Book: Lyon's Family (The Lyon (Book 5))

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Chapter 10




Thanksgiving went off without a hitch and now we were in the homestretch for Xmas. Kat was still not acting right but I put it down to this holiday crap. I had my eyes and ears open while doing my best to shield her and the kids from everything that was going on. The kids were back in school for the next few weeks and that was giving me some problems, but I found a way around it.

The days are getting better since I’ve lost that feeling of impending doom. For a minute there, I was seeing danger around every corner, drove Kat and the kids batty with my over protective shit but they’ll get over it. “Kat where your kids?” Fucking house was too quiet, that could only mean the little fucks were up to some shit they weren’t supposed to.

“They’re in the house Colt, where you expect them to be? Ever since you put us all on twenty-four hour lock down they hardly even go in the backyard.”

I wonder what her problem is? I watched her walk around putting away the baby’s clothes and muttering to herself. That’s what she does when she’s gearing up to ask me some shit she knows I’m gonna knock back.

I walked over and wrapped my arms around her from behind. “What’s on your mind little girl?” She felt so good, after all these years holding her in my arms still makes my heart do crazy shit. Fucking women, they grab hold of you by the balls and dig in. You would think that shit would taper off at some point, but everyday I still wake up and give thanks that she’s mine. I still look at her and remember the first day I saw her, the real her, and it still gets me every time.

“Nothing’s on my mind Colt.”

Lying ass. “I love you baby.” My babygirl still melts when her man gives her the words, funnily enough when I try to show her by buying her shit she acts the hell up, that doesn’t stop me though. She’s got more diamonds than the Smithsonian.

She turned in my arms with her soft eyes. I brushed the hair back off her face and kissed her brow, we were having a moment. One of the few we can steal these days with her horde always in my shit. “I love you too Colton, thanks.”

“For what babe?”

“For making my life so happy.”

“Dammit Kat, I told you about that crying shit.” She didn’t do her usual grin and sniff into my shirt and I got worried, especially when she cried even harder. “Baby what the fuck? Tell me what’s hurting you.” She squeezed me around the waist and held on, sending my pressure up a few notches.

“Nothing’s hurting me you crazy person.” This time she wiped her nose in my shirt and kept her head buried in my chest. “I know something’s bothering you, and if when you get around to telling me I don’t like it, it’s gonna be your ass.”

“Why did you go to Law’s place? And why after you came back you had the place surrounded like we were under attack?”

“You on that again?” I unwrapped the sneak’s arms from around me and moved away. I know that’s not it, because I know that my woman knows I’ve got her covered and nothing will ever get through me to get to her. She’s trying to sidetrack me so it was best to beat feet before she pesters my ass into telling her shit that she didn’t need to know.

I’d played around with the idea of telling her, but between Law’s place and home had changed my mind. In all our years together I’ve never burdened her with anything and I wasn’t about to start. That cherish and love shit goes a long way, I don’t think worrying her half to death about our eldest would be keeping up my end of the bargain. Plus when I off these fucks she’d probably put two and two together, and it was a given that they were not too long for this world.

It’s funny, but for years people thought I was something that I wasn’t. It took having her and our kids to bring that side out in me. I don’t wanna go around offing fucks, but if they’re out to do me and mine all bets are off. I give a fuck. I was halfway out the door before she called me back.

“Come back here Colton Lyon.”

“The baby sleep?”

“Yeah why?” I tackled her and she screeched.

“Shh.” I covered her mouth with my hand as I bore her down to the bed and followed. “ I like these little skirts you been wearing around the house, sexy.” I growled into her neck as I lifted her skirt over her ass.

“This is gonna be quick.” I pushed aside the skimpy ass underwear she wears to make me crazy, fished my dick outta my jeans and slid home. “Don’t move babe.” I reached around for her clit with one hand and her tit with the other, manipulating her flesh until I felt that liquid heat coat my cock from tip to base.

Then and only then, when I knew her body was ready to take me did I start fucking. “I’m coming in deep baby don’t scream.” I lifted her leg up onto the headboard, opening her up for my cock and fucked in on an angle hitting her spot. “Ahhhh, Colton…”

“Bite the pillow baby damn.” I looked over my shoulder to make sure the door was closed and locked. Once I was sure that we weren’t going to be invaded, I went to work on her. I held her head down in the bed as it creaked and banged into the wall.

No matter how many times I enter her, no matter what my day held, there is no feeling like being inside what’s mine. “What’re you up to?” I whispered in her ear as I held my cock still, letting it thump away inside her. “No fair quit it Colton.” She squeezed my cock and rotated her ass back and forth on my dick and I forgot what the fuck I was saying.

“Bad girl, move that ass like that again.” She laughed her special laugh that she saves just for our bed and I felt my heart ease a little more. Whatever it was that was bothering her it couldn’t be that bad. I let loose on her pussy and she tore the sheets off the bed.

