Book: The Mating Habits of Werewolves

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Chapter Ten

Out Loud

It changed things, talking about it. I had been getting in bed with them while they had sex so I could get their come on my skin, and Brennan wouldn’t ask for even more. I had leaned close to them while they rubbed off against each other, or as Naveen pinned Rami’s hips down with bulging arms to suck his cock, and then Rami returned the favour with a slow deep throating that left Naveen whimpering. And I had had my own orgasms, feeling theirs only as an echo, since they weren’t focused on me.

But I had heard them last night together, and I hadn’t gone to join them. In Scotland, there was no Brennan to make me join them, and for the first time I had had the option of asking myself if I wanted to. I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t like I could deny being attracted to Naveen and Rami: they were both utterly gorgeous and as kind as they could manage to me. But although inequality was what I had been brought up to expect, I wasn’t sure it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Maybe there was a reason I wasn’t supposed to be intimate with anybody before I was claimed by an Alpha: the contrast was too painful.

I was fully aware of how strange the intimacy I was allowing them was, constrained as it was by the way I felt any surrender of control as acutely painful. But also by the way neither of them had ever expected to surrender control to an Omega. Naveen’s reaction to the rimjob spoke volumes and although Rami seemed more open, he was only open to doing anything remotely submissive in bed because he had convinced himself it didn’t count. And even then, it was only Naveen that he had allowed any type of control over him. An Alpha might expect to be controlled by another, his pack’s Dominant, for one, but also any other Alpha who momentarily or for reasons of seniority had the upper hand. Giving that kind of power to an Omega, though, was unthinkable. Just as much for Rami as for Naveen. I didn’t even think they truly believed I wanted it from them.

So I didn’t go to them. I studied, and ate, often with them, and slept, alone. I didn’t think of Dan. I had thrown away the clothes I had worn after our reencounter and made the hotel wash everything else in their industrial machines so it would smell sickeningly of washing powder. Of course, it was hard to forget why all my clothes smelt so horrible, so I did think of him at random times, when a whiff off the awful lemony aroma reached my nose and made me sneeze. And then I would clench my fists and grow my nails till I drew blood and smell that instead. It didn’t exactly work. Work was, indeed, the only thing that proved a real distraction and I embraced it as wholeheartedly as when it had been my passion pushing me forward.

Finally, the day to defend my thesis arrived. Rami woke up early, as was his wont, and sat with me while I ate a full breakfast. “Would you like me to drive you?” he offered, eyes on the newspaper he was perusing. He had hired a car the very next morning after arriving, unable to function without it, even though he couldn’t really grow tired walking around.

I looked up, then shook my head. “Nah, the walk will do me good, calm me down.”

“Okay. I’ll make reservations for dinner, then.”


“To celebrate.”

“How do you know there will be something to celebrate?”

He shrugged. “It’s easy. It’s you.”

I had never been in the wide auditorium where the thesis committee waited for me. The three men and one woman behind the table listened intently, and then the questions started to get harder and more specific and I thought, I should be scared. But I couldn’t manage fear or nerves, not after everything that had happened. It wasn’t any less essential to me to get my PhD; if anything it was perhaps more necessary now that I had lost so much else in my life. But fear wasn’t overwhelming anymore, maybe because I had gone through my quota and my body had ceased to perceive it as unusual, or maybe because I was still in shock and couldn’t process what I was feeling.

They sent me out and my heartbeat remained steady, almost psychotically calm. I knew something wasn’t right about that but I couldn’t really worry: there was nothing logically wrong with any of my answers or work, I could see it as clearly as everything else was muddled. So I stood there, in a strange daze, till they called me back in.

“We are passing you,” the man on the left told me, and I waited for him to add ‘with corrections’ but he didn’t. And that woke me up really quick: I didn’t know anybody who had just passed.

“Are you considering publication?” The woman asked me then and something broke in me because I answered, but I honestly don’t know what I said.


