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“I don’t know what the fuck’s wrong with her, but she’s gonna tell me tonight or somebody’s getting an ass whipping.” I don’t know if it’s the stuff I’m dealing with, the fact that I haven’t been able to share it with her, but some fuck was going on.

“Colt, you know you can’t handle everything with anger right?”

“The fuck are you on? I just told you Kat’s been moping around the house for the past two days, even the kids can’t get a rise outta her and you tell me fuck all? How else am I supposed to get her ass back on track?”

My wife and kids are on a mission to make me fucking crazy. The boys aren’t so bad; it’s the fucking females in my house that are all about to get a boot in the ass starting with their mother. My Caitie Bear has some kid sitting on my couch every evening like he lives there or some fuck and the little one is trying her best to land in the pen before she reach ten with her criminal mind ass, and now this fuckery.

“You ever stop to think she might be depressed?” I looked at him like he was out his fucking mind.

“What the fuck? What does she have to be depressed about? The only thing I don’t do for my wife is breathe you fuck, and as much time as I spend watching her sleep I might as well be doing that shit too.”

Jared held up his hands and grinned at me. “You think you’re ever gonna be rational where she’s concerned? It’s been what, fifteen, sixteen years, and you’re still hotheaded as fuck when it comes to her.”

“I don’t see what the fuck that has to do with her moping shit.” He rolled his eyes at me, the fuck.

“It doesn’t, it has to do with you thinking you can fight all her battles for her.” I’m about to knock him the fuck out friend or no friend. “Who the fuck is supposed to do it? And why the fuck do you think my wife is depressed?”

“Colton, do you not remember the reason she moved here in the first place?”

What the fuck? “Yeah, she came here to find me.” The rest of that business does not bare thinking about. “Fuck.”

“Where’re you going?”

“Home to my wife you dumb fuck where do you think?” I did not appreciate his laughter; I’ll deal with his shit tomorrow. Fucking depression and shit, if that’s what’s bothering her I’ll go into the fucking desert and find the coyotes that ate that fuck and kill his ass again, the fuck.

“Elena, you at my house?” Like she’d be anywhere else in the middle of the damn afternoon with her nosy ass.

“Hello son, nice to hear you too.”

“Listen old lady, don’t give me any shit I need a favor.”

“What son? Anything.”

“I need you to take the kids and bounce.” The little fucks were home for some asshole’s birthday or some fuck. No wonder my wife was losing her damn mind, fucking Catalina alone would send a priest to the fucking psych ward with her shit.

“Catalina too?” See what I mean?” Still.

“You got a problem with my kid?”

“Uh no but do you know what she gets up to with your father?”

“As long as he’s not sharing the pipe I don’t give a fu…”

“Colton Lyon you watch your mouth.”


“Oh alright, but I think something’s wrong with Kat.” Her voice had gone soft there at the end.

“Yeah I know, I’m gonna take care of it.” Fuck if I can’t.


The house was clear when I got there; even the baby was gone. Shit gave me a start for a second. It’s been a while since Hitler’s youth or one of the others hasn’t been here to greet me. “Kat?” I walked through the house getting pissed by the second.

She was in bed with the covers up to her chin. I took a deep breath and tried for calm. Instead of yelling the house down like I wanted to, I just kicked off my shit kickers and crawled into bed behind her. “Colton you’re home.”

“Yeah baby I’m home.” Her voice sounded so little and lost, and then a thought hit me that had my guts going cold. “Swear to fuck Kat if you’re sick I’m gonna be pissed way the fuck off, look at me.” She started to giggle snort. That’s a start at least, even though I was sure she was laughing at me.

“What kinda sense does that make crazy person?”

“You’re not sick?” My hand went to her heart where I could feel it beating strong and full of life.  She shook her head no. “Then what is it?”

She sat up in bed and bent her knees. With her chin resting on them she turned to look at me.

“I think I need to go…”

“You’re not going any fucking where I’ll kill your ass first, what the fuck is this shit Katarina.” I jumped off the bed like the shit was on fire. It was either that or strangle her ass.

“Colton will you calm down?”

“Don’t tell me to calm down when you’re about to send my ass to jail for twenty to life, cause swear to fuck I’d break your fucking neck. Then what would happen to our kids, or were you even thinking about them? And if you think you’re taking my fucking kids anywhere you’re out your fucking mind, no one is leaving this fucking house.”

She was just staring at me like I’d lost my shit. “Colton, are you nuts, what the hell goes through your head for heavens sake?” She face palmed and shook her head. “That’s not what you were getting at?”

