Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 21

Tooth awoke with his head between a pair of warm thighs, surrounded by musk as pleasure pulled him out of a dream to stare at a beautiful, young ass in front of him. He uttered a low growl, adrenaline waking up his stiff muscles. Luci’s stiff cock was pressed between Tooth’s breastbone and Lucifer’s stomach. This had to be the best way to wake up ever. With a beautiful boy wearing his bruises and kissing his dick all over. Luci’s smooth balls rested below the spread cheeks, completing the image of perfection.

Tooth moaned, stirring his hips to meet Luci’s mouth, his skin already tingling where the soft hair curled over it. “Oh, fuck...” He bit his lip, helplessly moving his fingers up the creamy thighs. His body was both groggy and agitated with the unexpected sensations. Not to mention that he wasn’t sure how much draining his balls could take. He wasn’t twenty anymore, and they had gotten up in the middle of the night for a shower that ended up in another fuck.

“Good morning… I can see you’re getting up.” Luci chuckled and gave Tooth’s hardening cock another lick.

“You little succubus,” chuckled Tooth, petting the warm flesh of Luci’s ass. He wanted to return the favor, but loved the feeling of a hard cock resting on his chest all too much. What was he to do?

Luci helped him with the answer when he started rocking against Tooth’s chest and sucking Tooth’s cockhead between his lips. They would most probably need another shower soon. As Tooth caressed the warm flesh, closing his eyes to accept the pleasure Luci was giving him, his thoughts went back to the night before, to the way Luci had prepared himself for his punishment and begged to be hit harder. It had been so shocking Tooth couldn’t continue at first. The realization that Luci really liked and wanted him, that he had been provoking Tooth into spanking just to have that connection between them, made him let go of all the inhibitions he used to have. And while he wasn’t proud of betraying Priest’s trust, at the end of the day Luci was a young guy, who would eventually find a sexual partner. If Tooth was what he wanted, why would they hesitate? He would not hurt the boy, mistreat him, or use his vulnerability. He would be good to him for as long as Luci was interested.

And Luci sure was interested. He began a slow motion blow job as he rocked his hips into Tooth’s chest. Hair tickled Tooth’s thighs and kneading the gorgeous bruised ass while getting sucked was the most glorious fifteen minute awakening of his life. Luci swallowed all the come, the greedy little monster, and rose to his knees slightly to finish himself off.

Tooth pulled him back, grunting when the boy fell on his chest, but once Tooth flipped them over, sucking on those perfect lips that tasted of mint, Luci, and Tooth’s own come, energy rushed back into his bloodstream. That cock was so perfect, right for Luci’s size, hot, throbbing and red. The boy wasn’t cut either, so Tooth could play around with the foreskin. It didn’t take much to press another orgasm out of Luci, and Tooth caught his scream with his lips, cuddling him closer as soon as he was done.

“Hello to you too.”

Luci moaned in reply, looking at Tooth with those half-lidded eyes of an angel. “I want to stay in bed all day. I fed Manson already.”

Tooth chuckled against Luci’ forehead, breathing in the sweet scent of shampoo. He was feeling lazy too, but doing things this way didn’t feel all that right. Hooking up and just fucking all day was something he did from time to time, but Luci wasn’t a hookup. It wasn’t the way to start this... thing. “You sure? How about we eat something nice in town?”

Luci’s eyes popped wide open, and he smiled into another kiss. “Are you asking me out on a date?”

Tooth grumbled beneath his breath, a bit embarrassed by Luci’s way of just saying things out loud, but he sighed and rustled his long hair even more. Luci hadn’t cared for it properly after the shower they had at night so it was in a state of bushy disorder. “Something like that.”

“Well, I better fetch my best shirt then. McDonalds or Subway?” Luci snorted and nuzzled Tooth’s neck.

Tooth frowned. That didn’t sound like a dream date. He turned to his side and pressed a kiss to the bridge of Luci’s nose. “I was kinda thinking about this independent place. It’s got burgers, steak, all the good stuff.”

Luci smiled at him with those pretty lips. “That sounds nice.”

If Tooth didn’t know better, he would have sworn Luci looked shy. It was so cute.