A while later I found myself outside, wandering through cobblestone-covered streets still clutching my copy of my thesis and completely at a loss. It was only when I realised I was at my old flat’s door that I became conscious of the passage of time, it was well past lunch but I instantly looked around for Dan. I couldn’t be there. I couldn’t afford to keep feeding my feelings, or his. But I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Would he be okay without me? He was a responsible adult, sure, but if I felt like shit knowing what was going on; how did he feel without any kind of explanation? I took out my phone, something that hadn’t been happening much since I had left my boyfriend and stopped answering my friends’ calls. I scrolled to Dan’s number, but even in my pain I wasn’t stupid enough to imagine I could keep myself from walking in if he was home. So I kept scrolling down to our next door neighbour’s name.

"Devlin?" came the voice, hesitant and distorted by the phone.

"Sarah," I said, “Hi…”

“Are you okay?” She asked immediately. “Dan told me…”

“Is he okay?” I couldn’t keep from asking.

"He's okay. Well, he looks like shit, Devlin.” And then she was on a roll, getting angrier and shriller by the question. “What the hell happened? I have known you guys for two years and you have never even had a fight loud enough for me to hear!” She accused me. “And then you fuck off to England and you stop answering everybody’s texts and calls! I even went into Facebook for you, Devlin. What the fuck?”

She was right, and not even because any fights loud enough for her to hear next door would have been too loud for me to have without being in physical pain. Dan and I hardly argued and we never fought.

"I'm sorry about that, it's been... hard, really hard."

"Well, friends don't fucking vanish when things get hard, Devlin, that's exactly when they are there for you."

"I don't... you don't need any of this."

"Nobody needs bad stuff to happen!" she almost shouted, I winced, separating the phone from my ear even though I had the volume lowered. "But it does, so speak."

I swallowed. "My father died."

That got me a long pause. "I am sorry to hear that," she finally came out with. She sounded more uncomfortable than anything else, but that was just Sarah being awkward about feelings. After a moment she added, "Did he leave you something to do? Is that why you are going back to England for good?”


"That makes sense, but why did kick Dan to the curve over it?"

"I can't do it with him," I explained, and she didn't say anything, like she expected me to continue. Hell, I couldn't really blame her, it made absolutely no sense when taken out of context.

"And?" Sarah finally pushed.

"And that's all I can tell you."

"Are you getting married?"

"What?" I squeaked.

"Isn't that the usual way to fix up the queerness?" she asked resentfully. "Get married and have kids and it all goes away as far as the family is concerned?" Sarah wasn't my neighbour by accident – we had met at the LGBT club at uni, and when Dan and I were looking for a place she had set us up with her landlady.

"Sarah..." I said, my heart aching for both of us. For the pain I was causing her by making her think I was giving into the demands of homophobes. Of course, even if I could have told her, was what I was actually doing any better? Would she think having a child when you didn't want one was better when you were doing with someone who could get you going sexually? "I can tell you more, but not Dan. Dan can't know more, or he will..."

"He will smash all the china in your flat? He will quit his job?"

"What?" I repeated. "Dan smashed the plates?" I couldn’t believe it, Dan was the calmest person I knew – I had never even seen him glare at a driver blocking his way. Once, in the supermarket, a woman had spilled half her coffee on him on her way to the tills and Dan had reacted to the pain, but shown absolutely no anger towards her.

"Probably most of the cups as well," Sarah said evenly.

"He was... he was okay when I left. I told him it was a family thing. He... he understood."

"Or maybe, I don't know," she wondered with heavy sarcasm in her voice, "he pretended to understand because that's what you needed?"

"How am I supposed to tell the difference?!"

"Because you know him."

I exhaled, finding it suddenly hard to breathe through no fault of my lungs. "Sarah. I'm really fucked. You can't imagine how fucked. I didn't want to leave him. I can't stop thinking about him. But if I don't... if I don't, I will go crazy because I can't have him. And it's not fair to him, if he's... if he's upset now, it would only be worse if I lead him on, don't you see?"

"What the fuck do you call a three year relationship if not leading someone on?!"