“No caveman Dan, I was going to say I think I need to go to a different doctor.”

“Why, what’s wrong with your present quack?” My heart was doing fucking cartwheels in my chest.

She reached into the nightstand and got out an envelope.

I was expecting some kind of medical report but instead I was looking at a sonogram. The shit looked like mass confusion to me. “The fuck am I looking at Kat?” Fuck if I know. She got to her knees and leaned into me.

“You see here, and here, and here, and...” She kept going with that shit and I still didn’t know what she was telling me. “English for the idiot husband that you are so fond of calling me when you think I’m not within earshot.” I smirked at her because she’d got her ass beat more than once for that shit.

“It’s babies Colt.” Ookay, we have like ten of the little fucks already, I’d lost count. Her words registered and my head started to spin. She was pregnant. But why was she so sad? She’s never been like this with any of the others.

“You mad because Cody’s still so little?”

“Colton there are three babies in there and note the absence of anything down south?” The fuck was she going on about now? We had twins already what was one more?

“I don’t follow, what, you’re depressed because you don’t want to have anymore kids? You do know that fucking without protection usually leads to that shit right?” Now I was really getting pissed, then her words registered.

“Fuck no Kat you promised.” We were both holding onto each other for support now. “I don’t think it’s up to me, but this can’t be right can it? I mean we just had the baby and oh crap Colt, three girls, at once, like Catalina.”

“Okay-okay let’s not panic, your quack has been known to be wrong before.” I had to walk this shit off. I think my dick had crawled into my ass. Good for him greedy fuck, this was all his fault.

“We can’t give them to Elena and the pothead, too old, your parents, same fuckery. Maybe we’re jumping the gun here, maybe they won’t…fuck me Kat no more girls that was the deal. Oh fuck don’t do that.” I went to her side and took her into my arms. She was starting that crying shit that always makes me stupid.

I rolled my eyes over her head when she blubbered into my chest. I should kick Jared’s ass, dumb fuck. Depressed my ass, she was hormonal. Oh joy. “Kat, baby, exactly what is it that you’re afraid of?” I knew she wasn’t really afraid of another Mengele, she loves that damn kid, thinks she’s the female version of me.

“I was just getting rid of my paunch Colton.” I wasn’t even gonna entertain that shit. There was only one way to prove shit to her. She always gets weepy and emotional when she’s breeding, that shit made me snort out loud. “What’s so funny?”

She wiped her damn nose in my shirt. “That’s some nasty shit. I think I know when I nailed you. It’s when you and your posse were being sneaky with Caitie Bear and the fucking dead teen walking.”

Now she was the one rolling her eyes and trying to escape me. “Uh-uh-uh lemme see.” My dick was already getting hard with anticipation. If I told her now with her hormones going crazy just how much I love fucking my kids into her she’d pitch a fit. My hand was already heading for her ass, which was always the first thing to spread.

“Quit it Colt, that’s how we got into this mess in the first place.”

“Deed’s already done.” I was already busy getting her naked. “Oh yeah, you’re well and truly bred Katarina.” I rubbed my dick in her ass and took her down while she laughed and tried to throw me off. At least she wasn’t sulking anymore.

A pregnant Kat is like a magnet for my dick. I made quick work and had her robe off in no time, and was soon stepping out of my pants. Just the thought that my kids were in her womb was enough to get me off so I had to throttle back, didn’t want her laughing at my ass.

“Stay right there baby-just like that.” I stroked my cock while she looked over her shoulder at me all coy and shit. She was in the middle of our bed on her hands and knees, her already full tits hanging low and her ass in the air. “I want that ass higher, don’t make me have to go digging for the pussy.” She canted her ass the way I like and I moved in behind her.

I spread her pussy open from behind and stuck my tongue down inside her. I licked her walls making her twitch in my hands that were holding her fast. She moved against my mouth taking my tongue deeper. “Hurry Colton.” I guess I didn’t move fast enough because my greedy girl pulled off my tongue, twisted her body around, and swallowed my dick whole.

I smacked her ass so she’d feed me her pussy again, and we ended up in a sixty-nine. I’d added one more piercing over the years because she loves that shit, makes her pussy yowl. She had some fun playing with them with her tongue and making my ass crazy.

“I wanna cum inside you ease off.” She lifted her head off my dick and made her way down my body. She sat on my cock reverse cowgirl and did her thing. “Fuck yeah, shit.” I grabbed fistfuls of her ass as she fucked herself hard on my cock. “Shh, baby, come ‘ere.” She was trying to outrun the shit in her head.

