Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 2

Tooth closed the door with a gentle tug, and it was only then that his muscles could have a minute’s rest. That boy sure was something. He wondered how long it would take for the brat to understand he wouldn’t get his way by playing what appeared to be his only card. But damn, was he gorgeous: slim lines of pale flesh, big eyes on that angelic face, with a mouth that promised a good time. Hell, if he weren’t Priest’s kid, Tooth would definitely not be opposed to the idea of some fun with that soft ass that now carried his mark.

Tooth squeezed air with both hands, imagining that ass touching the skin of his palms, but the roar of engines from outside took him straight out of the fantasy he wasn’t supposed to have in the first place. He briefly touched his forehead to the cold wall and rushed downstairs to greet his brothers. He knew he’d be taken into the office as soon as Priest dealt with his wife. It wasn’t unusual for Dolly to be around, but her presence while the boy was here was a ticking time bomb, and he could imagine Priest was sweating through his cut already. Even an idiot could see the kid certainly wasn’t hers. He looked so unlike Dolly, with her Italian ancestry and olive skin. Both Beelzebub and Astaroth had hair as black as hers, even though the daughter took her paleness from Priest.

When Tooth got down to the bar, Priest and a good dozen of their brothers were already there.

“Dolly, I’m not repeating myself, you need to leave, now,” Priest said as his wife pursed her lips and got up from the leather sofa in a languid move, as if to make a point.

I’ll be at the salon,” she said as she moved between the men like a gust of wind, with her long full skirt flowing behind her. She was tall and trim, with long curly locks and eye shadow as dark as her nail polish. Tooth wouldn’t say that in front of Priest, but to him, despite her beauty, Dolly looked like a witch with her tens of bangles and full, flowy sleeves. Her whole arms were tattooed up to her fingertips with some occult shit, but Tooth was sure that for Priest it was part of the attraction.

Priest raised his hand and watched her until even the fabric at the back of her skirt had disappeared from sight. When they heard the sound of the car outside, he straightened, and his bushy eyebrows shot up. Even now they had that odd curve that never failed to remind Tooth of Jack Nicholson. Or the Devil.

“Listen up. Nobody speaks of this boy to my wife and daughter. Or anyone else without a patch. Is that clear?”

The men nodded and mouthed their agreement, but now that the matter was settled, everyone was dispersing around the lounge or making their way to some of the other public use rooms around the compound. Very soon, the only ones who hadn’t moved from their spots were Priest and his son, Beelzebub, usually just called ‘Bell’, who kept eyeing Tooth with his mouth twisted into a strange mixture between a grin and a scowl.

“He’s that blonde bitch’s kid, isn’t he?” Bell asked and put his hands in his pockets as he approached Tooth behind his father.

The frown on Priest’s forehead deepened. “Her name was Hannah, and she’s dead, so shut it.”

“He must be over eighteen now, right? Let’s just find out what he knows and set the fairy free,” Bell snarled.

Tooth crossed his arms and nodded toward the office in the back of the corridor. “Will be more private,” he said, ignoring Bell’s outburst. He’d rather not get between father and son on a day when the former’s bastard finally reappeared. There would obviously be a fair amount of bitterness. Three years ago, when the boy disappeared, Priest had them all patrol the city, but Bell had refused to go.

Priest nodded and kept calm on the surface despite his son hovering around him like a mosquito waiting to find a place to bite. Then again, Bell couldn’t be compared to a mosquito. Only twenty-three yet already built like a brick shithouse. No wonder, with the amount of time Tooth saw him spend at the gym, beating a punching bag into a pulp.

“Did you put him in the basement?” Priest asked Tooth.

Tooth acknowledged that with a nod. “Nah, he’s in my room. I secured him to the pipes. That boy’s not going anywhere.” He pushed open the door and turned on the sparse light from a single lightbulb no one had bothered to cover with a half-decent lamp since Dolly accidentally smashed the last one. Usually, it was their secretary, Don’s kingdom, and he wasn’t concerned with trinkets like lamps, pictures, or pretty much anything that didn’t have any practical use. Which was why the office was as bland as it got: with large windows covered by shutters for privacy, and old furniture housing documents, some of which were carefully encrypted. A single computer with a screen the size of a five-year-old, occupied most of the desk Tooth leaned against, waiting for Priest to start.