Tooth cleared his throat. “Yeah, and they do those killer milkshakes, and they have salads, if that’s what you like better,” he added, looking at Luci’s slim figure. Whatever the boy cooked, it was never full on butter-and-oil-deep-fried stuff. Actually even Tooth felt more healthy since he’d started eating more of Luci’s cooking.

“I can’t believe you teased me for months.” Luci shook his head and gave Tooth’s beard a kiss.

“Me?” Tooth faked enragement and gave Luci’s hip a gentle pat. “How was I teasing you?”

“Pretending to be this straight piece of candy I couldn’t lick.” Luci pouted and slid his hand along Tooth’s stomach.

“You’re one to talk.” Tooth caught Luci’s hand and entwined their fingers as he looked down into the already too familiar blue eyes. His heart started beating like crazy.

“Oh, really? I wouldn’t climb into your bed if I knew you were perving at me.” Luci grinned and squeezed Tooth’s hand.

Tooth snorted. “You would. Come on, you’re like the horniest kid on the block.”

Luci punched Tooth’s arm and pulled away. “What am I supposed to do? Save myself for marriage?”

Tooth followed his lips for another kiss. “That would have been a waste.”

“And I like giving head too much for that anyway.” Luci snorted and rolled out of Tooth’s embrace.

“Remember, your best shirt,” said Tooth with his eyes locked on the welts on Luci’s bottom. Such beautiful handiwork.

“I don’t have a shirt. But I’ll see what I can do.” Luci sighed and opened the bathroom door, letting the kitten pour out into the room with its meowing. “Hey there, sweetie.”

Tooth looked at the gray furball emerging from the bathroom. He wasn’t all that fond of litter boxes or cat hair everywhere, but as long as Luci made sure the room was clean and tidy, he could bear with all the downsides of having a cat. At least he could trust that Luci was the kind of person who would keep his word on cleanliness.

“He must be traumatized,” chuckled Tooth.

“It couldn’t have been that bad.” Luci laughed and picked up the kitten to give it a kiss. Seeing him naked like this, after sex, with his hair all over the place, had to be the single most intimate moment Tooth could remember. It felt so odd and reminded Tooth of something he couldn’t quite pinpoint. He slowly got to his feet and walked over to Luci to stroke the kitten’s neck.

“Still sociable enough.”

“A survivor. Wonder where Priest got him. Little one doesn’t look like a pedigree.” Luci petted Manson under the jaw, and the kitten closed its eyes with a loud purr.

Tooth was unable to resist the temptation and kissed the top of Luci’s head, breathing in his scent. “Like us.”

Luci stroked Tooth’s arm. “I always try to look forward. I hate dwelling on the past too much. I’d have to just sit there and grit my teeth all day.”

Tooth swallowed hard, imagining why Luci was unwilling to think about his past. “You’re right. We should go out and have some fun.”

“Exactly.” Luci smiled up at him and put the kitten into Tooth’s hands. “Let’s go. I’ve never been on a date!”

The fur tickled Tooth’s skin, but he was too busy staring at Luci to care. Never? How was this even possible? Luci was such a sweet, handsome boy. But it was hard to form the question, or any sentence for that matter, when Luci turned around, presenting his slim ass before he disappeared in the bathroom.




Billy’s Kitchen was a modern restaurant with a homely feel. They had raw wood tables, bundles of dried flowers on the walls, and the whole place smelled of amazing food. It felt like the right place for a first date: not too serious, but not shabby either. He could only hope Luci would like it.

Luci wore a white fitted T-shirt with no print and blue skinny jeans with his signature boots. The outfit made him look very All-American, and his smile was as bright as his blue eyes. “It smells great here,” Luci said, leaning on the table with his elbows. They’d already ordered food, which left them with enough time to talk about some important stuff.

Tooth smiled. “Yeah, I usually come here when I want to treat myself.”

Luci snorted, playing around with the padlock necklace that had the tracker in it. “Like you have to save up for it. You could probably eat here every day.”

Tooth chuckled. “If I ate here every day, you wouldn’t like me.”

I would, since I only like you for your money.” Luci stuck out his tongue.

Tooth pursed his lips, knowing that wasn’t the case. But it was a good place to start the conversation he wanted to have. “That’s all I’m good for. But it makes you stay with me, doesn’t it?”

