Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 24

The morning brought peace to Tooth. He finished burying the body just as the birds were starting to sing in earnest. It had been a tough night, but it brought some closure to his heart. As he slowly walked back to where he had left the car, his mind was flooded with a pleasant buzz. Strolling over the fallen leaves, he enjoyed the sounds of the forest, the rhythmic drumming made by a woodpecker, bird cries, squirrels running around in search of food. His mind was at peace now that he at least knew what had happened to Tracy. But that didn’t mean things were over. Who knew if Luci would still be alive if they hadn’t taken him in when they had. He didn’t want to scare the boy, but from now on, he’d have to be watched at all times. At least until Tooth put his hands on Rick and broke his neck. It was nauseating to think just how close Luci had been to losing his life.

He opened a can of coffee and pulled a sandwich out of his bag. Harlow would never hurt another boy. Rick was next. A deep-seated sense of justice settled in Tooth’s gut with each bite of the sandwich. He would deal with this quickly, without police involvement. Those bastards didn’t deserve the courtesy of a warm cell and prison food.

As he washed his whole body in the icy-cold water he’d brought in two huge bottles, he couldn’t help but wonder what the odds were of him being so deeply involved with two boys targeted by the same gang of organ snatchers. Close to none, but it was happening nevertheless. He wanted to howl in frustration. But even knowing that Rick, and whoever else was participating in this, were out there, alive and well, he couldn’t bring himself to hope for anything else than kissing Luci and seeing the boy was safe at their headquarters.

Getting into the car and starting the motor was like a warm blanket on Tooth’s nerves. He couldn’t wait to see Luci’s sweet, smiling face and tell him the demon hovering over him was gone. Tooth would never be able to erase the abuse his beautiful boy had to suffer through, but he could get rid of one more thing that haunted Luci—get rid of the photos. Harlow had confessed to only having hard copies for security reasons. And as much as Tooth didn’t want to see any of them, he would have to.

He stopped at a retail park on the way to buy new clothes. In the cheap hoodie, a pair of jeans that was too big for him, a baseball cap and a striped bandana, he returned to the car and headed straight to Detroit, determined to not leave the car until he got the job done. The warm coffee purchased at a fast-food place in the retail park did its job of keeping him aware of the road. He couldn’t afford a good night’s sleep just yet, not until he could cradle Luci in his arms.

Harlow’s home looked just as he described. A two story house with a balcony in a secluded area. No neighbors, just a crumbling house down the road and hundreds of yellow leaves dancing along the street. Tooth entered through the back door, using a key hidden in the seat of a rusted bike in the garden. Being here was the last thing he wanted, but he wouldn’t expose Luci to having photos of his ordeal revealed, even if only to the police. The police would find them once someone realized Harlow was gone and his house would be searched to find any clues. The police would then seek the boys in the pictures, question their relatives, but they wouldn’t find anything on Luci, and the case would remain unsolved. There would be no body, he’d made sure to cover his tracks well enough, and had covered himself up not to leave any traces of his presence in the house, which was as tidy as he had expected.

What struck Tooth from the moment he entered was the number of new gadgets, which included a state-of-the-art sound system with large speakers and an extensive collection of music in all formats one could imagine. Who knew the vermin was an audiophile. Tooth couldn’t help but look through all the merchandise. He was no expert, but some of the things he found in the living room, a few of them in display cases made of thick glass, looked like expensive collector’s items. Nausea rose in Tooth’s throat, and he wanted to kill Harlow all over again. So this was what he killed all those people for without any guilt? Elvis’s comb? A fucking magazine from the 1920s? Tooth was no angel himself, but he never killed anyone just for monetary gain. It seemed like such a waste of life.

He looked into the kitchen and scowled at the brand-new stove, at the expensive Japanese kitchen knives, and a trendy smoothie maker. A teacher could have never afforded all this without an extra source of income. Tooth swallowed as he looked at the damn Kitchen Aid mixer and re-imagined it as One-Eyed Betty’s eyeball. How much were organs worth on the black market anyway? Would Luci’s heart be worth enough to get Harlow a new car from his commission? Tooth would have spat on the pristine floor if it didn’t mean leaving his DNA in this shithole.

His next step was up the old, creaking stairs and into Harlow’s bedroom. According to his confession, the photos were hidden in the closet, behind a fake wall. Tooth planned to leave it open. When the cops found evidence of who Harlow actually was, he was sure they wouldn’t be all that eager to find the fucker’s body.

