Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Luci stood among all the Coffin Nails in front of the prison gates. His heart was thudding in his chest like crazy. It had been eighteen long months since he’d seen Tooth other than on the rare occasions he’d get to visit him in prison. The red scar on his stomach was now properly healed, but when he’d first learned what had happened to him, how Tooth helped Ghost sew him up, Luci’s love for Tooth grew despite him thinking that it couldn’t be any deeper. They filled the time between visits by writing letters and e-mails, but now they would finally get to properly touch again. Not to mention Luci couldn’t wait to show Tooth his barber’s license. He now had friends he’d met at the barbering school, all the Nails had gotten completely accustomed to him, but every time he wanted to go to a concert or watch a horror movie, his longing for Tooth became stronger. And every time he had to turn down a guy hitting on him, the longing to have Tooth in his bed was even more painful.

All they’d had for those long, long months was holding hands, brief touches, and a total of three chaste kisses in the visiting room. The only way they could connect sexually was in their fantasies. During each visit, Tooth would give him a detailed instruction of what he wanted Luci to do the following night, how to jerk off, what to slip into his hole. They would masturbate at the same hours, but it wasn’t enough. He couldn’t wait to actually feel Tooth all over. His body was so ready. The big brown gates couldn’t open soon enough.

Each time he’d come here, the tall fences topped with barbed wire intimidated him whenever he thought Tooth was locked up somewhere in there. Even at home, he never knew what was gonna happen. One time, he got such a scare when he found out Tooth had been stabbed during a fight, but thankfully everything turned out all right. He didn’t even want to think what could have happened if Tooth and Ghost hadn’t patched him up. The guys who shot the doctors both got long sentences. Tooth only got eighteen months for assaulting an officer and some other bullshit. The police couldn’t prove who killed Rick, so at least Priest was free to go. Everyone was seriously pissed off about Suzy, who vanished without a trace, but after eighteen months, even Luci’s memory of her had started blurring. Though the fact that someone he had considered a friend betrayed him like this would make him think twice before trusting anyone in the future.

“You all right?” Dad’s voice came through to him like from behind a wall.

Yeah, I just can’t wait for him to be back home.” Luci ran his fingers through his hair. He’s even gotten himself a new shirt for this occasion. A fitted black button-down. He was squeaky clean and fresh, ready to fall into Tooth’s arms.

Milk snorted. “All dolled up for your hubby.”

Luci groaned. “Shut up.” It was an ongoing joke since Luci had mentioned he’d been looking into getting married so they could have a conjugal visit. No such luck. Fucking Michigan.

He tried not to get too jumpy with the wait and calmed himself down, but when the gate moved, his heart stopped before starting to beat so hard it hurt.

After a long, frightening silence, Tooth emerged from behind the wall in jeans so tight they barely left anything to the imagination, and a shirt that showed off all his muscles. Luci hadn’t noticed it that much seeing him in baggy prison clothes, but now that Tooth was back in his own outfit, there was no denying he’d grown during the last eighteen months. With his hair long and a beard that definitely needed some proper grooming, he looked just like the handsome pirate Luci had first imagined him as. Tooth’s mouth spread into a wide smile, and the skin at the side of his eyes wrinkled as he opened his arms.

Luci ran to him before he could even make a peep. Seconds later, his arms were around Tooth’s neck and he hugged him tightly, unwilling to ever let go. “Finally,” he uttered in a small voice.

He gasped when those big, oh-so-familiar hands squeezed his ass and pulled him up into a deep, longing kiss. Tooth’s beard tickled his chin. The simple soap Tooth had used in prison did nothing to mask his natural musky scent. It made Luci’s head spin. With Tooth holding him up, he arched into the kiss and pulled himself up, wrapping his legs around Tooth’s hips. It was no effort for Tooth’s strength to hold him. No whistling behind them could make Luci unglue himself from Tooth.

They eventually let go, and Luci was lowered back onto the asphalt, which felt too hard after flying in Tooth’s arms, even if for a bit. But there were others who wanted to have a scrap of Tooth to themselves, and he couldn’t be that selfish. He would have all of him eventually, so for now his hand would be enough.

The guys exchanged hugs and welcomed him back, but the real party awaited at the clubhouse. Milk had already told Luci they had considered employing go-go boys, but they wouldn’t since Tooth was married. Milk made sure to emphasize that fact. At least the topic of the blow job Luci gave Milk never ever came up again, as if it had never happened.

