Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 6

Luci swallowed as he knocked on his dad’s office. He felt like some invader, here to spoil the tranquility of the club. There was a “Come in”, and he slowly entered the office. The place was so bare and undecorated it screamed for some action, but what hit Lucifer most was the dust everywhere. It had him dying to grab some wipes and a hoover.

Hi. You wanted to talk to me?” Luci slid in and closed the door behind himself. It was strange that his father didn’t seem to have changed at all. He had the same powerful silhouette with a bit of a pot belly, the same bushy eyebrows and attentive eyes Luci remembered from their rare encounters in the past. The only thing that seemed to have changed about him was the color of his hair, which used to be dark, and now had equal proportion of gray and dark hairs. Only Dad’s short beard remained almost as black as it used to be. He cleared his throat, looking at Luci a bit wide-eyed, but showed him a chair in front of the desk.

“I did, yeah.”

Luci fought back a frown at the sight of the old leather thing that looked like a thousand asses sat in it throughout the years. Despite it being so gross, Luci sat down in the end and looked at Dad without blinking. Dad didn’t blink either, and they stared at each other like that until it got more uncomfortable for Dad to bear.

“How do you like it here?” he asked.

Luci swallowed. “Um, I don’t know. It’s all kinda sudden. Bell hates me.”

Dad waved his hand. “Nah, he’s afraid what his mother’s gonna say about all this. He’ll get used to you.”

‘Get used to’. That didn’t sound promising. Luci looked down to his knuckles. “What about his mom then?”

Dad shrugged, and his forehead folded into a row of deep groves. “She doesn’t like you because I slept with someone else. It’s been years, but she still holds a grudge. But she won’t know you’re here as long as she doesn’t know your full name, so should be fine.”

“So I should just go by ‘Luci’?” he asked neutrally, but inside, his mind was sinking deep into the fortress of his flesh. What was the point of him staying here? A dirty secret like always.

“That would solve the issue. Hope you’re getting along fine with Tooth? He’s gonna be looking out for you for a while,” Dad said, playing with a pen he had on the desk. He was clearly uncomfortable with talking to Luci, no matter what Tooth said.

“He’s all right. A bit scary. Does he really pull people’s teeth?” Luci looked up at Dad.

For the first time since Lucifer entered the office, Dad’s face lit up with a smile. “Better don’t test him or you’re gonna end up with less of a pretty face.”

Lucifer wasn’t amused at all and pulled his lips into his mouth for a moment. “But he doesn’t just do it on impulse?”

Dad laughed out loud, pushing back in the wheeled chair. “Come on, don’t be such a scaredy cat! Of course no one’s gonna pull your teeth here.”

Luci looked away with a frown. It was easy for Priest to say. He wasn’t helpless in a place swarming with violence. “So, you still a Satanist?” he asked to change the topic.

“Oh, your mother told you?” Dad sighed and shrugged. “I don’t really worship the devil if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s more of a philosophy. Why, you’re Christian, or something?”

“I don’t think God would approve of my lifestyle, so I was looking the other way. Maybe it’s something I could get into, the Satanist thing.”

The devilish eyebrows on Dad’s face lowered over his eyes. “I... sure, I could give you some literature. And something could be done about your lifestyle, too.”

Here it was. Exactly what Luci was waiting for. “What do you mean?”

All trace of humor slid off Dad’s face. “You know, being a hooker.”

“Satan wouldn’t approve?” Luci pouted, hoping he wasn’t getting red.

Dad’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t know about Satan, but I don’t approve. I took you in because my son deserves better. I will enroll you in school, you can help out around here for some pocket money, and get a normal job in the future.”

“I didn’t say I wanna go to school.” Luci didn’t even want to argue about having his choices taken away. He would be out of here as soon as possible. Preferably tonight.

“You will still go. And there will be no dating until you have your diploma,” said Dad with a serious expression, as if he had the right to demand anything. “You need to get yourself in order before someone kills you.”

“And you think I’m going to be safer around here?” Luci just couldn’t bite his tongue. Priest had some nerve after years of absence.

He looked at Luci with a frown of disbelief. “Don’t be ridiculous. Where could you be safer?”

“Not sleeping in a room with a guy who looks like a sexy murderer?”