His stomach plummeted when he saw a framed picture of a young blond model with long hair, as for a horrible moment his mind let him to think it was Luci. But no, it was just some underwear ad hanging above the bed. Having swallowed his anger to acceptable levels, Tooth walked through the modern bedroom, with a wide bed that no doubt sometimes hosted Harlow’s sick masturbatory sessions. He looked away and went straight for the closet. The hideout was hidden quite well, but knowing it was there allowed Tooth to find it easily. He faced shelves of thick photo albums ordered by year, and it took him much longer than he would have wished to find the right time frame.

Even looking inside had him feeling like a deviant. So many boys. All of them young, or at least far too young looking to be able to get a beer on their own. He sought the familiar face, but when he found it, his mind didn’t want to believe it was there. There were three photo albums with Luci alone. Tooth hated looking through them and wished he wouldn’t have to, but he could leave no photos behind. The photographed scenes were utter filth, nauseating Tooth in a way the sight of Harlow’s cut-off ears never could. But no matter what depraved act Harlow had forced Luci to perform, one thing was constant—the boy’s big blue eyes always spoke of such depth of sadness Tooth hardly believed anyone could get dipped in it and survive. He packed the albums into a paper bag he had on himself and only left after making sure there was no trace of Luci in the other albums. The latest one, still in progress, had him almost run back to the woods and uncover the body only to piss on it. It seemed that Harlow’s fantasies had progressed over the years to something much more sinister. Tooth could only hope the boys in them were still alive and well.

He left the house with a heavy heart, eager to get rid of the albums as soon as possible. He drove to an abandoned factory and burned them all in a trash can along with his brand-new clothes, watching the flames until all that remained was ash and scraps of burnt plastic. Only then he could drive home and face his lover.

It was already afternoon, and he wasn’t sure what to think about the sight heencountered in the garage. Luci was on his knees, whistling as he washed each visible part of Tooth’s bike. Priest and Bell stood behind him, smoking cigarettes with grim expressions that told Tooth nothing. It was a stomach-churning sight.

“That’s a surprise,” Tooth said cheerfully.

Luci looked up with that bright smile that in no way reminded Tooth of the sad-eyed boy in the burnt photos. “You’re back!”

“You let him do your bike?” Priest eyed Tooth with a suspicious glare.

Tooth sighed and rolled his head to untangle the stiff muscles. Watching Luci handle his bike was as intimate as letting him handle his dick. Yeah, he wanted him to polish the bike.

“I let him groom my beard, don’t I? Why not the bike?” he asked, strolling over to Luci. He rustled his hair with a small smile, already appreciating the job well done. “Good job, kiddo.”

Tooth didn’t miss the little sneer on Bell’s face, but instead of a comment, Bell took a big swig of smoke.

“I just wanted to make sure you really did let him do it.”

“I told you so,” Luci moaned at his dad, standing even closer to Tooth.

“Yeah, but it didn’t seem very probable.” Priest shook his head.

Tooth smiled at Priest and hit his arm with a fist. “Your boy’s no liar.”

Only now that it was all over fatigue was getting to him. All he wanted was rest and Luci in his arms.

Luci snorted and put one of his hands up with the other over his heart. “All truth and only truth. Scout’s honor.”

Bell laughed so hard he choked on smoke.

Tooth sighed. “Okay, Brothers, I’ve been up all night. Time to bed.”

Luci’s smile widened and he washed his hands with wet wipes.

Priest finished his last drag of the cigarette and squinted at Luci. “Why are you so happy? It’s not like you’re going there with him. I still remember what you told me about Tooth.”

Tooth turned on his heel, instantly hyperaware of his surroundings. Would he have to fight again, a worthy opponent this time? His eyes darted to the frown on Bell’s face. “What did he tell you, prez?”

“Oh jeez, dad, stop it,” Luci hid his face in his hands.

Priest poked Luci’s elbow. “He told me you look like a ‘sexy murderer’.”

Tooth howled inside. Luci needed to shut his pretty mouth. But he grinned and gently slapped the boy’s shoulder. “Oh, did he? Sounds about right.”

Bell groaned. “Jesus Christ. Get out of here.”

