Book: Lyon's Family (The Lyon (Book 5))

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Chapter 17




“Todd, what’re you doing? My dad would kill us if he caught us out here alone?” She looked around as if expecting him to appear out of the darkness. She’s so pretty under the moonlight it hurts. The feelings I have inside for her scare me, I don’t know if I can make it without her. I’ve been fighting with my parents to find a way for me to stay, had explained to them that even the thought of leaving her makes me feel like my life was ending.

They were more understanding than I thought they would be. My dad is always so caught up in his work I never thought he had any time to notice what was going on around him, and mom, well she’s mom. She thinks every little thing will hurt me, just like when I was five.

We’d had a long talk the three of us about my relationship with Caitlin, my Caitlin. If only her dad was half as understanding then I wouldn’t have this knot in my gut. If anyone else comes near her while I’m gone I’ll end them. But for now I have to make sure she’s okay, she’s been having as hard a time with this as I have.

“Caitie, I know what your dad thinks, I know what a lot of people think, but I’m never gonna make you do anything you don’t wanna. You see this.” I lifted my shirt and showed her the surprise I had waiting, one of her Xmas gifts, her name tattooed across my heart.

“Todd, oh my gosh did it hurt?” She ran her finger gently over the letters, under the concern I sensed the pride. “No it didn’t hurt, whatever I felt it was worth it, to have you with me all the time. This means that I’ll wait for you no matter what. You’re too young we’re both too young I know that. For now, I just wanna spend as much time with you as I can just to look at your face. Because seeing your face is like every Xmas and birthday I’ve ever had rolled into one. And one day, when the time is right we’ll have our forever. Don’t cry, you know I hate it when you cry come ‘ere.”

I pulled her into my chest just as I saw the shadow disappear behind the door leading outside. One guess as to who that was, but I was still breathing so maybe he’d heard enough to know. That didn’t stop my guts from tightening in fear though. Mr. Lyon is one scary guy. I wonder how he’d feel if he knew I wanted to be just like him when I grow up.

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