Priest reached for a can of beer and opened it, taking a quick sip. “Better don’t tell him that. Even his patience has some limits.”

“Can I go now?” Luci asked and got up to make the answer easier.

Priest stared at him for a long moment. “If you want... I hope you enjoy the party. There will be some nice girls... you could talk to them, and maybe give it a try?” he asked awkwardly.

Luci took a deep breath. “Pussy. Yay.”

Priest sighed. “Have you tried it?”

“Have you tried cock?” Luci hissed, looking up at Priest with his eyes wide. He was expecting a slap, but enough was enough.

“I already have one.”

Luci’s face heated up. Was this a suggestion that he didn’t? Without another word, he walked out and slammed the door behind himself. He was not getting judged by someone who was never there for him.

And of course, among all the people who were already gathering inside was Tooth, who seemed to wait for Luci to leave the office. Even in this environment, among other bikers, he was a beast of a man when he moved through the room. It was as if everyone else was just background for Tooth’s presence. For one moment, Luci was so mesmerized their eyes met, but then he forced himself to turn around into the first corridor he could see. Talking to his dad had been a disaster.

He went past a group of girls in skimpy clothes, rushing forward with as much speed as he could without attracting too much attention. But the thudding behind him was inescapable, and eventually a firm hand squeezed his shoulder.


“What do you want?” Luci burst out, the touch so hot on his arm it made his skin throb.

Tooth’s eyes narrowed, and for a moment he didn’t say a thing, leaving Luci to watch the dark hairs on Tooth’s forearm behind a leather cuff on the thick wrist. “Are you hungry?”

Luci’s lips parted, at a loss for words. He expected more prodding questions. ‘What did he say?’, ‘Why the long face?’, ‘Are you two good now?’. The question he got instead had him so off balance that he slowly nodded. “Y-yeah. I could eat something,” he uttered, standing slightly closer to Tooth. In the dark, narrow corridor it felt almost intimate.

Tooth’s eyes softened with a smile. “Don’s wife hates us all, but she made some amazing apple pies. You want to try some?” he asked, gently pulling Luci back to the main rooms.

“That does sound good.” Luci followed, strangely numb, which was much better than the anger he’d felt just moments ago.




Three hours later, the party was in full swing, with people going in and out, lots of drinking, some dancing, and even sex for those who didn’t care enough to find somewhere more private, since it was dark and crowded anyway. Tooth spent most of the evening with him so Luci’s escape plans were kinda blocked, but the pie was nice. Just like Tooth’s company. Even if the context wasn’t right, it felt flattering to have a guy like him hang around. Luci could imagine he was the center of attention. But truth be told, his presence was gathering a lot less interest than he expected. He only got teased a few times, two girls hit on him, so he must have not looked as gay as he thought he did, and he got to sneak in a shot of vodka.

At some point though, Tooth was approached by two guys Luci hadn’t seen at the compound before, and it seemed the three of them had a lot of catching up to do. Just when Luci wanted to excuse himself, Tooth started gesturing across the lounge. Luci followed his gaze, and his heart leapt at the sight of Milk, who was slowly making his way through the crowd.

This could be what Luci had waited for. Milk didn’t seem half as stern as Tooth. Luci got up and smiled at Milk. He only needed to get the guy into the right mood, which should be a piece of cake judging by his earlier curiosity.

Tooth squeezed Luci’s arm again and leaned down so Luci could hear him over the noise. His breath was warm, smelling of caffeine and orange juice. Tooth hadn’t drunk a drop of alcohol. In a perfect world, Luci would be drunk and wobbling into Tooth’s arms. “Milk will take care of you now, is that okay? I haven’t seen those guys for a while.”

“Yeah, sure, Milk’s cool with me.” Luci smiled up at him and pushed his hair behind his ears.

Tooth patted his shoulder and left him with a goofy-looking Milk, who gave Luci a drunk grin and swiped him with a broad gesture of his arm. “There you are, precious.”

Luci’s smile widened. This was exactly what he wanted, Milk drunk and easy. “You wanna go somewhere more quiet, so we can talk?”

Milk gave him a toothy smile and pulled him past Bell, who seemed all too busy flirting with some hot red-haired chick to notice Luci’s disappearance. Not that Bell would miss him. With the noise and almost everyone at least a bit drunk, they could as well be invisible. And he needed no more than fifteen minutes to go through with his plan.

