Book: Lyon's Family (The Lyon (Book 5))

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Chapter 13




“Kat, what the hell is all that shit you got around the house, and why the fuck does it feel like I haven’t seen you in a week?” Even as I spoke she was bustling in and out of the room. She knows I hate it when she ignores me and she’s been doing that shit for the last few days, ever since I got the call that the guys were coming for the holidays.

Elena was in her element, she likes nothing more than having a horde to feed and fuss over. Kat had invited that boys people to my damn house as well and my kids were losing their fucking minds because the living room looked like the backroom of a toy store with all the damn gifts under the humongous tree I’d had to cut down.

“The only time I see you anymore is when it’s time for bed. You’re always puttering around here, cut that shit out.” She gave me one of her looks. “ Who was it that invited overnight guests huh? Who was it that told me the week before Xmas that we had more people coming?”

She had a point but that didn’t mean I liked this shit. “Where’s the baby?”

“He’s asleep I just put him down why?” I walked over to the corner where she keeps the traveling crib. She’s been keeping the baby in here with us under the guise of having him close so she could hear him but I knew it was because he was the last one and she was trying to get all the mothering in that she could.

I bent down and picked him up ignoring her hissing behind me. He smelt like a baby, and I felt that jump in my heart I always get when I sniff one of my kids. “I think we need another one Kat.” Her eyes widened and she took a step back like she expected me to jump on her right then and there.

“Colton, are you nuts? You just got through telling me two days ago that we shouldn’t have had the ones we have and now…”

“Girls, Kat it’s your damn daughters that are putting me in the grave. But look at him, he’s growing up so fast don’t you want another one?” Her eyes got all soft and she rubbed her legs together. I knew I had her, just needed to reel her in.

“Come on babe, imagine all the fun we’re gonna have trying.” I walked over and rubbed my hand between her legs until she was wet, then I sucked her tongue into my mouth and it was a done deal.

“Oh alright, but I don’t want to hear any complaints if we end up with another girl.” Zinger, she knew damn well she didn’t want one either, that damn Catalina is about all we can handle. She’s been running around here like a nut since we told her there were new people coming. Probably saw them as guinea pigs.


Today was the day the boys were coming to town. There weren’t that many preparations to be made as far as safety. No one here had messed with me and mine in a long time, but still, I had the boys do a perimeter run, you never know. This fucking holiday tends to bring out the crazies or some fuck.

I had a fuckload of shit to do before they got here. Our yearly charity run which my kids had joined once they were old enough, and all the last minute shit Kat and Elena were gonna have me doing. The madness had already started with Kat and her mother in law taking over my kitchen. I tried to avoid Char who kept giving me secret smiles like she knew some fuck I didn’t.

“Elena, where’s your husband?” She was busy stirring something while her granddaughter, my Caitie bear, watched. It’s a sight I’ve seen every year since she was born, one that still brings a tingle to my heart and one I won’t be giving up anytime soon.

“He had something to do at the hospital but he should be here when your little friends show up. Char tells me they’re all rather…robust.”

“Why the hell are you blushing ma and how can Glenda the witch tell you anything when she’s never seen these boys before?”

“Oh son, don’t be such a prude and you know very well how she knows.” She gave me the ‘Colton is stupid’ look while my daughter pretended she wasn’t hearing shit and my wife hummed carols as she flitted around the room.

“Kat, come here a minute.”

“Oh dear, I know that tone, whatever it is, she’s done. You’re gonna have to deal with it later son. We have lots to do and not nearly enough time, what with you springing a hundred extra people on us last minute.” That’s Elena, queen of exaggeration. “Kat, now.”

She huffed her ass across the room. I notice she always gets a little more spunky when her meddling ass mother in law is around, add her own mother to the mix and I have a coup on my hand. “You’re not wearing that thing whatever it is you have on when the others get here, go change.”

She looked down at herself and even though I’d said it as quietly as possible the room’s other occupants still rolled their eyes at me. “Colton what’s wrong with what I have on?” She spread her arms out at her sides and the damn button down shirt tightened across her ample tits.

“Get it off and put something over those tights things, they show off too much of your ass.”

“What should she wear son, you got burlap somewhere? Maybe we can whip her up a gunnysack right quick.” They all thought that shit was funny. “And you think she’s moving in here in a few years?” I whispered that shit in my wife’s ear because it was too damn close to the holiday to deal with their shit.

“Colton, behave we’ve already settled that issue, now why don’t you go choose something for me to wear and I’ll be right up in a minute to put it on?” Yeah right, she thinks I’m too preoccupied to remember my own name. “Katarina do I look like I’m playing with you? If you want me to choose something for you to wear I can.”

She had enough sense to know what that shit meant and went up to change. I didn’t give a fuck about the snickers from the other women in the room when I turned to follow her. Nosy fucks.

I cornered her to the bedroom after watching her ass twitch all the way up the stairs. “Here let me help you.” I went after her top first sending buttons flying across the room.

“Colton we can’t…” She tried covering her tits in the half bra she wore but the die had already been cast and my boy was on the rise.

“If you didn’t want to get fucked you shouldn’t have worn that.” I took her down and got my mouth on her tit and my hand between her legs. There’s no feeling like stealing the pussy with a house full of people. I had to stuff Kat’s damn mouth while I drilled her from behind hard and sweet.