But instead, Priest pursed his lips, then licked them and looked at the shutters in silence.

“Maybe I’ll go get him to talk?” Bell offered and already moved to the door.

That finally got Priest to speak. “No. Leave him be. I… I never thought he’d resurface.” He rubbed his temples. “I need to sort him out. I don’t even want to think of what he’s been up to.”

“Sort him out?” Bell rushed to his father’s side, his shaggy hair in a mess already from the abrupt movements he was making. “What do you mean? You can’t just keep him here. You know Mother doesn’t want to know about this little shit!”

And she won’t. Let’s just call him something else. It’s not like she knows what he looks like. Hell, I barely recognized him. The less she knows the better. She just can’t see me around him too much, or she’ll get suspicious.” Priest took a deep breath and sat on the other desk with a loud thud.

Bell’s dark eyes seemed to shoot flames. “And you expect me to keep this from her? Just kick the little mongrel out as soon as we’re done with him. It’s not like you took care of him while he was still living around here!”

I’m not going to go to bed each night thinking my son is somewhere out there sucking dick for money.” Priest’s nostrils flared as he pierced Bell with his gaze. “He’s gonna finish high school, clean up, and then I can send him on his way. He needs some fucking guidance.”

Tooth pulled on his beard, watching Bell’s eyelids twitch. Priest’s son was dedicated but far too young and hot-tempered to be involved in any decision making right now. Tooth wasn’t sure Luci would stop sucking dick for money once he got a high school diploma, but things like that weren’t his responsibility anymore.

Bell’s nostrils flared, and he tightened his fists as if about to box a gorilla, but he eventually gave a weak nod. Typical. If the boy was out there sleeping in bus stops and hungry, Bell wouldn’t care as much, but once gay sex was involved, it somehow hurt his brotherly pride.

Priest finally changed his focus to Tooth. “You have experience with shit like this, right?”

Tooth froze before looking back at him with a frown. He must have lost the plot somewhere on the way. “What shit?”

Bell? Go do something useful, I need to have a chat with my right-hand man…” Priest gave Tooth a crooked smile and leaned over to pat his arm.

Bell squeezed his jaw so tight the muscles at its sides twitched but left without a word, slamming the door behind himself.

Tooth sighed, already knowing he’d have lots of work on his hands when tempers became so explosive, and there was no way to remove the reason for it. “What are you going to do about him and Dolly?”

“What Dolly doesn’t know doesn’t hurt her. He’s my blood. Can’t just throw him back into the gutter. You had…” Priest licked his lip, looking at Tooth with caution. “Your cousin. He ended up dead because of a lifestyle like this. You have to help me out here. I don’t even know what to say to him. How do you deal with shit like this?”

Tooth almost took a step back, smashed face-first with the reason why he ended up being a member of the Coffin Nails. And as always when expecting another hit, he braced himself for it, taking a deep breath and folding his arms across his chest. “When was the last time you talked to him?” he asked, eager to turn the topic around.

Priest scowled. “Shit, I don’t even know. Five years ago? Ten? He’s just… you’ve seen him, he’s not like Bell. I knew he wasn’t Nails material.” Priest ran his fingers through his short dark hair. It was painful to watch. Tooth respected Priest a great deal, he believed him to be a great club president and businessman, but the man clearly needed some bitter truths and who else was to give them if not his vice president?

“With all due respect, if I remember right you let the kid live with a suicidal mother and only realized he was gone two weeks after she blew her brains out. And now, you want him to go back to school and eat his greens? Come on, Priest, you’re losing me here.” Tooth shook his head.

Priest groaned. “So I’ve made mistakes, but I never thought he’d degenerate like this. I saw him today, and I can see that scrawny thing won’t survive in the street. He’s my responsibility now with Hannah six feet under. I lost contact with her for years. I didn’t know her depression went downhill like that. I always thought she was a good mother.”

Tooth gritted teeth not to say anything rushed because Priest was a good father to the kids he had with Dolly. It was only the one he got on the side that never received much attention. “So, what’s your plan?”