They got into the car and sped back to Detroit. He sat with Tooth in the backseat, melted into one body, hugging tightly. They did talk to Don, who served as the driver, but it didn’t prevent them from being focused on one another. Tooth was ecstatic with Luci’s barbering diploma, and throughout the whole journey, they never stopped talking. After the incident at the hospital, Ghost had his medical license suspended, and nobody could predict whether he could gain it back. He was closer than ever with the Nails, and even got himself a proper bike, but that didn’t seem to be enough of a compensation for so many years of hard work gone to dust. Luci tried to talk to the guy, cheer him up, but Ghost wasn’t very chatty nowadays and spent all-too-much time by the computer playing online games.

Luci was surprised when Don parked the car by the salon, and all the bikes joined in. Dolly had never apologized after causing Luci so much grief, but she’d backed off and even tolerated him in her house during holidays, though she mostly ignored his presence. At work, she barely talked to him, but at least the backstabbing and swearing at him was over. Getting his diploma also raised his profile at the salon. He wasn’t sweeping the floors anymore. He was actually building a whole group of regular clients who came to see him. Okay, so most of them were bikers, or biker’s friends, but these guys needed him more than the average non-bearded Joe. He also paired up with Astaroth who had her mobile styling business, and he went with her when styling guys was needed. Not to mention that it was just fun to go with her because she styled all sorts of alternative people. Pin-up girls, entertainers, did stage make-up for some rockers. It was really cool to be a part of that, and that was one of the reasons why he got a car instead of a bike of his own.

Don looked back with a mischievous smile. “Tooth, cover his eyes,” he said, tossing back a bandana, and Tooth was ready to comply. Did he know what was going on?

“Hey. What’s happening?” Luci looked around but had no qualms about letting Tooth tie the bandana around his eyes. He would trust his man with his life.

You’ll see.” Tooth’s mouth brushed his ear, and he was slowly led out onto the sidewalk in front of the salon.

Luci could hear all the men breathing, moving their feet gently, but they were otherwise silent as Tooth led him forward.

“So Luci, I have something to show you,” said Priest just as another hand touched his shoulder.

“Guys, what is this? If this is a mock-wedding, I will kill Milk with my hair clippers,” he said, holding on to the front of Tooth’s T-shirt.

“Nah, it’s something better,” said Milk from the side.

“Go on, boy. Look at it,” muttered Priest.

Tooth pulled the bandana off his eyes, and there was so much to take in he didn’t know where to look first. A relatively small room, but thanks to a large mirror and a floor-length window it didn’t seem all that cramped. Decorated in sleek black and white with red accents, the tiny barber shop had all he could need and more, including a large logo with demon wings over the mirror. It read ‘Lucifer’s Barber Shop’.

Luci ran his hand over the black leather of the professional, retro-looking chair in front of the mirror. All the tools he could need were laid out on a counter to his right, whereas to the left was a big sofa and an armchair. He could already imagine Tooth coming here to sit around waiting for him, or to just come for a… coffee. There was even a coffee machine by the counter. Brick walls were adorned with black-and-white photos of some of Luci’s satisfied customers, and his framed barber’s license featured prominently among them.

“Oh, my God…” Luci was trying to hold back tears, but couldn’t anymore when he saw a metal plate under a photo of him with Bell from Bell’s birthday party. ‘In loving memory of Beelzebub’, with the date of his death underneath.

You thought there was a different business opening here, didn’t you?” asked Milk with a wide smile. He walked over and gave Luci a pat on the back. “Why do you think you got the last few days off so easily?”

Tooth looked around with his eyebrows raised high. “Oh, wow. That’s much more than I expected. Great job, guys.”

“That’s because I planned the interior design. You guys would just put a chair in here and call it a day.”

Luci turned to the voice only to see Asty, who entered the shop with a wide smile. She gave Luci a kiss and hugged Tooth with her free arm. “Good to see you, old man.”

He’s not old,” Luci complained, but laughed and leaned in to kiss Tooth. “This is so amazing. I’ll be able to book clients in and everything.” A place of his own. All he needed now was to officially start the business.

Priest stood by the door with a smug smile. “Tooth forked half the money.”

