Book: Lyon's Family (The Lyon (Book 5))

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Epilogue 1




It’s been almost a month since Xmas and I still hadn’t gone to the desert. I gave my word that I would let those boys work their shit, but each day was getting harder and harder. Mancini had been in touch since that first meet and from his smarmy comments I gathered he was working behind the scenes but the fucker was still keeping us in the dark. No one had made a move on my family thus far so I was giving these military fuck types the benefit of the doubt. How long that would last was up for grabs.

“Hi honey guess what?” She was pretty chipper when I got home that evening as she flitted around the kitchen finishing up dinner. I eyed her ass because the only time she gets like this is when she and her posse get up to some shit that I’m not gonna like.

“What did you and my pain in the ass mother do now?”

“Nothing, Todd’s back isn’t that great? His parents are here to tie up some loose ends for the weekend. I almost said thank heavens the fuck was back until I saw what was sitting in my living room what the fuck? Where did they take him a farm where they overfeed kids or some fuck. “Who the fuck is that?”

“That’s Todd doesn’t he look great? Caitie is so excited.” She was smiling and clapping her hands and shit like this was a good thing.

“That is no kid in there that’s a grown fucking man. The fucking kid looks too grown, I don’t want him around my daughter.” I think I’m gonna have a heart attack.

“Colton you’re being unreasonable now, you need to calm down and think rationally. Do you really want to hurt Caitlin? He’s only home for a few days let them have their time.”

Why is she always fucking with me? “Where the fuck is the pothead with the pipe? You see that, are you happy now? Look what you’ve turned me into, you and your damn kids.”

“Oh so now they’re mine?”

“Daddy, you’re shouting again, that can’t be good for…” The little one came out of nowhere with her shit.

“Mengele take your ass in the basement and blow some shit up.” Fuck, the little shit’s eyes lit up as she turned to head that way. “Come back here you.” Fucking criminal in the making. I gave her mother the stink eye because this was all her damn fault. Daughters and shit, I warned her this fuckery was gonna happen.


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