When she threw her head back and her mouth opened in a silent scream, I pressed down on her clit and let go. “Oh yeah baby right there.” That felt like one of those breeding fucks but I won’t be the one to tell her that shit since I’d already caught her ass with Cody. She tends to get snippy when I slip one by her.


Kat’s up to some fuck again, I don’t know what it is yet but I’ma fuck it outta her. One hard stroke and she’d tell me anything, but I’m biding my time. Char and her shit got me thinking. Every year we have a big shindig at the house. Usually my crew and Mallory and his kids would drop in, but I never thought to invite Law and his people. Maybe this year I would, we could all do with some merriment after the last few weeks of bullshit.

I found her and ma in my kitchen whispering about who knows what when I got home one evening and braced myself. Not for nothing, but there’s hardly ever a time when these two are huddled up that my ass doesn’t end up in the middle of some shit I want no part of.

“What’re you two up to now?” The way they jumped apart told me all that I needed to know. “Okay what is it let me have it.” I folded my arms and leaned against the wall staring down the both of them. They shared a look and twiddled their thumbs. “Speak now or forever hold your peace ladies, Kat.”

“Uh, well, we were trying to come up with a way to give Caitie a nice Xmas. As you know Todd’s leaving the day after and she’s been very despondent lately.” How did I know this was about that damn kid? I wondered why my little girl had stopped moping around and bugging me about him, now I figured it was because these two had told her they were gonna work me.

“She’s not going.”

“Yes we know, you’ve told us about a hundred times already, but since you’ve had the kids on house arrest for the last few weeks and they haven’t really had time to say goodbye, we figured you’d be a little lenient. But, knowing how hardheaded you are, we thought maybe we could invite him and his family here instead.”

Elena gave me her best mother’s look like that shit was gonna sway me. Since I knew the two of them wouldn’t stop until they got something outta me, and truth be known, I wasn’t as worried about the little shit as I was before seeing my baby in that damn book, I was feeling a bit magnanimous.

“Tell me something, what is it with you two and this kid?” I left my post on the wall and pulled up a chair next to them. Kat got all nervous and shit and Elena studied me like I was in the interrogation room. There was a lot of throat clearing before either one of them decided to talk.

“Well Colton, since Caitie knows that you go into an epileptic fit when it comes to her and boys, she tells me things.”

“Things, what kinda things?” My growl had them both sitting back hard.

“You see, there you go, I’m trying to explain something to you and already you’re ready to jump. Just listen okay, and don’t get all bent out of shape before you hear the whole story.”

“Okay, keep talking.” Like I don’t have shit else to do around here.

“Okay, so do you remember that first time when Todd stood up to the bullies? Well there’ve been other things since then. Colton…” My face must’ve looked like a thundercloud. “What other things and why am I only now hearing about them?”

“Well Colton, son, the fact that you’re gripping that chair arm hard enough to break it should give you an idea.” Elena gave me a stern look like I was five and she was two seconds from sending me to time out. I give a fuck. I’ve had about all I’m gonna take when it comes to my kid. They couldn’t know that I’d decided that the next motherfucker to even look at my little girl cross-eyed was gonna get fucked.

“Tell me Katarina.” She wasn’t looking too sure now but the bull was out the pen and there was no putting him back in. “Okay um, you know a couple months ago Todd went away for the school trip, they were gone for two weeks?” Yeah I remember-I remember having to run my kid off the phone at all hours of the damn night because of the time difference where he was or some shit.

So what the little fuck was smart and got to go off somewhere or the other to show off his brain skills, he still wasn’t good enough for my kid.

“Well while he was gone something happened.” I could feel the red haze covering my eyes. Not because something had happened, but because my wife hadn’t told me about it.

My stare got her to pick up the story again. “These boys sorta kinda cornered her, not really it wasn’t like that COLT…” I was out my damn chair like a shot, my heart was beating the fuck outta my chest. I hit the stairs running and headed for Caitie’s room.

She was sitting on her bed with headphones on listening to music while leafing through a book. Why is this shit happening to me? Why can’t these fucks leave my family alone? I started to go in and ask her to tell me what had happened, but she looked so young, so happy, I didn’t wanna spoil that.

She’s so damn beautiful, is that why? It had taken days before I stopped seeing that flesh rag every time I looked at my little girl. Now everything that involved her was magnified in my mind. I can’t forget what happened to her mother when she was just a little older than she was now herself, and though I don’t hold anything against Drake, I’ll be fucked if anything like that is gonna happen to my kid. Not on my fucking watch.

By the time I turned around Kat was upstairs. “Where’s ma?”

“She had to go what did you say to Caitlin?” She tried looking around me into the room but I backed her up until we reached our room. “Nothing yet, I’m waiting for you to tell me the rest.”

