Book: Not Dead Enough: Zombie Paranormal Romance (Project Rebellion: SARA Book 1)

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Not Dead Enough

Project Rebellion: SARA


By Mina Carter




Sector Four Operational Incident Report

Location: Facility One

Security level: Eyes Only - Destroy after reading.


In the early hours of yesterday morning, Control and Command received word of a mass breakout at Facility One. Early reports indicate that the breakout was instigated from outside the facility, by a rogue LY infected element which had been scheduled for termination at Holding Location Four. All attempts to contact Facility One to ascertain their status have failed; however, lockdown codes from several areas have been received.

No command staff from Facility One have yet reported in, leading to the assumption that pre-arranged contingency plans have been activated. Facility Seven has been warned about the possible imminent arrival of BD infected staff and ‘guests’.

All other facilities report secure.

More information to follow….

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