Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 20

Luci swallowed at the finality with which the lock to their room clicked. He couldn’t help the way words spilled out of his mouth. He wanted a reaction, wanted something, wanted anything he said to touch Tooth. He knew he would get punished and hated himself a little for provoking so much violence, but this was the only way he would now get to connect with Tooth, for Tooth to acknowledge his existence.

Tooth leaned against the door, and even with his head low, the bright green eyes were pointed directly at Luci. “Down to your underwear.”

Luci’s heartbeat picked up, and he wouldn’t say a word to Tooth, just stabbing him with his gaze as he took off his hoodie and followed it with his T-shirt.

Tooth slowly unzipped his jacket and put it on a chair before untying his boots. It was an odd thing to see. It was as if they were undressing for each other. With the silence between them like a brick wall, Luci could only guess what was going on in Tooth’s head. Probably a big fat nothing. He’d probably managed to fuck at least one of his hookups. Luci could cut that lucky motherfucker.

Luci took off his shoes and pushed down his jeans. He threw all the items on his mattress with as much spite as he could. His face was so tense it hurt. He was not about to show Tooth even a glimpse of what he had shown yesterday. Luci had opened up his heart, and all he got was ‘let’s stay friends’. He loved being friends with Tooth, and he had to swallow Tooth’s lack of attraction to him, but going out to fuck some dudes just the next day? How many stabs was Luci’s heart supposed to take?

Tooth stretched in just his jeans and a tight black T-shirt, and pulled out his belt, folding it into a mean-looking loop. Oh, God. Tooth would squeeze the vulnerability out of Luci, he was sure of it. He hated being aware of that fact.

Luci’s breath quickened, and he hugged his arm, feeling out of place in just his white briefs. A whole roller coaster of emotions kept cruising up and down Luci’s body.Tooth’s steps seemed casual, careless even as he neared Luci with his instrument of choice. Luci just wished he’d use his hand. Tooth’s face was tense, eyes dark.

“You remember what I told you about trust? You have only one chance.”

I got angry.” Even now Luci was too riled up to choke out everything he felt. The worst thing was that his actions were irrational and driven by jealousy he didn’t have the right to. Tooth wasn’t his man and had shown nothing but understanding for his drunken confession, yet he had to go and mess that up today instead of listening to his own advice of ‘forget it ever happened and move on’.

“I don’t care.” Tooth sighed and pushed the front of Luci’s chest with the belt loop.

Even the touch of that thick leather went straight to Luci’s balls. The last thing he needed now was to get hard in just his underwear.

Tooth snarled, and the grimace made him look almost devilish. “How dare you look through my things? Again.”

Heat rose up to Luci’s cheeks. “I didn’t! I just saw the box moved. I didn’t look. I just… you… couldn’t you wait even one fucking day?” His heart was pounding like mad in his chest.

Tooth walked over to his bag, opened it, and then tipped it, spilling a whole array of sex toys on Luci’s mattress. What stood out was a huge black dildo, which Tooth grabbed from the bedding and stuck on the wall. The thing wiggled a few times before stilling.

Blood drained from Luci’s face. The toy was huge and frankly, kinda scary. Maybe he had been wrong all along? Maybe he really couldn’t handle Tooth’s needs. “You didn’t need to show it,” he whimpered and stepped back.

Tooth straightened the belt and put it across his nape, holding on with both hands as if he were carrying a heavy burden. “It’s not easy for me either, so stop being so fucking self-centered!”

Luci looked into his eyes, but when he couldn’t handle it anymore, he paced over to the desk and stood with his back to Tooth. He bent over and put his palms on the tabletop. He wanted the touch, the connection. The pain of it, the pleasure of it.

For a long moment, Tooth didn’t utter a sound, and as Luci watched the warm rays of light on his skin, he felt almost homely, despite Tooth hating him now. When the strike came, Luci only heard the swish moments before pain radiated all over his skin, climbing up his back and spilling down his thighs. He yelped, even though relief flooded his body.

Tooth could send him away, get that new room for him and be rid of an annoying teenager who kept perving on him, but if he was willing to punish him, maybe there was a chance for redemption. Luci inhaled deeply and put his cheek against the wood. He couldn’t help liking the nakedness of this act, with him only in his briefs. It made the whole ordeal seem more like an intimate ritual. All of Tooth’s attention was on him when those hits came, and he was a black hole that would never get enough of it.

“You keep running. I don’t get it,” rasped Tooth from behind him, delivering more strokes with the belt, all precisely aimed at Lucifer’s ass.

The stinging kept melting away his guilt. He did bad, and he deserved this. He’d manipulated Tooth for his own selfish reasons. His eyes stung so much he had to clench them, but he bit into his hand, refusing to cry. He could now clearly see that he’d hurt Tooth’s feelings, and who was he to pry into Tooth’s private affairs? Yesterday evening had probably been awkward for Tooth, trying to politely decline sex from a silly teen who he thought of as a little brother.

