Book: The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)

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Chapter 8

Luci had his heart in his throat as he lay in the darkness, snuggled up in Tooth’s T-shirt and pretending to be asleep. He hoped all those elements put together would make Tooth spare him. He still couldn’t believe Milk would use him like that. He didn’t seem the type. But Luci should have learnt his lesson about any guy being a ‘type’ in the years he’d spent in the street. Or at school for that matter. No one could be trusted. He just couldn’t believe this happened to him under his father’s roof.

He watched the light form stripes on the wall, unable to do anything as his heartbeat sped up over and over. When the door opened, Luci’s stomach clenched so hard it hurt, but his hopes died when the light went on, and the mattress trembled from a kick to it.

“Get up,” said Tooth.

Luci’s instincts screamed that he should curl into a ball under the comforter, but instead, he forced himself to sit up with eyes as pleading as he could muster.

Tooth sighed, giving him that stern look that seemed to be his trademark. “Come on now, up.”

Luci swallowed his fear and got up, squeezing his hands on the hem of the T-shirt. “I thought it would have been better for everyone,” he muttered.

Tooth’s eyes narrowed as he walked over to the bed and pulled out the box of toys. “Would it?”

Luci’s eyes widened and his palms became sweaty. “Y-yeah,” was all he had as his gaze glued to the box. He had no idea what Tooth wanted to do to him.

“And what would you do? Because you wouldn’t go back to the Vanilla Lounge, would you?” Tooth started rummaging through the contents of the box, digging all the way to the bottom.

Luci ran his fingers through his hair and took a step back. “Does it matter? I’d be out of your hair.”

Tooth took a deep breath, and then let the air out, getting to his feet with a wooden ruler in hand. “I don’t want you to end up at some truck stop, or at another strip joint. You’re too young for that kind of shit.”

Luci swallowed at the sight of the ruler. He didn’t sign up for this. “Why do you care? I’m an adult.”

Tooth’s mouth twitched. “Why do you want to know? You don’t even like me.”

‘Didn’t like’ couldn’t even begin to describe the mix of emotions Tooth stirred in Luci. There was fear, curiosity, attraction, resentment, excitement. Luci dared to look up into Tooth’s eyes despite another step back. “I wanna know what makes you tick.”

Tooth sighed. “I don’t think what you did so far was really your choice. You’re vulnerable, and I think you deserve a chance.”

Luci pouted and crossed his arms. He didn’t appreciate the patronizing attitude Tooth had toward him. So maybe Luci didn’t have the most glamorous profession, but it kept him afloat all on his own. “Do you think I’m some dainty flower or something?”

“Milk’s gonna have a very bad night at the dentist’s, but you really shouldn’t offer yourself for such a cheap price.” Tooth shook his head, ignoring the question.

“‘Cheap’ is a relative term.” Luci didn’t realize he was at the wall until he hit it with his back.

“Show me your hands,” said Tooth, approaching Luci with the ruler.

“No,” Luci said reflexively, hiding them behind his back with his eyes wide. Tooth was probably twice his size, and there was nowhere to run. It felt like being in a cage with a bear.

“I will hit you five times with this ruler. Now, show me your hands,” repeated Tooth in the same stern voice he always used.

“No,” Luci choked out and backed off into a corner. That piece of wood looked unpleasant. If Tooth were to spank him with his hand, now that could have been worth bending over for, but this? Luci’s stomach was in knots.

No?” asked Tooth, putting the ruler on his nape while holding both its ends.

“No. It’s unfair. What right do you have to demand it?” Luci wanted to disappear into the wall, but he couldn’t help staring at Tooth’s impressive chest. The last thing he needed now was getting attracted to his captor. Tooth would surely notice at some point that the flirting wasn’t just teasing, and he’d use it against Luci.

When Tooth’s hands moved, Luci’s first reaction was to curl his shoulders, but the pull of fabric touching his back and stomach had him staring at Tooth, who pulled the hem of the T-shirt through the head hole, forming a knot at the front of Luci’s chest and exposing his stomach.

Luci looked up at him, unsure of what to think of it. The T-shirt was as long as a tunic on him, but now, he ended up with his briefs exposed. “You want it back?” he asked, unsure.

Tooth shook his head. “If you’re not enough of an adult to take responsibility for what you did, go to the corner.”

Luci squinted at him. “Oh, I took responsibility. I took the whole load.”