"I was serious!" I shouted back, not caring that I was in public, even if I had found an alley from which I could see Dan’s place but not be seen out any of the windows. "I was totally in! Two hundred fucking percent, Sarah! But I can't be anymore! What the fuck am I supposed to do?"

"Fight for him."

"Oh, like he's fighting for me, right?" I bit back, and it was only then that I realised I had been waiting for Dan to show up, track me somehow and find me. Hire a P.I. or call the police or do something insane because he felt like I did: like the world was off its axis when we weren't together.

"Oh, Devlin. Dan can't fight you."

"Not me, for me."

"But you are the only person standing between the two of you."

I took hold of a metal parking pole to avoid crushing the phone on my other hand. As far as she knew, all that was keeping me from being with Dan was my homophobic family and their opinions. That hadn't been enough to hold Sarah herself back when her father had kicked her out of his house and she didn't think it should be enough to hold anybody else back, either. "It is not what you think," I said finally. "It's not a gay thing, the reason I can't be with Dan."

"So what is it?"

"I can't explain that much, but... I'm... promised." I finally decided on. "And I can't go back on that."

"So you are getting married, how is that not a queer cover-up?"

"Not to a woman," I said before I could stop myself. I didn't want her to think I was a coward, or a liar.

"You are promised to be married to a man?" she asked in utter shock. "It's only been legal for... how could you? When did you promise this exactly?"

"Before I left."

"So you have been cheating on your future husband with Dan, is that why you don't want him to know?"

"No!" I exclaimed. "Jesus, no. I didn't promise anything like that. I was a kid and they asked me to say I would marry someone they chose, so I did. They wouldn't have let me go to uni if I hadn't..." I added, translating the truth into something she could understand.

"Well, then it doesn't count!" Sarah immediately replied. "It can't count as a promise if you gave it under duress." And she was right, of course, about the imaginary scenario and about my own life, my consent didn't count. That was the whole problem in the first place.

"It counts," I insisted, the conversation was getting too painful for me and if Sarah could have understood my situation, if I could have told her all of it... the result would have been the same: there wasn't a way out. The magic in my blood demanded I do what I was doing and there was no escaping your own blood. "I gave my word and it counts." I said, a poor substitute for explaining the wolf's eager pulling inside my head, even now making me anxious to return to our temporary den at the hotel. The alien pleasure it gave me when I submitted to its instincts. It wasn’t enough, but it was all I could say.

Sarah must have heard something in my voice, perhaps that it was about to break. Her last girlfriend had broken up with her after Sarah had walked out on her when she had started crying in the middle of an argument, so I wasn't surprised she didn't want to push me further. "Devlin, can you call him, at least?"

I hesitated. "I don't think I can hear his voice," I explained in a voice too small for a grown man.

"Okay, just... text?"

"Text what?"

"I dunno, that you want to be friends?"

"It's been two days," I said.

"Then tell him you are sorry. He thinks you’ve forgotten about him."

"I can't do that. I can't make him keep thinking of me."

"You can't keep thinking of him, you mean."

"Yes!" I snapped. "I do. What? I can't have feelings? I have to do this, Sarah, and if you can’t get that… or if you don’t believe me, then fuck you. It’s hard enough as it is without you thinking you can judge me for it! I have never tried to tell you how to live your life so I don’t see where you got the idea you are in charge of mine, or Dan’s!"

“Devlin…” She started, perhaps to apologize, but I cut her off.

“Just… keep an eye on him. I have to go now.”


I took out my mobile and texted Rami to come pick me up.

Rami parked the car a block away, next to a Costa’s I had frequented both early and late and often with friends. Dan refused to go there out of a misguided loyalty to his workplace and a more logical one to his wallet, so it wasn’t a bad spot, particularly not in the middle of his workday.

The orange Audi slowed down next to me, and the passenger side door opened from inside. I put my seatbelt on and didn’t say a word. Rami just drove, I assumed back to the hotel but I didn’t particularly care. I needed some rest and quiet. My mind was numb but not calm, like something was brewing below my conscious thoughts that I dreaded and knew would not stay buried long.