“I’m just saying Luci needs to get his priorities right,” Priest said. “Finish school and look for some proper man. We could use some fancy shmancy lawyer tied into our family.”

As if Luci could be happy with a guy like that. Tooth rolled his eyes and started a slow walk toward the building his room was in. He hoped Luci would follow. “Later.”

Bell’s groan made him smile. “Dad, weren’t we going to Don’s?”

Tooth didn’t hear the answer, too focused on the combat boots stomping behind him. They got to the clubhouse in silence.

As much as he wanted to grab Luci now, he climbed up the stairs and walked all the way to their room without looking back at him. He couldn’t risk it now with Priest suspicious of Luci’s intentions. But he could sense that blue gaze all over him, sweet and warm.

Tooth only looked back at Luci when the lock to their love nest clicked. The blue eyes were big and expectant. He smiled.

“It’s over,” said Tooth and pulled a small metal box out of the inner pocket of his jacket. It rattled as he handed it over to Luci. The silence made his knees weaken.

Luci took it from him and opened it in a silence that made each of the rattling teeth sound like elephant steps in a museum. Bile rose to Tooth’s throat when he noticed tears forming in Luci’s eyes. Was this a bad idea? Should he have not brought them? He’d washed them to make sure there was no blood that could make Luci queasy. There was also a polaroid picture of Harlow’s face. Washed clear of blood but bruised. It had been a struggle to make him smile with the puffy mouth closed, but Tooth had made it happen.

Luci put a hand over his mouth and tears spilled down his cheeks as his shoulders shook with sobs, preventing him from speaking clearly. “This is the… best thing… anyone… has ever given me.”

Relief was so sudden Tooth slumped against the wall. He swallowed. “It is?”

“I hated him so much,” Luci whispered with the box trembling along with his fingers. “Every time I have a nightmare, I can now wake up and remember he’s gone.”

Tooth stepped closer and pulled the boy into his arms, breathing in the sweet almond scent of his hair. “No one’s gonna hurt you,” he whispered, squeezing Luci tight and listening to the beat of his precious heart. Tooth would never allow for it to become someone’s merchandise.

Luci wiped his eyes with a sniff. “You must be tired. I’ll take care of you.” He meticulously closed the box and put it away. The words were followed by a kiss and warm hands sliding up Tooth’s sides.

It was like a soothing balm on Tooth’s aching muscles. His nose and lips quickly found that smooth, lovely skin behind Luci’s ear. “I probably stink.”

“I’ll run you a bath.” Luci smiled and kissed him once more before skittering off to the bathroom.

Tooth noticed the room was spotless and smelled of fresh linen. All his shoes were polished on their respective shelves. He shook his head in amazement. Was Luci worried about him? “Wow, my room looks more respectable than ever.”

It’s not gonna look respectful anymore when you’re ready to go to bed.” Luci laughed from the bathroom as he turned on the water. He took off his hoodie, presenting the Motörhead T-shirt Tooth got him at the concert they went to together. “I think I kinda went overboard with the cleaning. It kept me occupied.”

“But you did get some sleep, right?” Tooth took off his shirt and collected a fresh pair of jeans as he approached the bathroom.

Yes, I’m fine. It’s not me who had to deal with that piece of shit.” Luci bent over the bathtub and as the fabric on his back slid up the skin, Tooth saw skin tape over the tattoo he loathed so much, the ‘Drive-In’ sign on Luci’s lower back. It reminded him of the one time he’d put tape over it to teach the boy a lesson, but now seeing the tattoo hidden made him realize he’d made Luci self-conscious for no reason. Who the fuck cared what tattoos he had?

Tooth rushed to join Luci in the bathroom and gently brushed his fingers over the tape. “Why?”

“Hm?” Luci straightened up. “Oh, this… I remembered you didn’t like it. I don’t want you to think I’m gross.”

A sinking feeling downed Tooth’s stomach. “No... I’d never think that. You’re... you’re like a dream,” he finished flatly, disturbed that he couldn’t find any better words than this cheese.

“A dream with a tramp stamp.” Luci pouted and didn’t look up at Tooth. “I was a different person when I got it.”

Tooth ripped the tape off with a huff and compressed it into a tight ball. “Stop it. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Ow! That hurt!” Luci slapped Tooth’s bicep, but finally smiled again. “You don’t mind it?”

Tooth shook his head and gave Luci a gentle kiss while unbuttoning his pants. He wanted to get it over with the bath already. Luci sucked on his bottom lip for a dick-hardening moment, but then turned around and poured some peppermint bath oil into the water. Since he began living here, there were a lot more products like these around, and Tooth found he didn’t mind in the slightest.

“I got rid of the photos too. They’re all burnt,” he whispered, wanting to make sure Luci felt completely safe.

Luci exhaled loudly. “But you did everything safely, right? It won’t get tracked back to you?”

“No, we’re safe.” Tooth kissed Luci’s nape and shed his clothes, already getting into the tub.

Luci pulled a little stool behind the head of the bath and gestured for Tooth to get in. “I’ll give you a massage.”

Tooth smiled at him and slowly sank into the pleasant, minty-smelling water. The warmth unknotted his aching muscles, and he leaned back, giving himself into Luci’s care. “I’ve missed you.”

The soft, warm fingers explored his shoulders and nape, before massaging his head and even forehead. “I missed you too. It was different than when you go with the Nails.”

“Yeah, they have my back. But it’s all right now. No one’s gonna find what’s left of that piece of shit.” Tooth leaned his head to the side and kissed Luci’s hand.

Luci poured water over Tooth’s hair in a well known ritual that always helped Tooth unwind. “You will have the best night. I will show you how much I care, how good I can be for you,” Luci’s sensual whisper curled around Tooth’s ear.

Tooth chuckled, surprised by this declaration. “I already know that. You know I’d go after this bastard one way or another, yeah?”

“I know. I just want you to know how much it means to me. I don’t want you to think I used you for this.” The slim fingers moved up Tooth’s neck.

Tooth gasped and closed his eyes, enjoying the touch. “I know you’re not like that.”

Luci pressed a kiss to Tooth’s hair. Having Luci take care of him like that was like being touched by an angel, taken to heaven with each gentle brush of fingertips. Tooth got to soak in the peppermint oils, got massaged, and had his hair and beard washed. It was so refreshing that he wasn’t even that sleepy anymore. He could do one more thing before falling asleep.

He dried himself off and slipped on the low-rise jeans without any underwear underneath. At thirty-two, he was in the prime of his life, and nothing accentuated his body better than denim worn over bare skin.

In the room, Luci had pulled the chair from the desk and put it beside the bed. “I think you deserve to relax,” he said with a mischievous smile and ran his hands down Tooth’s chest, stopping only an inch above the hips.

Tooth blinked but bit his lip, curious what this little devil had in store for him. “Do I?”

Oh yeah. Have a seat. I always wanted to do this.” He wiggled his eyebrows and took off his T-shirt in one smooth move.

Tooth stared at him, eager to touch those pink nipples, but he obeyed and relaxed in the chair with a pleasant tingle in his spine. Would Luci strip for him?

I’d always had to do it to some pop, but I really wanted to do this.” Luci stepped up to his laptop and pushed a button on the keyboard. Music instantly seeped through the speakers. It was a blessing to have good ones since they started having sex and needed to muffle the noise.

Tooth knew the song all too well. “Closer” by the Nine Inch Nails. The rhythmic sound of push and pull filled Tooth’s senses with images of Luci grabbing his arms as they fucked. He could smell him, taste his sweat. But the image he was actually seeing was so much more powerful.

Luci got down on his knees and approached Tooth in a cat-like gait, with his beautiful, dark blond hair so long it dragged over the floor. His moves went well with the slow rhythm of the music, each beat pronounced by a stir of his hips. Had he actually rehearsed this?

Tooth took a trembling breath and leaned back, spreading his thighs farther apart in invitation. It was like watching a tiger approach you: beautiful but holding your life in its claws.

The way the tattooed demon wings moved on Luci’s shoulder blades made for a sin in itself. When his head reached between Tooth’s thighs, he pushed back his hair and looked up to Tooth with such intent that for a moment Tooth wasn’t sure what would happen. The loud music surrounded them like a cocoon, pulsing just like his dick began to when Luci licked up the zipper at the front of Tooth’s pants.