Damn right. Congratulations, Lucky,” said Tooth, pulling Luci against his chest with a wide smile. His mouth brushed against Luci’s ear again, and he whispered, “So proud of you.”

Luci hugged him tightly, feeling as lucky as never before. Not just because of this amazing barber shop. His man was out of prison, he would be starting his own business, and he had a family around him. In a strange way, even Dolly was a part of the picture. Wasn’t a vicious aunt a necessity in a family? You didn’t choose your family the way you did your friends so her presence made it all the more real.

“Thank you so much,” he said before going for a quick hug to his dad. “Thank you. I don’t know how to repay this.”

“Hey, don’t even start.” Priest shook his head and gave Luci a masculine slap on the shoulder. “You’re my son, all right? Every parent wants to give their kid a good start.”

Luci grinned at him before walking back to Tooth. Everything was falling into place. “Thanks, Dad. How do I thank you, then?” He looked into Tooth’s eyes with a grin.

Completely ignoring another round of whistles, Tooth shrugged. “You could donate ten percent of your earnings this year to Voices. They have a homeless LGBT youth shelter downtown.”

Luci gave Tooth’s beard a tug. “That’s my man, always caring about others.”

Tooth grinned and leaned down, giving him a chaste kiss. The pull to stay joined was unbelievably strong, and Luci longed for nothing else than some time alone.

“Get a room, guys,” said Don, but there was no viciousness in his voice.

Luci backed off, holding on to Tooth’s big hand. He’d missed those pronounced veins and rough-skinned fingers. “I was kinda thinking we could get some time to talk with Tooth, before we go to the party…”

Talk.” Milk snorted and Luci wanted to slap him over the head. At least Kat would be there, which would keep Milk occupied with something else than mocking his and Tooth’s relationship. He knew it was all good-natured, but one had to put a stop to it at some point.

Priest sighed. “Yeah, that’s fine, we have stuff to do back at the compound anyway. Just don’t take half the night, yeah?”

We need some Tooth too,” wailed a prospect, much to the fun of all the other men.

“Yeah, yeah, we’ll be there in no time.” Luci discreetly sneaked his finger under Tooth’s belt.

“And Tooth,” said Priest, throwing something into the air. “Your bike’s here. You just need to walk around the corner.”

Tooth’s chest expanded as he looked at the keys he caught. He pulled away from Luci and gave Priest a quick hug. “Thanks, man. And I’ll see all of you shortly, yeah?”

“Sure, we know you need some time with your old boy,” said Milk.

Luci put his face in his hands, but it was kind of a funny name for it. Old Man wouldn’t really suit him. Or old gentleman for that matter.

He and Tooth watched everyone else leave, holding hands in silence. No words were needed for now. As soon as they were alone, and he heard the familiar bell that accompanied a closing door, Luci wrapped his arms around Tooth’s middle and put his face against the hot, fragrant neck. It was soft, even where the beard grew out of it. It was only a detail Luci would take care of tonight. “I missed you so much.”

Tooth sighed, and his arms slowly moved to circle Luci’s body. “You’ve grown taller. I only noticed now,” he whispered, trailing soft, soothing kisses down Luci’s jaw.

“Yeah, I’m not that silly boy you met two years ago. I’m gonna have my own business.” Luci ran his hand up Tooth’s back and all the way to his long wavy hair.

Tooth hummed, closing his eyes. “I know. I’m glad you could make it.”

“You know how many guys hit on me?” Luci murmured with a little smile, sliding his other hand down to unbuckle Tooth’s belt.

A sharp intake of breath cut through the air, and Tooth’s fingers tightened on Luci’s shoulders. He nuzzled Luci’s ear. “Does this place have a back room?”

“There’s Dolly’s office…” A sense of mischief filled Luci’s mind when he thought of fucking on Dolly’s desk. The salon was closed this evening so there would be no one to walk in on them.

Tooth swallowed and leaned down, holding Luci’s head in place. When their lips met, it was as if there were fireworks exploding underneath Luci’s skin. “I hope you refused them.”

Every time. I told them that I have a boyfriend. That he’s a biker and that he comes out of prison soon.” Luci grinned and gave him one more kiss before pulling Tooth out of his brand-new barber shop, locking the door on the way.

