Book: The Mating Habits of Werewolves

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Chapter Five


The bed was a California king, but in the packs we call them Omega beds, no explanation needed. We lived in the countryside and we had money but even so I had never had a bed this large growing up, and I had thought I only needed a queen to share with Dan. It looked too big, although considering it now had to fit three grown men, maybe it was just big enough.

By that point I was starting to suspect Naveen’s sexual experience was rather limited. I didn’t think he had meant to be rough, but he hadn’t seemed to understand my arousal was not consent or even enjoyment. If somebody was going to be remote controlling me, at least I wanted it to be someone who knew a little more about what he was doing. Of course, Rami was right, he wasn’t that mature either, but it was the best I had to work with.

I sat down in the bed, not looking up at them. I had to be able to get through what I wanted to say without letting their expressions change my mind.

“I know you have never slept with an Omega before. And I haven’t done this before, either, but…” I hesitated, then went ahead. “But I have had had sex,” I said, glancing at them for their reaction. Neither of them seemed even slightly surprised.

Naveen even rolled his eyes at me. “You were at university for six years, Devlin. We didn’t think you were made of stone. You know? You’re a virgin with Alphas, that’s all that matters.”

I nodded, feeling too relieved to pick that statement apart. I licked my lips and got it out, “I liked it, and I want to… I don’t want to do this now, but I’m going to and I want to like it. So, I thought…” I clenched my fists. “I don’t think I will be able to say anything while…” I waved my hand. “If you are enjoying it, and I’m not, I don’t know if I can say it.”

After I stopped, Naveen spoke up, “What do you want us to do then?”

“Just... I thought, there’s two of you. And you can speak.” That was all I managed. I couldn’t actually ask them to speak for me; it wasn’t simply insane, it was the most humiliating request I had ever had to make to another person. But Rami had seen that Naveen was making me uncomfortable – somehow he had known I wasn’t enjoying it and stopped him. “I’m trusting you to speak,” I added, glancing up so quickly I didn’t actually see either of them. I looked back down, waiting.

“We will,” Rami assured me. “I will keep an eye on Naveen, and Naveen will keep an eye on me.”

“Yeah, I won’t let him get away with not doing it properly,” Naveen agreed, half joking. I didn’t imagine he meant it disrespectfully but it wasn’t reassuring. Maybe he knew it wasn’t his forte because the words were hardly out of his mouth and he was pulling his shirt over his head, exposing his toned chest to my eyes. I heard Rami swallow at the sight and, amused, tried and failed to meet his gaze. Naveen, who was barefooted already, didn’t slow down before pulling down his zipper, but he did stop and raise his eyebrows as he hooked his fingers on his waistband.


I nodded and pull my shirt off quickly, not wanting them out of my sight for long. Rami had apparently also caught on because he was shirtless by the time I got my eyes on him again. Shirtless and pressing himself close to Naveen’s naked back. There was an appealing contrast of skin tones and sizes, Rami almost a head taller, Naveen so much darker it looked like Rami’s larger frame was a light behind him. They were close enough that I barely had to shift my gaze to look between them.

“Ready?” Naveen asked and I nodded, taking my seat at the foot of the bed, this time completely exposed. My skin itched under the weight of their gazes.

“Go,” I heard Rami say, and Naveen came forward and stepped between my knees. One of his hands tangled in the hair at my nape and tilted my head up to his kiss. I opened my mouth and he kissed me hard, like a mark more than a caress.

“Slow down,” Rami ordered from behind him, and he did, licking my lips, then letting me respond. That’s better, I thought, and put my hands on his hips to pull him onto my lap. He came easily, and planted his folded knees on either side of me on the bed, then took hold of my wrists and entwined his fingers with mine, pressing them down above my head and laying himself on top of me. He wasn’t a big guy, but he was muscled enough to be heavy on top of me. I didn’t mind, exactly, especially when he tangled our legs and started rubbing himself against me from nipples to hips. But I wanted to touch him back and he wasn’t letting go of my hands when I pulled. Rami wasn’t saying anything about it, and I couldn’t. I took a deep breath and went limp under him, the wolf having no objection to that. Naveen kept kissing my open mouth, then moved to my neck, still softly humping my leg.

“Don’t bite his neck,” I heard Rami tell him, and Naveen grumbled, but neither of them seemed to notice I wasn’t moving.