Tooth mirrored his expression. “You can’t shock me.”

Luci grumbled at him and walked over to the other corner of the room. He made a point of standing with his back to Tooth.


That on the other hand sounded sinister. Maybe turning away wasn’t such a good idea after all. If only Lucifer’s dick stopped getting interested, complaining would be a lot easier. Luci slowly kneeled with goose bumps prickling over the exposed part of his back. He didn’t even notice when the atmosphere in the room became thick with tension.

Tooth’s boots squeaked against the floor, the sound approaching step by step. “Pull your underwear down to your knees.”

Lucifer blinked a few times and looked up over his shoulder, putting his palms on the walls that seemed to enclose around him. “Huh?” His mouth hung open.

His face was at the level of Tooth’s crotch.

“Pull your underwear down.”

Luci swallowed and reached down to the waistband of his briefs, trying to control the tremors in his fingers as he pulled down his pants. So that was why Tooth tied his T-shirt. Luci took one more glance at the man towering over him with the ruler still in hand. The scent of Tooth’s leather and denim was the last straw, and Luci looked back at the wall. His nape was burning, palms sweaty, lips dry. Was this something Tooth would do with a girl? Was this what he was into and just used his experience in punishment? He felt tiny in front of the monster of a man behind him. Would Tooth hit him? A dark, sinister lust crawled into Luci’s imagination, helping him envision how Tooth could touch him, pin him to the floor with his weight.

Tooth stepped even closer, and in Luci’s mind, those sinful hips were right behind him, with a bulge that was about to grind against the back of his head.

“Put both your hands on the back of your neck.”

Luci bit his lips and followed the order trying not to seem too willing. Why would Tooth make him expose himself? Did he want to look how the bruises were doing? Would he be into that even on a guy’s ass?

There was a moment of silence before Tooth spoke again. “You will stay like this until you’re ready to take the five hits with the ruler.”

Luci hit the wall with his forehead but kept his hands in place. “And you’re gonna watch my ass, perv?”

“Stop behaving like such a slut. You’re not helping yourself by provoking people. You wanna have your ass out for everyone to ‘perv’ at? Go on. When you actually want to cover yourself, tell me.”

Luci sucked in his lips and took a deep breath. If he hadn’t said those words first, others could mock him more easily. No one could throw the first stone if Luci grasped it before anyone else.

Tooth sighed above him. “I’m not punishing you because you’re gay. I don’t care about that. But as long as you’re here, I’m responsible for you, and if you don’t stop acting this way, you’ll end up hurt or worse.”

“That’s why I’d be better off gone from here,” Luci whispered with a heavy heart.

“I disagree,” was all Tooth said before walking away, presumably to his bed, as Luci soon heard the sound of bedsprings.

Tooth had to watch him to make sure Luci wasn’t changing position, but that meant he couldn’t go to sleep. A part of Luci’s mind suggested Tooth would get bored, but even the short acquaintance Luci had with him provided examples of a stubborn nature. After a few minutes, Luci shifted, trying to relieve his knees somehow. He could sense Tooth’s gaze on his back. Silent judgment of Luci’s life choices.

“Whenever you’re ready for your five smacks,” Tooth said.

“You do this in your free time as well?” Luci groaned, his fingers numbing slightly. Maybe talking would help pass the time faster.

“What exactly?”

“Watch people kneeling in your corner.”

Tooth sighed. “I never do this here.”

Luci stiffened even more as he imagined Tooth standing with a ruler behind some girl, leaning down to grope her ass. Hell. It was his fantasy. He reimagined Tooth behind himself. “Where do you do it then?”

“Motels, usually.”

Luci’s breath quickened, and he uselessly fought the blood draining down his body. Oh, God. He couldn’t be getting excited now. This would be a disgrace. “And what do you do?” he whispered, remembering how he’d pulled the belt out of Tooth’s pants.

There was a low laugh behind him. “That’s none of your business, boy.”

No. No. That last word had Luci’s dick curling up. He needed to pull up his pants pronto. “I’ll take the smacks.”

“Good. Pull your underwear up, get to your feet and show me your hands,” said Tooth, already approaching the corner.

Luci pulled up his pants in a split second and got up from his aching knees with a moan. Was this what his life would look like now? He untucked the T-shirt from his neckline and pulled it down before turning around.