As they passed through the corridor that led them to the salon, Tooth’s hand slid lower, cupping Luci’s ass and letting one of his fingers massage the sensitive flesh around Luci’s crack. Even through the denim it sent a spark of pleasure to Luci’s cock. “Good. No one would want to cross me. I think we should let them know from afar.”

Oh yeah?” Luci led them into the office and turned on the light. He couldn’t help but grind against Tooth’s hand. There was such a sense of freedom to just being able to touch like this. “You want me to get a new tat? ‘Tooth’s biker bitch’?”

Tooth chuckled and pushed Luci deeper into the office with a quick kiss. He pulled something out from underneath his jacket and rolled out the fabric. It was a denim vest with the club logo and large lettering that read “Property of Tooth”.

Luci’s heart skipped a beat when he ran his fingertips over the patches. He knew he’d never be a Nail, he didn’t even want to, but this? He couldn’t get any closer. He already imagined himself wearing it and it wasn’t just about him showing others who his boyfriend was. It was Tooth staking his claim on him, agreeing for anyone who’d see it to know how close they were. If their bond wasn’t obvious before, now it was. It was commitment and pride. He wouldn’t be Tooth’s secret, or something Tooth would hide when it suited him.

Tooth…” Luci looked up at him, not even knowing what to say.

A small smile graced Tooth’s lips. “I had Milk get this for me. Will you wear it?”

Luci’s grin was about to split his face in half as he nodded vigorously. “Hell yeah!” He turned around with his arms back for Tooth to put it on him. He was so giddy his fingers trembled. He couldn’t believe Tooth had organized all of this from prison. In comparison to that, the party Luci helped to prepare and the food he cooked felt like nothing.

“Not so fast,” said Tooth, and Luci’s skin went aflame when Tooth’s beard brushed against his nape. “I want you to wear it on bare skin.”

Luci licked his lips and unbuttoned his shirt as if his life depended on it. “You wanna fuck me in it?” he whispered, putting his shirt away.

The dark glint in Tooth’s eyes told him all he wanted to know. There was something predatory in the way he moved—slow, sensuous, and with precise movements that could either caress or kill.

“I want to see it on you all the time. Especially when I fuck you for the first time in eighteen months.”

Butterflies stirred in Luci’s stomach, making shivers run all the way down his naked back. He extended his arms back for Tooth. When the soft denim slipped on his arms, it was like finally getting back into his own skin. It just felt so right. Tooth followed the garment and molded himself to Luci’s back like a shield.

“I need you so much.”

Luci put his hand over Tooth’s and guided Tooth’s fingers over the long scar on his stomach. “You can have anything you want from me.”

Tooth grunted, pushing his hands lower, straight into the waistband of Luci’s jeans, enveloping him in his warmth. His breath was low and raspy as if there was a grater in his throat. “Strip. Leave just the vest.”

Luci’s heart fluttered like the wings of a bird just set out of its cage. He bent over to untie his boots, purposefully rubbing his ass against Tooth’s crotch, and sure enough, those hands he loved so much started a slow descent down his thighs, caressing the flesh and encouraging Luci to take his time. They returned to his hips and held on. Tooth’s hips pressed close, and the unmistakable hard-on in Tooth’s pants was impossible to miss. Luci loved feeling it pressing between his buttocks even with all the fabric in between.

Luci took off his boots and socks. He straightened up and unzipped his trousers, pulling them down with his briefs already. The tension, the nerves, the happiness squeezing his chest were too much to bear.

“Luci? You have condoms?” came from behind.

I… um, yeah… I suppose.” Luci licked his lips, unsure what to think. “Is there something I should know about?” He waited! His flesh screamed in protest at the thought of Tooth with someone else.

Tooth snorted. “You know about most of it. Lots of bloody fights.” Slowly, he raised his eyes at Luci.

Luci exhaled deeply and looked over his shoulder. “Oh, you haven’t… you know?” He wouldn’t worry about the blood in the fights, but he knew that because of Tracy Tooth was sensitive to this issue.

Tooth pulled him closer and lifted his chin with a frown. “You think I would lie to you?”

Luci turned around and pressed his naked body to Tooth’s. “No. Just wanted to make sure. Dolly sometimes has quickies with Priest here. So I know where she has condoms, I found them while I was looking for documents once.” He winked at Tooth.

