Book: Days of Perdition

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Roach tried begging and pleading, but that didn’t deter the man.  When Jimmy dragged him into the room he drew him into a crushing embrace, lifting his feet clear of the floor as he planted his wet lips on Roach’s face.  Squirming and trying to bite his attacker only earned him a slap that left him seeing stars and a hard punch to the stomach.

Swaying on his feet and gasping for air, Roach tried to reach for the corkscrew but couldn’t get his hand in his pocket before Jimmy stepped in and grabbed him by the wrists, forcing him to his knees.  Hands numb from the pressure of Jimmy’s grip, Roach began to cry as he pleaded for the man to stop but he was slapped again.

“This is going to happen, bitch.”  Jimmy said, fumbling his belt buckle with one hand as he held Roach’s throat in his other.  “If you bite me I will beat you so bad you’ll wish you were dead, then when you heal I’ll do it all over again.”

Pants open, he pulled out his fully erect penis and pressed it against Roach’s face.  “Understand me, bitch?” 

Roach nodded, tears streaming down his face as Jimmy forced himself into his mouth.  When the reality of what was happening, and what was yet to come, hit him, Roach’s mind shut down.  He did what Jimmy told him to do, no longer crying or trying to resist.  A few minutes later the big man stepped back and lifted Roach to his feet, violently stripping his pants off.

Roach neither resisted nor complained.  As if he was a bystander, his body cooperated as Jimmy spun him around and pushed him over the edge of a table.  When Jimmy grabbed his hips his mind suddenly screamed at him to fight, but before he could even react he was violently penetrated.  He tried to turn away, tried to move, but the man was at least a hundred pounds heavier and kept him pinned as he savagely thrust into Roach.

Screaming and crying again, Roach reached out with a hand and felt his pants lying on the table where Jimmy had discarded them.  Grasping the fabric he pulled them to him and frantically searched for the pocket with the corkscrew.  Finally finding it he ripped it free as his attacker thrust deep inside him and shuddered with his release.

The corkscrew was a large tool that the wine stewards used to open bottles with a flourish.  Six inches of coiled, chrome steel ended in a needle sharp point, the other end firmly embedded in a thick, round wooden T handle.  Roach gripped it in his right hand; the steel portion sticking out between his two middle fingers, holding it so tight his arm ached.

“That’s a good little bitch.”  Jimmy said, sighing with contentment as he withdrew from Roach and stepped back.

He was leaning in to slap the bare ass in front of him when Roach suddenly spun and with every ounce of his being stabbed the entire length of the corkscrew into Jimmy’s neck.  The man’s eye’s went wide in shock as his hands flew upwards, but Roach was enraged and moving fast.  Ripping the six inches of steel out of Jimmy’s flesh he changed his target and stabbed into the man’s groin, again burying the full length into his body.

Releasing the weapon he easily ducked Jimmy’s clumsy attempt to wrap him up in one arm and stumbled across the room, putting the table between them.  A thick jet of blood was pulsing out of his attacker’s neck, more blood coursing from the wound to his crotch.  Jimmy tried to step forward while holding a hand pressed to his throat, but stumbled and looked down at the tool still embedded in his body.

With his free hand he ripped it out, pulling a chunk of flesh and a fresh gout of blood with it.  Looking up at Roach he took another step, then his knees buckled and he fell to the floor as his life continued to jet out of his neck.  Roach stood there and watched as the man died, the fury inside of him growing.

This wouldn’t have happened if Katie hadn’t attacked him.  Her attack had made him vulnerable when these people showed up.  Rage blocking out the pain radiating from his anus, Roach pulled his pants on and stepped over Jimmy’s corpse.  The man had been carrying a small weapon that he’d laid on a chair when they’d entered the room.

Roach would normally have been happy to pick up a fully automatic Uzi pistol, but all he cared about was exacting his revenge on Katie.  Stepping to the door he paused when he heard a gurgle from the man on the floor.  Surprised Jimmy was still alive, he turned and looked down. 

Jimmy’s eyes were still open, staring up at him.  Pleading for help.  Roach looked around until he spotted the corkscrew and came back to stand over the dying man.  With a smile he bent down and drove the steel into Jimmy’s right eye until his knuckles came to a stop against his face.  Still smiling, he stood up and headed for the door to finish his business with Katie.

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