“What? Aren’t you still holding me prisoner?” Luci laughed and played with the fair hairs on his forearm.

Tooth smirked, leaning back in the chair. “Wait till you see the cave where I keep all my dead boyfriends.”

“You had boyfriends? Tell me.” Luci was all ears. It tickled Tooth’s ego to have the boy give him all of his attention.

“You flatlined my joke,” teased Tooth. His eyes went for the slim, graceful hands on the table, but as much as he wanted to touch them, he wasn’t sure whether it was appropriate, or what this place’s policy was.

“‘Cause I wanna know more about this secret life of yours. You know my private life ended over three months ago.”

Tooth bit the inside of his cheek and tapped his fingers on the tabletop. “Or maybe you’re just starting it with a clean slate?” he asked, looking at Luci.

Luci ran his fingers through his hair with a soft smile. “I would like to think so. Thank you.”

Tooth chuckled, but on the inside, he was feeling quite self-conscious. He’d never really done what he was about to do, and it made his stomach clench with stress. “There’s nothing to thank for. I want to help you any way I can.”

Luci put his hand over half of his face, going slightly red. “Well, losing my anal cherry was everything I’ve dreamed it would be, so there’s a reason for thanking.”

Tooth looked up at him, his throat too tight to utter a sound. His eardrums echoed his quickening pulse so loudly he hardly noticed the server coming over with their drinks and food. He was Luci’s first? How was that even possible? The guy had a drive-in sign tattooed over his ass, and he’d kept teasing everyone at the beginning.

Luci rolled his eyes when the server left with a few pleasantries. “And that’s exactly why I didn’t tell you. I knew you’d freak out.”

Tooth tugged on his beard, and slowly grasped Luci’s thumb. As surprised and stressed as he was, he didn’t think Luci could have given him a better compliment. So, of all the guys Luci had slept with, it was him he wanted to do this thing with. “Why me?”

Luci gave a nervous look to the side, but didn’t pull his hand away. “I never trusted anyone before. I didn’t want some loser to hurt me.”

Tooth swallowed hard and started drawing little circles all over Luci’s hand with his fingers. It was such a sad confession. “You deserve way better.”

“Than you? Maybe, but I think Jason Momoa is in a relationship.” Luci laughed and stuffed his mouth with potato wedges.

Tooth chuckled and covered his eyes, holding on to Luci’s hand. “Do you want a relationship with me?”

The smile disappeared from Luci’s face, and his hand only got hotter. “If you’d want me. I really like you Tooth, you know, as a person. We have fun together, right?”

Tooth smiled and pulled Luci’s hand closer. Some silly impulse wanted to feel it against his lips, and so he kissed the inner side of Luci’s wrist and traced the veins with his thumb. He was so ridiculously, unexplainably happy. “We do.”

“Tooth, aren’t you in the closet? What if someone sees us?” Luci asked in a whisper, but didn’t pull away. He looked into Tooth’s eyes with so much trust that Tooth would hate himself until the end of time if he betrayed it.

Tooth bit his lip, lowering their hands to the table, but wouldn’t let go. “It’s not like that. I just don’t think it’s anyone’s business, and I don’t want the guys to feel uncomfortable. I would tell them if they asked me.”

Luci laughed. “No one’s gonna ask you that. So if you’re not in the closet now, you want to be out with me? Priest would go mental.”

Tooth slouched. He hated disappointing Luci, but having Priest know about them was not a good idea. “Yeah, that... he shouldn’t know.”

But you know I don’t care, right? As long as we know we’re together, I’m happy.” Luci gave him a sunshine smile but pulled back his hand when the server walked over to ask if they liked the food.

Tooth sighed. “You know how he’d react. He’s obsessed with keeping you celibate.”

“So I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble. I never thought I’d meet someone like you.” Luci started eating his grilled chicken, but kept looking back into Tooth’s eyes.

Tooth squeezed his burger tight and removed the toothpick. “I promised myself not to do this again, but you’re already under my skin,” said Tooth, hiding behind the burger.

“To never date again?” Luci poked him with his foot under the table.