She started that hand wringing shit and bit into her lip. Usually the lip biting thing would make my dick hard as fuck in no time, and I wasn’t sure she wasn’t doing it to distract me. “Stop that.” I pulled her lip out from between her teeth.

“The boys thought it would be funny to tease her you know, they um, took her book bag and wouldn’t give it back, things like that, and one of them asked her out and when she said no he said some ugly things to her.”

“I’m gonna fucking level that school, who was it?”

“Colton I took care of it, the kid said he was sorry that he hadn’t meant to scare her. He was embarrassed Colt that she turned him down in front of his friends.”

Is she out her fucking mind? “I don’t give two wet fucks Kat.”

“Colton shh; Caitlin doesn’t want you to do anything, don’t embarrass her.” She grabbed my shirttail to hold me back from leaving the room.

“What the fuck are you on Kat? They fuck with my kid and you expect me to do what?”

“But Colt they’re just kids…”

“Who waited until the boy left to start their shit with her again, fuck that.”


“Kat, grab the baby and stay up here.”

“Why, what’re you gonna do?”

“Nothing for you to worry about peacemaker. Catalina come here.” I yelled out for her not knowing where the little spook was.

“Yes daddy?” She came bounding into the room three seconds later, which meant she’d been listening at doors again and shit. I walked out of the room with her on my heels.

“I need you to make me up a batch of some shit.” Her eyes grew big and there was a light in them that I hadn’t seen since I’d seen it in my own when I was a wayward youth. Well fuck; while I’m saving a college fund for the others I’ll be starting a bail fund for this one; I can just see it now. Plus she has some of Kat in her; this whole neighborhood is fucked.

“What do you want it to do daddy?”

“What do you mean pumpkin?” she took my hand and started leading me down the hallway.

“We…l…l do you want a hair remover, a rash, or something more permanet?” She couldn’t even say the word but she sure as fuck knew what it meant.

“Permanent like how?” I stopped and looked down at her.

“Tell me first daddy.” What the fuck did I get myself into now?

“Uh, I don’t want it permanent.”

“Then you don’t need to know.”

“What the… KAT.”

“What is it now?” she came out the room and glared at me.

“You been watching after this kid?”

“Of course I have what kinda question is that?”

“How does she know about making potions and shit that can do permanent damage?”

“I don’t know, she gets that from you.”

Everything’s my fucking fault around here; except when they’re dong the right thing, then they’re mommy’s little darlings.

“Daddy you want me to help or not? I was busy.”

“Busy doing what, listening in at keyholes? Didn’t I tell you about that shit?”

“Daddy, I don’t do that, you were yelling. Now you want me to do it or not?”

“Do what; Colt what are you two up to?”

“None ya.”


“Nothing mommy, I’m just showing daddy my new trick.” Damn she was good; if I didn’t know what we were just talking about I would believe her. She had the innocent little angel act down.

“Kat, you sure they gave us the right one at the hospital?” I had to say that shit out the side of my mouth because she hears everything with her nosy ass.


“Just checking. Come on Mengele let’s go show daddy your new trick.” They have to be a boot camp or some shit that would take this kid.

I don’t care what Kat and her mother in law says, I’m not letting these little punks get away with fucking with my kid. I followed Hitler’s youth to her little science corner in my basement and listened as she told me about all the different products she had in neat little rows.

I’m thinking it’s a good thing I did that because some of the most innocent shit you’d find in any household apparently could be used to destroy shit. “Catalina where did you learn all this stuff?”

“I read it in grandpa’s book.” She was busy mixing shit in a beaker with her little tongue caught between her teeth in concentration. “So what are you making there?” I was beginning to rethink this shit; maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. What the fuck was I thinking getting my kid involved in this shit?

“Oh this, it will make you sick if you eat it in your food, not bad sick just make you go to the bathroom a lot-lot-lot.” What the fuck! How the fuck do I get outta this? “Listen kid I changed my mind.” She really scares me no joke. She gave me a put upon look and walked over to the sink to pour out her concoction. I watched to make sure it was all gone but what was the point? She’d whipped up her little batch like a pro.

I headed back upstairs to her mother. “Kat don’t keep things from me again, anything happens to my kids I wanna know immediately. Did you talk to the principal?”

“Of course and the boys were reprimanded but I didn’t want to make a big deal because these days they kick kids outta school for the littlest thing.”

“Their asses need to be kicked out. I’m surprised that you of all people are taking this shit so lightly. They cornered her Kat.”

“ Colton I know what you’re saying, but the way Caitie described it, it didn’t sound like anything more than high school horsing around. The kids are gonna face those things babe, it’s just a part of life.” She can keep that shit. I don’t trust these little teenage fucks.

I decided to snoop around and get the names of the kids who’d messed with my kid. I wasn’t gonna do much more than put fear in them and warn them to stay the fuck away from her, but if my wife knew she’d raise hell. She still wears rose tinted glasses and thinks people are redeemable. I say they’re all fucked in the head young and old.

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