Tooth didn’t count the strikes, but after a few, he was already gasping behind Luci. Even the cool wood underneath Luci’s forehead wasn’t enough to take the heat off his skin. He arched his ass up. “Hit me harder,” he rasped, desperate to inhale all of Tooth’s anger. Tooth never held a grudge after punishment was given, and Luci yearned for that redemption. He imagined Tooth’s strong body moving in for the hit. The muscles in his arm tensing, the veins getting more pronounced.

Instead, there was a loud thud right next to his head, and warm fabric brushed against his hip. When he looked to the side, he realized Tooth held his thick fist against the tabletop. “Why?” rasped Tooth from above.

Luci wanted to speak normally, but a sob came first. He had to swallow it for the tears not to spill. His ass burned, and goose bumps broke out all over his back at the closeness. He rose to his toes, ready for another series of hits. “It’s the only way you’re close to me,” he whispered with his chest tightening.

Tooth’s thick, rough fingers tangled in Luci’s hair and then pulled him up until he was standing straight with Tooth leaning over him with a bewildered expression. “You just want to fuck, don’t you?” he uttered, too silently for a man his size.

Luci watched Tooth with his lips parted, barely able to breathe. When he was so close, smelling Tooth’s cologne, he recalled getting hit all over his hands. It hurt like a motherfucker, yet even that experience got entangled with Tooth’s presence and seemed like a hot prospect. He could take the strokes with his face buried in Tooth’s neck. “I’d take anything you give me,” he whispered, enjoying the tight grasp on his hair. Knowing Tooth was gay made everything sexual. Taking the trash out in his undies would turn him on if it was Tooth ordering him to do it and watching.

Tooth’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and he pulled Luci closer. A metallic clang disturbed the silence, and only when the warm, rough touch brushed against Luci’s side, he realized Tooth must have dropped the belt. “You like me?” whispered Tooth, staring at him with a deep frown, as if he hadn’t been told so the night before.

“You can’t hate me for it. I can’t help it.” Luci leaned into the touch and put his hand over Tooth’s forearm. He’d kiss every vein and muscle. Another reason why he enjoyed the punishments was that he’d be barely wearing anything while Tooth remained dressed. It put him in a vulnerable position. Something he would usually despise, but it was because he could never trust anyone, always had to have his guard up. With Tooth he could let go. Tooth would always catch him.

Tooth took in a sharp breath, his eyes moving all around Luci’s face. His sweet breath was curling around Luci’s chin, drawing him in, but before Luci could follow the unspoken invitation, Tooth roughly pulled him closer and descended on his mouth like a falcon ready to rip his prey to shreds.

Luci had to back off and hit the desk with his aching ass, but he wouldn’t let that stop him. His hands were in Tooth’s beard before he could think about putting them there. He moaned into the kiss, opening his mouth wide. His half-hard cock twitched with interest, and Luci was more than ready to open up his thighs the way he did his lips. His mind was blank as to where this would lead, but he didn’t care. He would take any scrap of affection Tooth threw his way.

The kiss was so overwhelming he didn’t know where the ground was anymore as his mind spun out of control. In Tooth’s arms nothing else mattered. It was only when his body started shifting that he realized Tooth had picked him up and was gravitating toward the bed. His beard was coarse against Luci’s skin, a sharp contrast to the soft lips and a long, warm tongue intent on exploring the entirety of Luci’s mouth. It felt like having his mouth fucked.

He wrapped his arms around Tooth’s neck and pulled himself up to do the same with his legs around Tooth’s hips. He would not let go. Tooth wouldn’t be able to push him away now, even if just for this moment, for a few hours, for one day. Tooth’s body was so firm against his, the strength in Tooth’s arms made Luci’s heart pound faster. Picking Luci up must have been as easy for Tooth as handling weights at the gym.

“You turn me on so much,” he whispered into Tooth’s lips when he got the chance.

Tooth groaned, and just a split second after, Luci was pulled down by gravity. He clung to Tooth, but when his back hit the mattress, adrenaline turned into pure lust. Tooth was above him, brushing against Luci’s body in a sensuous dance of hips and chest. With his eyes wide, he looked almost shocked even as he kissed Luci on the lips again.

Luci wished Tooth’s weight could keep him crushed into the bed forever. He was more than eager to reciprocate the touch and rubbed his erection against Tooth’s stomach. Just in case Tooth missed it. Pushing his hands into Tooth’s hair was now so different than when he washed it. He could shamelessly enjoy tangling his fingers with the strands. It was only natural to spread his thighs for Tooth, let him slide between them.

Tooth ground his hips against Luci’s tenderized ass while turning his face to the side and curling his tongue around Luci’s ear, sucking on the neck, nuzzling the skin with his beard in an endless orgy of caresses. The relief of being wanted could only rival Luci’s lust for Tooth.

Go on, squeeze me, grab me,” Luci rasped and guided Tooth’s hand to his ass. He’d never felt as safe and as on the edge as he did now. Pain melted into pleasure as soon as the strong fingers dipped into flesh, massaging his tender buttocks.

Tooth raised himself on one elbow, staring down at Luci with a fire in his eyes unrivaled by anything Luci had ever seen on that face before. “You’re so pretty.”

A wide smile spread over Luci’s lips along with a flutter of butterfly wings in his stomach. “So you do like me?” His fingers explored Tooth’s arms on their own accord.