Tooth chuckled. “More or less.” He stuffed his mouth with a huge bite of the burger, but even as taste exploded in his mouth, it was all muted by Luci’s closeness. He’d never expected to be in this kind of situation again.

“I kinda worried you’d only want to keep things casual.”

Tooth shook his head. “It’s been years since I last made that mistake, and I’m a bit smarter now.”

“One man kinda guy?”

Tooth smiled. He never hooked up all that often, usually once a week, and he really doubted he’d miss that when he’d have someone as hot as Luci in his bed every night. “You could say that.”

I know I’m not looking for more than one person.” Luci’s voice got more quiet, and he chewed his food for a longer while before speaking again. “I’ve always dreamed of a real connection with someone. So I wouldn’t be alone anymore.”

Tooth looked him in the eyes, wondering about this hopelessly romantic statement. What was he to say? “We’ll have to work on your dad in the future.”

“And he doesn’t know about you, does he? He wouldn’t put me in your room otherwise.”

Tooth shook his head. “None of the guys know about me. It’s just you. It kind of feels nice to have someone know about it at home.”

“Now I know how you must have felt when the Nails took you in.” Luci took a deep breath.

Tooth drank some coffee. “In what sense?”

The boy ate some more of his veggies without looking up. “That you have a home.”

Tooth bit his lip. “I guess... do you feel more at home now?”

“You’re my home now.” Luci poked Tooth’s foot and laughed nervously. “Is this creepy? Am I too intense?”

This was just too sweet, and Tooth couldn’t help but think of poor Tracy, who refused to agree to Tooth’s proposition back then. Would they still be together if Tracy hadn’t died? He would never know, but Luci was here, hungry for all Tooth was offering and more. They could have their home in the room that even with the two of them and the cat felt cozy rather than cramped.

Tooth shook his head, and it was all that was needed to brighten the smile on Lucifer’s face. The conversation drifted off from its intensity to pleasant chatter of what cat food to buy for Manson and what concert they would go to next. Tooth found nothing more relaxing than spending time with Luci. After all the boy had been through in life, he still kept a positive outlook on things. Tooth was sure that someone like Luci could create the perfect home to come back to after a hard night out or when someone died.




It was a shame to leave the movie theater they went to after the meal. It was like a real date, and it made Tooth feel amazing to spend his day off duty with his beautiful boy. They watched a horror movie about possession, and Luci spent most of the screening holding Tooth’s hand, hiding under Tooth’s arm, or kissing Tooth for that matter. It raised their adrenaline levels, and Tooth was sorry this was a school night. He would have given a lot to take Luci out somewhere else as well, maybe go for a walk, but he couldn’t put Luci’s education at risk.

When they stopped in a secluded spot by the school, Luci took off his helmet, but wouldn’t budge off the bike, joking around with Tooth. There was still half an hour left, so Tooth didn’t mind and got off the bike to sit on a low stone fence by the road. “When do you want me to pick you up?”

Luci stiffened and licked his lips. “Toooth?”

There it was again, that pleading stare of an angel struck from heaven and lost between brutes. After that first day, Tooth didn’t budge the other times when Milk took Luci to school, and as much as he didn’t want to spoil this perfect day, he didn’t want to let Luci ruin his own life.

“What is it?”

“I was kinda thinking… We’re having so much fun today. Why don’t we crash at some motel, so no one interrupts us? We could order some nice food, I’d do your hair.” Luci smiled, playing around with his helmet.

Tooth sighed and tugged at his beard. “Luci, it’s only your second week of school, and you already missed the first day. We can do that another time, huh?” he asked, gently petting Luci’s back.

“I don’t know… maybe I shouldn’t do barbering after all.” Luci took a deep breath, never looking up. It was ridiculous, since it was all the boy talked about half the time.

Tooth sighed and pulled away from him with a shake of his head. “I don’t get it. You’re smart enough to follow the classes and graduate, so what’s the problem? Is someone mean to you?”

Luci groaned and got off the fence. “Okay, okay, I’m going.”

Tooth frowned and got to his feet, taking hold of Luci’s hand. The abrupt surrender was so startling it made his insides freeze. “Why won’t you tell me? I can see you’re upset.”

Luci raised his eyebrows and laughed. “What? I’m not. I was just hoping for something better than school. Your loss.” He showed Tooth the middle finger with a smirk and walked off toward the gates.