“I’ll show you something epic,” said Milk.

“Oh, yeah? I bet it’s epic in size.” Luci winked at the guy, and it got him that hungry glint he so longed for. Milk bit his lip, quickening his pace down the corridor. From the direction they were heading in and the noise quieting down, he supposed they were going deeper into the building.

“It is.”

“A lot of the guys actually seemed okay with me around. You think it’s my pretty face or are they all so liberal?” He laughed and slid his arm under Milk’s to establish some more physical contact. The man was hot underneath his cut, teasing Luci’s fingertips with each movement of his body.

Milk stopped in front of a door and pulled out a set of keys, which were attached to his belt with a chain. “We have a gay guy in the club, and he’s not a stereotype.” He snorted and made an attempt to push the right key into the hole. He only succeeded the fourth time.

“Oh, really? Which one?” Luci slowly slid his fingers under the back of Milk’s cut, exploring the man’s hot skin.

Milk groaned at the touch and opened the door. When he switched on the light, Luci faced a narrow staircase downstairs, illuminated by a single lightbulb. It looked like the entrance to a basement where criminals would keep slaves for sale. “He’s not here. He’s a nomad.”

Luci swallowed and looked at Milk, unsure if he wanted to go down there anymore. “What is this place?” Milk had these friendly facial features, but Luci knew better than to trust someone just because they had a sincere face.

“Somewhere only three people have keys to. We can be alone there,” slurred Milk with a wiggle of his eyebrows. “Or have you changed your mind?”

“No. But I was hoping you could do something for me…” Luci kept smiling as he began his descent into the unknown.

Milk locked the door at the top of the stairs and followed, his steps only slightly unstable.

“What is that, sugar?”

After we have some fun, could you open the gate for me? I’ve already told you guys about Suzy, you got the drugs back, so I could be on my way. After I have a taste of something epic that is.” He laughed to hide his nerves. At the landing of the stairs, there was a turn to a narrow corridor, so he didn’t actually see what was down there. He had goose bumps on his forearms, but he was sure his dad wouldn’t let him get murdered.

Milk laughed and pushed Luci against the wall with a hot but clumsy kiss that tasted of apple pie and liquor. “I think that should be his new name. Epic.”

Luci inhaled deeply through his nose, surprised that he was actually getting a kiss. Maybe Milk was more bisexual than bicurious. Luci wouldn’t have his partner in crime waiting. He slipped his hand to the front of Milk’s pants and his eyes popped open. The guy wasn’t boasting. There was quite a monster in his pants.

But Milk pushed his hand away with a groan. “You little tease. We’re not there yet,” he said and led him farther down the corridor, between the concrete walls. He was close to bursting into flames.

“I couldn’t help myself.” Luci giggled, but the laugh froze on his lips when they entered the underground room.

It was everything he’d expect from a creepy 1960s asylum in a horror movie. The room was quite small, but the ceiling was unusually high, giving him the feeling he was being watched from somewhere above. A large lamp hung over an old-fashioned dentistry chair, complete with leather restraints and a whole steel table of big sharp tools one could perform surgery with. White tiles covering all the walls and the floor only added to the creepiness.

Luci looked around, slowly moving to the corner of the room, next to a large sink. “Is it okay for us to be here?” it came out as a whisper.

Milk closed the door and waved his hand dismissively. “Yeah, Tooth’s not gonna be working tonight. We’re good.”

“It’s Tooth’s?” Luci ran his fingers along the leather chair.

“Yeah. It’s where the magic happens,” said Milk with a wide grin from across the chair. The flush on his cheeks spoke volumes of how turned on he was.

Luci would probably be scared to be here alone, but in these circumstances he was only mildly freaked out. He imagined that anyone who got close to the sharp tools next to the chair would have been someone who deserved to be here. Tooth wasn’t a mean guy.

“So? We gonna make some magic and then you let me go out the gate?”

Milk grinned at him. “Sure. I’ll just tell them I passed out,” he said, crawling onto the chair and already fumbling with his belt.

With that assurance, Luci smiled back at him and approached the chair from the side. He knew he could make it worth Milk’s while. And then he’d just go to the bus station and leave town. Maybe he could go someplace safer. Warmer. He’d always wanted to see LA.



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