Tooth laughed, watching him with flared nostrils and dark eyes. Under his scrutiny, Luci felt like the sexiest person alive. Those eyes held so much hunger it was hard to stand without rushing forward. And Luci would give Tooth the show he wanted. He bent over the desk until he lay flat on it, with his ass up high, and rummaged through the bottom drawer on the other side like that. He took his time, but Tooth was impatient, and his hand was on Luci’s ass before he knew it. The soft, gentle touch on Luci’s hole made him moan and shudder on the desk.


Luci thought the same thing when he fished out a condom. He pushed back, so his feet could reach the floor again, and passed the condom to Tooth with his breath quickening. His whole body was aching to be touched all over. He’d never met a man with hands as steady as Tooth’s. He pulled the little packet of lube out of the jeans he’d left on the desk.

Tooth let out a possessive growl, and his hair brushed the sensitive skin of Luci’s buttocks. Then came his lips, kissing, gently biting the flesh. A thump told Luci Tooth kneeled behind him, big hands framing his ass. Luci held his breath and got to his toes, his cock already throbbing. Doing this only reminded Luci how much they still had to explore, how little time they’d been given before all the tragedy that followed.

“Oh wow…” he uttered at the thick hairs of Tooth’s beard tickling his buttocks.

“You like this?” whispered Tooth with a gentle hum. He moved his nose up and down the cleft, and just knowing what he was about to do had Luci’s anus throbbing.

“I don’t know yet.” Luci teased him, grinning to himself. “I’ve never done it.” He put his hot forehead against the desk.

Tooth exhaled, and the air penetrated the warm crack, making Luci shiver. “I’ve been fantasizing about this for quite a while.” He pulled the cheeks apart, exposing Luci’s most intimate parts, then closed them, and opened them again.

Luci whimpered and pulled his elbows closer to his body. “I should have sent you photos,” he whispered breathlessly. “But it wouldn’t be the same, huh? I bet your dick was so hard yesterday when you thought of me that you couldn’t sleep.”

“I don’t want other guys watching your ass. If I ever end up in prison again, don’t send any,” whispered Tooth, pushing his face deeper between the cheeks.

Luci smiled into the wood, a tingle of happiness stirring in his chest. Tooth would deprave himself of the excitement just to be the only one to see him. It made him feel like his body was special somehow, worth cherishing. Something he'd never felt when he was younger, or more like, before he met Tooth. Like meeting Tooth, not just being with him, had been this big marking point in his life from which everything changed.

"I won't. You'll be the only one. Other guys can drool from afar."

Tooth pushed forward with a low growl and lapped at his anus with a flattened tongue. Luci could feel it all: the slick softness and the slightly uneven surface that pushed a low whine out of his lungs. Tooth held him in a steel grip, his hands completely steady and clearly intent not to let Luci pull away by even a fraction of an inch.

All Luci could do was surrender to the pleasure, to the closeness, to the strength of those muscular arms. “So good.”

Tooth lavished his hole with attention. He was circling it with his tongue, nipping on the inner side of Luci’s buttocks. The stabbing came next. First, a gentle probing to coax submission out of the muscle, then more pressure, more beard on Luci’s ass. When the tongue finally entered Luci’s ass, it made him melt into the table. He let out an incoherent whimper and spread his knees wider. It got him all choked up when he wondered that this was what he’d been barred from for eighteen months. Eighteen long months without Tooth’s dominating presence, without his hands and lips. Without his cock to suck in the morning. Without having his skin marked by bruises from Tooth’s belt.

Tooth was doing this so well that Luci could feel precome rolling down his hard cock. He was getting soft as warm butter, completely ready to be speared on Tooth’s cock. And the touch stopped all too soon when Tooth got up and molded his body to Luci’s. The way his hips pressed against Luci’s ass made Luci spread his legs wide in invitation.

“Can’t wait. We’ll play hard another time, won’t we, boy?”

“Yeah… you need to mark me,” whispered Luci, rubbing his sensitive hole against Tooth. “We could go away somewhere.”

Tooth gave a shuddery breath and spun Luci around, framing his face in his palms, his eyes dark and full of emotion that went far beyond lust. “Where?”

The sudden change of position had Luci gasping. “Somewhere where no one can hear me scream your name.”

A big, lusty smile colored Tooth’s lips. “We can talk details later.” With a low grunt, he grabbed Luci’s hips and lifted him to the desk. “Grab my cock,” he uttered, forehead to forehead with Luci.