When Rami gentlemanly opened my door in the hotel’s parking lot, I abruptly decided what I needed wasn’t solitude but distraction. I had been looking forward to the work improving my thesis would take – to the painstaking care one put into that kind of endeavour so as to avoid a repeat reprimand or, worse still, any niggling doubts. And now it was gone. Strangely, I had done too good a job.

I took the hand Rami offered and pulled myself up hard, stumbling onto him so that he instinctively put his free arm around me. And then I entwined my arms around his neck and kissed him smack on the mouth, hard and wet and with no warning or permission. It was the first time I was kissing him, kissing him in a place that was mine because the very weight of the air reminded me where I was every second I spent in the city. I didn’t just kiss him, I let myself enjoy it, pure and without reservations, just the physical sensations of a strong male body pressed close to mine. I focused on his lips, soft, and the scratch of his light stubble. The weight of his hands on my hips and the warmth of him, alive and comforting, a yoke to tie me to earth when I felt like I might float away or fall apart.

Rami hesitated at first but soon enough he was kissing me back eagerly, his body taut and ready. His hard cock rubbing against my hip. I tore my mouth from his. “Take me upstairs.”

Rami’s eyes widened and he licked his lips. “Naveen is out.”

“So?” I challenged, letting go and turning to walk in but glancing back.

“No, nothing. I guess.”

I bypassed the living room for my own suite and Rami followed as if magnetically impelled. I turned to him, taking in not his startled expression but the width of his shoulders, the bobbing of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed, and, finally, his cock straining his jeans. I raised my eyes to his and my wolf stirred, but I shushed it with an image of a playful chase before a mating.

“Will you let me fuck you?” I asked, grateful the animal couldn’t really interpret words. Rami inhaled sharply, brows furrowing, but he kept it back from his body, standing still as a statue in front of me. “Or will that make you less of an Alpha?”

He gritted his teeth. “No,” he said, forcibly calm, but indubitably answering my first question and angry about the second.

“Fair enough,” I agreed. “I wouldn’t let you. So that’s off the table, then.” I pulled my shirt off and extended an arm to him. “Come here.”

He tensed, obviously aware it was an order, and a test. But he came, pulling his own shirt off and dropping it to the side, eyes not leaving mine as he popped his jeans open and stepped out of them. I took his face on my hands and pushed my tongue into his mouth with unnecessary roughness. I wanted him and I was angry about it – with him, with myself, with the fucking world that had set me up. I hated being an Omega, and everything that came with it: the way my body was changing, a betrayal so deep I couldn’t even know it wasn’t what I wanted except for my memories of my past desires. I hated his mouth, the softness, how pliable it proved to my lips and tongue, and his skin, already covered in stubble and still smelling of aftershave.

I had never wanted this. Him. I had wanted Dan, his body easy with mine, incapable of overpowering me like Rami was doing simply by holding me close. Beloved and safe. With Dan, I had known I was always in control, and if not, it was because I chose not to be.

Except… that wasn’t true. I had seen Rami’s beauty like I could see he was tall, and an Alpha. His desire had prompted mine, yes, but not because mine didn’t exist. I had always favoured men over women, unquestionably, in a way that had then been assumed to be only natural for an Omega male. But was it? I knew there was nothing absolutely biological; in anything alive, context was as powerful as potential. Female Alphas were rare but they existed and they could take male Omegas as mates; it followed some male Omegas were attracted to females. The same way I was attracted to males, whatever their denomination, whether human or wolf. But it couldn’t be separated: Rami couldn’t stop being an Alpha or a man or a wolf, so how could I know what was drawing me in?

The truth was, I couldn’t. I would never know. I couldn’t break him apart and analyse him, I had to take him as he was: the Alpha who wanted me because I was an Omega, and the man who trusted I would do well in my studies. He was too scared of being weak to be truly strong, but he was strong enough to pull back and look out for me, and brave enough to defy Brennan to make things work between us.

