Book: Not Dead Enough: Zombie Paranormal Romance (Project Rebellion: SARA Book 1)

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“Are you sure you want to do this?” Brett asked. Ducking down to look out the window of the car, his gaze swept over the large building they’d parked in front of.

The windows were dark, the only illumination coming from two lights on either side of the front door. The double front doors. It wasn’t a house, it was a frigging mansion. The one her ex had set up home in with his airhead secretary.

“Oh, yes. Wouldn’t miss this for the world.” She gave Brett a tight smile before sliding from the car.

The whole mess at the old school was a couple of days behind them. Dom was still working on the laptop, which had turned out to be encrypted. With no information to go on yet, the team had a little downtime, which meant that she could clear up a few loose ends here in Greenwood.

It wouldn’t take her long to take care of what she needed to. Her footsteps, which would have once rung out against the flagstones, were silent as she approached the house. She wasn’t particularly trying to be stealthy, but now that every movement caused a vibration she could hear, she’d learned quickly to be as silent as possible.

Her lip curled back from her teeth as she slipped past one of the darkened windows. She didn’t need a torch to spot the opulent furniture within. It was way too garish for her taste. Expensive, yes, but money couldn’t buy class. For Buddy though, money was the answer to everything. Like getting his disappeared wife declared dead within a week of her disappearance. How he’d managed that one, death certificate and all, she had no clue. But thanks to Dom, she’d seen the evidence with her own eyes.

To Buddy and the town of Greenwood, Julia Collier was dead. Kidnapped, killed and buried somewhere by unknown assailants. An evil grin stretched her lips, and she slipped into the shadows at the side of the house. They thought she was dead. She could work with that.

The high fence around the corner posed no problem for her. With a light hop, she shifted her center of gravity and climbed gracefully up the wall. She had no idea of the science behind the changes in her body, or how she could wander up the wall as easily as a path. It all seemed as natural as breathing. Which she had to remember to do half the time now.

There was a light on in one of the rooms at the back of the house, spilling over into the expansive garden. Julia perched on the corner of the building, hidden in the darkness, and reached out with her senses. Someone was moving around in the room on the other side of the wall. Someone male, and drunk by the sounds of the muttering.

She scooted backwards, to a dark window, and with a few swift movements took it off the latch and slid inside. The scents of a recent shower and the citrus shower gel Buddy preferred wrapped around her like a blanket. She wrinkled her nose. Once that smell would have reminded her of home. Now it just clung inside her nostrils and irritated her.

“Fucking bitch spending again.”

She followed the sound of complaint and leaned in the doorway. Buddy, resplendent in a silk dressing gown, monogrammed of course, and matching PJ pants, sat behind his desk, glaring at what appeared to be a statement.

“Four hundred dollars for a bag. What? Does the bitch think I’m made of money?” He slammed the now-empty whiskey glass down on the desk. Julia hid her wince as the sound assaulted her eardrums.

“Hello, Buddy.”

At the sound of her voice, his head whipped up. The face she’d once found handsome was slack-jawed in surprise. He blinked and snapped his mouth shut.

“Julia? B... but you’re supposed to be dead.”

She smiled, revealing her fangs.

“Sorry, Buddy.… Not dead enough.”


The End


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