“Your cousin was gay, you know how to deal with shit like that, right? I need someone to look out for him, and I can’t just keep him locked away, that beats the point.”

Tooth’s knees became a little bit softer. “Being gay doesn’t make him any different than any other stray kid,” he muttered, already knowing he would agree to the request that was bound to be voiced. Because who would if not him? Was he to deal with all that temptation again and again?

Doesn’t it? I don’t know how to handle a boy like that. You live at the clubhouse, you’re responsible, not like all those other fuckers.” Priest took a deep breath. “I’d just need you to keep an eye on him, make sure he goes to school. No dating,” he added quickly as if that was the most important bit.

Tooth raised his eyebrows, but he wasn’t going to question that. The kid’s love life would hopefully be the least of his problems. “So you want me to babysit him?”

“Just for a while. I’m sure he’ll come ‘round when he sees what’s good for him. We can then give him his own room and shit. How long can it take? A week? Two? He’ll get free food and a roof over his head. He’ll want to stay himself.”

Tooth sighed, resigned to his fate. He could imagine the boy wanting to stay under a roof, with free food, but what about the people who would most likely constantly pick on him? It wasn’t an environment for a guy like that, and Tooth knew that all too well. “Yeah, maybe.”

Priest smiled, relief painted all over his face. “I’ll owe you. Hell, you can deal with drunk brothers throwing fists at each other. I’m sure you can handle a teenager, right?”

Tooth pulled on his beard again and shrugged. “I suppose. But what do we do about Dolly? She’ll know something’s up when she sees him. He doesn’t fit in.”

Priest’s eyes widened. “I know, we’ll just tell her he’s your cousin. That’ll make sense and push the focus away from me. I can deal with her at the end of the day, but why bother with all the fuss. You know how she gets sometimes.”

Tooth remembered the paint thrown all over the bar all too well, but the situation he was pushed into reminded him of things he wished he could leave behind forever. Still, he wouldn’t refuse because at the end of the day, if someone was to do it, he wouldn’t trust anyone more than himself. “All right. Just make sure everyone knows.” He patted Priest’s chest with the back of his hand. “That includes your son.”

“I’ll tell him. He’ll calm down. Tomorrow we’ll ask Lucifer about Suzy and go find the bitch. She’s always delivered payment and everything, so we need to find out what happened.” Priest got off the desk. “You’re saving my life, Tooth. I’ll talk to the boy tomorrow. Tell him what’s gonna happen.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Tooth slowly gravitated toward the door, already exhausted with his new job. And it had been so peaceful lately. Good things always come to an end.

They left the office and went their separate ways.




Tooth never had people over in his room. With other club members he met up in the common areas, and he never fucked at home, so opening the door with the knowledge that he was not alone was very odd. He entered the darkness and shut the door loud enough for Lucifer to hear him. The open bathroom was the only source of light inside, and Tooth was glad it was on the same side of the bedroom as the door. He could at least prepare himself before facing that blond little devil again.

“Oh, my God!” he heard. “You took forever. I’m getting all wrinkled.”

Tooth smirked despite his best intentions. “Duty called.” He strolled into the bathroom with his gaze on the level where Luci’s face should be. He was hit by a thick smell of cosmetics.

You had to pull someone’s tooth?” Lucifer asked nonchalantly and squeezed some water out of his hair, twisting it into a thick rope.

Tooth shrugged and took out the key to the handcuffs. “Not this time but you know who to call if something hurts in there.”

Despite his best efforts, his gaze strayed to the lithe body in his tub as he started unlocking the cuff. The water was too clouded to reveal much, but the way Lucifer’s milky limbs emerged from it made him do a discreet double-take. He already hated his new job.

Lucifer wasn’t all that small. His young body was pretty much hairless but had a nice sturdiness to it. It was a lot safer to think of him as a ‘kid’ though. It would help Tooth in treating Priest’s son as an asexual being. But when Luci reached over for the towel, his toned stomach tensed in a way that was everything but ‘asexual’. Not to mention all the ink on the boy’s skin. An ornate ‘Roadkill’ under his collarbones, the tramp stamp on his lower back, the demon wings on his back. All so touchable and available.