Tooth managed a small smile as he leaned down, kissing Luci again, their bodies slotting together like two puzzle pieces. “Yeah.”

Luci’s heart couldn’t be pounding faster as he closed his eyes, enveloped by the kiss of the soft lips, gently scratched by the beard around them. “I’m sorry I freaked out on you. I’ll be a good boy now,” he whispered between one kiss and another. Tooth’s weight and size were an endless source of excitement. Just thinking about it while lying under him had Luci’s cock throbbing.

You said that last time,” snorted Tooth, reaching down between their bodies. His hand brushed over Luci’s cock, still trapped in his tighty whities, but it went farther until the sharp sound of a zipper opening made Luci’s skin tingle.

“I will be…” But Luci’s gaze was already trailing down between their bodies. “I wanted to see your dick for sooo long.” He opened his eyes wider, taking in the gorgeous masculinity before him.

Tooth smirked. “Give me your hand.”

A shiver went down Luci’s spine, and he held out his hand all too eagerly, with his lips parted. He even curled his toes in anticipation. Tooth pulled his hand lower, again past Luci’s own cock, all the way to his own open jeans. The sheer heat coming from inside had Luci gasping, but Tooth grabbed his wrist and pushed Luci’s fingers in. It was heaven. Hot, smooth, throbbing heaven. Lucifer pushed up on his elbow to be closer, and wrapped his fingers around the shaft with a groan. He’d waited so long, and it was everything he’d dreamt of.

Already hard, with the head throbbing against the center of Luci’s palm, the cock seemed such a perfect size. Easy to grab, thick, but not too much. Sufficiently big, but not one that would be uncomfortable to suck. Was this what they called a ‘boyfriend dick’, one you could get fucked by over and over again? Luci sure hoped so because all he wanted was to feel it now on something else than his fingers.

Tooth rested his forehead on top of Luci’s skull, gasping as his hair fell to frame their faces. Luci had never trusted anyone enough to forget about the world around him, always on his toes about the possibility of being assaulted. With Tooth, he slowly relaxed and began caressing the wonderful dick of the hot man above him.

“Perfect,” he said in one exhale.

Tooth gave him a small smile and reached back to shove the jeans off his hips along with the underwear, leaving his cock in Luci’s hands. “Is this what you wanted?”

“Yeah, it’s like a physical need…” Luci stroked Tooth’s cock in awe, imagining the strong arms pushing him down. He couldn’t make himself look away from the glistening cockhead, but it was also the smell of Tooth’s cologne and natural musk that teased his senses.

Tooth groaned and slowly pulled Luci to lie on his side, so they would face each other. The thick arm snaked its way underneath Luci’s head, cradling him in for yet more of that glorious mouth-fucking that had Luci’s cock twitching. He didn’t let go of Tooth’s dick, but the best came when the powerful hand pressed under the waistband of Luci’s underwear. He actually whimpered into the kiss and leaned in with his hips. His skin tingled from the touch. He could barely believe it. Tooth’s rough fingertips slid into Luci’s briefs, causing him to squeeze Tooth’s dick harder. He was dying to know what Tooth liked to do in bed, how he liked to fuck. Would they go all the way today? He hadn’t been penetrated in years, and even then, it had been Harlow’s greedy fingers sliding into him. Sometimes Luci would feel guilty that he still fantasized about fucking, that the abuse didn’t put him off sex, when it should, shouldn’t it?

But with Tooth it was all welcome, safe, and each time his reddened buttocks touched the bedding, the need to be touched there rose like a tsunami ready to clash with land. The air between their bodies was so unbelievably hot Luci half expected it to start vaporing. Tooth gasped, pulling on Luci’s bottom lip with his teeth. “Do you really want this?”

Yes, yes, yes, fuck yes,” Luci moaned, never taking his eyes off Tooth’s. The intimacy with which Tooth’s palm rubbed his ass was unbearable. Only experiencing it now, he realized he’d never been touched this way. How sad was that? There had been men greedy about touching him, but it was always only about what they got out of his body. Tooth was obviously enjoying himself, but he cared about giving Luci pleasure as well.

You like that?” whispered Tooth, “Having your ass beaten raw?”

Luci licked his lips, the memory of thick leather against his ass all too close. “Yes,” he whispered. “I broke the rules a few times just so you would do it,” he confessed, hoping Tooth wouldn’t hate him for it. To make up for his behavior, he gave Tooth his most innocent eyes.

Tooth let out his breath, low, raspy. “Fuck,” he uttered, gently pulling on Luci’s hip to turn him to his stomach.

Luci was all too eager to comply and even raised his ass up slightly. “Will I get punished for that?” Hair covered his view and made it hard to breathe.

Tooth’s hair tickled Luci’s back, and then there was Tooth’s nose, lips, beard, moving up and down his spine. Tooth pulled down Luci’s underwear, gasping against his skin. “Maybe.”