Luci complied with the order, running his fingers over Tooth’s chest with the other hand. He couldn’t wait to see Tooth naked again. His hard stomach, pecs, dark nipples. He needed to explore every inch of that body. For now he could focus on the smooth dick pulsing in his hand. It was so hard, just as ready as his hole was.

Tooth nuzzled his nose against Luci’s and thrust into his fist with a grimace of pleasure. “Prepare me.”

Luci licked his lips and opened the condom packet. He would suck Tooth’s dick before sunrise tomorrow, but for now, he couldn’t wait any longer. He rolled the rubber on Tooth’s cock with a groan.

Tooth hid his face against Luci’s shoulder, breathing hard. He rolled it, teasing Luci’s skin with his hair before biting into the soft flesh. The depth of need and excitement Luci felt from Tooth was making him breathless. He got the lube in his palm and massaged it over the eager dick. He even got some on his own to make jerking off easier.

Tooth pushed him down and pulled his hips to the edge so hard the whole desk moved. With his eyes wild and hair all over the place, he might as well be a barbarian claiming his bounty. But Luci would freely give everything Tooth demanded.

“Now, yeah?” uttered Tooth, making Luci stir at the nudge of that wonderful cock.

Go on, fill me. The rimming was so good.” Luci opened his legs for Tooth, looking at him with so much awe and love his heart felt like it was breaking.

Tooth gasped and bit back a smile, grabbing his cock. It entered in one smooth movement that had them both shuddering with excitement. Eyes locked with Luci, Tooth pressed their hips tightly together and leaned down, resting his elbows on the sides of Luci’s shoulders. His hair was coarse again after so much time away from proper care, but it still felt amazing as it cascaded around Luci’s face.

Luci slid his fingers into Tooth’s beard and pulled him an inch closer, just enough for a kiss. The fullness inside of him was so different from any dildo. With the lube, and him using toys on a regular basis, nothing hurt. He was as relaxed as ever in the arms of his man, with his legs spread. Tooth’s massive, sturdy body above him was so dreamy it was hard to believe he was finally back here with Luci. The languid kiss nearly stopped his heart, but Luci’s body yearned for more. His asshole throbbed with heat around Tooth’s hard cock.

Tooth closed his eyes and embraced Luci, pushing his fingers deep into his hair. “Fuck... that’s so good,” he whispered, withdrawing his cock just a bit before pushing back with more force. His magnificent body was shaking slightly, as if it couldn’t handle what they were doing right now.

“Such a long wait, all worth it.” Luci wrapped his arms around Tooth’s neck, holding him close as that thick length slid in and out of his body. Only having Tooth so close to him could bring a fully satisfying orgasm. Without even being able to talk to Tooth after fulfilling the jerk off orders sometimes left him feeling more lonely than not doing anything at all.

“Yeah.” Tooth kissed the side of Luci’s mouth, keeping their faces as close together as he could while still moving his hips. The cock was penetrating Luci in quick jabs, and the way its head kept stroking his prostate was making his toes curl with pure pleasure, especially with his cock trapped against Tooth.

“I almost forgot how well you can fuck,” he groaned and slid his hand between their bodies to stroke himself. The strength of Tooth’s thrust was what was so badly missing from any masturbation Luci was doing. That and his voice, his eyes, the scent of his skin...

Tooth teased Luci’s tongue out of his mouth, and just as he started suckling on the muscle, his hips made a sudden jab that made Luci see stars.

“Oh fuck!” Luci gripped onto Tooth’s nape and his own cock. “Do it again,” he begged, looking into Tooth’s eyes and jerking off like a madman.

“Yeah, you like it hard?” Tooth’s face was a healthy pink. He grabbed Luci’s hands, pushed them above his head, and held them there. His eyes stared all the way into Luci’s soul as he pushed his cock in and out at a rapid pace. Luci’s hole was burning with friction, but it was so good.

Not being able to touch himself was both excruciating and arousing. Tooth would control it all, make Luci come with just his dick rubbing against Luci’s prostate. It was something that hadn’t happened in a long time, and Luci curled his legs even closer to his body, completely open to Tooth. The grip on Luci’s hands was sending shivers of excitement all the way to his balls.

