Book: The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories

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Any project this ambitious and with this wide a scope depends on the help of many people. For key translations, advice and negotiations we must profusely thank Gio Clairval; without her efforts this anthology would be much the poorer. Thanks, too, for largesse and special ops, to Edward Duff, Jonathan K. Stephens, Armando Corridore and Konrad Walewski.

In addition to advice from our editor, Nicolas Cheetham, we had access to invaluable resources in the form of prior anthologies that helped shape The Weird. Our thanks in particular to the following editors, many of whom also provided advice, resources, or other valuable information: David Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, Ellen Datlow, Marvin Kaye, Kirby McCauley, S.T. Joshi, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Ramsey Campbell, J.N. Williamson, Leonard Wolf, Peter Crowther, William J. Tyler, Robert Weinberg, John Betancourt, Dennis Etchison, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Martin H. Greenberg, Richard Dalby, Jonathan Strahan, Peter Straub, Bradford Morrow and Alberto Manguel. Special thanks to Ray Russell at Tartarus Press for massive amounts of help well beyond the call of duty, Jerad Walters at Centipede Press for access to rare materials, and to William Schafer at Subterranean Press for several key story suggestions – all of you are class acts. Thanks to Dedalus and Atlas Press for access to the most decadent permutations of the weird. Thanks also to Anil Menon, Jaya Bhattacharji, Alan Swirsky, Nick Wood, Matthew Cheney, Eric Schaller, and Larry Nolen for various contributions to the effort.

Our appreciation for recommendations from many dozens of other people, too many to list individually, but thank you for your help. Further thanks to all of the publishers, estates, agents and writers who made this book possible. Heart-felt thanks to Becci Sharpe at Corvus for tracking down certain permissions, and to the Corvus team: Nicolas Cheetham, Mathilda Imlah, Nicole Muir and Sachna Hanspal.

Thanks to Bruegger’s Bagels, Hopkins Eatery and Monks for keeping us fed and sane. Finally, thanks to our families and friends for putting up with us while we worked on this project (and neglected them) – it devoured our lives for several months.

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