Luci’s mind wandered to all the times Tooth had spanked him. Did he get off on it as well? Luci often imagined he did. Now though his brain was falling into tunnel vision, hardly able to focus on more than anticipation of touch, of Tooth’s big, firm hand on his naked ass. It was there, hands gently massaging his aching ass, stroking it with his fingertips. Tooth’s thumb started gently moving up and down the crack, right above where Luci really wanted the touch.

Luci turned his head to try to see if there were welts on his skin. And there they were, red, blooming, and tender. As much as he wanted to have sex with Tooth, the touch of fingers was getting him nervous. He bit back the irrational fear, sure that it would feel great with Tooth. Tooth would know what he was doing.

Tooth’s hand moved lower, sliding between Luci’s thighs, and then even lower. Each touch was gentle and inquisitive, as if Tooth were trying to understand how Luci’s body worked. Luci hid his face in a pillow, trembling with the intimacy of it all. It wasn’t someone random seeing him naked, groping him. It was someone who cared for him, knew his fears and hopes.

I won’t break if you touch me harder.” He laughed nervously.

Tooth chuckled, and his hand fell on Luci’s burning ass. “You sure?”

“Yeah.” He smiled to himself, unsure what to do. He knew how to take control when he sucked cock, but actually letting someone touch him this way was new and out of his comfort zone.

Tooth bit into the burning flesh and climbed on top of Luci, setting his skin on fire. The hard cock pressed against Luci’s crack as Tooth nuzzled the back of Luci’s neck with a low growl. “Do you want to be cuffed?”

Breath got stuck in Luci’s throat for a moment before he could choke out a ‘yes’. Tooth’s weight on top was the thing dreams were made of. Luci moaned, wiggling his ass against the hard cock. He couldn’t stop thinking that it would be inside of him soon. Every inch of that hot flesh, from the smooth head to the veiny shaft.

Tooth chuckled and leaned down, his hair falling on Luci’s shoulders until they were cheek to cheek. “I haven’t been with anyone today so I’ll use the cuffs I had with me.”

Luci looked to the side with his eyes watering. “You haven’t?”

Tooth sighed and shook his head. “I was worried about you.”

“I had a meltdown, didn’t I?” He sighed and gave Tooth’s cheek a peck.

Tooth rocked his cock against Luci’s ass for the last time before rolling off the bed. “Cross your hands above your ass,” he commanded, stretching his masculine body for Luci’s viewing pleasure. The muscular chest, arms, and legs Luci had seen, but the cock made his mouth water. Surrounded by trimmed pubes and with a slight curve, it begged to be worshipped. If only Tooth would let him in the future, Luci would suck him every day.

He bit back a smile and followed the order, watching Tooth’s every move. He could lick every muscle of that taut stomach. “Why? You don’t wanna see my tat?” Luci stuck his tongue out.

Tooth scowled but quickly scooted down to look through his stash. It didn’t take long and he returned with a few items he tossed to the bed. He was magnificent, so big and stern looking. “Get your red ass up.”

Luci swallowed, anticipation tingling in his gums. His cock throbbed as much as the tender welts on his skin. He got to his knees and parted his thighs with a shiver running up his spine at the way Tooth looked at him. Like he wanted to eat Luci up. And yet it wasn’t predatory or menacing.

With his face buried in the comforter and his ass exposed, Luci felt as defenseless as ever, the feeling becoming even more prominent when Tooth tied his wrists together with cuffs of soft leather. “Open up wider,” rasped Tooth, drawing circles on Luci’s ass.

Luci curled his toes, but slowly parted his knees more, sinking lower to the bed. He imagined Tooth enjoyed seeing him like this, dressed only in his tattoos and the cuffs. Luci was oh so eager to please. He would have shown the middle finger to anyone who tried to put him in a position like this, not to mention that he’d be too afraid of being violated to be cuffed. With Tooth none of those fears existed.

The bed dipped behind Luci, and Tooth grabbed his cuffed hands, the blunt cockhead sliding over Luci’s exposed anus. “How is that?” demanded Tooth.

Luci’s eyes went wide. Tooth wouldn’t fuck him without lube… would he? But the feeling itself, having that hot, meaty thing between his buttocks was just perfect. His anus was so sensitive it tingled from the touch. Being constrained on the other hand, was great. It made him relax, reinforced that it was Tooth who was in control. He imagined Tooth’s powerful form behind him and a drop of precome dripped down his cock. “Ah... good.”

He yelped when Tooth’s hand struck the side of his ass. “Louder.”

“Good!” he spoke up, backing up slightly to rub against Tooth’s cock.

Condoms?” whispered Tooth, holding on to Luci’s cuffed hands again.

The question blindsided him. He entrusted himself into Tooth’s care so much that he hadn’t even thought of it. Luci licked his lips, trying to look over his shoulder through the hair falling into his mouth. “Do we have to?”

“No, we don’t,” whispered Tooth, sitting on his heels behind Luci. He gathered Luci’s balls and cock in his hand and squeezed while spitting at the sensitive hole.

Luci moaned at the unexpected touch and stirred, unable to stay put. “Oh, God, I’m gonna come,” he uttered on the verge of tears. The touch of those thick, rough fingers was pushing him to the edge already, but coming before the sex even started was the last thing he wanted. He rubbed his face against the pillow, trying to calm down.

“Will you get hard again?” whispered Tooth, slapping Luci’s ass. The smack was powerful enough to make the flesh on Luci’s thighs shake.

Lucifer swallowed, hoping the trembling all over his body would stop soon. The intensity of being with Tooth was like nothing he’d ever experienced sexually. With Harlow he’d learned to turn off his mind, and with blow jobs he would never truly let go. “I… um… Y-yeah, I probably will. I pretty much definitely will if you keep doing that.”

Tooth gave a dark laugh, and before Luci knew what was going on, his cock was pulled back and enveloped in the sweet heat of Tooth’s mouth. It was soft, and the suckling made Luci moan into the pillow. He barely managed not to collapse onto the bed.

Fuck, fuck.” He squirmed, sure he wouldn’t last long. The way Tooth’s beard teased the shaft every time he pulled back his lips was making Luci go mad with lust. Tooth, big, bad, bearded, and built like a brick shithouse, had his mouth on Luci’s cock and sucked it like he meant it. With Tooth’s calloused fingers teasing Luci’s balls, it took only seconds for him to fall into sensory overload and come. He moaned his pleasure, bucked his hips like a happy filly and closed his eyes.

Tooth gave his ass a hard slap, pulling his mouth away and leaving Luci’s cock at the mercy of the air that suddenly felt far too cold. Luci hardly knew where he was, and the stars behind his eyelids weren’t helping. He loved the way his ass exploded with new sensation each time Tooth would give him a slap. Who said your first time had to be vanilla? Not to mention that it was only a sort-of, kind-of his first anal. Tooth would probably freak out if he knew so it was better left unmentioned.

Unaware of Luci’s thoughts, Tooth pressed his thumb against Luci’s opening, just keeping it there with minimal pressure. “You like toys?” he muttered, possessively moving his other hand up and down Luci’s thigh.

Luci could barely comprehend anything after the orgasm, but his anus tensed pleasantly at the touch. “Huh? But, like, not that big black one?”

Nah.” Tooth bit on the burning side of Luci’s buttock. The hand pulled away from Luci’s thigh, and fumbled with something on the mattress. “Something nice and snug, fitting for your tight hole,” he whispered. Cool liquid spilled straight on to Luci’s hole, making him twitch with excitement.

Yes…” It came out so pleadingly, Luci was surprised himself. Only now he realized that within his excitement about Tooth’s touch, an ugly memory of Harlow’s fingers lingered all too close to the surface. Getting prepped with a toy instead, whatever it would be, made his muscles relax and go slack. “Yes,” he repeated, looking over his shoulder with a dreamy smile.

Tooth’s face and chest bloomed with a bright flush, and he grinned at Luci before slapping the slick hole with his own dick. “Ah, you’re gonna be the death of me,” he whispered.

“I will when my daddy finds out.” Luci chuckled and stuck his tongue out at Tooth before wiggling his hips.

Tooth’s eyes twinkled, and he slapped Luci’s ass yet again, making it burn so bad Luci wiggled it in the air. And yet it was so good. “Brat,” Tooth whispered, grabbing Luci’s wrists and pushing him lower, into complete submission.

He mewled, taking in the excitement, his position only making him more aware of each muscle in his body.

“Say if you don’t like something,” whispered Tooth, placing his hand over Luci’s ass and spreading the buttocks with two fingers. Right away, there was a cold, blunt presence moving around the sensitive hole.

Luci swallowed, unable to utter a word. Tooth’s presence was soothing and titillating all at the same time. It made Luci want to be a source of excitement for Tooth, learn what made him tick and provide it. Or take it away if he felt like it. He smiled into the pillow at the thought of denying Tooth just to have him more aroused later.

The metal toy was moving up and down Luci’s crack, burning his nerve endings. When Tooth eventually put the tip against Luci’s hole, Luci was surprised to find it quite narrow. It was a relief, because he highly doubted he’d be able to take much, especially now, still tender after the orgasm.

Tooth’s hand let go of Luci’s ass and moved up his spine to rest atop his nape, so firm and comforting at the same time. Nothing bad could ever happen to him as long as he had Tooth by his side. And the teasing at his anus, while a bit strange, was slowly getting more pleasant as the metal warmed up a bit, systematically relaxing Luci’s sphincter with gentle nudges.

He moaned and arched his back up to the touch. What would it feel like inside? Would the metal be heavy? Would there be any pain at all? At the moment he could purr his pleasure to Tooth. “It turns you on?” he murmured from under his hair.

Tooth gasped and moved the toy in a circular motion, as if gently broadening Luci’s anus, stretching and relaxing the muscles. “Yeah. You’re so obedient.”

“I’m a good boy, I promised.” Luci slowly moved his hips to the touch, enjoying the way Tooth’s thumb stroked the side of his neck. It was as if he were holding Luci’s life in his hands. As the pressure increased, the toy started slowly pushing in. It was widening toward the end, but it was still smaller than the average cock, definitely smaller than Tooth’s cock.

“Is that a butt plug?” guessed Luci. He took a deep breath, adjusting to the feeling. With all the lube and prep, it didn’t hurt. Just a sense of fullness that made his mind instantly think of having Tooth’s cock in there in all its throbbing amazingness.