I sat up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. “We’re always going to be fine Kat no matter what. You have to carry them but you know I’m going to be here for you every step of the way. You’re beautiful, and you’re going to be even more so when the babies grow inside you.” I was trying to head off the fuckery she’d dealt with-with this last pregnancy.

For some fucked up reason women seemed to think that their bodies were supposed to stop doing what they were made for just because they were getting older. I’m sure some fucked up asshole put that out there. I’d like to meet the fuck and gut him. How was I supposed to convince her that this was her most beautiful period when some expert asshole was always telling women how to lose baby weight two seconds after giving birth? Backwards fuck.

I soon had her on her hands and knees again driving into her from behind. I hit her pussy end on each stroke until she was grabbing the sheets and fucking back at me the way I like. I was on a mission to erase every doubt and fear from her mind. I ran my fingers over the piercing in her pussy, while trailing the ink of my name in her back with the fingers of the other.

Her body shook and she came while my cock kept growing inside her. It never failed, for the next week or so her pregnancy was going to make me randy as fuck. That means I’m going to be in her every time she blinks, talk about hair of the dog.

I let my hands do the talking and when that wasn’t enough I turned her around to face me. “I want to see you, I want to see my babies when I cum inside you.” I slid out of her, laid her down beneath me and slid back into her wet heat. “I love the fuck outta fucking you baby.” I moved inside her letting her feel the strength and length of my cock.

I moved back so that I wasn’t crushing her into the mattress and looked down between us at the little paunch that never quite went away after the last baby came. My dick got hard as fuck at the sight of it, my seed was in there, growing, three of them, fuck. “How was ever I so fucking lucky to deserve you baby?” She lifted her mouth to meet mine and I was sure that the tears in her eyes were ones of joy.




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“They were just leaving.”

Miranda eyed them with annoyance clear on her face. “I believe I told you that she wouldn’t be ready to speak with you until after she was given the all clear. What part of ‘head trauma’ and ‘is under strict order to not be upset in any way,’ did you not understand?”

Gulver stepped forward, palms up, while he spoke to her. “It’s important that we speak to the victim of the crime as soon as they are conscious. So much information is still fresh—”

“Knock it off, Officer. You and I both know the procedure…not my first merry-go-round. If the doctor or I say that you need to wait, you wait until the patient is physically and mentally prepared to do so. Their well-being should be top priority.”

“We understand, but she has—”

“She,” Maya sneered at them, hand clutching mine in a tight grip, “is right here, and would appreciate it if you would stop speaking about her as if she has no say in the matter.” The machine beside her beeped, and all eyes inside the room shifted. Her blood pressure was rising and rapidly.

Fuck this. “We will speak to you after I get her cleaned up and she has eaten, and not a second sooner. Janice and Brian won’t disappear while she takes care of her needs.”

“So you know who attacked her? How?” Again, Gulver with his shit. He’s more than lucky to have that badge protecting him.

“For fuck’s sake,” Maya growled out in warning, pushing against the hand I had on her shoulder keeping her in place. “I told him the second I woke up…now get out!”

“Ms. Owens—” This time Marquez stepped forward. Done. They’d pushed my girl too far and I was ready to deck the motherfucker, consequences be damned. His eyes met mine and widened, my ire growing with each second that passed.

Before I could move or say another word, Maya’s nurse stepped in. “Leave, or I will report you for harassing my patient and her fiancé.”

“We’re just trying to do our jobs.”

“I’m sorry,” Marquez interjected, voice contrite. “We never meant for this to escalate or upset Ms. Owens. Talan,” he called out, and I nodded, “please call me when she’s ready. Let’s go.” With that, he turned and pulled a now quiet Gulver toward the door. Without another word the two exited the room, leaving us alone with her nurse.

“Assholes couldn’t wait a few hours,” Miranda mumbled and I laughed, breaking a bit of the tension inside the hospital room. Craziness followed me everywhere.

“Agreed.” Turning toward my girl, I leaned down until we were at eye level. This was the perfect example of a moment where my anger had to be tamed and her needs put first. “Can you try and calm down for me? Breathe in and out. I’m here, and I’m not leaving.” Bitty gifted me one of her pretty smiles. “Good girl.” And then I got an eye roll and a weak slap on the arm.

“Honey, you are screwed,” came from Miranda over by the two monitors next to the bed, watching as the numbers of Maya’s blood pressure began to drop. My own anxiousness seemed to evaporate as Maya calmed down.

“Who’s ‘honey’?” I had to ask. Curiosity was a bitch.