Despite all his experience, Tooth trembled, letting out a whine so high he was grateful for the overwhelming sounds that probably swallowed the pitiful noise. He was so ready for anything Luci had in store for him. He reached out to stroke the boy’s head, gently pulling on the silky strands. Luci didn’t open Tooth’s fly though. His tongue trailed up Tooth’s stomach and he effortlessly got up, rocking his hips to the rhythm of the music until his lips reached Tooth’s. As they kissed, Luci lifted his leg over Tooth’s thigh and sat there, rocking his ass into Tooth’s leg like a bitch in heat. It was only fitting to the dark, erotic lyrics of the song.

Oh, god, his boy was gonna give him a lapdance. The sheer thought made Tooth shudder, and he grabbed that pert ass, massaging Luci’s flesh like fresh dough. The fair hair covered their faces as the kiss continued, getting bolder and more intense. He was close to sucking those lovely lips.

But then Luci pulled away. “Hands to yourself”,” he said into Tooth’s lips with a wicked grin and pulled away. He forced Tooth’s thighs closer to each other when he crossed his other leg over Tooth’s and as he held onto Tooth’s shoulder with one hand, he began a slow lean back. With every strong beat of the baseline, Tooth got a show of Luci’s stomach muscles twitching, dancing and coercing him into breaking the order Luci had given him.

It was a tough call, but Tooth clenched his hands on the sides of the seat, fascinated with each bit of skin on show. “Amazing.”

He flinched, almost breaking his resolve again, when Luci let go of his shoulder. For a second he thought Luci was falling, but then both of Luci’s hands were steady on the carpet. His chest and stomach formed the perfect arch, and he hooked his feet under the chair in some way that allowed him to steadily rock his hips. Lucifer grinded his tense ass into Tooth’s cock, only to pull up his hips, and then back down again. The pink nipples on his chest were erect, and Tooth could admire the bulge in Luci’s tight skinny jeans. Oh, how he wanted to suck it into his mouth and make his boy come. He’d keep him safe and kill anyone who was out to get him. There would be no mercy. He felt almost as thirsty for the opportunity to touch as when he had been a kid and had no money for sweets. He’d stolen them more than once.

When Tooth thought the steady awakening of his dick couldn’t get any better, Lucifer raised his legs and hooked them on Tooth’s shoulders, still rhythmically grinding, but now into Tooth’s stomach. He could actually feel the pressure of Luci’s balls through the fabric. God, them too he would lap all over, then cradle them in his hand, pulling on the supple skin. He needed this beautiful boy as close to him as possible. And seeing him like this was making him burn like a furnace.

Luci slid off Tooth’s body and to the carpet like a snake, yet still teased Tooth’s cock with his foot as he did so. Hair was slightly obscuring his reddened face but he rolled over to his stomach and rose to his knees. He spread his thighs wide and rocked his hips back and forth. His little ass was so perfectly rounded Tooth longed to bury his face in it, stroke his cock along the cleft, push his fingers inside and make Luci come with just that. His cock was so hard it was becoming painful.

Even through the music Tooth heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down, and seconds later Luci hooked his thumbs on the sides of his jeans and rhythmically pulled the pants down to his knees, presenting Tooth with an ass clad in just a pair of tight white boxer briefs. Lucifer rarely wore white so he had to have done it for this occasion in particular. And Tooth could guess why. It was hard to tear his gaze away from the crack slightly visible through the fabric.

He leaned forward, hypnotized by the vertical shade. He knew so well how warm this ass was inside, how snug and welcoming. His cheeks went aflame, and he slowly moved his fingers lower to unzip his own jeans. Just in time to see Luci roll around and raise up his legs, presenting his ass from a different angle. The jeans went off completely in one swift move and Luci spread his now free legs to the sides. His erection was so prominent in the tight white pants that Tooth was left to salivate over the scorching heat in front of him. The song was getting him into the proper mood for fucking.

“Now?” he muttered, slowly sliding off the chair, his muscles tight and ready.

“No.” Luci laughed hoarsely, as he rocked his sensuous hips in front of Tooth. “I’ll tell you when,” he said and sat up only to kneel with his face to Tooth.

Tooth let out a long breath but stayed in the chair, all hot. He couldn’t remember ever being this aroused. He was usually the one to make the rules, but obeying did seem to have its perks. “You’ll make me come in my pants.”