Tooth was such a massive man. Built like a brick shithouse, and with a face just as expressive as one. The ruler still looked menacing, but at least submitting meant that this shitty day would be finally over. Luci held out his hands, annoyed at how they trembled. Maybe at least the slight numbness would make the ordeal hurt less.

Tooth positioned himself on Luci’s side without a word. Their eyes met for a brief moment, but Tooth was completely focused on the task at hand. The ruler fell on Luci’s palms with a loud smack, and sudden numbness quickly turned to burning.

“One,” said Tooth.

Luci had to fight the urge to pull his hands away and bit his lip hard to prevent even a whimper from spilling out. It hurt even more than he expected. It took him a moment to realize Tooth was watching him. Did he enjoy this? Luci looked up with his face burning at the thought that he could be the source of excitement for someone like Tooth. The inch of space between them was charged with electricity. Tooth’s bushy eyebrows lowered, making his green eyes darker, more intense.

“Two,” he said, and the ruler fell with a loud swish.

Luci was so distracted he yelped this time and pulled his aching hands back to rub them. The pain was an intense stinging that didn’t go away with time, pulsing in his fingers.

Tooth waited, watching him again. “Don’t be scared.”

I’m not,” he lied, surprised by the tremble in his own voice. The ache in his hands was still fresh, but he wanted it over with so he dared push his hands back out.

“Take a deep breath and exhale when the ruler comes down,” said Tooth, as if he couldn’t just stop with the punishment altogether. Why would he advise him anyway?

“Isn’t this about maximum pain?” Luci uttered, holding out his arms straighter. Maybe it would hurt less in a different part of the arm.

Tooth snorted. “No. And it won’t leave scars,” he said, slowly raising the ruler to give Luci time to take a deep breath. When it fell to Luci’s hands, he was already exhaling, and it did help a bit.

Tooth probably knew much worse ways to inflict pain. That dentist’s chair spoke volumes to Luci’s imagination. “How about we end on three, huh?” he uttered nervously and massaged his hands as they tingled with pain. His eyes already watered, but he did all he could to push the tears back.

Tooth looked at him for a long moment, and it was making Luci so uneasy he was close to pulling away. “No, five’s a fair number.”

Different place maybe?” Luci swallowed his nerves and found the courage to hold out his hands again.

Tooth shook his head. It was like a sentence. Luci closed his eyes trying to focus on Tooth’s beard tickling his forehead instead of the inevitable smack. It came all too soon, pain spreading all over his arms like wildfire.

“Four.” Tooth’s voice came to him like through a thick shell.

Luci caught a desperate breath not to sob, but a few tears still spilled down his cheeks. He wished he could take pain better, be fearless. But putting himself in the line of fire was never his instinct. His whole being screamed for him to run, not hold his trembling hands out for their last portion of misery.

“Just one more,” said Tooth, and for once, his voice was almost soothing, gentle above Luci’s hunched form. It was surreal, since it was Tooth who administered the punishment and wouldn’t budge about it.

Luci sniffed right before the last smack, no more merciful than the other ones. He squealed and backed off into Tooth’s body. The ache was so sharp it traveled through all his joints and up his forearms.

Tooth’s body stiffened, but a second later, his big warm hand curled around one of Luci’s. “There, all done. Put them under cold water.”

Luci didn’t know what to say for once, too shaken by what had happened. He’d been hit in his life, but never this way, never in such a planned manner. Despite the pain, at least he was sure Tooth would stick to his word, and this would be the end of the smacks. No more, no less. He took deep breaths and looked down at the thick fingers covering his. He didn’t want to go just yet. There was a safety in predictability.

But as soon as he thought that, the hand was gone and Tooth stepped back to put the ruler back in place. “Go now, it’s better to deal with it fresh.”

Luci hunched his shoulders and made his way to the bathroom without a word. The pain was becoming dull, a throbbing heat in his fingers and palms. He turned on the cold water in the sink, and it soothed the ache, but when Luci looked up into the mirror, he wasn’t proud at what he saw. His eyes were red and cheeks wet. He could barely comprehend how easily Tooth had squeezed the tears out of him. How did Luci even get into this mess? He’d given a superb blow job, just to then be offended, and he didn’t even get what was promised for it. And now he was here, trying to soothe the pain of punishment, about to sleep on a mattress, most probably while being cuffed to the radiator. Life just hit a new low. Still better than being back at school, having to deal with Mr. Harlow.