I struggled a little, and Naveen looked up from my neck and gave me a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget.” The sad thing was, I was grateful to them for remembering they shouldn’t mark me up. It probably would have taken more than that to bond me – at least all the folklore and most of the literature seemed convinced bonding required an Omega to voluntarily submit. But, after all, wasn’t I willingly on their bed?

I tried to pull my hand away again, and he came back up and kissed my hand, then ordered, “Keep them here for me, baby,” and let go. He might have as well chained me to the bed, my arms had lost all strength. I breathed through it, clinging to the wolf’s complete submission not to freak out about my rather poor imitation. His route down my body sped up and he lifted my left knee, folding it carefully against my chest and exposing… everything. My hard cock bounced against my hip, but I was so uncomfortable with the enforced immobility that it didn’t feel like sex as much as it felt like an inconvenient moment of arousal. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but arch into Naveen’s skilful mouth when he licked a line from my perineum down to my hole. Rimming wasn’t something I had much experience of, considering that I had always refused to let my lovers fuck me and it was such an obvious prelude to that activity, but the one time Dan had insisted I had to know what I was missing hadn’t been quite like this. With Dan I could have stopped at any time if I didn’t like it, but Naveen wasn’t even looking at me as his licks got rougher and went deeper.

When the tip of his tongue pushed through into me, I distantly heard both myself and Rami whimper. My body was seized tight and suddenly thrumming with need that was all my own. At least, I thought I could tell it was my own, because it was so intensely centred on that tiny portion of my anatomy that it didn’t seem possible it could come from anyone else.

Naveen took his mouth away for a moment to turn to Rami. “Get on the bed, I want you to hold him open for me.”

Rami complied at speed, resettling me carefully in the open V of his legs so that he could hold my knees to my chest, obviously to leave Naveen’s own hand free to cup and part my buttocks even further. Rami was hard under me but I hardly had time to worry about the smear of precome on my back, when Naveen set back to his task with a passion that bordered on violence. I squirmed madly against both their grips, moaning and not sure if I wanted more, or less of it.

“Please,” I asked, desperation breaking me out of the wolf’s quiet acceptance. “Please, touch me.” My cock felt so painfully untouched I wanted to weep.

“He will get hard again,” Rami told Naveen, incongruously, and let go of my right knee to take hold of my dick. The sensation of his big fingers closing around me brought a gasp out of my parched throat and when Naveen went right back to work pushing his tongue into me, it was but a few strokes and I was spending all over Rami’s hand. When I blinked my eyes open again, Naveen was leaning forward to taste it from Rami’s offering hand. He allowed Naveen to consume about half of it under my spellbound gaze before putting the rest to his own mouth. I turned my head uncomfortably to watch him suck on his fingers to get the rest of my essence. They had been right: I was getting hard again.

It was fortunate, too, since while I had been distracted by the spectacle, Naveen had retrieved the lube from somewhere and now the tip of his finger was pushing against my sensitized flesh. Rami, still busy cleaning himself like a cat, pulled my left leg higher up to give him access, and Naveen immediately pushed in. The sensation was so utterly foreign I froze while he pulled the finger out and then in, hopelessly trying to understand the messages my body was sending my brain. I hadn’t quite managed when Naveen took the finger out and added a second, slowly burying them in me with little resistance from my body. Rami’s sticky hand returned to pull my hanging right leg back up.

Naveen hummed his approval, so focused on his task he hadn’t looked at either of us the whole time. Two fingers wasn’t too bad, but I was worried about more, and about Naveen’s cock. It was darkly red against his thigh and even though I knew his pleasure would overwhelm my pain, I couldn’t fight my instinctive recoil thinking he’d put it inside me.

“Keep your leg up,” Rami told me, and slid his still slick hand down my thigh, groping till his fingers found Naveen’s. They didn’t speak about it at all but Naveen’s fingers slid out and when they slid back in there was a third finger there: Rami’s. I shifted, keeping my leg up without even having to think about it even though with Rami leaning forward it was bending me uncomfortably in half.

“This isn’t working, you need to let go of him if you want to open him up,” Naveen grumbled at Rami. Rami huffed in frustration and I felt the pressure decrease. He leaned back, letting me stretch on top of him before rolling me to the side to get out from under me. Naveen hadn’t removed his own fingers and the way they moved inside me made me queasy, but the wolf was happy to be moved about by the Alphas and I was still mellow enough from my orgasm that I didn’t mind a little discomfort too much. Breathing properly was also nice. Rami left the bed completely and I heard the lube splutter out as he squeezed it too hard.