“Yes.” Tooth chuckled, moving the toy back and forth, changing the angle of penetration to stretch Luci further. “Does it feel good?”

Luci’s breath quickened, and his spent dick was slowly waking up again. “Yes,” he moaned, curling his toes as his knees slid apart a bit more. Tooth responded by slapping his ass yet again, and this time, the burning sensation made Luci mewl.

“Face me.”

Luci looked over his shoulder with his cheeks on fire. “Like this?” The sight of the beast of a man next to him sent a shiver down his spine. All firm sculpted muscle, heaving with tension, and it was him, Luci, that Tooth wanted to touch.

Tooth smirked at him and invited Luci closer with the gesture of his finger. Luci basked in the power Tooth had over him. Tooth didn’t even have to pull on his arm or hair, the gesture was enough. With the plug still teasing him from the inside, Luci slowly straightened up on his knees and turned toward Tooth, ready to do whatever he’d ask for. Oh, God, would he get to suck on Tooth’s dick now? It looked so good curling slightly upward right in front of him.

The familiar heat of Tooth’s palm embraced his throat, and Luci was led into a sweet, soft kiss that soon made his body quiver. He was going into sensory overload with the steel filling his ass, and the warm tongue teasing his own.

Every inch of his body, every move of his lips was screaming ‘yes, please!’. He’d been dreaming of kisses like this since forever. Kisses in which he could forget his past and future, living only in the now.

The experience became even better when warm fingers closed around Luci’s cock and pulled on it, making his whole body shudder. It was like eating the sweetest cream and getting a blow job at the same time. He moaned into the kiss and rocked his hips as his ass clenched over the butt plug. He’d gotten used to it quicker than he imagined he would.

With his hands cuffed, all he could do to feel Tooth’s chest was sliding closer and leaning his own body against Tooth. If he weren’t confident about his body type, he could easily get intimidated by Tooth’s size. Any regular guy looked like a weakling next to Tooth, so his own pale, slim body was in stark contrast.

Tooth cradled Luci’s head in both hands, making him submit to long, dominant kisses, their mouths never parting until Tooth wanted them to. Initially, Luci followed him with a whine, but when Tooth moved closer and gently pushed Luci lower, toward the cock of wet dreams, the sentiment changed to anticipation. He sat on his heels and tried to lean down to reach but his lips barely brushed the cockhead. He almost cried with exasperation. Tooth was such a towering presence above him, he’d worship each muscle in that strong body. So many times Luci had dreamed of sucking Tooth off, letting him fuck his throat, smelling the musky scent of Tooth’s pubes, and now he couldn’t reach.

Tooth bit his lip and kissed him again. “You wanna kneel on the floor?”

Lucifer rolled to the floor so quickly he hit his knees and arm, but he couldn’t care less, scrambling toward the bed and opening his mouth to show how ready he was.

Tooth chuckled, but it was a raspy sound. “Don’t hurt yourself, boy,” he muttered, sitting down and opening his legs wide, inviting Luci for the meal of his dreams.

“I don’t care,” was all Luci had to say before leaning in and licking along the underside of Tooth’s dick. He could almost hear the choirs of angels singing over him as his tongue got all the way to the salty slit on the cockhead. His balls tightened with excitement.

“I do,” whispered Tooth, but with his eyes narrowing and muscles on his arms bulging, it was clear something else overcame his mind. The cock spilled more precome straight on Luci’s tongue. He whimpered excitedly and kissed it all off, turned on by the thought that it was on his lips now. He looked up and licked it off slowly. This he knew about. Giving a teasing blow job.

Tooth smirked, leaning back to enjoy the view. “Suck on my balls first,” he said, and somehow Luci knew it was just another way of showing Luci who was the boss here. Not that he minded taking care of Tooth’s balls, it was just that he couldn’t wait to take Tooth’s cock into his throat, all the way up to the hilt.

Luci blew some of his hair off his face and bowed down to kiss the skin over each testicle. The masculine scent was making his head spin. He loved that Tooth wasn’t completely shaven around his crotch, and as he lapped at the soft skin of the scrotum, caressing the balls hidden in the sac, it occurred to him again that he’d be barebacked today, so he supposed the balls did need some attention. He smiled at the thought and left tender kisses on Tooth’s skin, his mind drifting off to Tooth coming deep inside of him, all sweaty, raw, and dirty. Thanks to the tests they’d been through, Luci could have safe sex and all the come he wanted. Have his cake and eat it.

“What’s so funny?” asked Tooth, playing with Luci’s ear, all flushed and breathing deeply.

Nothing. I’m just happy.” He looked up at Tooth dreamy-eyed and glided the tip of his tongue up the rock-hard cock. “You’re gonna come inside of me. Even thinking about it makes my ass throb around that plug.”

Tooth’s hands tightened on Luci’s shoulders, and he closed his eyes for a moment, evening his breath even as Luci sucked on the tip of his cock. “You’re so fucking sexy it’s ridiculous.”