“Okay, see you,” said Tooth so flatly he noticed it himself. He wasn’t about to let this go. Something was off, and he could smell it.

He thought about driving off, but then an impulse made him follow Luci. The boy passed the gate and walked straight for the school. There weren’t many people here, and Luci didn’t look around, but Tooth still kept his distance, just in case. The corridor Luci turned into was unusually dim, which was suspicious already, but hearing him go up some stairs, to the first floor where no lights were on, was even weirder. Tooth waited a while before following him again, so he wouldn’t be spotted, then quietly made his way up.

Step by step, he placed his feet in the most careful way possible only to ascend one stair at a time. Even with his heavy boots, he could walk quietly enough to remain undetected. While it took a lot of time and care, he eventually reached the top of the stairs and peeked out into the dark corridor. There was no one there, but far away, probably behind the corner, he heard the sound of a lighter clicking. Luci didn’t generally smoke, but Tooth had caught him a few times. Mostly after he’d had an argument with Dolly.

Tooth sighed, bumping his head against the wall and quietly made his way to Luci. Had he been fooling Milk like this as well? Anger was bubbling up in his throat, and all he wanted was to confront Luci about all this. How were they supposed to be a couple if Luci kept lying to him about the smallest things?

And there he was. Barely visible in the darkness, but Tooth could clearly see the little orange light burning at the end of a cigarette. Luci had to be sitting on the floor by the lockers.

He walked out into the corridor. “Lucifer.”

There was a panicked rustling, and Luci put out the cigarette on the floor. But he must have known there was nowhere to run because he didn’t move from his spot. “What?” he hissed in the end.

Tooth stuffed his hands down his pockets and walked over, doing his best to hold his anger in check. He couldn’t believe Luci was throwing away this opportunity. “You know what.”

There was a long, irritated sigh. “Were you following me?” Luci was clearly dodging the real topic.

“Why did you lie to me again?” asked Tooth, completely ignoring the question. He stepped closer, and raised his cell phone to shed some light on that little lying face.

“Hey!” Luci hissed at him and hid his eyes with his hand. “I just… just… it’s not a big deal.”

Tooth hissed air out through his teeth. “I can see you’re fucking scared of something, and I’m fed up with you throwing your life away because of it. You’re okay with giving me your cherry, but you can’t tell me what’s going on? What the fuck is this about? What are you keeping from me?”

The corridor went so silent it felt like a movie set from the horror flick they’d seen today. “Promise you won’t tell Priest?” Luci finally whispered and lit his cigarette again, illuminating his face for a second.

Tooth blinked, taken aback. This had to be a huge deal, but surely not one he couldn’t handle himself. “Yeah...”

“I met someone here.” Luci took a deep swig of smoke, but the way his fingers trembled betrayed his nerves.

Tooth swallowed, but slowly placed his hand on Luci’s shoulder. In the faint light of the cigarette, Luci’s face looked like smeared with dirt that just wouldn’t go away.

“Fuck. I really wanted to leave this behind.” Luci rubbed his face. “How do I even say it? Gah…”

They were getting nowhere.

Tooth took a deep breath and slowly kneeled in front of Luci, sliding his fingers down Luci’s arms to squeeze his cold hands. “Just tell me.”

Luci finally looked up at him. “I was molested, okay? It’s stupid. It was long ago,” he said at the speed of a machine gun, and Tooth’s stomach plummeted even quicker. His arms tingled, suddenly weak as he looked through the darkness at the one person he’d do everything to protect.


“I never told anyone…”

Tooth bit his lip, trying to make sense of the chaos in his head. “But... when?”

“I was, I dunno, eleven? Twelve? And my teacher caught me with this gay magazine. I was only realizing I was gay then.” Luci put out his cigarette on the floor again. “I panicked when he said he’d tell my mom. My mom was always so fragile and sad, and the last thing I wanted was to cause her stress.”

It was all too much. Tooth pulled Luci close, cradling his face against his neck. His heart was threatening to explode. “I’m so sorry,” he muttered.