“Give me some more,” I heard Naveen tell him, and then his fingers went back in, three this time. I clenched on them in surprise and he moaned. Then Rami’s strong hand was lifting my leg once again and the first of his fingers started pushing against the rim. Naveen didn’t seem willing to pull his out to coordinate so Rami pulled my leg wider till he could get the tip in, and then he kept going. And going, and going forever, it seemed, stretching me so full even Naveen stopped wiggling about.

“He’s so hot,” one of them murmured, but I was too gone to be able to tell who. I felt hot, hot and heavy and sore and tired and loose for all I was tight. Their arousal was keeping mine burning despite the pain, and then Naveen’s manoeuvring succeeded and he found the spot: pleasure shot through me and my leg jerked in Rami’s hand.

“I think he’s ready,” Rami said, and then all of their fingers came out, leaving me almost gapingly empty, relieved but equally uncomfortable. It was only a moment till I felt the hot, smooth head of Naveen’s cock press against my now empty hole. He pushed the head in before I even realised that I didn’t actually want something back in me, and then… then he kept pushing, there was so much lube that it wasn’t hard and it felt so good to Naveen, so completely right even as the stretch pulled uncomfortably at my insides. I took deep breaths and thought; it’s not so bad. It wasn’t, really, except then Naveen seemed to keep going, like he was going to go right through me and I thought, Oh, stop, one sec… I knew exactly what he was feeling, and not because it was his ecstasy leaving me unable to talk; I had topped men for the first time, too, and it was overwhelming. But the difference was that I had had someone to tell me if I was going too fast or too hard. And I couldn’t do that. And even though I had told them I couldn’t do it, that didn’t mean they could read my mind now. That thing Rami had done in the kitchen had been a fluke because it wasn’t working now – he was just as glassy eyed kneeling next to me as Naveen lay on top of me. Naveen moved out of me, slowly, which still wasn’t slow enough.

He thrust in again, grunting with the effort of not slamming in and it still hurt a little, for me because it was too soon and for him because it wasn’t soon enough. I whimpered a little, as much sound as I could manage to get out, and Rami pulled my sweaty hair off my face with a gentle caress.

“You’re not hitting his prostate,” he told Naveen, eyes locked on mine. Naveen’s eyes followed his, and I found myself looked at as if he wanted to get as deep in my head as he was in my body. I almost wished he could, then he would know what I needed – at that point I wasn’t sure I could have told him even if I had been able to speak.

He nodded at me, as if he had seen something he recognised and started pulling out a little too fast.

“Sorry, sorry,” he told me, and then his dick was all out and I was, confusingly, empty once again. He helped me sit up and took my face between his hands, kissing my lips softly before speaking slowly. “Goddess Moon, you look high. Rami, look at his pupils, they are fucking blown.”

“It’s the hormones, and the feedback from us. If you’re turned on and I’m harder than granite… just imagine what Devlin is feeling right now with all of that and whatever he’s feeling himself.”

Naveen looking doubtful for a moment, then nodded decisively. “Ok, sweetheart, I know it looks uglier but it will feel better if you get on your hands and knees.”

And I did – with barely any guidance from them I flipped over and positioned myself for mounting. The wolf was ecstatic and Naveen was so desperate to get back in me that I found my hips instinctively tilting up. He lined up and slid halfway inside in a move so smooth it had him moaning and me squirming. It was then that I had a sudden moment of clarity. Is this what I was meant for? I looked at my hands tangled in the sheets, my insides melting with pleasure and I thought… I thought it was more. I thought it would feel like I wasn’t alone.

But I was – it didn’t matter that Naveen was inside me, it didn’t matter that Rami was holding me up. Naveen sped up, and I felt his orgasm rise in me, inevitable and foreign, my balls tightened in readiness. And then he was pressing close and discharging, still thrusting hard into me, and my cock, untouched, started to spill my own release. Naveen half collapsed on top of me, clearly having lost control of his left arm.

Rami gently helped get us both on our sides. Naveen’s cock was still hard and heavy inside me but Rami’s hand on me had reminded that he was still aroused and that he expected to take his turn soon. I shifted, trying to dislodge the member still in me and Naveen whimpered. “Stop fidgeting…”

“I need…”

Rami’s hand came down on my arm, soothing. “Just rest now, there’s time,” he told me.

