with Lucifer clinging to him a lot more than usual. “What’s your type?”

Tooth frowned, almost kicking the door open. “What’s yours?”

Lucifer slid his fingers over Tooth’s stomach. “Strong, and older…”

When Tooth closed the door, it left them in complete darkness, as their eyes hadn’t gotten used to it yet. The distinct pulsing of music beneath their feet only made the situation more surreal as the smooth, slim hand massaged Tooth’s skin. “Is it what you normally go for?” he whispered, not even sure why. Was he worried Lucifer only crushed on him because of the care he was getting?

“I like a guy who looks like he could carry me. You’re not answering my questions!” Lucifer swatted Tooth’s arm, but then hugged him again, falling into his arms like a ball of warmth and softness.

Tooth swallowed hard, but slowly moved toward the mattress. It would be better if he got Lucifer to just lie down. Maybe he would fall asleep and stop teasing him with that clinginess. “What do you want to know?”

What’s your type? Who do you meet when you take stuff out of your magic box?” Lucifer was as easy to move as a puppet, so Tooth made him sit on the mattress but remained standing himself. Now that his eyes had gotten used to the dark, he could easily recognize the half-lidded look Lucifer was giving him, and it made his skin crawl in the best way possible.

I like compact, slim guys. Young and pretty,” he muttered. Tracy and his friends had spoiled him for anything else.

Like me…” Lucifer held out his hand to grab Tooth’s fingers. The touch was hot and gave Tooth goose bumps.

Tooth shuddered, but he stood his ground, safe in the familiar room, familiar temperature and smells. “What else did you want to know?”

Have you ever bottomed?” Lucifer stroked Tooth’s thumb.

Tooth let out a loud breath, relaxing. It was back to relatively safe questions. “Sure. I needed to know what it feels like.”

So you can give a guy a good time?” Lucifer whispered, gently pulling on his hand, but Tooth just smiled, and wouldn’t budge from his position.

“Yeah. I learned a lot.”

Do you not like me?” Lucifer whined and slowly struggled back to his feet.

Tooth sighed, watching Lucifer move. It was such an uncomfortable situation. He didn’t want to hurt Lucifer’s feelings, especially since he was interested. He just couldn’t get himself into this mess. “Would I let you stay here if I didn’t?”

I like you so much, Tooth... I thought I’d never have a chance, and now it turns out you’re gay.” Lucifer’s slim fingers slid into Tooth’s beard. It felt so intimate Tooth was rendered speechless. “I’ve never met anyone like you, anyone I could truly trust.”

Tooth froze, surprised by the warm movement in his beard, the tugging that felt oddly good. Just like that, his body was overrun by thousands of ants. “You’re drunk.”

When I’m next to you, my heart beats so hard… I get hot all over. I always miss you when you’re not there.” Lucifer’s gentle fingers petted Tooth’s beard, and he leaned closer, clearly desperate for a kiss.

Tooth leaned his head down, slouching slightly, hypnotized by Lucifer’s eyes, which shone bright even in the dark room, as if they absorbed every scrap of light possible. Their chests touched, and for one agonizing moment, Tooth felt like their hearts beat in sync, one next to the other, quick and powerful. The darkness was closing in around them like a safe cocoon, but the moment he sensed the scent of liquor from those inviting lips, it was like a rain of ice cubes on his head. He straightened up and pulled the boy close, hugging him tightly. They wouldn’t kiss. They wouldn’t fuck. There was just no way.

Lucifer, you’re too drunk to stand straight. You’re not even gonna remember this,” he rasped, overcoming the pull in his loins. He had better self-control than that.

If having to restrain himself wasn’t bad enough, Lucifer wrapped his arms around his neck and sobbed into Tooth’s shoulder. “I would, I promise,” he whined.

Tooth looked at the ceiling, holding on to the crying boy. How much could he take? That was why he promised himself never to get involved with anyone again. “I know, but we still can’t. I’m your friend, nothing more,” he choked out, unable to produce anything more creative.

The smaller body pulled out of his arms, trembling with shivers, and Lucifer stumbled back. “I’m sorry,” he uttered between one sob and another.

Tooth watched him with a heavy heart. “It’s fine. Maybe I was leading you on somehow,” he said, wondering how he could put Lucifer into bed.

Lucifer sniffed in the darkness and tried to walk past him. “Yeah, it was stupid,” he uttered.

Tooth took hold of his arm, gently, knowing he didn’t need much force against a guy who couldn’t walk properly. “It’s not stupid. Thank you for telling me,” he said, trying to put Lucifer back on the mattress.

I just wanna go. It was so dumb,” Lucifer muttered with a shaky voice and wrestled away, but only ended up falling on the bed.

Tooth pulled Lucifer’s blanket off the chair and gently put it over Lucifer’s legs. “You’re in no condition to walk around. I’ll be worried if you go.”

“The worst has already happened, so nothing could go more wrong,” Lucifer complained, but didn’t try to get up.

Tooth knew being rejected had to be an incredibly humiliating situation for a teen like Lucifer, and while there were so many worse things that could happen, he didn’t want to judge him. He was oddly empty, as if he had just participated in an exhausting battle. If only he knew whether he had won or lost. “We should both go to sleep. It’s been a long day.”

He heard Lucifer’s desperate gulps for air as the boy tried not to sob and crawled off the bed all the way to fall to his mattress. Part of Tooth was glad the lights were off because the sight would have been pathetic. He chose to give Lucifer a bit of privacy and sat down on the bed to take off his boots. He felt like a loser. A very sore loser, and there seemed to be no way out of the situation now that his own feelings were in complete havoc.

Lucifer crawled under the comforter, still in his shoes and all Tooth could see was the trembling of the bedding. Tooth could only hope it was too much alcohol that got Lucifer so out of control. He pulled off his pants and shirt, and covered himself with the comforter but lay so he could keep watch over Lucifer. As badly as his body craved to crawl to the mattress, hold the boy, and tell him it would be all right, he knew now wasn’t the time for such weakness. The soft, silent sobs were like a violent pull on his skin, but even when they finally stopped, sleep would not come.


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