“Applies to both,” she snickered and continued to write her reading on Maya’s chart. Women.

“Hey, Miranda?” Maya called out after a few minutes of silence, gaining her attention. “Can you unplug me from the machines? I want to get cleaned up.”

“Maya, I told you—”

“I won’t let anything happen to her.” At my interjection she huffed, but after a few speculative minutes, she nodded.

“Get me fired, and you’ll be maintaining me for the rest of my life.”

I waved her on. “Duly noted.”

“You two are adorable yet sickeningly sweet. How’s that even possible?”

“Thank you, Miranda…now unplug me, woman.” Bitty ignored her, choosing instead to focus her attention toward the matter at hand.

“You heard the patient.” Had to add my two cents.

“Impatient little… You both better behave.”


After her nurse left with a few admonishments about proper hospital etiquette, I pecked my girl’s lips and stood up. Looking down at her, I was once again hit with just how tiny my Bitty was. Sure, she was curvy. Had an amazing ass and the perfect-sized tits, but in stature, she was small. Petite. Delicate.

The bruising over her temple stood out against her tan skin. Dark and angry. Everything my girl wasn’t. To think that someone would hurt her… Fuck! I needed to stop that train of thought before the anger I fought with daily consumed me.

She needed me.

More than ever, Bitty needed me.

“Give me five minutes to set things up,” I informed her, the tips of my fingers running down her cheek until I cupped her jaw. “Don't move.”

At my admonishment, Maya rolled her eyes while holding her pinky up to me. “Promise.” And then, she pushed herself off the bed to reach me. There was that look in her eye, the one that told me just how much pain she was in. Fucking gutted me. Because to her, I was worth it.

My kisses.

My touch.

Our love.

I met her halfway and pressed my lips to hers. Urgent. Desperation so intense hit me from all angles. She moaned as my fingers wove themselves into her hair and massaged her scalp, soft touches to help soothe her.

Maya arched into me, the movement sudden and hurtful. “Fuck,” she whimpered out, and I froze.

“Don’t move.” Her hands, which had been in my hair, tugged hard, keeping me from pulling away as I should have. Insane, defenseless when it came to her, I nodded against her lips and kissed her slowly. This girl drove me insane, but I understood. We fed off each other. Yearned for the closeness.

I would never—and could never—deny her.

“Look at me, baby.” Gorgeous grey eyes opened and met my own. In them I saw her love for me, and my heart raced. “I love you.” Lips parted, and her breath became my own. Fed my lungs what was vital for me to live. “Have since the day you walked into my shop all sass and bark. Fucking bowled me over with your beauty, but it was your heart that stole mine. Please don’t ever return it; it’s yours. Just like you will always fucking be mine.”

Because that was what I did; I lived for—and because of—her.

“You own me, Talan. No one will ever take me away.”

One more peck on the lips, and then I pushed off the bed, walked over to Maya’s bag on the floor, and picked it up.

Bitty was very particular about which products she used. She’d hate anything the hospital would provide, so like a good boyfriend, and because I refused to leave her side, I had Esther buy her everything she would need.

Not that she complained. This had meant free access to my credit card and shopping for her best friend. My only request was that she did it quickly, and that she treated herself to something for all the help. Esther had readily agreed, and my Bitty had been thrilled to have things that reminded her of home.

Our home. The one we would share until we were old and grey. Cranky fuckers fighting over the remote control and which show we’d watch. The same home where she would slap my hand each time I copped a feel of her ass.

“Growing old will be fun with this chick,” I muttered once inside the bathroom because I was no fool. Maya remembered everything and made me pay for it later.

 Turning the shower on, I adjusted the temperature knob and let the hot water warm the room.

Shampoo and conditioners—yes, more than one bottle—were placed inside the small shower niche, a tiny alcove that barely contained the three bottles. Next, I placed her Victoria's Secret lotion and body mist on the shelf above the toilet, hair brush and comb next to them, and then her toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant. Face wash and other crap that I didn’t understand stayed inside the small carry-on Esther bought.

Christ, do women need a lot of shit.

Shaking my head, I walked out and gingerly picked her up and off the bed. “Come on, pretty girl, let's get you cleaned up.”

“Thank God.” Maya sighed and leaned her head on my chest, nuzzling and taking in a deep inhale of my scent. I kissed the top of her head before placing her on her feet. Too cute.

“Let’s get you naked.” Giggles rang out of the small room as I lecherously waggled my eyebrows while removing her hospital gown. Warmed my fucking heart to hear her so carefree. