Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 27

Luci sat on the bed next to Tooth and stroked the inside of his palm with his fingertips. Since they’d been out for a few days now, he didn’t even try to hide his affections as Ghost was changing the dressing on Tooth’s wounds and giving him painkillers. At least everything was healing nicely and with no sign of Rick or his car, Tooth spent most of his time at the compound, getting better.

“You’re as healthy as an ox, you’ll be fine,” Ghost said with a wide smile full of teeth as white as his skin.

Tooth snorted and squeezed Luci’s hand. “Thanks, Brother. Gotta be if I’m to hunt those fuckers down.”

Ghost shook his head. “Just be careful with those stitches. They’re still fresh. Going to the funeral yesterday was risky.”

Tooth waved his hand in the air, his face falling. “I was sitting through the whole thing anyway. It’s not gonna kill me.”

Ghost’s gaze drifted to their hands. “So… you guys being a couple didn’t make everyone flip on you?”

Tooth blinked and glanced at Luci before answering the question. “Things are still a bit tender. Everyone needs to figure it out for themselves.”

Luci smiled at Tooth and lay down next to him. “I’ll protect Tooth if necessary,” he said, admiring his man’s big, steady hands. He’d never felt safer than in Tooth’s embrace. He was still upset Dolly had lied to him about something as horrendous as Bell’s death, but having reassurance from his dad, who was going through this ordeal himself, made it all at least a bit better.

Dolly wouldn’t talk to him at the funeral, and hadn’t shown up in the clubhouse since Bell’s death. He didn’t really want to see her himself, so that was okay.

Tooth’s fingers touching his chin took him out of the depths of his mind. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just stressed out.”

Ghost smiled at him and got up. “Well, don’t worry about Tooth. He’ll be up and running in no time.”

“You heard him, boy.” Tooth rustled Luci’s hair and gently pulled him close. Ghost nodded and showed himself out, leaving them lying in the best place Luci could think of.

“I wish all this was over,” Luci whispered and kissed Tooth’s beard. He loved rubbing his face against it. It was so soft and smelled of the special shampoo Luci got him. With Manson resting at their feet, he felt completely safe, even though danger lurked right outside the clubhouse walls.

“It will be.” Tooth pressed his lips against Luci’s temple. “I’ll shoot the brains out of any man who tries to hurt you.”

“I wish I could have gone in with you. That maybe if I did, he wouldn’t open fire and Bell wouldn’t die.” Luci sighed and ran his fingers along Tooth’s healthy side.

Tooth cuddled Luci closer, pressing him more against the softness of his beard. Just the way it tickled felt like home. “You know that’s not true. It could possibly get even bloodier.”

“I don’t know. Maybe I could’ve done something to save Bell.” Luci licked his lips and slid his hand down to unbuckle Tooth’s belt. He wanted to be closer again, to show Tooth how he could take care of him. He was pleased with the sharp intake of breath brushing across his cheek

No. Bell would attack the guy like he did. The same would have happened,” whispered Tooth, pulling Luci into a tight hug against his injured body.

Wishful thinking, I guess. You won’t put yourself in too much danger? You won’t leave me?” Luci let out a trembling breath when he unzipped Tooth’s jeans and slid in his hand to wrap his fingers around Tooth’s dick. The intimacy with Tooth was nothing like some random hookups with people whose faces he didn’t even remember.

Tooth stirred his hips, welcoming the touch, and moved his head. Their faces fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, noses touching, lips first drinking in the other’s presence, then opening up for the first kiss, for that first spark of pure pleasure.

“No, baby,” whispered Tooth, his lips trembling against Luci’s, “I’ll do everything I can to come back to you.”

Luci strengthened his grip on Tooth’s dick, teasing the head and stroking the shaft without much hurry. “I can’t wait for you to be healthy again.” He licked Tooth’s upper lip, pretending it was just them, in a world where nothing bad happened.

Tooth chuckled, cradling Luci’s head in his huge, strong palm. His cock was like velvet put over steel when it was hard, and Luci could imagine it would get that way in no time with the way it was pulsing in his fist.

That makes two of us. I feel so useless lying flat all day.”

You can be very useful to me when you lie in bed.” Luci kissed Tooth under the eye and got to all fours to crawl down his body. Maybe he wasn’t a doctor, but he sure as hell could help Tooth relax, show him how much he loved him.

Tooth’s eyes were dark when he looked down at Luci, his bare chest slowly rising and falling for Luci’s viewing pleasure. He was such a magnificent man, but it wasn’t only that. He was intelligent, strong and caring, always ready to listen to Luci’s troubles. Giving him a blow job wasn’t just hot, it was a way of expressing love, and while none of them ever said anything as cheesy, Luci was sure they shared that belief, just from the way Tooth looked at him.

Luci left gentle kisses down from Tooth’s navel and all the way to his dark pubes as he pulled down the jeans and pants. He loved the intense, masculine way Tooth smelled. It made his mouth water for that amazing cock. Luci had no words for how perfect it was. He couldn’t get enough of it.

Tooth’s fingers were so gentle when they slid out of Luci’s hair to cup his cheek. Tooth could have been a musician if he touched the strings the way he touched Luci.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“No, I’m not.” Luci looked up at him. “But I want to be. And I want to be close to you.” He leaned down to kiss the tip of Tooth’s penis.

Tooth exhaled but gave Luci a nod and gave his cock a slow pump, never taking his eyes off Luci. Sucking on the tip was so much bliss Luci could forget the world, focus on Tooth and the excitement rushing down his own body. He put his hands on the bedding on both sides of Tooth and leaned down to swallow more dick. He loved how smooth it was on his tongue, and how safe Tooth was making him feel with each gesture, the tone of his voice raising the hair on Luci’s nape.

“I want you to touch yourself,” whispered Tooth breathlessly.

Luci would have smiled if he could, but instead, he sucked on the cock with more force as he rushed to pull down his own jeans. His dick was already half-hard, and excitement made blood quickly fill it. He loved Tooth telling him what to do. He never had to question it because Tooth would never harm him. He now found it silly that he believed Dolly that Tooth would kill him if told so. It was ridiculous. It had to be the strain of that whole day that made him so vulnerable and easy to manipulate.

“I love it when you pump your own dick,” muttered Tooth, his voice tighter as he pushed his fingers into Luci’s hair, brushing it off his face. But there was no shame to be had in this bed.

Luci murmured his pleasure and held himself up on his elbow, while with his other hand, he eagerly got his cock to full attention. Sucking Tooth’s cock was a pleasure in itself, he was more than willing to slightly gag on it, bob his head quickly. Each time the bulbous head rubbed over his palate, a shiver of arousal went down his body, all the way to the toes. He took his time, not only stroking himself, but rolling his balls and rubbing that place behind them.

Tooth was a quiet guy during sex, but the way his breathing changed, becoming shallow and quick, was telling Luci just how much his boyfriend was loving this. Tooth’s chest got that distinct shade of pink, and as their gazes met over the plains of muscle, Tooth’s eyes were so dark he looked almost devilish as he gave Luci new commands, telling him how to stroke himself.

That, combined with the way Tooth’s dick pulsed on his tongue, had Luci come all too soon, sucking fiercely and rocking his hips to the moves of his own fist. He could barely breathe waiting to feel Tooth’s spunk in his mouth. And from the way the lovely prick became even harder than before, he knew it was coming.

Tooth’s hand tightened on his hair, gently pulling and pushing toward the trembling hips, the hard dick, the tense thighs Luci wanted to kiss all over. A curse fell from Tooth’s lips as he put one foot on Luci’s ass in an unnecessary effort to keep him in place. “So good!”

Lucifer knew exactly what to do to make Tooth happy. He arched his back and let the cock pass into his throat. He was never as relaxed as after orgasm, so it was a piece of cake. Heat trailed down his throat along with shudders starting all over Luci’s body. Tooth’s eyes closed, and he let out a raspy moan before relaxing into the sheets with his hand still in Luci’s hair. Luci backed away slightly so he could feel the spunk on his tongue. Tooth’s dick was so hot, the cockhead so smooth… He closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling. He had to kneel over Tooth to suck him, so having his knees spread wide only added to the pleasure.

Tooth smiled at him, completely giving away control for once. “Thank you. I needed that.”