Luci approached him on all fours, and Tooth’s thighs spread of their own accord. When Tooth was almost sure he was getting a blow job, Luci put his head down on the floor and pushed his feet off the ground, up into the air in front of Tooth. For a second, he stood on his hands, with his ass and thighs so tense they trembled in front of Tooth. Luci slowly moved his legs toward Tooth, all the way until they landed on his thighs. After that feat, Lucifer pulled himself up with ease, still rocking into Tooth’s erection, his reddened face just an inch away from Tooth’s, hands on Tooth’s shoulders. Luci’s legs were spread open and wrapped around Tooth’s hips. As the rhythm at the end of the song sped up, so did Luci’s ass, teasing Tooth’s cock like never before. He felt every brush of that dick against his stomach, every rub against his crotch.

Lucifer wrapped his arms around Tooth’s neck and leaned forward, panting into his lips. “Now,” he whispered in the seconds of silence between songs.

Tooth felt as if his body was preparing for launch. Three. Two. One. He pulled the boy hard against his chest and carried him to the bed. He spread all those flexible limbs on the edge of the mattress, rubbing his crotch against the soft tightie whities, his palms immediately running up Luci’s hands to trap them above his head. The heat between them was scorching the surface of Tooth’s skin as he ground his hips over and over against Luci’s balls and the cock Tooth had been dreaming about earlier, their lips locked in a bruising kiss.

There was just no way he could stand it any longer. Pulling Luci even closer, Tooth blindly reached to the nightstand, brushing his hand back and forth over the wooden surface until he found the handle and pulled. At least the lube was easy to find. He uncapped it and squeezed out so much of it some spilled on his wrist. All this with one hand because he held Luci’s hands with the other. His eyes were blind with desire, showing him a world of colorful shapes dancing all around Luci’s reddened face as Tooth pulled back.

“I’m gonna have you now.”

“Oh yeah… pull my pants down, fuck me hard,” those innocent looking lips pleaded, but Tooth knew all too well that there was a dirty mind inside this pristine, fragrant body.

Tooth growled, the sound coming from deep within his chest. He pulled on the soft cotton, brutally yanking it down Luci’s thighs. The pull in his balls was like a gun to his head. He needed to be inside Luci. It felt as if he’d die if he couldn’t bury himself deep between those smooth buttocks.

“I’ll keep you with me forever,” he whispered, pushing two fingers into Luci’s ass.

Luci whimpered, but only clenched that tight ass over the fingers. “Like that… oh fuck.” Luci’s nipples rubbed against Tooth’s chest, and Tooth only tightened the hold he had on Luci’s wrists. He pushed his fingers in and out. He was rough, all the time watching the blush blooming all over Luci’s face and chest.

“You want my cock now?” he rasped, pushing the digits up to the knuckle. He already felt as if he had taken Lucifer.

“Yes, yes please, please.” His hips wouldn’t stop stirring as he looked into Tooth’s eyes with his lips quivering. It made Tooth regret that he had to choose which hole to fill with his cock. But he’d take this soft mouth with his tongue anyway.

Squeezing his hand hard on Luci’s wrists, Tooth pulled his fingers out of the welcoming warmth and pulled the briefs all the way down one of Luci’s legs, letting them dangle off the other as he pressed close. He bent his lover in two as his cock found its mark and sank in. The tight, wonderfully slick insides of Luci’s ass squeezed all of Tooth in an iron grip and refused to let go. He groaned, pinning the boy under him as his balls slapped against Luci’s buttocks.

Luci let out a sharp moan into Tooth’s mouth, but his legs wrapped around Tooth’s midsection. The heat inside was like heaven. A tight, tense hole ready for his spunk, but also a boy he could really see his future with. A boy who would give him a fucking lapdance to Nine Inch Nails. Where else would he get that?

Tooth arched his back and bit into Luci’s cheek, tasting his salty sweat and the gentle scratch of the invisible stubble. “So perfect,” he whispered as he sharply moved his hips back only to slam in with the same strength.

“Oh, God! So hard…” Luci’s smaller body trembled under Tooth, completely open to him. “I can take you, Jason. All of you.” His breath hitched with every word.

Tooth stilled over him, buried balls-deep in the quivering hole. His mind became completely blank as he stared into the blue eyes below. His heart was drumming so hard he could hardly breathe. His name. It had been years since anyone called him that in a private setting.

Luci let out nasal moans even without Tooth actually moving. “All of you, Jason,” he repeated in a whisper, never blinking, and with his lips parted, ready for another kiss.