I tried – the wolf was quiet, but I was too anxious. I wanted it over with so I could go and find some peace. I wanted to be alone so badly I was about to cry. Naveen must have been unhappy with all the twisting I couldn’t quite help because he took hold of my hips and pulled his dick out of me. He hissed in what I knew intimately wasn’t only pain but pleasure. It was odd because I had always found pulling out too uncomfortable, even if I was still hard. I stayed like that, not offering to get up for Rami. I thought perhaps not being on my hands and knees would help, would make it a little less like being taken and a little more like what I had done with Dan: an exchange. But the moment Naveen moved away and Rami came closer, his arousal invaded my senses, spiking in my own belly and hardening my still painfully sensitive cock, and I knew it was in vain to hope. How could there be an exchange if he was the only one allowed to feel?

Rami lifted my left leg up and positioned himself. The head went right in, the pain of the penetration my body felt drowned by the wave of pleasure that followed from his. The discomfort was mutual, he wanted to move and I wanted it out.

He put his hand on my hip and whispered in my ear, “Breathe out now.” I obeyed and felt his girth slowly opening me up again. He was bigger than Naveen and my passage was sore from taking him first, but the pressure felt so good on his cock that mine stayed rock hard even as I winced at the stretch.

“You are so wet,” he said, and I realised he was moving in me through Naveen’s semen. I shuddered; I had never had sex without a condom before and even though I knew I was immune to most diseases that affected humans, it still felt dirty… wrong.

When the last part of his cock, the thicker base, started to stretch my hole, I whimpered in pain. Rami froze, then rubbed my hip conciliatorily. I just tried to breathe through it, keep the tears that were stinging my eyes at bay.

“Naveen,” Rami suddenly called. Naveen hadn’t left, I remembered then, and he came around to sit on my other side, looking between Rami and me expectantly.

“I need you to distract him,” Rami instructed. Naveen nodded, then bent over and kissed me, soft this time, but I shook my head. He moved back to look at me and seemed to remember what had happened earlier. “Tell me what you want,” he ordered.

“Touch me,” I said. His hands went down to my nipples to tweak, which helped but wasn’t much compared to the feeling of Rami’s huge cocked rammed into my arse. I sighed, irritated, but Naveen seemed to assume it was a good sign. I needed my wolf with me if I wanted to have any chance of asking. I concentrated on my cock, how hard it was, how much it ached with the need to come and I let the sound the wolf made come out of my lips. “Touch my cock,” I gasped. Naveen seemed startled by the suggestion and looked beyond me, as if he was asking Rami.

Had I been in less of a tangle of limbs, I would have socked him one for it. Well, I would have if Naveen hadn’t been an Alpha and hitting him hadn’t been completely impossible in the first place. Rami must have given some sort of assent because Naveen hesitantly put his hand on my dick, so soft it was almost more frustrating than arousing. But it was distracting and that’s what mattered.

A minute of his light caresses and I didn’t flinch when Rami started pushing forward. Not until he hit rock bottom and pressed his cock against what could only be my prostate. I buckled, pleasure shooting through me, and almost dislodging Naveen’s hand, making him finally tighten his grip. Rami’s hand on my hip held me back against him, stretched on his cock as far as I would go. My own ragged breathing resonated in my ears.

“Let go now,” Rami said, and I thought he was speaking to me, but then I felt Naveen’s hand leave me. I whimpered in frustration and Rami pulled back, promising, “You are not going to need a hand.”

He was right, of course. I didn’t need anything, he could have masturbated on the bed next to me and I would have reached orgasm when he did. But if the climax I had achieved when Naveen had fucked me was anything to go by, I didn’t much like being punched out by someone else’s orgasm when mine hadn’t been allowed to build. I tried to say something, but Rami had started moving in earnest, and the confusing combination of his pleasure and my pain had me too turned around to form complete syllables, let alone words. He pushed into me till I felt I would burst, sometimes catching my prostate and sometimes just stretching me painfully. His panting breath on my neck and his leg over my hip to help him move in and out. I wanted him to finish but I didn’t think he was going particularly slow when suddenly he let out a frustrated growl and pushed me face down on the bed, rolling with me so his cock didn’t completely leave my body and using his weight to slam it back in when he fell on top of me. That hurt, somehow going deeper that he had managed before, but my cry got muffled against the pillow under my face, and Rami was too lost in it for subtleties.