Tooth walked out of the bathroom and switched on the light in the bedroom. “You want something to drink?” he asked, heading straight for his small fridge. He needed some coffee.

“You have sake?” the brat asked from the bathroom and walked into the bedroom with the towel… wrapped around his hair instead of even an inch of his lean body. “Or whatever actually. Beer even.”

Tooth’s eyelid twitched. He picked up a blanket from the bed and tossed it at Lucifer. “You’re too young for that.”

I’m almost twenty, which is almost twenty-one.” Lucifer’s pale blond eyebrows went up, and he hugged the blanket, finally covering some of that appetizing meat. Blue eyes gave Tooth an expectant look, but it was clear the attitude was bravado to hide his fear. Luci was in no position to have an ounce of confidence. He was in the Coffin Nails’ clubhouse and didn’t even have pants.

Tooth snorted. “Yeah, right. Coke it is then,” he said, pulling out two cans. He needed to let the guys know to bring the boy’s bag in here.

Sooo… can I go?” Lucifer sucked in his bottom lip. He had a shapely face with a small nose and big eyes that reminded Tooth of his stepsister, Astaroth.

“No.” Tooth handed him the Coke and gestured to the bed. “We really need some information about your friend Suzy.”

Lucifer took a deep breath and unrolled his hair out of the towel. “Can I get something to wear? I was thinking about the Suzy thing.”

Tooth bit his lip and quickly turned to his closet. There were some things he could come up with, so he started looking through the shelves to find something that would fit Lucifer’s much smaller frame. “And?”

I don’t remember the address. It was dark the last time I was there, but I could lead you there,” he said and passed Tooth to sit on the bed. The glimpse of bruised skin on Luci’s ass was enough to raise Tooth’s pulse.

“Why did you get that tattoo?” asked Tooth, pulling out an old T-shirt that was on the smaller side, and shorts he sometimes lounged in in the summer. The brief flash of that delicious ass reminded him of the lewd mark on Lucifer’s skin.

Which one?” Lucifer looked over his body, still hugging the blanket. The wet, messy hair made him look no less attractive. There was a sullen mystery in those blue eyes, and Tooth needed to figure it out right the fuck now if he was to live with this boy. “I always wanted a cat, so I got this tat,” said Luci and held out his wrist to show a small tattoo of a black cat.

Tooth crooked his head, surprised by the small design. It was nice, completely clashing with the tramp stamp and random mess of other ink. He opened the can of coffee and took a slow sip. “The one on your tailbone.”

A sly smile bloomed on Lucifer’s full lips, and he slowly pulled the blanket down into his lap. “Why? Is it whetting your appetite?” He threw the blanket to the bed and got up.

“No.” Tooth frowned, keeping his eyes on the boy’s face. He opened a drawer and rummaged through it in search of body tape. “Do you have no self-respect whatsoever?”

Lucifer crossed his arms on his chest and cocked his head to the side. “It’s sexy.”

“No, it’s not.” Tooth threw the clothes on the bed and came closer with the tape. This boy needed someone to finally teach him a few lessons about life. “Turn around.”

Lucifer rolled his eyes and followed the order, pulling his hair to the front. The gesture uncovered his back, showing off the two demon wings tattooed on his shoulder blades. One was still only a lineart without filling, but the other would be quite pretty if it wasn’t for the fact that wings were such a cliché for a back tat. But Tooth couldn’t stop there. His gaze slid lower, along the pronounced spine. He skimmed the ugly tattoo, and there they were, those pert buttocks covered in fresh welts that had to be still warm to the touch. He swallowed and quickly stepped closer to make this easier on himself. He used the body tape to care for his own tattoos, but this would be a good deed. He ripped off a piece and pressed the strip against the top of the tramp stamp, accidentally brushing over warm skin.

Lucifer looked over his arm and took a step forward to escape. “Hey! What are you doing? I thought you wanted to have a look.”

Tooth frowned at him. “Your father doesn’t want to see it, and neither do I.” He held Lucifer in place by the neck.

He’s not going to see it if I wear that bigass T-shirt.” Lucifer squirmed in the grip, but Tooth still managed to stick another wide strip of tape to him, covering another third of the tat. The way his body tried to wiggle out of the grip had Tooth wishing he could cuff him again. “Who made you the king of morality, prick?”

