Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 4

Luci spent most of the day locked up in Tooth’s room, bored out of his mind. His dad barely said a few words to him, but that wasn’t all that surprising. Priest probably considered his younger son a disappointment in comparison to Bell. At least the thought of the evening party had him excited. Not because he was looking forward to playing pool and drinking, but because it could be a perfect opportunity to run. Milk seemed interested enough for a secret fling, so it could be Luci’s chance to get out of the compound. He just needed to make the blow job really good.

He also spent lots of time struggling with Tooth’s shitty brush, but did manage to get his hair into some kind of order. He put on a black pair of skinny jeans and took his time scrutinizing the big welts on his ass. The memory of the beating blurred into something different when Luci thought about the toys in the box that he didn’t dare touch anymore. Would a spanking of that sort be something Tooth did to a lover? The bruised skin Tooth left him with created a strange connection between them. Or just a fantasy in Luci’s sick little kinky mind.

When the door opened, it was the relief of the century. Luci was getting so sick of being chained up like a cow.

“You hungry?” asked Tooth, as he strolled inside with a grim expression. Did this guy even know what a proper smile was?

Luci gave him a silly grin, trying to fraternize. “Why? You got some protein for me?”

“There’s fried chicken in the kitchen,” said Tooth, ignoring Luci’s flirting. “I could get you some before I go.”

“You think I’m ugly, or are you really that straight?” Luci asked casually and stretched.

Tooth rolled his eyes. “I need to go. Are you hungry or not?”

“I am,” he said just to get out. “You’re not just gonna leave me here, huh? I don’t even have my cell phone.”

Tooth frowned. “There’s nothing for you to do. And I won’t be longer than two hours anyway. You’ll get to go to the party.”

“I’ll find something. I’m just so sick of this room. You got the gates, right? There’s no way to leave. I promise I’ll be a good boy,” he tried with a smile.

Whether it was the smile, or maybe Tooth simply felt generous, Tooth got someone to follow Luci around the compound. The guy didn’t want to even squeeze Luci’s hand when they were introduced so at least he didn’t have to worry about someone breaking into his personal space.

Luci took some of the fried chicken on a paper plate and started exploring the compound with his shadow keeping at a distance. He tried to remember the sequence of the corridors in case he would need it in the future. Where the windows were, which doors had locks on them. He ventured out to the backyard surrounded with buildings from each side. Far across from where he stood was the gate to freedom. Thick black bars, opened electronically each time guests arrived. He slowly made his way along the walls, but stopped halfway to the gate, completely dumbfounded when he heard loud bleating. His eyes drifted to the left, between two buildings, where in the middle of a small inner yard stood a black goat.

Luci frowned and looked over his shoulder at his bodyguard who leaned against the wall with a cigarette. It didn’t look as though he was getting any answers out of that douche, so he made his way toward the animal. It was quite the beast with big white downturned horns that curved at the ends.

Hi there.” He slowly approached the furry goat, unable to recall when he’d last seen a farm animal in real life.

It looked at him from behind the fence enclosing its pen, complete with a wooden shed and grass that looked fresh for the time of year. The goat slowly walked over to the fence and bleated, pushing its nose through the fence and lapping at the bars. The place had the distinct scent of an animal, but it seemed clean and well-maintained.

Luci looked down at the name plaque on the fence and laughed out loud. “Hello, Beast.” He stood on his toes to put his hand over the fence and petted the goat’s head. “You live here? Yeah, me too. Sucks, right?”

The animal squirmed and licked his hand, as if expecting food, but sadly Luci didn’t even have fried chicken left.

“Who are you?” This was a voice he hadn’t heard yet. Feminine and young, but demanding.

His eyes widened when he turned around. The girl had to still be a teenager, but her makeup was thick - dark eyeshade, layers of eyeliner, painted-on eyebrows, not to mention the collection of piercings all over her face. Her complexion was pale, and that was only emphasized by her long black hair with short bangs. She held the white Persian cat he’d seen before and stroked it with her black nails. Guessing by her outfit consisting of buckled up platform shoes, lacy tights, a tank top, and black leather hot pants, she came here for the party.

“I’m Luci. You?” He tried not to stare at the big pentagram necklace on her simple longsleeve.

She narrowed her eyes but slowly made her way toward him. “Were you feeding him?” she asked, her voice layered with suspicion. He barely heard her through the roar of bikes coming from the gate.