He got his knees under him and started pumping faster, and harder too. The angle was hurting my neck and he could no longer reach my prostate at all, so the staticky bursts of pleasure I got were all from him; his cock hardening further, making me both grit my teeth at what it did to my arse, and my own cock stiffen against the coverlet. I got a moment of relief when Naveen came over and slid the pillow from beneath my face, but then I had to cross my arms under myself to avoid getting my mouth and nose pushed into the bedding. I tried to lift my arse to help it be done with, and Rami kept going through it all, faster and slower at times, like he was trying to last. I closed my eyes and tried not to get angry at him for it: he knew I didn’t want it, so why would he try and make it longer? But then, I knew he wanted it and I had offered, hadn’t I?

I felt his hands on my hips and I tried to help by pushing with my hands but he put a hand on my upper back and pushed me back down.

“Just your hips,” he explained, and pulled, lifting my arse with his cock still buried deep. It moved inside me, making me queasy at the same time the amazing sensation of moving inside a warm body shot ecstasy through him. I clenched, trying to get him to come but he had a will of iron. He stilled both of us to wait it through and then started pushing in me again. To my surprise, the angle was right again. I had fucked Dan and I knew how to find his sweet spot, but from this side of the equation I had no idea what was going on, especially since I couldn’t see anything to flip things over in my mind. The push of his hot cock against my insides sent a thrilling rush through me directly to my dick, and I shuddered violently, desperate for some contact on my cock.

In the position I was in, though, it wasn’t going to happen, I needed both my arms to keep the hand Rami had on my back from sending me face first into the coverlet.

“Touch me,” I pleaded.

“With pleasure,” he said, a certain roughness to his voice, and penetrated me again, and then again.

Rami,” I complained. My orgasm was building but I wasn’t going to peak without direct contact.

“I am touching you,” he told me, almost like he was begging me to understand, “just concentrate on that.” It was simply that it was him who didn’t understand, and it was my body he thought he could explain to me. “You can come like this,” he told me and the words were slammed out of my mouth by his next thrust, so good I clenched on him, but still not enough. It was driving me crazy: I could see the shore but I was drowning all the same.

Another thrust, and another and suddenly Rami was coming, burying himself as deep as he could go in me, his cock big enough that I felt it pulse as it emptied itself in my arse. My dick followed, of course, and I had been close enough to orgasm that it didn’t feel too disjointed, but it wasn’t the same as actually coming. I dropped my forehead in my folded arms, exhausted and sticky and with the adrenaline fading, increasingly pained in my well-used behind.

I thought of pretending to be asleep, which I’m ashamed to say I had done sometimes with Dan, when sharing a room got a bit much and going out seemed impossible. But then I realised I couldn’t fake asleep with werewolves. That got me so hard, it was such a surprise, that I felt myself start to shake, like my limbs had lost it and my mind wasn’t far behind. Naveen had got back on the bed so I was between them and I couldn’t see a way to get out of the bed without a fuss. Maybe if I could fall asleep… I thought, and, to avoid thinking of Dan, I started counting digits of Pi.

At some point I must have drifted off because when the light of the moon woke me later I was alone.

Maybe if I hadn’t been it would have been different, but I think it might have been worse. I rolled out of bed, feeling disgusting: sticky and sweaty and wrong in a way that was nothing like the well-satisfied feeling I associated with waking up from sex. I walked into the ensuite bathroom. Even pissing felt weird, but I figured it was part of the soreness of getting fucked for the first time, and coming without orgasming. My mind was such a jumble that it only seemed right for my body to be as well, but I dragged myself into the shower, needing to be clean more than I needed to torture myself.

The water was bliss, hot enough to burn anybody without supernaturally resistant skin, but just right for someone who did. It had been a long time without proper showering facilities in the human world, and while it was a small price to pay… I pointed the shower head between my legs, wanting to get all the residual come out, but the moment the water hit me there I experienced a new wave of dizziness. I couldn’t… it didn’t. I clenched my buttocks, expecting the familiar counterweight of my balls but felt nothing. I tried hooking the showerhead back on the stand, but failed so it hit my side and I overbalanced. I fell on my back, the showerhead spraying water all over the bathroom as I lay there in shock. It’s not possible, I told myself firmly, it’s not. And I reached between my legs, took hold of my flaccid dick and moved it aside. The skin behind was smooth, no hair, no… I slid my hand even further but all I could find was my hole.

I don’t remember getting out of the shower, just landing on four feet outside it, fur wet and heart rabbiting in a panic. The bedroom door had been left ajar and I scurried through like the devil was on my heels. But, if anything, it had caught up with me already.

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