And I needed him. I needed some fucking comfort with my life falling apart, and Rami would stay if I asked. I hadn’t chosen him but I could choose this. I could take what he was offering. It was all in the circumstances and I hadn’t chosen those; but who gets to choose that? I pulled him to the bed and pushed him down on in, straddling him in the same move and rubbing myself against his bare belly. He groaned, half in pleasure, half in frustration. I wasn’t making contact with his cock at all.

“Do you want something?” I asked, teasing, but then I realised I had said that to Dan only days before, and it cut through me like freezing water. I looked down to hide my eyes, not moving because I would have had to find words to ask for my liberty.

Rami must have thought I was playing coy, though, because his hand tangled in my hair and he pulled till I looked up. “I want you,” he declared with conviction. It made me tremble, and I could feel how true it was when he raised one of his knees and his cock pressed against my lower belly, grazing my own through my slacks. I inhaled, brought back to the moment sharply.

“Do you?”

“Yes, I want your mouth and your hands and your eyes and your cock,” he panted, pushing harder against me with each word.

“You said… you said no fucking.”

“Not fucking,” he replied. “I want to blow you.”

“Oh,” I said sarcastically, even as I pressed back against him. “That’s not too unmanly for you?”

He laughed, freer than I had ever heard him. “Unmanly?” he asked, sliding a hand down my back to cup my arse inside my trousers and using the other to lower the zipper. The pleasure of it had me inhaling sharply – the slacks hadn’t been tight when I had donned them that morning, but between my own cock and his hand they were getting stretched almost painfully.

“To take you apart with my mouth?” he murmured and raised his head to lick up my neck, long and hot and wet. I gritted my teeth against the whimper that wanted to escape and bit his ear weakly in retaliation. “To get you so worked up you beg me to let you come? To drink you down till there’s nothing of you I don’t own?”

I shuddered. Each word was accompanied with a thrust, but it was the words themselves that were making his cock jump, I could tell. And I was leaking steadily, my body attuned to his like a reflection to an object, almost as dependent for its existence, too. I squirmed, suddenly so overwhelmed I didn’t know if I wanted to get away or come closer. I kissed him instead, and he responded like he was just as happy to suck my tongue into his mouth as my dick. Meanwhile, his hands encouraged me to get my knees under me so he could start lowering my trousers down my hips, the fine fabric of the suit sliding tantalizingly along my belly and hips. I broke away, rolling aside and jumping to my feet on the bed. The slacks fell down to my feet and I carefully got my underwear over my tenting erection and let it fall aside.

When I looked down at Rami his eyes were locked on my cock, leaking embarrassingly against my hip. I had obviously got blowjobs before, and I’d have said Dan liked giving head, but the way Rami was looking at me went beyond want and straight into what could only be described as need. He moved fast enough that it was hard for even me to see: big hands taking hold of my thighs as he buried his nose in the junction of thigh and hip to inhale deeply, he moaned openly and squeezed me harder – then opened his mouth and pressed his lips and tongue to my hipbone with a greed that I could barely process, much less understand. My cock was squashed against his cheek, his stubble prickling the sensitive skin so softly I almost wanted more despite knowing it would hurt. His tongue left my hip and he bit me instead, gently enough but firm, sending a rush directly to my cock. He was aroused, of course, but that had been all me – or all his mouth on me.

He detoured up to my bellybutton, and I had to take hold of his hair not to fall. It felt strange, but also like the best of teasing; warm and wet against skin I had never paid much attention to. By the time he got to my other hipbone and lavished it properly with tongue, lips and then teeth, a little harder this time to go with his increasingly hard cock, my legs weren’t doing all that well in the staying straight department. I swayed a little when he pulled back and tilted his head to look at me, licking his lips slowly and deliberately, then took hold of my cock and brought the head into his mouth with a hard suck. My legs buckled like I had stepped into quicksand. Rami didn’t let me fall, powerful arms coming back to my buttocks to push me upright even as his tongue guided my cock further into his mouth. I closed my eyes, knowing the keening sound was me and not quite able to stop caring – or stop doing it.