“Fuck yeah, I like it hard,” he rasped breathlessly. His cock was dripping over his stomach. “Hard and fast.”

A gracious smile spread on Tooth’s face. “That’s my boy,” he uttered, breathless, hammering his cock in over and over again. Luci was being turned inside out with emotion every time Tooth slammed home. It was exactly this kind of rough fucking that he needed to come. He didn’t even have to care about how vocal he was, the place was empty except for their grunts and moans. Luci’s spunk spurted between their bodies as he writhed and trembled, barely able to breathe. His whole body was on fire.

Tooth shuddered and put his lips against Luci’s ear, his moan turning into the hollow sound of air being pushed out of his lungs as he came, holding on to Luci’s hands. He eventually slumped his upper body on top of Luci, trying to catch a breath. “Oh fuck...”

“I love you,” Luci whispered, hugging Tooth with his thighs. His man was finally back home.

Tooth raised his head with a small, tired smile. “I love you too.”

Luci kissed his lips with a deep sigh. The orgasm, the confession, the patches on his vest… He couldn’t have felt more connected to Tooth if he tried. Tooth was his end game. He had a strong feeling of loss when Tooth pulled out to get rid of the condom, but all was fine again when Tooth pulled him off the desk, and they both slumped to the floor in a messy embrace.

“Thank you,” whispered Tooth against Luci’s temple.

Luci snorted, fitting his body into Tooth’s hug. “Me? I was just being selfish.” He grinned at Tooth and ran his fingers through his lover’s hair. His hole was still tender, and he was sure he’d feel that for a few more hours, a remainder that would stay with him for the whole party.

Tooth crawled closer and curled up at Luci’s side. He was quiet for several moments before speaking again. “It’s good to finally feel something nice. No, mind-blowing.”

You will feel lots of nice things now.” Luci could hardly believe Tooth was finally here. “I’ll get your beard and hair into shape before the party, I made some nice food for you. We can go shopping tomorrow, and I’ll buy you some clothes. Ha. I saved up.” Luci wiggled his eyebrows.

Tooth chuckled and brushed hair away from Luci’s face with his thumb. “Did you? So industrious.”

“Yep, I’ve been doing some work with Asty, and… I’ve got so much to tell you. Let me just catch a breath and I’ll tell you as I get your beard in order.”

Tooth kissed Luci’s shoulder. “Do I look that bad?”

Luci stroked Tooth’s hair. “You are the most handsome guy alive.”

“I still like you doing me.”

Luci giggled like a third grader. “Just give me five minutes.”

They actually rested a bit more than five minutes, but Luci got himself up and back in clothes after a quick clean up. Tooth was then the first person to receive a full grooming session at Lucifer’s Barber Shop. Luci trimmed his beard, especially on the throat where there was too much hair, cut and conditioned Tooth’s long hair for it to look more orderly. Luci liked Tooth’s wild look anyway, so he didn’t aim for anything too clean-cut. He actually had a few new T-shirts for Tooth, but they were back at the club. He’d bought them when he was out shopping and couldn’t help thinking that Tooth would like them. And Tooth would need to change because washing spunk off his T-shirt with water just wasn’t good enough.

They eventually got ready and left the salon hand in hand. It was already dark, and the clubhouse was only a block away, but it seemed Tooth wanted nothing more than to see his dear bike. It had been kept in a garage, and Luci had polished it himself yesterday. He wanted it to be stunning when Tooth saw it again, and it wasn’t a disappointing reunion. The smile on his face was all the reward Luci needed.

“Just like I remember it!” said Tooth and gave Luci a peck on the cheek before squatting by the bike and stroking its side.

You wanna take me for a ride, Mr. Biker?” Luci asked, petting the front of his new vest. Milk had actually done a good job, the size was right.

Tooth smiled at him and mounted his bike as if he were born for it. “You wanna ride with me? Get on the bitch seat, boy.”

Luci laughed and took his place behind Tooth. He slid his arms around Tooth’s middle and knew that he was exactly where he was supposed to be. With the patches on his back no motherfucker would dare touch him. Nobody wanted to be snatched by the Tooth Fairy.

Tooth laughed, but the sound died for a moment when the motor roared for the first time. They drove into the street, gradually speeding up. When cool air pushed Tooth’s hair back to lick Luci’s face, he knew he was home at last.


The end


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