Luci looked up and licked his lips after backing off. He gave the tip of Tooth’s cock one more lick before crawling up by his side. He couldn’t even be bothered to pull up his pants. “Anything for you.” He gave Tooth a kiss with his heart fluttering in his chest.

Tooth’s eyes lit up even brighter, and he pulled Luci close to kiss him. He was much less mobile because of the injury he didn’t want to worsen, which meant Luci had to do most of the work. It was a labor of love.

“Did you talk to your dad about us?” Tooth nuzzled Luci’s earlobe with a sheepish smile, absent-mindedly stroking his soft dick.

Luci smiled, looking down at the movement. “Yeah, but it’s really awkward. He wanted to make sure you’re not abusing me or anything. Anything more about sex makes him blush like a virgin at a biker party.”

Tooth let out a rumbling laugh and nipped on Luci’s lip. “I can imagine that. What did you tell him?”

The door slammed open and Luci’s eyes went wide at the sight of the devil himself. He pulled a blanket over them in panic.

“Dad!” he yelled in a pitch higher than he would have liked to.

Tooth stiffened next to him, fumbling with his jeans under the cover.

Priest faced away with his hand back on the handle. Sadly, he didn’t leave. “Christ, didn’t you tell me you were in too much pain for this?”

Tooth let his head fall to the pillow. “Not for jerking off, all right? Can’t you knock?”

“Dad, please come back in five or something?” Luci moaned, pulling up his pants.

“No, this can’t wait. If you can do this, Tooth, you need to come with us. We got a sniff of Rick. One of the guys has a lead on where his house is.” Priest shifted his weight, looking as uncomfortable as if he were standing on pins.

Tooth sat up right away, suddenly going into work mode. “Where? Does he have other men on the premises?”

“Someone has been seen to come in and out, but that’s it. His car was also parked there at one point.”

Luci swallowed. “Can’t the other guys go? Tooth is still injured…”

But Tooth already slipped out of bed and buckled his belt. “Most of us will go. I need to be there.”

Luci got out of bed as well. “But it’s not them who could get internal bleeding.”

Priest spread his arms, clearly on the edge. Luci could only imagine how badly Priest wanted revenge. “Nothing’s gonna happen to him, but his experience could be useful. We can’t just have him resting at a time like this.”

“He’s right, Lucky.” Tooth put on a shirt and collected his leather jacket from a hook on the wall.

Luci sighed just to hear his dad stir up another issue yet again.

“Maybe you should live separately for a while after all? Doesn’t Lucky need to learn to stand on his own two feet for a while?”

“He’s been living on his own two feet for the last few years, hasn’t he?” asked Tooth without even blinking as he gently put his foot into the boot. It wasn’t all that easy without using his hands, and he couldn’t really comfortably bend over because of the injury.

Luci couldn’t bear looking at Tooth struggling that much and quickly kneeled by his feet to tie his shoelaces. His head pulsed, as it felt like seeing his man off to war.

“It’s different.” Priest groaned.

Tooth sighed, his free foot shifting slightly next to Luci. “I really don’t mind taking care of him.”

Priest shook his head. “I’ll be waiting outside.”

Luci took his time making the bows on the laces perfect. He wanted to keep Tooth here with him, but he knew it was selfish. His hand lingered on the polished leather, reluctant to let go.

The moment they were alone, Tooth’s hand was back on Luci’s head, gently brushing the hair away. “I’m sorry. I need to do this,” whispered Tooth so softly Luci could barely recognize the words.

Luci took a deep breath and looked up. “I know… It’s just all too much.”

A gentle pull on Luci’s shirt was enough to make him stand up straight into Tooth’s arms. The spicy masculine scent enveloped him in a cloud of safety, but even with his lips pressing against Tooth’s hairy jaw, he couldn’t stop thinking about the danger. Sure, Tooth would be prepared this time, have more men, but since Tooth thought Rick was behind Tracy’s death and out to kill Luci, nothing could be predicted.

“It’ll be fine. I’ve been waiting for this for twelve years,” muttered Tooth darkly. “Just keep safe in the compound, yeah? There will be guards.”