Tooth felt as if his chest was opening, ready to swallow Luci and bury him inside, in the safety of Tooth’s ribs. He leaned down, letting go of Luci’s wrists and pushing his hands on the boy’s jaw. The kiss was long and sweet, Tooth’s cock pulsing furiously within the tight cavity of Luci’s body. “You’re so good to me...”

The nimble fingers slid into Tooth’s beard and Luci closed his eyes as they kissed. It was so different to be with him than with all the anonymous lovers. No longer a kaleidoscope of faces, only one beautiful boy, with a small nose, soft lips, and big blue eyes.

Tooth shuddered as he moved his cock out of Luci’s body, sucking on that sweet mouth with all he had. He’d never give that up. His skin was like a minefield, and each and every place on it could explode with sensation at any given moment. It was a feast of flesh, warmth, acceptance, the sheer joy of being so close together.

The kiss continued sweetly, a game of tongues and lips, Luci’s soft whimpers and moans. The thighs around Tooth were an ultimate embrace. He was overwhelmed by sensations that seemed to pierce his skin and penetrate his veins, going straight for the heart, Luci’s aroma ready to hijack Tooth’s brain. Tooth pushed back in, starting a powerful, intense rhythm. Each time he entered Luci it felt like coming home, like something he had lacked all that time when he denied himself anything more than sex.

With his hands free, Luci wrapped his arms around Tooth’s chest and clung to him. There was so much passion in each kiss and scratch Tooth would find it hard to withdraw even if the room were on fire. Luci’s tense thighs squeezed him, keeping him close. There could be no doubt about how much Tooth was wanted between those legs.

Completely overcome by the flood of emotion, Tooth held on to Luci hard enough to bruise, hammering into him harder and harder, with one foot on the floor for leverage as he completely let go. Luci’s moans and whimpers only fueled his arousal as the tight hole throbbed around his dick, so hot and inviting Tooth wanted to mark it with his come.

“Do me from behind,” moaned Luci into Tooth’s lips between one thrust and another. One of his arms pulled back, and he reached down between their bodies to his own cock.

The low growl that left Tooth’s throat was hard to recognize as his own, but he withdrew, pulling out his cock into the icy cold air. Luci was as easy to flip over as a puppet, and Tooth stuffed his smooth ass full of cock with a sigh of relief. When his balls hit Luci’s, his whole body became lax with a shock wave of pleasure.

“Oh, fuck... babe...” He leaned forward, rushing his hands up the tattooed back, all the way to Luci’s nape and shoulders, caressing the demon wings and brushing his stomach over the uncovered tramp stamp.

“Yeah, like that,” Luci groaned and arched his ass higher. “You’ve got stamina like an ox. I love it already.” He let out a raspy laugh and wiggled his hips, teasing Tooth.

Tooth grunted and forced back Luci’s arms. “Grab the opposite wrist,” he uttered, tirelessly fucking his lover with one hand on his nape, pressing down. The edges of his vision softened, all focus on each tiny imperfection on Luci’s skin. Each one was sweeter than the other, and Tooth wanted to kiss them all. He leaned down and closed his mouth over a small birthmark on Lucifer’s shoulder, giving up deeper penetration just to have his fill of the fresh sweat.

Oh fuck, oh fuck.” Lucifer panted and did as he was told. He even spread his thighs more for better access. The muscles of his arms were tense and visibly strained. Tooth couldn’t help a tingle of satisfaction at the thought that Luci chose to trust him with this. Out of all the men Luci met on the way, he chose Tooth to be the first person he’d give consent for penetration. That sweet ass was so snug it felt as if it was made for Tooth’s dick, for clenching and throbbing around it.

Tooth slapped the side of Luci’s ass and pulled out only to slam his cock all the way back in. Holding on to his lover’s hand, he repeated the motion again and again, mesmerized by how relaxed Luci’s pucker was, eagerly letting him move in and out as he pleased. “You’re so beautiful.”

With a few more harsh thrusts, Luci’s whole body tensed, toes curling as the boy groaned his pleasure. The spasmodic clenching of Luci’s muscle around Tooth’s cock was the sign that he came. It was as if Luci’s ass was coaxing the spunk out of Tooth. The way he moaned his pleasure, sprinkling the sounds with profanities, was better than music.