“Are you hungry?” asked Tooth from the door.

Luci saw his expressionless face in the mirror above the sink. Was this something Tooth asked when he didn’t know what to say?

“No. I’ll just go to sleep.” Luci looked down to the bruises blooming on his hands.

“Juice?” asked Tooth, taking up the whole doorframe.

Luci swallowed. “Hot chocolate?”

The skin around Tooth’s eyes tightened, and was that a smile forming underneath that beard? “I’ll see what I can do,” said Tooth before disappearing in the room.

Luci highly doubted he would get what he asked for. Nothing worked out for him since he’d been brought here. “With a lot of milk…” It was one of the rare things his mom had known how to make for him. Her cooking skills had been non-existent, but she would always buy some amazing hot chocolate for the winter.

It was only after a moment that he heard the sound of the electric kettle from the bedroom. Luci looked up to the tiny window in the bathroom. He probably wouldn’t fit through an opening that small after all. He dried his hands and after a deep breath, he went back to the bedroom.

“What did Milk tell you?” he muttered, unsure where he should go. Not a single inch of the room felt like the right place to be.

Tooth looked at him from the tiny kitchenette space. “When? After I took him downstairs?”

“He’s alive, right?” Lucifer whispered, watching Tooth’s muscular body.

Tooth snorted. “Barely.”

Luci had no idea what to make of it. Was Tooth just messing with him? Or did he just find inflicting pain particularly funny? “Are we done?”

“For now.” As soon as the water was ready, Tooth poured some into a cup, and a rich chocolate smell pulled on Luci’s nose. “This was the punishment for lying. Tomorrow, you will be punished for abusing yourself.”

Luci instinctively rubbed his hands together. “Huh? What does that even mean?”

Tooth gently stirred the cocoa before reaching into the refrigerator for the milk. Would he now drink it himself and mock Luci again? “That you’ll be servicing the guys tomorrow. By getting them drinks and tidying up the lounge. And I’ll gag you so it’s clear to everyone that you’re not available,” said Tooth sternly. But then he picked up the hot chocolate and handed it to Luci.

The smell was really nice, nothing like Tooth’s words. Luci took the cup and sat with it on his mattress. The dull ache in his hands wouldn’t stop. “There’s nothing wrong with giving head,” he tried without looking up from his cup.

“I know.” Tooth sat down on his bed with a low sigh. “It’s the reasons that were wrong.”

“What would be a good reason?” Luci asked absentmindedly and blew air at his drink. Would liking a dick be enough in Tooth’s opinion, or was he some big sap?

“Having fun?” offered Tooth, kicking off his boots.

Luci slurped some chocolate. “So if I find someone who I want to have fun with, I can suck them off?”

Tooth squinted at him. “Your father said he wants you to focus on something else for now. And I agree it could be good for you.”

Yeah, he wants me to focus on pussy, that’s what he wants. Well, I’m sorry, Dad, it does nothing for me,” he grumbled with a deepening frown and finished off his drink. The warmth nicely coated him on the inside helping with all the anxiety he’d been feeling.

Yeah, he probably wants that, but we all know that’s not how it works.” Tooth turned off the light and slowly lay back on the bed, his long hair spreading under his head like a thick pillow.

Luci slid under his comforter. As painful as the smacks on the hands were, he had a feeling Tooth would protect him from anyone else. Especially since it was an order from Priest. “I heard at the party that there is a gay biker in the Coffin Nails. That he’s a nomad. Who is he?”

Tooth turned to his side with a wide grin. “Yeah, he’s kinda famous in the club. Nobody dares to fuck with him.”

Luci was getting sleepy before, but this new information had his imagination spinning. He looked up at Tooth in the darkness. “Really? Is he a badass?”

Tooth turned to his back again and looked at the ceiling. “He’s the guy you call when you want someone dead. Why, you interested?”

Luci gaped at Tooth’s profile hidden in the bush of hair. “I can think of someone I want dead,” he whispered, afraid saying it out-loud would make it too real. He wished he could just forget that man instead.

Tooth looked at him in the darkness, the whites of his eyes shining through. “Hope it’s not me.”

“No, but be careful not to end up on my list.” Luci smirked. “So this nomad guy, is he handsome? You think he’d go out with me?”