Tooth pushed him down and ripped the last strip of tape with his teeth. The stir in his groin told him he needed to finish this quickly. What an ass. Lucifer was squirming so beautifully. “My home, my rules, boy. Get used to that.”

Lucifer turned around with a deep frown, trying to see the tape on his lower back. His cheeks were flushed, and his lips created the perfect pout. “After I show you Suzy’s place, it’s coming off, and you can go fuck yourself,” he spat and leaned over to the bed for the clothes.

Tooth looked away to spare himself further torture. “I don’t think so. Your dad will speak to you about it soon.”

“About what?” Luci passed Tooth and went to the bathroom.

It was like having a spinning top constantly circling the room, the kid just wouldn’t stay in place. At least he was dressed now. Without the sparkly leggings, with his hair natural, and in Tooth’s oversized clothes, he stopped looking like a slutty stripper boy. Instead, Lucifer was a pretty young, long-haired man in an old Iron Maiden T-shirt. If that wasn’t hot, Tooth didn’t know what was. Not to mention that it was Tooth’s shirt, and that kind of turned him on. The boy would look beautiful gagged with Tooth’s belt, too, but it wasn’t something Tooth could ever try with Priest’s kid.

“Your dad was looking for you, you know. You disappeared like a single straw in a haystack.”

Lucifer was already bending over the bathtub, but instantly straightened up. He began twisting his hair above his head until it twirled into a bun at the back. “Why would he look for me?” he muttered after he secured the hair with some magic trick of his fingers.

Tooth stared at him, unsure what to say to that, so he just shrugged, taking another sip of canned coffee. “Dunno. He just wanted to find you when he got to know you’re... alone.” It was a bad euphemism for ‘your mother had been found dead’, but he had to say something.

Their eyes met, but Lucifer quickly turned back to the tub. “Now I get it. He probably wanted me to prospect, so I could take over in a few years. It only makes sense with my natural flare for the biker world, but I was good on my own.”

For a moment Tooth wasn’t sure whether the boy was joking or serious. “No, he just... he lost touch with you, but that doesn’t mean he wants you to rot in some fucking strip joint.” He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, watching the boy’s every move. He wasn’t sure how to handle someone so young, someone unwilling to be here.

For a moment Tooth wasn’t sure what the boy was doing, but then it registered that Lucifer was washing the bathtub. “Yeah? Too bad, I’m an adult now.”

Tooth got up and slowly walked over to lean against the doorframe, watching his teenage guest clean after himself. That was the last thing he would expect from someone so bratty. “Doesn’t matter. Priest wants to help you on your feet. You can stay here, finish school, and all that.”

“He didn’t ask me. I haven’t seen him in years. Who does he think he is?” The scrubbing got more intense.

Tooth agreed with that. Kind of. The kid was right that Priest hadn’t taken care of him the way a father should, committing all his time to his proper family, and now he wanted to impose rules. If he were in Lucifer’s place, he’d be just as unimpressed. Then again, the new rules would be beneficial for the boy. “You don’t want that? Your own room, food, some money to spend?”

“And someone telling me what to do? No thanks.” Lucifer even did a quick clean under the few bottles of soap and shampoo. “I can manage on my own.” He straightened up and put his hands on his hips.

Tooth stared down at him. “I think it’s gonna be a problem.”

Why so?” Lucifer eyed him suspiciously and put away the sponge.

Tooth folded his arms across his chest and stood straight. “Priest doesn’t want you to suck cock for money.”

Lucifer took a step closer and despite being at an obvious disadvantage of strength, he poked Tooth’s chest. “Well, he can go fuck himself, because I will do what I want,” he said, looking up into Tooth’s eyes.

Tooth slowly inhaled the shampoo-infused air, feeling that finger sink deeper into his muscle as his chest expanded. “Tell him tomorrow.”

“I’d suck yours for free though.” A silly smile spread across Lucifer’s lips as his finger travelled lower, blue eyes never looking away from Tooth’s. “Or are you gonna spank me for this as well?”

The situation became dangerous all of a sudden, but Tooth couldn’t let this boy manipulate him. He grabbed his hand and pulled it away from his body. “I’ll pass.”