Just to make Tooth not forget that, Luci downed the whole dick, never taking his eyes off Tooth’s face. The delicious flesh was throbbing on his tongue, all salty and hot, with thick veins that he would surely feel once that cock got embedded in his ass.

“Yeah.” Tooth grasped a fistful of Luci’s hair and rocked his hips forward, slowly fucking Luci’s mouth. Their eyes locked, and it all became even more intense. Luci had no qualms about offering up his lips, he would even like for Tooth to do it faster, fuck his mouth like he would fuck his ass later. Luci didn’t mind saliva dripping down his chin, nor the problems with catching his breath every now and then. It was bliss. He wanted to make that cock smooth and moist, though he supposed he wouldn’t get to show off all of his skill tonight.

Tooth was carefully easing him into it, and Luci realized he was testing Luci’s boundaries, gradually progressing to more aggressive moves, more grabbing and pulling on his hair. By the time Tooth forcefully unsucked Luci from the cock, Luci’s mouth was almost getting numb from constant work.

“You’re good,” murmured Tooth.

Luci sucked on his bottom lip, feeling a hazy pleasure settling all over his mind. “You’re the best,” he answered without hesitation. His lips still throbbed with heat and tasted of Tooth’s cock.

Tooth grinned at him and pulled Luci up by the arms. “Show me how ready you are then.”

Luci swallowed and turned around with his bruised ass hot and tender, and his cock rising back up. For a moment he wasn’t sure what was expected of him, but then he leaned forward, presenting his ass to Tooth. Blood rushed to his head. The small plug pressed on his sphincter from the inside, and his hole throbbed around it when Tooth brushed the back of his hand against one of the buttocks, making Luci’s skin prickle.

“I could frame this picture.”

Luci’s ego swelled at those words. He would do anything to be the center of Tooth’s attention. “More fucking, less framing,” he sniggered.

Tooth laughed and pulled Luci closer, only to tug on the plug, slowly easing it out. Only when Luci was sure the toy would be taken out, Tooth pushed it back in, creating a slow rhythm. Luci’s hole was so ready. It didn’t hurt, and all he felt was excitement boiling underneath his skin.

He moaned and groaned at every teasing touch. He had to spread his legs when Tooth made him stand over his lap. “You’re killing me…”

Tooth buried his face in Luci’s back and nipped on his skin. “That’s because I’m not sure how I want to fuck you.”

“Why not?” Luci whined, wiggling his ass.

Because you’re so damn hot.” Tooth finally pulled out the plug, leaving a weird emptiness inside Luci. It was time, and even his inexperienced body knew it. “Face down? So I can watch those red cheeks?”

Luci nodded obediently and turned around to give Tooth a kiss. The liberty of being able to do this made him feel more alive. Luci climbed back on the bed and kneeled before balancing to put his head down on the pillow with at least a shred of class. He spread his thighs in invitation and smiled into the soft fabric. He wanted Tooth to be crazy about him.

Tooth followed him quickly and when his cock patted Luci’s relaxed opening, it was pure pleasure. He then grabbed the handcuffs again, and the blunt cockhead started pushing in. It was much bigger than the plug, and yet it went right in without any trouble.

Luci moaned, taking in the feeling of it. Being penetrated. Being fucked. He had to turn his face to the side to be able to breathe. Not to mention a dick was so different to a plug, it was so alive in him, so hard, but still softer than metal. Tooth filled him so perfectly, and Luci’s body accepted every inch without question. When their thighs met, the low moan coming from behind was all the reward Luci needed.

“Oh, fuck, you feel amazing,” whispered Tooth, petting the side of Luci’s bruised ass.

Tell me more,” he pleaded softly with his eyes closed. It wasn’t only hot anymore. It was a moment. His heart pounded not just with excitement but with all the emotions tumbling inside of him at the realization that Tooth wanted him as well. He could now be everything for Tooth. Not just a friend, cook, laundry boy, and roommate.

Tooth leaned down, supporting his weight with one hand and rocking his hips against Luci’s flesh. His breath was shaky and hot on Luci’s back. “Warm and snug, you smell like something I’d like to eat up.”

Luci always imagined he’d be into bottoming, which was extra confusing after what he had been through in his childhood, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and now he knew why. Every moan and gasp escaping his lips was proof of that. The pleasure his body got from it had so many different layers he couldn’t even comprehend it all yet. There was the pure physical bliss of having his anus stretched, his ass pounded, Tooth’s heavy body pushing him into the mattress. There was having a man on top of him and covering him like a safety blanket. And there was Tooth himself, a person Luci could trust, not some anonymous douchebag who would fuck his ass, come inside, and leave. Having his hands cuffed only emphasized the feeling of giving himself to Tooth. Not in a hundred years he’d let some john do this to him. Even if just because it would be unsafe.

So as Tooth pushed in his thick cock time and time again, Luci was happy that Tooth was his first. The violation he’d experienced years ago could fade much more easily in the safety of Tooth’s arms. Luci sniffed, trying to hold back the emotions inside of him.