“No, I only had chicken, and I’m guessing Beast only eats unborn babies or some shit like that?” The way she petted her cat made Lucifer think of a Bond villain.

The girl gave him a hard stare, only to break into a silly grin that fit her young face. “Something like that. Cute, isn’t he?” she asked, reaching through the fence to pet the goat.

“Yeah, though I have no idea what he’s doing here. Are you here for the party?”

She shook her head. “No, I just came over to visit Beast before I go home. We can’t keep him in the backyard so Dad made the shed for him here.” She sighed and slid her gaze up Luci’s body. “What is someone like you doing here? You don’t really fit in,” she said, but it was just a statement of fact.

The problem was he wasn’t sure how to answer. This was not a place for him, but what was he to say? That he was being held against his will? “Tell me about it!” he laughed in the end. “So you’re not a hangeron? Who’s your dad? Can I?” he held his hands out for the cat.

She pursed her lips, but didn’t move away. “I’m the club president’s daughter. My name’s Astaroth.”

Luci petted the cat’s head absentmindedly and looked up into her big brown eyes, so unlike his blue ones. “And… Priest made this goat shed for you?” And didn’t give a flying fuck about my life.

Astaroth grinned. “He had some of the other guys help him out. Looks pretty cool, huh? Blitz takes care of it during the day so it’s always nice and clean.”

“Yeah, you’re lucky to have a dad like that.” He looked away and got back to petting the goat. “Why are you not staying at the party?”

Astaroth pouted and looked away. “Apparently, the stuff that goes on here is not fit for my innocent eyes. And you? Why are you here?” She took a step closer, watching him as if she could see through all his defenses. “Are you into bikers, or something?”

Lucifer snorted. “Am I that obvious? Pushing my luck I suppose. Is Priest sheltering you from fun?”

Astaroth shrugged, unfazed by his declaration. “I’m a bright girl. I can find my fun elsewhere, and he can stay in the dark.”

Lucifer whistled and laughed at the goat licking his hand. “Hey, you wouldn’t have a hair straightener, would you?”

Astaroth smirked. “Who is he?”

“Hey!” He poked her gently with his elbow. It felt strange how instantly at ease he was with her. “He’s straight, so it doesn’t matter, I just like having nice hair.”

Astaroth shrugged and kissed the cat’s head. “Fair enough. Yeah, there are some at my mom’s beauty salon. I could get you one tomorrow.”

“Your mom has a beauty salon?” He had to forcibly stifle his excitement. This wasn’t his family. He would be gone by tomorrow.

Yeah, I work there as well. It’s no problem, Mom won’t even notice,” she said with a wide smile, but the moment she closed her mouth, she looked to where Luci had come from. He followed her gaze, spotting Priest, who stilled midstride, close to the wall.

Hi, Dad!” she called and gave him a wave.

Priest hesitated, but the moment the decision was made and he started walking toward them, all uncertainty was gone from his gait.

Luci just stood there, petting the goat.

I was just saying good-bye to Beast before I go,” Astaroth said with a smile.

“You must be tired,” said Priest. He put an arm around her and gently pulled her toward the gate. His eyes didn’t stray to Luci even once.

Astaroth sighed. “Yeah, a bit.”

Luci watched them walk off, and he couldn’t remember ever feeling so hopelessly rejected. He’d never asked for this. He didn’t want to be around his father, and now he was forced to yet got completely ignored. He could feel the critical vibe Priest gave him crawling all over his skin. He carefully opened the gate and went in to be closer to Beast. What a horrible day. He kneeled by the goat in the clean hay and put his face against the soft fur. Of course his dad didn’t want to have anything to do with him. He was a gay boy who’d sucked more dick than he could count. He’d probably be better off dead to Priest.

He stroked the dark fur and sniffed against it, trying to hold back the tears.

“There you are.” The rich, low voice was starting to be painfully familiar.

Tooth was the last thing he needed now. Luci decided not to look up until the watering in his eyes would subside. “I’m just smelling the goat,” he muttered, choked up. “It’s very clean.”

There was a silence, but to Luci’s dismay, Beast seemed to grow tired of being held and moved to get away.

Luci groaned and quickly rubbed his eyes before getting up from the hay. “I might be allergic to the fur though, my eyes feel all tingly.”

“Happens,” said Tooth. “I’ve got something for you.”

I’m fine, I’ve already eaten.” Lucifer took a deep breath, trying to calm down. He couldn’t worry that much about his dad. Priest had checked out of Luci’s life years ago.