When he pushed me even deeper, into the pulsating heat of his throat, my legs gave up the battle. I instinctively curled forward, clutching at his hair like one might at a lifesaving boat. This got my cock halfway out, and Rami grunted in displeasure, then raised a hand to my waist and controlled my fall till I was lying flat on the bed. He had let go of my cock for the move, which was probably for the best, but the sight I got through my heavy lidded eyes was almost as enticing: his lips were red from all the kissing and there was a thread of spit connecting from his chin to my groin for an infinite second before it broke.

I closed my eyes, overwhelmed by the sight, and opened them again in shock when he leaned down and suckled on the underside of my dick with what felt like enough force to bruise. His hands settled my hips with ease, my supernatural strength barely a problem for his, and he licked up my length without any assistance from his hands. The room was full of the sounds that our bodies couldn’t contain: my cries, half pleasure, half desperation, and the wet, filthy noises of skin against the sticky mess of saliva and precome. Each lick felt like the end, and eternal as well, pleasure cresting till it seemed like it should break. But it didn’t, somehow it just kept going. And, eventually, it was too much.

“Rami,” I got out, my voice too high, my meaning unclear even to myself.

He raised his head with one last lazy suck and tilted it questioningly.


“Why haven’t you come?” he asked, voice gravely with use. I nodded. “Because I’m not letting you. It’s my job to bring you pleasure, so it’s up to me.”

I stared, feeling my vision swim. I wasn’t sure if I was angry at yet another Alpha power or just needed to come so badly I couldn’t think clearly. Then I remembered his boasting.

“I will not beg you,” I told him. I might have been sweaty and wet and trembling with need, but I wouldn’t go there. I wouldn’t give up what little dignity I had left to satisfy some perverted Alpha desire. He didn’t have a right ask for more when he already had so much. Rami didn’t seem to take my refusal as a challenge, though – he simply blinked his big eyes at me and asked, almost politely if anything could be polite from a guy between your spread thighs, mouth wet from sucking you off.

“Would you like to come now?”

I frowned, puzzled at his easy acquiescence. “Yes,” I said, unsure. And then he simply bent down and used one of his hands to take my cock in again, deep, as deep as it would go so that I knew he couldn’t be breathing through his mouth because my swollen dick must have been blocking his air passage. He swallowed against me, slick, and his tongue, the strongest muscle in the body, seemed to push my cock harder against his palate, deeper into his throat. I must have pushed up, because his hands pushed me back down on the bed, his nose digging into my belly. My hands were back on his hair, clutching so desperately it had to hurt, but I couldn’t stop, every suck seemed to clench up my very core, tighter and tighter till I couldn’t breathe with my mouth fully open.

And then, as he sucked again, he unexpectedly let go of whatever stopper he had on my pleasure and everything exploded. My every muscle contracted as it rushed to me like a waterfall of joy, nerves singing with pleasure; and then, as if a puppets whose strings had been cut, all the tension was gone and I found myself going lax on the bed. Rami was still gently sucking on my cock, but now it was getting almost painful.

“Stop!” I finally called, and he did, carefully giving a last lingering suck at the head that had me whimpering.

“Sorry,” he murmured and lay next to me and entertained himself by kissing and licking my neck and ears. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the post orgasmic haze with all my might. When I turned to take his mouth with mine once again, he opened up like a flower to the sun. His arms went around me, pressing my body down onto his, leg coming up to push his erection against any part of me that was close enough. This I knew. I licked his lips, plump and swollen from sucking me off, then plunged my tongue into his willing mouth. He tasted like me, and when he sucked on it a wave of heat went through me at the echoing memory of what his mouth had done to my cock. I ground into him and Rami ground right back, and just like that I was getting hard again. It had been years since I had been since I had been so easily roused after orgasm, if ever, and it was simultaneously pleasant and a little painful. I put my knees under me, one still between his, and Rami immediately tried to pull me closer again. I resisted, or tried to, because my lower body immediately followed his lead and flattened itself against his aching cock.

I whimpered, as much in fear as discomfort. “Rami,” I whispered. But it was all I could do – I couldn’t actually pull away, or even say more than that. If he didn’t understand… if he preferred to misunderstand… Rami pulled his mouth away from my ear and found my eyes. “What?”

That was enough like a demand to tell him that I could. “I’m sensitive, it hurts to… I want to suck you off.”

“Oh, sorry,” he said, but he didn’t seem to notice that my body had been acting in direct contradiction to my words, much less deduce it was his desire that had made it do that.

I didn’t try and explain, instead placing soft kisses down his throat before crawling all the way down his body. He docilely lifted his hips to allow me to remove his briefs and suddenly I was faced with his hard cock, shiny with precome. I am not opposed to blowjobs, but I am not quite a fan either: too much of a mess and too solitary, too. I like cock as much as the next guy but I prefer to be able to see and feel than to taste, because while it is true that I don’t need to breath that often, it is also a fact that my senses of smell and taste are overdeveloped. All in all, I didn’t find the process particularly rewarding in itself. But all that was different with Rami: just having me look at him made him twitch and when I took hold of the base he exhaled like it hurt and I could feel it all over, like a repeat of his own performance.

Curious, I leaned in to suck softly on the head and the wave of pleasure almost knocked me over. I did it again, getting a little more in my mouth and pulling my fist up in time with my mouth going down. Rami’s hips shifted from side to side, making the head bump into my cheek, but he managed not to thrust. I didn’t – pushing my cock against the bedding, uncaring of the pain that came with the renewed pleasure. He got his elbows under himself and bent to look at me.

“Devlin, are you…?”

I felt myself blushing, and his cock twitched in my mouth, getting harder as precome flooded my mouth. The image must have done a lot for Rami because I had to clench my eyes shut at the wave of toe-curling pleasure that hit me then. I forced myself to swallow before spit started running down my chin. He whimpered, and I did it again, getting my tongue to run down the thick vein at the base and flicking it against the head as I pulled out for breath. I didn’t intend breathing to be erotic but my panting over his wet cock got him squirming so desperately I had to lean back down and suck hard. I couldn’t handle delaying my own orgasm any longer, he had got so worked up that I was ready to come again. I wanted to see Rami lose it, to be the one in charge of his pleasure. His hips lifted in a push that had him hitting the back of my throat and I let him. I didn’t really need to breathe. If I concentrated I knew I could hold my breath for five minutes at the very least. So I did it, I didn’t pull back, I let him thrust, letting go of his cock and taking hold of mine instead as he used my mouth; the sounds coming out of his mouth getting higher pitched by the second and his feelings so strong I could practically feel the slickness of my own mouth around my cock.

A particularly strong push of his hips had him hit the back of my throat hard enough that I reflexively swallowed, and that was it: Rami screamed and started coming, taking hold of my hair to keep me in my place as he emptied himself down my throat. I scrambled to swallow, disorientated enough by my own simultaneous orgasm that I couldn’t quite manage and his come started dripping down my chin.

He finally let me go and I managed to get his cock out of my mouth before I let my head drop on his thigh. He shuddered with protracted pleasure, his still hard cock brushing my swollen lips as I gasped for air. My throat felt a little raw, but it would be heal before we managed to put clothes on.

“Fuck, Devlin, Naveen’s going to be so jealous.”

“Don’t…” I had to swallow. My mouth was somehow both sticky and dry and my voice was wrecked. “Don’t see why, he gets you whenever he wants, doesn’t he?”

Rami hacked out a laugh, his voice was almost back to normal and he just sounded a little sleepy. “True. I will tell him that.”

“Do,” I encouraged him, and rolled over to pick up a shirt from the floor to clean the rest of his seed from my face and his thighs. Then I got under the covers, mumbling, “Just wake me for dinner…”

And with the peace only the body can give the mind, I drifted off to sleep. No thoughts of what was lost, the instinctive need to curl next to a warm body appeased by Rami’s bulk.

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