Book: Lyon's Family (The Lyon (Book 5))

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Chapter 12




Later that night, when the house was quiet and I knew Kat’s ass was down for the count because I’d fucked her into the springboard, I snuck into my office to make the call I’d been waiting all day to make.

“Hey Law, it’s me, you’re gonna need to call Creed and them military boys in on this one.”

“Why what’s going on? No Dana Sue go back to sleep. Hang on Colt let me get to where we can talk.”

I heard ruffling and kissing noises and then he was back.

“Tell me.”

“I got some Intel from old man Mallory today about our little situation.”

“Hang on let me conference.”

Shit went dead for a second and then I heard ringing on the other end. “Yo.”

“Logan it’s Law, I got Colt on the other line says we need a conference hang on I gotta call Creed.” What the fuck! more dead air and then another hello. Sounded like we interrupted Creed.

“This had better be good or some fuck’s gonna get it.”

“Creed we gotta talk Colt has something.” There was some mumbling in the background and another grown man had to explain to his owner why he was leaving her in bed. Fucking saps, the only ones that seemed up and ready were the military fucks and who knows what the fuck they’d been up to before we called.

“Okay everybody here, or you boys need some more time to placate your women? Fucking leashed.”

“Shut the fuck up Lyon, I’ve seen you with your woman you don’t fare much better.” Creed laughed and the rest of them joined in. We shot some shit with each other before getting down to business because I was pretty sure that they knew whatever was coming wouldn’t be good.

“What did you hear?” That was Logan, fucker’s always serious, can’t say that I blame him, dealing with this fuckery.

“Right, this Stockton guy was in bed with the Porters we knew that already, but did you know that one of the Porters has the ear of one of our past presidents, anyone wanna take a guess as to which one?”

“Fuck, the fuck up?”

“You guessed it Law. Apparently while the rest of the world is under the impression that these fucks were after oil and other natural resources they had something more lucrative on the side. I’m guessing from all the silence that you already knew all this as well. I guess the big news then is that this desert guy whoever the fuck is headed stateside.”

“How does your guy know this?” That sounded like Connor but what the fuck do I know?

“I’m guessing you don’t know much about old man Mallory, you don’t ask those kinda questions unless you wanna get dead.”


“He didn’t say, only that they were plans being made.”

“If this is true then we’d better get to work boys, he wouldn’t risk coming here if it wasn’t important, there has got to be something else going on that we haven’t found yet. I can’t see him coming here behind this shit.”

“I say we end all the fucks and be done with it, Mallory gave me the names of two guys that might be able to help, maybe you know them.”

“Who are they?”

“Mancini, he’s some kinda spook outta New York very hush-hush and the other one’s closer to our neck of the woods a Gideon Thorpe.”

“Never heard of them. Creed you’re pretty quiet, what’s up?”

“Well Law, I know of Mancini and heard of Thorpe. If either of these two are coming onboard then Logan’s right, the shit’s about to hit the fan. Mancini is a dangerous fuck and Thorpe, well he’s not one you wanna play with. They both have experience dealing with trafficking rings, that’s how our paths crossed in the past.”

“I’m with Con, that demented fuck isn’t coming here because of child trafficking, that shit’s child’s play to a fuck like him. I say we follow Lyon’s suggestion and start ending these fucks.” That’s my boy Ty. I knew I could count on him to have his head on straight.

“Hold it, we need to check this Intel, no offense to you or your friend, but if The Fox was heading this way don’t you think we would’ve heard something?”

“No offense but do you think these conniving fucks will tell you the truth? I don’t know who you’ve got on your end, but from everything I’ve heard so far, there’s more shit being held back from you boys than what’s being shared. Like I said before, I’m not beholden to any organization and I barely tolerate the laws that we have here since they change the shits as they go. I don’t give a fuck who did what to who, all I want is the motherfucker that put my little girl in that book.”

“We all want that Colton, but like we told you before, this thing is more intricate than the surface and your Intel if it’s correct just proved it. This is a dangerous motherfucker no doubt and he has the money and the reach to make shit happen. My girl was in there too and believe me I wanna hop on a plane and go put one in the fuck myself, but they’re others who need us and they need us to keep our heads and do this thing the right way.”

“I hear you Cord and I didn’t forget that you got a dog in this fight. I didn’t forget that all of you have a stake in this. But you boys, including you Law and you Creed, have had that military training and forgive me for saying it, but I’ve never been on that leash. I don’t care if I have to walk across the fucking Euphrates to get to this fuck I’d do it to keep my family safe. Creed, since you’re the only one who knows these two boys that Mallory mentioned what do you think? You think it would help if we reached out?”

“It couldn’t hurt, I’ll have to find Mancini though, he’s never in one place too long. I tell you what, I’m sick a this shit. Seems like the more we dig the more shit we unearth and we’re still no closer to finding out the whys behind this thing. I haven’t shared any of this shit with my girl, but she’s starting to get suspicious on account of I won’t even let her cross the door without someone on her.”

For some fucked up reason, Char’s words rang through my head just then. I might scoff at her shit and the fact that I have no idea how that shit works scares the shit outta me, but she’s always on the money. Creed sounded like he was at the end of his rope and I imagined the others weren’t far behind. “Uh, what’re you boys doing for the holidays?”

“Say what now? Lyon you domesticated fuck, what’re you talking about?”

Yeah, I’m domesticated but when we were at his place, his girl had him running in circles. “Law, you know every year we have the big shindig what’s a couple more mouths?” What the fuck am I doing? “That goes for you boys too, you should bring out the wives get out of dodge for a few days. There’s more than enough room here and at my folks we can all spread out. And if you boys ride your rig out then we can hook it up.”

“Fuck Lo, we forgot the holidays we’ve been so busy focusing on this bullshit we dropped the ball.”

“Don’t panic Zak, it’s weeks away.”

“Fuck that Lo, what about baby Zak? We gotta get her Santa’s list how the fuck do we do that? We gotta get on that shit like now.”

I laughed my ass off at Ty and his rumblings while his brothers ribbed him to death. “We forgot something else, there’re four pregnant women in this crew, and Law’s is breeding too, y’all sure these girls are up to taking this trip?”

“I don’t see why not Quinn. They made it a month or so ago, plus we can always fly out. What do you think Lo?” That was the first time Devon spoke since we got started. That boy reminds me of someone with his silent shit, I don’t trust it one fuck. Fucker’s probably the deadliest one of the bunch.

They talked it out while I sat there wondering what the fuck had happened to my life. It was passing strange to be discussing holiday plans and fuckery in the middle of a shit storm, but seems that’s way we were going. “One thing boys, we don’t discuss this shit while you’re here, not unless we’re one hundred percent sure there’re no ears around. My family are heavy into this Xmas shit, I don’t want anything fucking that up.”

“Lyon, your word that you won’t move on this until we’ve done some searching.”

“I don’t make promises, but I can tell you that if those fucks don’t make a move towards me I’ll hold off. You fucks take too long though who knows.” Logan didn’t seem too pleased with that but he’ll have to deal, he ain’t my damn team leader.

In the end, they said they’d get back after discussing things with their women and I went to tell Kat that we might be having about twenty more mouths to feed in a week. I was already regretting that shit. What the fuck was I supposed to do with these fucks if they show up here?

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