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'Little man, you have not long to stay'

with softness in their eyes, they gently ask

'what will become of thee?' I do not know,

for like the dog that knows two masters in one life,

how can my heart be aught but full of sadness! They gave me birth,

they nurtured me, this very House was where I saw

the light of day these fourteen years ago.

Though small at first, strong did I grow, who would not thrive on love and kindliness!

When I had roamed the length and breadth of our great land,

and famous was our name from north to south

and east to west, another world became my beat,

my wings I spread to peoples and to countries new.

Our country's flag I bore to them, as strong of limb

I flew across the seas our precious freight.

Toil never dies, no pioneering feat sinks to the earth in vain.

If seeds are sown that are honest and true,

winter can but be on the wing.

Our name may change, our footprints stand.

Bowing low, I take leave of thee,

and if the world's a stage, I've played my part.

And if the crowded house

in chorus thunders out SHABASH

humbly shall I stand ...

and to those who take my place.

GODSPEED, shall I say.



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