Yeah,” uttered Tooth, climbing farther on Luci’s back and pushing him to lie flat on the mattress. Luci’s muscles shifted around Tooth’s cock in the most delicious way when the boy moved under him, spread face-down. With Luci still trembling, it was no problem at all to bend him like a doll.

Tooth spread his body all over him and pushed as deep as he could in this position, with his shins trapping Luci’s feet, hands entwining with Luci’s.

Luci clenched his fingers on Tooth’s as if he were hanging off the ledge on the tenth floor of a burning building. Tooth was actually surprised just how much strength those smaller hands had in them. “‘C’mon, fill me up. I want it all,” rasped Luci, his voice muffled by the bedding.

“It’s so good I don’t wanna finish yet,” whispered Tooth, lapping at the skin behind Luci’s ear as he moved against the boy, in and out of the velvet heat of his ass.

“Oh fuck. I could sleep with that dick inside of me.” Luci stirred, and wiggled, and squirmed under Tooth.

Tooth clenched his teeth, but his mind was already going into havoc, the pull of pleasure impossible to resist. He arched over Luci, holding onto him with all the strength he had as his cock pulsed with the spurts of come it was depositing deep inside Luci’s body.

“Oh yeah, that’s it… All of it…” Luci muttered, sounding a bit out of it.

Tooth gathered his head on his arm and turned it just enough so he could kiss the hot cheek, slowly getting down from his own high. “Hey, I’m here with you. You all right?”

“Perfect…” Luci opened his eyes slightly and looked at Tooth from under his sunshine colored lashes. “I love it when you pound me like that.”

“Please, tell me you’re gonna dance for me again,” uttered Tooth, hugging Luci with a small smile.

Luci licked his lips. “Definitely. It gets you the right temperature of horny.”

Tooth groaned and moved his hand down Luci’s side. “You always get me the right temperature of horny.”

Oh yeah? Watch out around my dad then.” Luci snorted, making slight circular moves with his ass under Tooth.

“It’s you who told him you find me hot,” said Tooth, very slowly pulling out of the hot sleeve around him.

Luci groaned and fell face-first into the bedding. “Jeez. He had to pull that one out. It was ages ago. I wouldn’t tell him that now.”

Tooth chuckled and moved to rest alongside Luci. He pulled the boy close and raised his knee, hooking it over his hip. “Sexy murderer? Really?”

Luci put his arm under Tooth’s. “You had this dangerous glint in your eye. I thought you looked like a sexy Blackbeard.”

And who are you then? Goldilocks?” He grinned, gently moving his hands all over Luci’s buttocks.

“Really? That’s what I look like?” Luci squinted at him.

“Nah, just the color’s right.” Tooth chuckled and delved his finger between the slick buttocks. Just hovering his middle finger above the warm hole made Tooth swallow hard, but touching it was a whole different thing.

“You like my hair?” Luci smiled and arched into his embrace, rubbing his ass against Tooth’s fingers.

“Life’s better if I have a boy with long hair at my side.” Tooth nuzzled Luci’s nose and slowly pushed his fingers into the hole, all slick, and wet, and sweet.

Luci moaned into his ear, hugging Tooth closer. “I’ll be good. I won’t cause problems,” he whispered, leaving small kisses over the side of Tooth’s head.

“Why would you say that? Especially after polishing all my shoes. And my bike?” whispered Tooth, widening Luci’s hole with two fingertips and opening it up.

“‘Cause you have to deal with so much stuff because of me.”

Tooth snorted, pushing his fingers in deeper, petting the relaxed walls of Luci’s hole. “I don’t mind, but you can help me with Rick’s sister,” he proposed. If he took one more man, it would be completely safe, no one would risk attacking them in the Vanilla Lounge. This way they could take Rick by surprise. There was no need to give out details to Luci and scare him even more. If Tooth was right the woman Rick claimed to be his sister was the victim Snapp told Tooth about, and tomorrow’s stunt was just an excuse to lure Luci out. He would not expect someone much less vulnerable coming in the boy’s place.

“Oh yeah, I texted him from another phone, and he said he’ll bring his sister round tomorrow, and I could come see her at the Vanilla.” Luci played with Tooth’s wet hair, completely relaxed and slightly stirring into the touch.

“That’s great.” Tooth was slowly relaxing into the sheets as sleep tugged on his eyelids. He curled up against Luci, gently slipping his fingers out of Luci’s hole. With the boy locked in his arms, Tooth could sleep like a log.

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