Okay, okay, jeez…” Lucifer was going to babble more, but someone knocked on the door and to Tooth’s surprise, Lucifer left the bathroom and spoke as if it was his place. “Come in!”

Tooth knocked his forehead against the wall but followed him to see who it was. The door opened, revealing the stocky figure of Bell, who marched in with a barely held back scowl and a sports bag in one hand.

Tooth frowned, surprised to see him of all people, but he didn’t say a thing when Bell closed the door behind him, his dark eyes scanning Lucifer like a foul bug that had invaded his home.

Lucifer stood his ground and held out his hand for the bag. “Is that my stuff?”

Bell looked down at the bag and dropped it to the floor. The second of distress on Lucifer’s face was hard to miss, but it was quickly masked with a scowl.

What the fuck?” he hissed and picked up his bag in an instant, the too-large shorts sliding down his hips and barely staying on.

Tooth frowned. “You can put it on the bed for now,” he said to Lucifer, but he kept his eyes firmly on Bell, who met his gaze with even more fire.

Lucifer sat down on the bed and began rummaging through the bag. “Half of my stuff is missing. Where’s my shampoo? My hair straightener?”

“Maybe we’ll cut your hair, and you won’t have to worry about those,” Bell said in a low, grumbly voice, and, like magic, Lucifer went completely still.

Tooth straightened and folded his arms, stepping closer to Bell. He’d seen boys like Lucifer being pushed around too many times to ignore it on his own territory. “No one will touch your hair.”

Lucifer’s shoulders relaxed slightly, and he looked up at Bell. “You may go.”

Bell pursed his lips. “You little fucker! You really a fag? I bet it’s your mother’s blood,” he hissed and curled his hands into fists.

Tooth stepped even closer to Bell, ready to pacify him if he loses his temper again. “Calm the fuck down.”

“I’m just asking a question.”

Lucifer watched Bell from the bed with the bag in his lap. “Why you wanna know? You’re interested?” He raised his eyebrows.

Tooth glanced back with a scowl. That brat needed to learn some manners and stop pushing his sexuality into everyone’s face like that. There was no place for this in a Coffin Nails clubhouse. “Shut up, boy. This is your half brother.”

Bell just stood there, huffing through his nose like a bull.

Lucifer’s lips formed an ‘o’. “Ah, I’m not into that,” he said in the end, but eyed Bell with a newfound interest.

Tooth gave Bell a gentle swat on the arm and nodded toward the door. “Why don’t you sleep on it? Everybody’s getting a bit overexcited for my taste.”

Bell pointed a finger at Lucifer, but went for the door. “I’m not gonna have that attitude around here.”

Lucifer just rolled his eyes and fished out a pair of briefs from his bag.

“You’re not policing anyone on my watch, Bell. You need to cool down.” Tooth reached over to open the door.

Bell just groaned and stormed out with a sway to his shoulders. When Tooth closed the door behind him, the room was completely silent.

Tooth let out a soft sigh, not yet ready to look at Lucifer. “Why are you provoking everyone? Did that ever work out well for you?”

He started it…” Lucifer muttered, followed by the sound of a cell phone being turned on.

That spun Tooth around right away. “What are you doing?” he asked, rushing to the bed. Those idiots took Lucifer’s hair straightener but left in the cell phone? Did they leave their brains in that strip joint?

I just wanna text my friend so he doesn’t worry,” Lucifer began tapping on the screen.

“Drop the phone,” said Tooth and stretched his hand out for the cell. “Now.”

Lucifer pursed his lips and slowly passed the phone to Tooth, who nodded and looked at the text. All Lucifer had managed to write was ‘I’m ok, I’ll be back next week’. “Thank you. Who’s your friend?”

He’s… a bouncer at Vanilla Lounge,” Lucifer said.

Tooth noticed his own shorts nicely folded on top of Lucifer’s bag. The boy had probably put on his own briefs, but the T-shirt was too long to tell, only Lucifer’s lean thighs on show.

Tooth deleted the message and slowly sat down next to Lucifer, switching off the cell. “Is he your boyfriend?” he asked in a tone as neutral as possible. A man who let his young boyfriend do what Lucifer did was a scumbag.