The pleasure of each thrust was steadily rising as his body got used to the unusual sensations. There was a tingling deep in his ass, which made his whole body quiver for more. As they tuned in to each other, Luci noticed small changes in Tooth’s rhythm, in his breathing, in the way he was touching Luci, and he delighted in the knowledge that Tooth was loving this as much as he did. And even when Tooth started fucking Luci in earnest, while pushing him harder against the mattress, it still didn’t hurt, each push and pull making Luci throb for more.

Luci’s dick was already back up and wanting, all thanks to not just the way Tooth pushed his dick in like a machine, but also because of the way Tooth’s rough hands glided all over Luci’s skin. Tooth ran his fingers along Luci’s spine, then slid them to his stomach, his nipples. When Tooth squeezed them, Luci squealed and backed on to Tooth’s cock, making him groan. It only made Tooth explore Luci’s body more eagerly, and when Tooth began gently pinching the sensitive skin on Luci’s ass and thigh, Luci couldn’t stand the intensity any longer and cried out, completely overwhelmed by the mixture of sensations.

Tooth sucked on his ear, clinging to Luci with a grip so hard it would surely leave him bruised, but Luci didn’t care. “I’m gonna come in your tight, beautiful hole,” uttered Tooth, jackhammering Luci in earnest, making all muscles in his body give. Luci slumped onto the mattress, and with his cock constantly rubbing against the sheets, he was getting close as well.

Luci was a mess of whimpers under Tooth’s firm body. When the pleasure inside became more prominent each time Tooth’s cock brushed over his prostate, he squirmed, pushing back onto Tooth and moaning without even a hint of shame. He was having sex with the man he loved, and he wouldn’t… His mind came to a halt. ‘Man he loved’? Where did that come from? Completely vulnerable, excited, and at loss, it wasn’t a time to ponder it. It wasn’t like he would say it anyway. It was more important to focus on the physical. On the way Tooth’s dick throbbed in him, on the hot smell of sweat, on Tooth’s beard tickling his shoulder. And—Oh, God—Tooth’s hand on his dick. His lover was gasping, biting and trembling against Luci’s back, but the movements of his cock and hand were steady as ever, pushing them both toward orgasm at lightning speed. When Tooth came, he pushed into Luci with all he had, freezing with his muscles threatening to rip through skin. Only after a moment did he relax, squeezing Luci’s cock hard.

Luci pushed back with his eyes closed, imagining Tooth’s spunk filling him, the cock throbbing, hot, still hard… It only took a few more of Tooth’s strokes for Luci to moan, his ass instantly clenching around Tooth’s dick the moment he came. He was a little dirty come whore, and he loved it because he was only Tooth’s come whore. He’d only do it like this with Tooth. It made the whole act intimate no matter how carnal it was.

Tooth fell to the side, bringing Luci with him into a heap of spent flesh, smelling of spunk and sweat. He pulled Luci close against his chest, their lips meeting in one of the most inconvenient positions for this, but Luci would never complain, letting Tooth probe his lips. The cock was still inside of him, but he could sense it soften despite Tooth’s free hand still roaming his thighs. “You took all of my energy,” chuckled Tooth.

“Lucky me. Full of spunk.” He gave Tooth a wide grin.

Tooth pressed his lips to Luci’s ear and slowly withdrew his cock, leaving Luci sated yet empty. When Tooth’s come started slowly oozing out, it was a strange sensation of being warm, wetter than Luci had expected. “Yeah, you are a lucky guy. Maybe that’s what we should call you.”

Luci smiled at him and gave Tooth a half-lidded gaze. “I dare you to call me that in front of my dad.”

Tooth grinned and pulled away slightly. The fumbling at Luci’s wrists told him he was being released from the leather cuffs, and Luci didn’t yet know how to feel about it.

“Challenge accepted. Wanna bet he’s gonna start calling you that as well?”

Luci laughed and experimented with his newfound freedom by wrapping his arms around Tooth’s neck. “Nasty! He’ll never know why…”

Tooth pulled him in for a kiss, with his hand strategically placed on Luci’s ass, over the still throbbing anus. God that felt good. It had been everything Luci wanted and more. Well, he still wanted to taste Tooth’s come, but they would have time for that.

“You are lucky now, aren’t you?” whispered Tooth with a small smile.

“I am…” Luci looked into Tooth’s eyes with such awe he could only hope it wouldn’t show. “Did I make you happy?”

Tooth’s eyes narrowed, and his face lost a bit of the smile. “It’s been a while since anything made me this happy.”

Luci couldn’t get a better answer. “Is it ‘cause I’m so tight?” he whispered into Tooth’s lips, cuddling into his arms and refusing to let go.

Tooth snorted, gently petting Luci’s ass. “It’s because you’re... well, you, I guess.”

Luci bit the inside of his cheek when his eyes began to tingle. He put his head on the best of pillows, Tooth’s arm, and ran his hand over Tooth’s stomach, enjoying that he could now touch him however he wanted to. To Tooth he was really a person, not just a hot piece of ass. Luci stretched out for one more kiss.

“I’m sleepy,” he whispered.

Tooth pulled back some hair behind Luci’s ear, and the intimacy of that gesture in Tooth’s own bed was overwhelming. “Shower later then?”

“Yes.” Luci kissed Tooth’s pec. He’d never felt so safe.


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