Tooth laughed. “I don’t think you’d be his type. Look for someone else.”

“Why not? I could get more muscle if that’s the thing. I’m still growing.”

“You have too many legs.”

Luci frowned. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Tooth rolled over to face Luci again, and for a moment, Luci believed he’d fall on the mattress and grab him. “It’s not common knowledge, but his taste is quite specific.”

“So he wouldn’t be up for a hookup with a cute horny twink? I like big guys,” Luci confessed and dared to poke Tooth’s forearm. And then the unbelievable happened. Tooth dropped to Luci’s mattress with a low laugh rumbling in his chest.


Luci’s eyes went wide in shock at the closeness. He wished he could fall asleep spooned by Tooth, like before. Lying under his arm made Luci feel as safe as never before. Anyone who’d want to hurt him would need to go through Tooth first. “Why not? I’m pretty,” he said with a pout.

Tooth spread his large body, taking over Luci’s mattress and glanced at him. “Not all like them pretty.” He was so close his body heat tickled Luci’s skin, pulling it closer for another breath of Tooth’s masculine scent.

“I always have my deepthroating skills to fall back on.” Luci laughed nervously, unsure what to make of Tooth’s closeness. He was the one to bring this mattress in the first place.

Tooth was silent for a moment. “Yeah, I wouldn’t advertise that too much. No one will treat you seriously.”

Luci looked into his eyes in the darkness. “I can’t do much else.” Would it sound pathetic to Tooth? He could bet Tooth knew how to do all sorts of man-things. Chopping wood, changing light bulbs, saving kittens from trees.

In the weak light coming through the window, he could see Tooth’s Adam’s apple bob. “I don’t believe that.”

“Why not?” Sure, Luci could do some cooking, do the laundry, but he had no education. He was lucky to be keeping afloat the way he did.

Tooth shrugged. “You’re very clean and tidy. I’ve seen your body, no injection marks. And you’re a smart kid. Even if you have no skills, you could easily learn them.”

“Will you stay with me tonight? No one would have to know,” Luci whispered and inched closer.

Tooth stayed silent for a long moment before answering. “If you don’t molest me.” He gently poked Luci’s forehead.

Luci took a deep breath and closed his eyes, focusing on Tooth’s masculine scent. “I’ve never spent the night with anyone. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

Tooth’s coarse fingers slid over the top of Luci’s head, gently caressing his scalp. “If I don’t cuff you, will you run again?”

Luci smiled. “Not tonight.”

“What is that? A happy hour sort of thing?” Tooth smirked.

“A one-time opportunity. Take it or leave it.” Luci pulled up his comforter to invite Tooth under it, but he cleared his throat.

“I’d be too hot under one comforter,” Tooth said, unbuckling his belt.

The sound alone made Luci’s eyes fly open. “You’re too hot anyway.” He sighed and pushed his face into the pillow.

“How about we make a contract?” Tooth fumbled with his clothes, and when a thick thigh rose high enough for Luci to see, it became clear Tooth was getting rid of his pants.

Luci’s breath became shallow. “Like in 50 Shades of Gray?”

Tooth laughed and put his forearm over his eyes. “No, not like that.” He turned to face Luci with a suave smile. “How about we agree on you trusting me and not running away?”

Ah…” Luci couldn’t hide his disappointment. A part of him had hoped that maybe Tooth could get off on the bondage stuff no matter the gender. “What if I lie?”

Tooth shrugged. “We’ll track you down, and I’ll never trust you again.” That sounded serious. And final.

I’d be long gone by the time you look for me. I’ll be walking the streets of LA, dancing with the stars and shit,” he tried to turn it into a joke.

That’s where you’d like to go? LA?”

“Yeah, California. Hot sand on beautiful beaches, palm trees, cute surfer dudes…”

“Now I’ll know where to look for you.”

Luci blinked a few times, hardly believing he’d given away so much intel so easily. “Hey! So unfair. I was sharing here! I suppose I could give up my job for a while…” he groaned in the end.

“You know, you will be paid if you work at the clubhouse. How about that?”

“I’d like that…” Luci grabbed a strand of Tooth’s hair. It was so coarse and dry. He’d love to make Tooth condition it.

Tooth growled. “Is there something wrong with it?”

“Touch mine, feel the difference.”

There was hesitation on Tooth’s face, but once he got over it, his moves were decisive. He pulled on a strand of his own hair while gently tugging on one of Luci’s. “Hnn.”