“No…” The boy slouched slightly and picked on the tiny blond hairs on his knee. “He’s just… he’s all right to me.”

Tooth swallowed, resisting the urge to put his arm around the slim shoulders. It wouldn’t be proper in this situation, so he just rested his elbows on his knees and looked on. “Is he your pimp?”

“No, he works for the club. Makes sure the guys behave. He’s a really nice guy actually. He’s got this juicer, and makes power-shakes for me.” A little smile appeared on Lucifer’s lips.

Tooth frowned. That was odd behavior for someone in that situation, but he supposed nice guys could appear everywhere. “So it’s just a friendship? No sex?”

Lucifer unwound his wet hair from the bun. “He’s straight. And he actually spoke to the boss so I just do the lapdances and help out by the bar.”

Tooth nodded slowly and put the phone into his pocket. He wondered what was this bouncer’s deal. “You can’t contact him right now. Sorry. But you’ll be fine. I and Priest won’t let anything happen to you so you don’t have to provoke anyone to protect yourself, all right?”

Why are you so nice to me?” Lucifer looked up at Tooth with a frown, his blue eyes as inquisitive as pretty.

It took a lot for Tooth to hold his gaze, and he shrugged. The boy’s behavior really reminded him of some people he knew way back, but he wouldn’t tell Lucifer that. “You’re being good.”

What if I’m not? You gonna hit me again?” Lucifer kept playing with his hair, braiding it now, but never taking his eyes off Tooth.

That was a difficult question but Tooth was willing to be sincere. “I spanked you. But would I beat at you with my fists? Make you bleed? Probably not.” He couldn’t really explain why, he had no issues with hitting other men, but with Lucifer’s physique, it wouldn’t feel right.

Lucifer licked his lips. “Okay, but I’m… I’m not a good boy.”

Tooth snorted. “Maybe you should try to be? We’d get along much better if you follow the rules.”

We’ll see, we’ll see.” Lucifer got up, and fortunately he did wear a pair of briefs under the T-shirt.

Tooth sighed. “You hungry, or do you want to go to sleep?”

I’m tired. I just wanna sleep,” Lucifer said and towel dried his hair once more before rolling back into bed and under the big comforter of Tooth’s double bed. “What’s this guy’s name? The one who came with my bag?”

Tooth pulled out the handcuffs and slowly approached him. “Beelzebub.” As he put his knee on the mattress, it hit him that they would be sleeping together. He didn’t even remember when was the last time when he stayed with someone overnight actually sleeping, and he’d never taken anyone to this bed.

Lucifer’s face fell as his gaze drifted to the cuffs, and Tooth couldn’t help but feel guilty at the rush Lucifer’s quicker breaths and widened pupils gave him. “What’s that for?”

Tooth took Lucifer’s hand and put the cuff around it. “I can’t worry all night about you running off.”

That fake, sly smile was back on Lucifer’s lips. “Come on, you’d have to throw me out of your bed. I’m digging the beard.”

Tooth felt heat spreading in his stomach, but he wouldn’t give in to it. “That’s not gonna happen.”

Lucifer sighed and let Tooth cuff him. “Guess I’m gonna have to try my luck elsewhere.”

“You better not,” muttered Tooth, watching him with a deep frown. “It’s not gonna get you anything.”

Lucifer shrugged, laying his head on the pillow. “It’s gonna get me an orgasm.”

Tooth got up as soon as he’d fastened the other cuff to the bedframe and went over to his closet. He usually slept in just his underwear, but he wouldn’t do that now. “Yeah, I can understand that. But don’t seek that here.”

Well, I’m stuck here now, so what can a guy do?” Lucifer’s gaze followed Tooth around.

“Do it during the shower,” said Tooth, walking over to the bathroom. He would definitely follow that advice in a moment, to avoid any incidents at night.

Lucifer groaned and followed Tooth with a longing look. It seemed to pull him close, but he refused to catch the bait and feast on the wrong prey. And not only because of Priest. He wouldn’t go down that road again. The past was the past, and now, it was time for a cold shower.




Tooth slept lightly, barely able to really drift off with the presence in his bed. Not to mention that he had to cuff Luci to his own wrist because the chain kept rattling against the bed. A shift on the mattress had Tooth waking up to attention, but he kept his eyes closed to see what the boy would do.