Her pussy gripped me like a glove as she pushed her ass back into my strokes, spreading her legs for me. I fingered her clit and marked her neck while the sap rose in my balls. “I’m cumming baby you there?”

“Uh-huh.” I can still make her voice go weak. Her pussy quivered around my cock and she scratched the sheets as I sped up my pounding strokes into her, sending my dick deep into her belly. I tried not to fuck with her hair when I held her head down in the pillow as I offloaded about a pint of jizz in her pussy.

I let the last drop drip into her before pulling out and tapping my pierced cock head onto her ass crack. I moved back and pulled her panties back up her legs. “Don’t clean up, I want my scent on you when those boys get here, don’t want any misunderstandings.”

“Colton seriously? Aren’t these people your friends?” She went to dig through her clothes in the closet while I tried to catch my breath on the bed. Her ass did look too good in those things and I knew it was because she was still carrying some extra from when she was breeding with Cody. I dare not say that shit though or she’d get to starving her ass or some fuck to lose weight and I hate that shit. “I don’t care Kat, it’s a man thing don’t question it.”

I tongue fucked her mouth before leaving her to figure out her wardrobe. “By the way, don’t forget to have the kids ready in twenty. We have to be at the hospital an hour ago.”

“They’ll be ready, oh Colt can you please have a talk with Catalina? She’s so excited about the others coming that I’m afraid of what she might do.”

“Afraid someone else might figure out she’s fucking nuts?”

“COLTON.” Damn she likes to yell.

To keep her happy, I did go in search of the mad scientist but for once she was behaving. “Look daddy, isn’t this pretty? Mom said I look like a princess.” She was wearing some flowery thing with ribbons and shit in her hair and she did look like your average five year old the way she sat there like she was waiting patiently for the festivities to start. Too bad for her ass I don’t trust her.

“Where’re your brothers?” They’re usually her targets of choice and it was only a few weeks ago that I had to save poor Aiden from one of her concoctions that once thrown down the sink had smoked and fumed and given off the most awful odor in creation.

“They’re around somewhere, but daddy you didn’t say, isn’t my dress pretty?”

“It’s beautiful kid, come give your old man a hug.” She got a pained look on her face and I knew why five seconds later when I heard all three of her brothers trampling down the stairs calling for their mother at the top of their lungs. It could have something to do with the many keys under her ass when she got up from the corner of the couch where she’d been sitting.

“What did they do to you?” I wasn’t gonna laugh, Kat says that only encourages her, not that the kid needs any encouragement, she’s a one man army and just like her old man, she don’t give a fuck.

“They won’t let me play.”

“Do you really wanna play in your pretty clothes?”

“The boys are playing in theirs why can’t I? it’s not fair daddy. Caitie doesn’t play with me she’s too old and the boys say I’m just a girl.” I tried explaining that shit to her until she got a strange light in her eyes before grabbing her contraband and trying to make a run for it. “I know, I’ll play with Cody…”

“Hold it.” I had to talk her out of using her brother as a science project, the shit she had in mind would land us all in jail. Where the fuck does she come up with this shit? “Catalina, your brother is not a doll, he hurts just as you do. You cannot pin his eyes back to see how they work.” What the fuck? Who thinks of this shit? I’m gonna have to remember to tell Kat not to leave those two alone.


They started trickling in early evening, first Law and his crew, followed by Creed and his. By the time the SEALs showed up, I was afraid the neighbors were gonna call out the National Guard. Mallory wasn’t coming tonight. He had a kid with a fever so Kat and I would have to make a run out to their place after the holidays if things didn’t change by tomorrow.

We made a sight in the upscale neighborhood with its preppy shit. I could just imagine the curtains being pulled back and the calls to nine-one- one. The SEALs had flown in and rented two SUVs and by the time my whole crew showed up the front of my house looked like a hoedown.

Kat and Elena had gone all out to make the houses ready and make sure there was more than enough room for everyone so nobody had to stay at a hotel. Elena was getting the most of it since she had more available space, but the way things were looking the women were all bunking in my damn living room.

I don’t know what it is about females, but they gravitate towards each other like bees to their queen, add a couple pregnancies to the mix and men become damn near nonexistent. At least Kat had a smile on her face as she made the rounds making sure her new guests were comfortable.

“Well Lyon, we made it.” Law sidled up to me in the middle of the mayhem that was taking place in my living room. “I’m glad you came.” I was surprised to realize that was true, though my house looks like an outlaw crew had overrun it.

People were spread out from the backyard to the driveway. Somebody had turned on the stereo and Xmas carols were piping through the speaker system, and the women were passing around trays of food and drinks.

The house felt like it was supposed to the night before Xmas, light and happy. It was enlightening to see that I wasn’t the only husband who had lost his damn mind. The way these boys hovered around their women, taking care of their every need, you’d think no one had ever carried a child before.

The kids were in their element, even my boys who were usually stoic little fucks were having the time of their lives showing off their riding skills. I kept my eye on Catalina as she flitted from room to room. She had everyone fooled from the get. All the women were goo-goo over her and she had the men wrapped around her little finger.

I figure they were all watching her and imagining what their little angels might be when they finally got here, if they only knew. I knew I was the one who’d said no shoptalk but by the time the women were settled I was making eye contact with the guys to follow me outside. I could see that though they were willing to put shit aside for their women’s sake, they wanted to get shit moving.

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