Luci nodded, hugging Tooth as gently as possible. He couldn’t shrug the feeling that avenging Tracy was more important for Tooth than what they had now. Maybe Tooth could never love him as much as he did Tracy? Not that Tooth ever said he loved Luci, nor that Luci was expecting it, but it still hurt. “I’m scared,” he whispered.

Tooth bit his lip, not letting Luci go. “I’m so sorry.” He turned his head to press a kiss to Luci’s jaw. “But you will be safe here. It’s so important to me. It’s why I joined the Nails in the first place. I need this closure,” he whispered.

Luci quickly nodded and took a step back. The last thing he wanted was to stand in the way of something so important to Tooth. He still remembered first learning bits of this story from Tooth and how hard it was for Tooth to tell it, how raw that wound was after so many years. “I understand.”


“Hm?” Luci ran his fingertips over Tooth’s chest. The large, strong hand curled around his wrist.

“As soon as it’s over, it will be like a new beginning.”

Luci nodded and kissed Tooth again. “You can’t abandon Manson after all,” he tried to joke to make the atmosphere less nerve wracking.

Tooth chuckled and gave Luci a final kiss before stepping back and opening the door. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Luci watched Tooth leave, and it felt like being half-empty. Anything could happen, and as much as Luci knew danger was a part of being a Nail, Tooth didn’t have a fair chance like everyone else, he was injured. It wasn’t right.

Even in the room he heard the roar of all the bikes leaving the compound. Manson started meowing about it, so Luci put on what was becoming his cat-hoodie and put the kitten inside. He lay down on the bed in Tooth’s spot and curled up under the blanket, trying not to look around too much. The room seemed too big, blown out of proportion, and ready to explode around him. Manson, the tiny furball, was his only consolation whenever he thought of Tooth getting injured again.

It was only later when the need to occupy himself became so strong he crawled out of bed and took his kitty on a tour of the area. Manson was curious, but didn’t run off when Luci kept an eye on him, so he was increasingly sure that it had been Dolly who’d put him into the trash. Especially since she’d brought him Manson with the carrier a few days before. She must have had the key to Tooth’s room, which was truly disturbing. They needed to change the locks.

The club was empty like a ghost town, and Luci walked around aimlessly before he figured he could go visit Beast. The goat’s silly wonky eyes always cheered him up.

On the way downstairs, he waved to Blitz and two other guys who’d stayed behind to guard him, and went down the corridor to the back exit. The setting sun blinded him when he went out into the courtyard and stepped toward the pen.

A dark figure stood next to Beast, holding something that reflected the light.

“Asty?” Luci cocked his head to the side and walked up closer.

She spun around, facing him with wide eyes. She had no trace of makeup, which made her look vulnerable and tired. No, she didn’t look tired, she was tired. Dressed in a long black cape with a velvety hood, she was like a haunted woman. “Luci?”

Luci walked up to the fence, but his jaw dropped when he saw a large kitchen knife in her hand. “What are you doing?” He slid into the pen, and Beast instantly moved close to sniff his hoodie. He’d always do that when Manson was in there.

I...” Astaroth looked at the huge knife before hiding it in her cape. “I should have done this when Bell was still at the coroner’s office... even if I succeed transferring Beast’s energy, he’s six feet under...”

A sinking feeling squeezed Luci’s heart. “Asty… You can’t be serious.” He walked up closer and pulled out the kitten, so he could hug her. He put Manson in the hood and grabbed her hand. “You don’t want to hurt Beast. You love this goat.”

She scowled and averted her eyes to look at Beast, whose muzzle was suspiciously close to one of the flaps of her cape. “That’s why... It doesn’t count when you don’t feel anything for the animal.”

Luci rubbed his forehead. This had to be one of the saddest things he’d ever seen. “Asty, he’s not coming back,” he whispered and squeezed her hand.

She slowly filled her lungs over capacity before slouching against him with a low sob. Something fell to the ground, and Luci could only assume it was the knife. He hugged her in a heartbeat and gently stroked her back as she cried on his shoulder. Over the whole ordeal of Bell’s death and the funeral, he’d never seen her break down. He was feeling pathetic for his own tears, but it was obvious just how much she wanted to let go. They hadn’t even talked much, she’d kept her distance from everyone. But this? Thinking that she might bring Bell back through some ritual? He doubted she believed it herself.