Lucifer gently raised Tooth’s arm, clearly trying not to wake him up, but when Tooth expected Lucifer to try to wiggle out of the cuff, the boy turned and slid under Tooth’s arm. His body molded itself to each curve of Tooth’s body.

That was a surprise. Was Lucifer feeling more at ease when someone held him? Was he afraid of something? Tooth remained motionless, trying not to let his breath quicken.

Lucifer pulled the arm they were cuffed with over himself and snuggled into Tooth’s embrace, his shoulder blades molding into Tooth’s pecs and his ass slowly pushing into Tooth’s groin. Tooth’s self-control was the only thing keeping him from groaning. That ass felt so fine, so soft, and it pressed on the right spots. Torn between the urge to speak out and uneasiness, Tooth stayed silent, thinking of cold, wet eels.

The hot body against him stirred, and shifted, and wiggled, setting Tooth’s nerve endings on fire. He should tell Lucifer to stop, he knew he should, but it felt too good to deny himself. The fresh smelling hair was so close Tooth wanted to sniff it all over. But his focus shifted when he felt Lucifer’s ass wiggle some more and then grind into his crotch rhythmically. Lucifer’s breathing picked up, just as his heartbeat, drumming against Tooth’s chest.

Tooth’s eyes shot open, and he drew in some air, forcing himself to hold it in. Now that he was completely awake, all sensations came crashing down at him in hot waves. Lucifer’s warmth fueled the fire that started rapidly burning in his body. Each movement of those slim hips was like a firm tug on Tooth’s cock, and when he couldn’t keep from breathing anymore, the sweet, fresh scent of Lucifer’s hair brought his dick to full attention. Yet he still didn’t want to say anything.

He wanted to deny what was happening, but that wasn’t an option anymore when he heard the rhythmic slapping sound, coordinated with the grinding into his hard dick. Lucifer masturbated quickly, his panting barely audible but there. Tooth had no idea what to think. The boy simply slid into his embrace, not just groped him. Was Lucifer really that attracted to him? Was he imagining Tooth fucking him? Because Tooth’s own imagination was already too far gone to stop. This could so easily turn into something much, much better. He could roll Lucifer to his back and kiss those pouty lips, grab his thighs, nip at his pink nipples. He would be content with rubbing off onto that pale stomach, but he could also go lower and suck all that excess energy out of the boy. Or roll him over, hold Lucifer down and slide into that bruised ass, knowing he was the one to mark it.

He had to fight the urge to join the rocking of Lucifer’s hips, but his cock was throbbing to act on instinct. The jerking off didn’t take Lucifer all that long and with those last gasps, the grinding became slow and insistent. Lucifer’s racing heartbeat was palpable in the darkness.

Tooth gritted his teeth as his body ached for release. He became stiff, trying not to move with Lucifer, and it was so hard to keep himself in check. It had been a while since he touched anyone so pretty.

Lucifer’s body was slowly stilling, his loud breathing filling the dark room, but things got ultimately confusing, when instead of going back to his side of the bed, Lucifer hugged Tooth’s arm close and stayed in the embrace he’d created for himself. He pulled Tooth’s hand up on top of his, cuffed together at the wrist, and those soft, luscious lips, still trembling with the orgasm, touched the side of Tooth’s hand before kissing it.

It took all the restraint Tooth had not to just grab Lucifer’s hips and grind against him like a horny dog. His cock was still painfully hard, and there was nothing he could do about it without revealing himself. He bit his lips, unsure what to think about what just happened, but making any decisions was bordering on impossible with his arousal spiking.

Completely unaware of his distress, Lucifer calmed down and stopped moving, snuggled up in Tooth’s embrace. His breathing became peaceful, but he left Tooth in a state of tension and confusion.

It only took a moment for the little shit to fall asleep while Tooth was left with a raging boner and blood so hot it burned him from the inside. If he had to write a bucket list right now, fucking that delicious, warm ass would be at the very top. But he didn’t dare move, and after a little while, arousal started to subside, leaving him with an ache in his balls that he’d have to deal with in the morning.


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