Book: Anti Social Network

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The knife was incredibly sharp.

She had intended to only take a trial swipe, but the blade sliced through the flesh with surprising ease. The organ that she had been holding on to came free in her hand. The realization hit her only when she looked down and saw it still throbbing, flooding her palm with blood.

She could see that he was equally shocked at being quite literally dismembered, so much so that his brain was still undecided on whether to express his pain or his confusion. Instead of screaming, he was more interested in stopping the blood flow from the wound left behind in his crotch.

Lying spread-eagled on the bed; he had been expecting her to join him after stripping off her clothes. But she had asked him to close his eyes and he had indulged her. Then, a couple of minutes later, she had straddled him, wearing a full-length, waterproof raincoat made of heavy rubber. He was surprised and had wondered why she was dressed that way. But before he could open his mouth to ask her, he had seen the gleaming hunting knife in her hand.

Her eyes were cold as she reached for his crotch with her free hand, her fingers wrapping themselves around his shock-stiffened member. The blade slashed down at him and, in a searing, heat-filled moment, it passed through his flesh, leaving behind an oozing fountain of his precious life fluid. As drops of his blood splashed and slid off her raincoat, he finally realized why she was wearing it.

As he stared at the organ that was slowly shrivelling in her hand, realization finally penetrated his fuzzy brain. With a jolt, the dormant synapses in his brain came alive, making him fully aware of the repercussions of her actions. His mouth opened to scream his fear, but no sound came out of his dry throat other than a helpless gurgle.

He tried to push her off him with one hand, clawing at her shoulders. She flung his hand away. The knife in her hand struck down on his naked chest.

The blade slid between his ribs till she tugged it away from his chest. It exited his chest with a sickening squelch. He was already in so much agony that his brain could not feel the increased pain. He was expecting it to be over then. But she brought down the blade again and again and again till the dull grey walls around her were splashed red with blood.

After nearly five minutes had passed, she stopped the bloody mayhem that she had unleashed—not because life had finally taken leave of his body, not because she realized the horror of her deeds, but because a mobile phone suddenly began to ring from the heap of clothes that he had discarded on the floor by the bathroom door.

She was pulled out of her trance. It was then that she realized she was still holding something in her left hand. It was the organ she had detached from his body.

She shuddered involuntarily at the sight of it lying useless in her palm. She let the phone ring to a stop. Leaving the knife still stuck in his chest, she dismounted from his body and peeled off the blood-drenched raincoat. She was naked underneath. Taking utmost care to not get any blood on her, she turned the raincoat inside out and folded it in such a manner that it was spotless and dry on the outside. Jumping off the bed, her feet landed softly a few feet away from the bed. Making sure she wasn’t stepping on any blood droplets, she padded barefoot across the floor to the backpack lying beside the door where she had left it when they had arrived that afternoon. She extricated two strong plastic bags from the backpack. In the smaller one, she deposited the dismembered penis, in the other she slid in the folded raincoat. She pushed both bags into the backpack, away from sight.

Then she turned her attention to the heap of his clothes. She rummaged in the pocket of his jeans and fished out the phone, extricating his wallet along with it. Her own clothes and shoes lay in the far corner where she had flung them before she put on the raincoat. She slipped into them and walked back to the bed. With one hand, she pulled out the knife from his chest and, wiping it clean on a dry portion of the bedsheet, she slipped it into the secret compartment in the backpack where she had kept it hidden during their long motorbike ride to the resort. She then slung the backpack on to her shoulder. Opening the front door, she stepped out into the small veranda in front of the shack they had rented at the Blue Nile Resort.

For the first time, she became aware that darkness had fallen outside and the moon was hiding behind a large clump of clouds. She looked up and down the lawn, making sure none of the hotel guests were out taking an early evening stroll. But since it was a weekday, the resort’s occupancy was at its minimal. Satisfied that no one was around, she hurried across the veranda and made her way to the wooden door in the fence directly across the shack. Unlatching the door, she stepped on to the Manori beach.

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