“I’m here for you,” he whispered, trying to be strong.

I’m sorry,” she whispered, pressing her nose to Luci’s neck, her petite body shaking. “I don’t know what to do. Everything’s out of order. Mom’s not speaking to me, Dad shut me off... Why did he have to die?”

“He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Luci felt responsible for making her feel better. He was her only brother now, and he had to make up for Bell being gone. “I was only getting to know him. It felt so good to have a brother. Don’t do anything stupid, we’ve got each other.”

Astaroth sniffed and held on to him, suddenly jumping with a yelp. “The cat,” she uttered with tears still in her eyes.

Luci smiled when he noticed Manson climbing off his shoulder and onto Astaroth’s. “He likes you.”

She let out a mixture of a sob and a chuckle and held the kitten in the cradle of her elbow. “He’s so cute. Cuter than Beast,” she sniffed and slowly turned to face her goat.

Beast was chewing on her cape to show his contempt, no doubt. She stared at it for the longest time before getting a hold of his horn and trying to push him away. It wasn’t easy with the kitten in one hand, so Lucifer helped her, holding back laughter. He felt guilty for being able to smile so quickly after Bell’s death.

“You know what we should do?” he said, pushing Asty out of the pen, so the cape wouldn’t receive any more damage. “We could go visit Bell’s grave next week. Just the two of us. What do you think?”

She hung her shoulders and kissed Manson between the ears. “Yeah... I think that would be great. Thanks,” she said, slowly raising her eyes. She squeezed her slim hand on his wrist.

“Promise me you won’t kill Beast?” Luci stroked her hair.

Asty groaned and looked back at the goat. “No... it was just a thought...”

Luci raised his eyebrows. It seemed pretty planned to him. “Do you actually do… I dunno, rituals and shit?”

Astaroth’s eyes darted to Luci. “Why, you want to learn?”

Luci hesitated for a moment. “I’ve got these teeth I would like to curse before I bury them. I want the person who they belonged to to suffer in hell.”

Asty’s eyes darkened. “Done.”

Luci couldn’t help a groan of satisfaction. He walked her all the way to her scooter, feeling a bit better. It was amazing to have a sister. “Say hello to Behemoth from Manson.”

Asty gave him a small smile. “They should meet, you know.”

“You think Manson’s gonna be gay like his daddy?” Luci took the kitten back into his hands.

Asty gave him a peck on the cheek and mounted her scooter. “Sure he will. You’ll awake one night to wailing, and he’ll have a gay orgy in your bathroom.”

“Not on my watch,” he said in the best impression of their dad he could muster.

Asty snorted and brushed away a tear that spilled down her cheek. “You need to help me get laid.”

Luci laughed and gave her one more pat on the back as he walked her to the gate. Prospect looked through the door.

“Hey, only Astaroth can leave!”

Luci rolled his eyes. “Duh. I know, no worries!” he yelled back. All he got in return was a thumbs-up and a slammed door.

Asty said her good-byes and drove off, leaving Luci all alone again. He wondered when Tooth would be back, but as soon as he turned around and started walking to the compound, he heard Suzy’s voice from the gate.

“Hey! Lucifer,” she said so quietly it was weird. She was usually the loud one, flashy with her blue hair and colorful dresses. Then again, the kidney thing must have really shaken her. Only now it occurred to Luci that it had to be Rick who fucked her up like that. She was lucky to be alive.

Luci quickly turned around to the gate. “Suzy! What are you doing here?” She looked like shit. With her hair washed out and with dark roots that had to be a month old, not to mention the bags under her eyes, she looked like someone severely ill.

She swiped her gaze over the dirt before looking up at Luci. “I just found out about Bell...”

Luci sighed and walked up to the gate. “You were close, weren’t you?”

Suzy bit her lip and nervously looked around, as if she had just heard something suspicious. “Yes, but that’s not why I am here,” she eventually said, holding onto the thick bar of the gate. “I know where Rick is.”

Luci nodded, his adrenaline levels spiking in an instant. “Come in, I’ll call Tooth,” he said and reached for his phone, pressing the code on the buttons to the gate. In the corner of his eye he saw her squeeze through the opening as soon as she could.

That was the last thing he remembered along with a stinging pain in the side of his neck.

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