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The Ember War Saga:
1. The Ember War

2. The Ruins of Anthalas

3. Blood of Heroes

4. Earth Defiant (Working title. Coming February 2016!)


At the dawn of the First World War, Manfred von Richthofen seeks renown as a cavalry officer in the German army. His path to glory leads to the fledgling German air force and there he discovers a deadly talent for air-to-air combat. 

Richthofen learns that in the air, victory and renown come at the expense of other men’s lives. A heavy burden that grinds against his soul. To the soldiers and people of Germany, he is the pride of an empire. To his foes, the Red Baron. As the wounds to his body and spirit mount, however, Richthofen learns that even heroes have limits. With the war entering its final stages, his greatest battle will be finding the strength to keep fighting. 




The Eric Ritter Spy Thriller Series:


Months after 9/11, a covert arm of the CIA summons young Lieutenant Eric Ritter to Pakistan. Al Qaeda holds an American operative, and Ritter’s history with the kidnapper is key to rescuing the operative before it’s too late.


While the CIA need Ritter’s help, they consider him an expendable asset and throw him into a battle he isn’t ready for. Deep inside a hostile city, Ritter will learn what it takes to fight the cloak and dagger war against a merciless enemy, or die trying.


A deadly ambush leaves two soldiers in terrorist hands, and their only chance at rescue is the connection between Army intelligence officer Eric Ritter and the Al Qaeda mastermind behind the attack.

To find the lost soldiers, Ritter must ally with the Caliban Program, a covert arm of the CIA that gives him remit to use any means necessary in his search; means forbidden by his oaths as an officer.

Surrounded by hostile Iraqis and hounded by the terrorist leader that wants him dead, Ritter maneuvers between the shadow world of the Caliban Program and his cover as another soldier in the War on Terror.

Ritter must decide if he’ll embrace the dark path before him and betray all that he stands for, or risk leaving two men behind.


When Somali pirates hijack a fishing boat smuggling a nuclear warhead, a frantic race for the weapon ignites. Al Qaeda wants the bomb to strike a devastating blow against the West. The North Koreans want the nuclear weapon back before their role in nuclear terrorism is laid out before the world stage. The CIA wants their operative Eric Ritter to seize the bomb intact for later use...and Ritter doesn't know why.

As the trail runs cold, the CIA thrust the inexperienced and naive Cindy Davis into the spy game. A Russian arms dealer holds the key to finding the nuke, and Davis must find the bomb before it slips into terrorists hands.

The Socotra Incident is a globe-hopping military thriller brimming with tension, betrayal, and espionage.


An assassin murders one of the shadowy Directors of the Caliban Program-a covert arm of the CIA that operates beyond the bounds of law and morality. As the targeted killings of America’s elite continues in Washington DC, the investigation falls to two men. 
Eric Ritter: 

The CIA operative must infiltrate the highest levels of the US government to find out who set the assassin loose, and how deep the conspiracy against the Caliban Program goes. His partner in the investigation is a man he betrayed on the battlefields of the Iraq War
Greg Shelton: 

A rookie FBI Agent forced to assist Ritter by a deep secret-he owes his new career to the Caliban Program, and that career ends the moment he steps out of line. Shelton must play along with the investigation until he can find the right evidence to expose Ritter for the criminal he suspects he is, and free himself the CIA’s clutches. 

The race to capture the assassin, a master bomb maker as insane as he is deadly, will take Ritter and Shelton from the seedy underbelly of the nation’s capital city to the gilded halls of power where a far deadlier game plays out on the world stage.

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