Luci’s arms wrapped around Tooth’s chest and despite the firm muscle Luci had in his slim body, he seemed as frail as a newborn kitten. “He only, like, touched me at first, but he must have known I only had my mom, and it got worse. He told me to undress, he’d take me downstairs to the school basement, so no one would find us,” Luci’s voice was on the verge of breaking, and so was Tooth’s heart.

He had no idea how to deal with this, but his hands wanted to squeeze, arms stiffened, ready to rip and punch. His dental forceps burned him through the clothes. Breathless, he nodded, holding Luci close. Was this guy in the building? Right under Tooth’s nose?

“He would turn on this yellow light, to see me clearly and told me to touch myself in all sorts of ways. He made me finger myself and took photos. When I think those photos are out there somewhere, I just wanna die. That’s why I try not to think of it.” Luci hugged Tooth tighter and let out a barely audible sob.

This guy would burn. He would scream into a bloodied gag, faint from the pain, only to be tortured again.

Tooth took a deep breath and pulled Luci off the floor and deeper into his arms, hugging him tight. “Sweetie, I’m so sorry.”

“He did it for years, and it only got worse. When I found my mom dead, I had no more reason to stay. I ran and never looked back. I wanna puke even thinking of his filthy spunk on me.” Luci sniffed and clenched his hands on the back of Tooth’s cut.

A shudder ran through Tooth’s body. “And he’s here? In this school?”

Luci nodded into Tooth’s neck and whispered a tiny ‘yes’. “I met him on the first day. It’s why I ran away. I didn’t know what to do. He told me he’d send the photos to the club. But I promised you not to run away again… I’m so scared.” The last words were barely audible through the sob, Luci a trembling mess in Tooth’s arms.

Luci, look at me,” asked Tooth, gently pulling up Lucifer’s chin. His eyes were adjusting to the darkness, so he could clearly see the big eyes glistening when Luci looked up.

His boy was so scared, so vulnerable. Tooth just couldn’t leave it like that. And this thought alone made his anger lower to a simmer. Meat was best when slow-cooked. “Don’t be afraid. I promise you that you’ll never see him again after next week.”

“Tooth, please don’t tell anyone about it. I wanna leave it all behind.” Luci swallowed and clenched his fingers on Tooth’s forearms.

“And I’ll help you do that,” whispered Tooth, gently petting Luci’s hair. “I’ll make sure he never sets foot again in this school. Would you go to your classes then?”

Luci nodded vigorously and rubbed his eyes. “I wanna do the classes, I wanna do the barber school.”

A heavy weight dropped from Tooth’s heart, ready to squash the balls of the teacher who hurt Luci. “I know, baby. You’re a smart boy.”

“I didn’t want to tell you. It’s like a layer of dirt on my skin I can’t wash off no matter how hard I try.” Luci licked his lips and pushed his face against Tooth’s neck.

“Don’t say that,” whispered Tooth, burying his face in Luci’s soft hair. He’d scrape that ‘dirt’ off with the teacher’s blood if necessary. “You’re all soft and clean.”

It squeezed a tiny chuckle out of Luci. The sound was like soothing balm on Tooth’s heart. The boy was such a survivor, carrying yet another layer of scars in him but never losing hope for the future.

“I’m not ‘soft’. You make it sound like I’m pudgy.”

Tooth let out a laugh and pulled away just enough to start pressing small kisses all over Luci’s face. He needed to reassure him that everything was all right. “No, I meant your skin and hair.”

Luci took a deep breath, looking up at Tooth. “I never thought I’d tell anyone about this. You make me feel safe, Tooth.”

It was the best compliment a man could get from his lover, and Tooth couldn’t help but smile at Luci despite the horrible shadow behind it all. One Tooth would erase from the face of the Earth. “You don’t need to have any secrets. I will do what it takes to deal with them.”

“I don’t want to be a burden for you. It seems like I keep bringing problems to your doorstep since you took me in. I’m like this cat, bringing you dead mice.”

Tooth smirked, stroking Luci’s face. “I can deal with that as long as I get to keep you.”

Luci smiled back at him and turned his head to nuzzle Tooth’s hand. “Meow.”

Tooth kissed the top of Luci’s head. “Lucky. That’s a good name for you,” he whispered, knowing he’d have a lot of preparation do to in the next few days. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt his little kitten.


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