Tooth leaned against the fence, his hair all tangled from the rush of air. He raised a little black bag in his hand. “It’s not food.”

Luci left the goat with a last pat to its backside. “What is it then?” He took the bag. It was fairly light, but when he reached inside, blood started flowing faster. He grabbed a handle with rubber ridges for better grip, and pulled out a flat hairbrush.

Tooth sighed. “You’re so whiny about your hair.”

Lucifer looked at it, completely speechless. Even this stranger cared for him more than his father. Despite Luci’s best intentions, tears spilled down his face and he hugged the brush close. “Thank you,” came out as a broken sob.

Tooth stared at him for a long moment. “You want to go upstairs? It’s still two hours left till the party starts. You could get that hair of yours in order,” he said finally, tapping his fingers on the top of the fence.

Luci nodded, doing his best to stop crying and rubbing his eyes with the sleeves of his hoodie. “I didn’t know I have a sister.”

Tooth opened the gate for him. “So you’ve met Astaroth?”

“She seems really nice.” He sniffed, slowly calming down.

“Yeah, she’s a lovely girl, even though she might not look it.” Tooth closed the gate behind Luci and walked with him to the nearest door. “You have two siblings, so there will be no more surprises like that.”

I didn’t tell her though. It’s not like she’s a real sister I suppose.” Luci looked down at Tooth’s big, veiny hands that had brought him a hairbrush.

Tooth sighed and went inside the building, straight into a staircase Luci hadn’t seen before. Damn, this place was complicated. “Depends on how you see it, but it wouldn’t be wise to tell her now.”

“Yeah, Priest didn’t look happy about seeing us together. I’ll just stick with talking to the goat.” Luci tried not to sound sour, but he couldn’t help it.

“He’ll come around,” said Tooth after a moment. They climbed to the second floor and went into the corridor where Tooth lived.

“Why are you my designated guardian, anyway?” Luci looked up, and it was the first time he noticed a tattoo on Tooth’s neck. A small bloodied tooth. He wasn’t sure what to think of it.

Tooth opened the door to his room and let Lucifer in first. “Why do you think?”

“‘Cause you’re calm and possibly not homophobic?” Luci looked Tooth up and down as he walked into his cell backward.

And there it was, a smile he’d managed to press out of that brutish-looking man. “And I am reliable,” said Tooth, closing the door behind him.

“You’ll do all Priest asks for?” Luci pouted and sat on his mattress on the floor.

Tooth smirked and walked over to the closet. Was he intending to make himself look good for the girls at the party? “No. Of course not.”

Luci peeled his eyes out to see Tooth change. He was still waiting to get a glimpse of Tooth’s chest, and judging by the way the tank top hugged his body, it would be a feast for the eyes. “You know Priest well though, right?”

He began brushing his hair, and it felt so nice with the new brush. It wasn’t a shitty one either, it looked like something professionals used. Tooth must have asked someone for advice to bring him something like that.

When the tank top came off, Luci found himself staring, and it seemed everything slowed down when Tooth stretched, looking through his stuff. He had amazing pectoral muscles, with a bit of dark hair in between. And a ripped stomach.

“Yeah, It’s been twelve years.”

“Since you joined the Nails?” Luci watched the club tattoo on Tooth’s muscular back. Oh, God, he could crawl onto it and kiss it all over, then have Tooth turn around and suck him off like there was no tomorrow.

“Yeah. We’re good friends, but there are times when we disagree.” Tooth finally pulled out a T-shirt, and Luci wanted to howl in disappointment.

The long breath he’d let out was actually trembly. “Like when?”

Tooth chuckled and hid his gorgeous body beneath a well-fitting T-shirt that showed off his shape in just the right way. “Club matters. Can’t say.”

Luci wondered if Tooth brought girls to this room. He imagined himself on the mattress, watching Tooth naked, fucking some girl like a beast, with the strength Luci knew all too well by now. “If I meet someone tonight, can I bring them here?”

Tooth raised an eyebrow at him and pulled on his beard. “No. I’m sure you can live without sex for a few days.”

Would you bring someone here?” asked Luci, making sure it sounded indifferent.

Tooth walked over to the fridge and pulled out two cans. He tossed one to Luci and straightened up, opening his own. It was plain soda. “No, it would complicate things. When I want to fuck, I find somewhere suitable.”

Luci needed to stop thinking about Tooth fucking, because the mere idea that he would get to eventually see Tooth naked if he stayed was taking his mind off his escape plan. And he had one.


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