“I could advise you what to use. If that’s not too girly for a big bad biker.” Luci laughed.

“As in, try a different shampoo?” grumbled Tooth, his fingers still stroking along the strand of Luci’s hair.

“Yeah, you’d need a whole treatment. I could find out what to do with your beard as well.” With the bruises still fresh over his body, Luci would never expect he’d have such warm feelings for Tooth, but he couldn’t stop himself from thinking the big bad biker wanted to help him in his own way.

Tooth frowned. “A ‘treatment’? I haven’t been to the hairdresser’s in years, and I don’t want to.”

“Well, you won’t have to if I learn how to do it, huh?” Luci’s heart already fluttered with excitement at the thought that he could be useful.

Their eyes met, and Tooth eventually gave Luci a weak nod. “I guess. Just don’t make me smell girly.”

Luci turned his back on Tooth to hide the flush creeping up his face. “I won’t. I like your cologne.”

He didn’t expect Tooth’s heavy arm to pull him back. “So, how is it gonna be? Can I trust you?”

Luci’s heart skipped a beat, and he leaned against Tooth’s chest, molding himself to the bulky body. It felt as if he were made to be there. The fact that Tooth wasn’t interested in him sexually actually had him feeling safer, even if a bit melancholic. He could enjoy Tooth’s company without having to worry about waking up to a dick up his ass. One of many reasons he never trusted anyone enough to sleep in a bed with them. Maybe he wouldn’t be such a coward if he were bigger, but he had to be realistic about his strength.

“You can trust me,” he said breathlessly.

“Promise me you won’t run?”

Luci hugged the strong arm that didn’t seem at all like a threat. “I promise.”

Tooth sighed. “Good. I want you to learn how to behave in a way that makes people respect you. If you lie, I will spank you like a little lying brat. Same happens if I find your behavior lewd. Do you understand that?”

“I want to be able to be myself. I can’t change into some preppy boy.” Luci was afraid kneeling in front of glory holes had changed him forever. He would never be normal.

“I’m not telling you to do so. What I want is for you to have normal relationships with people. You can’t just proposition everyone.”

“I’d have to lie though. No one will want me otherwise.” Luci squeezed his eyes shut. He didn’t understand why Tooth cared to listen to him, but he would take whatever attention Tooth wanted to give. But in the dark room, in the cocoon of a warm comforter with Tooth’s arm to top it, he felt safe enough to say it.

It took Tooth several seconds to answer. “Why would you say that? Not everyone lives in the past.”

“I don’t wanna think about it, okay?” He was only getting upset. Life was what it was.

“About what? You have your life ahead of you,” insisted Tooth, hugging Luci closer.

“I’ve just been taking it one day at a time.” He liked how firm Tooth’s arm felt, how secure and grounded it made him feel.

“You don’t have to anymore. We’ll keep you afloat, you can finish school, and think about your future.”

Luci clung to the arm around him, holding back his tears. It was all too much. Too much thinking, too many memories. Even with his dad despising him and his brother hating him, it seemed that he could count on Tooth. For once, he wouldn’t have to do everything on his own. He took deep breaths trying to calm down. He’d already proven himself to be a crybaby.

The big, warm body pulled closer. “It’s all right. You’ll be fine.”

Luci couldn’t take it anymore. A deep sob escaped his throat. It was all Tooth’s fault. He kept doing that to him. Rick never got so deep under Luci’s skin, and they’d known each other for months. It was as though the guy knew all the right words to unlock Luci’s emotions. In the last two days, Luci had cried more than in the last year. First from the spanking, then because of that damn brush, the beating on the hands, and now this, more compassion from a stranger than from his dad. Tooth somehow knew what to say, and despite being angry about the plan to escape, about blowing Milk, he still didn’t seem judgmental. Lucifer curled into a ball, hugging Tooth’s arm and sobbed again.

But this time, Tooth didn’t say anything more. He just pulled Luci even closer. When he rested his head on Luci’s arm, and some of that coarse hair fell to brush against Luci’s skin, it felt like being touched by an angel... or some shit like that. Tooth was no angel.

He didn’t judge Luci though. He let him cry his eyes out, held him close until Luci fell asleep, too exhausted and on the verge of a headache. No one would hurt him if it was Tooth guarding him.


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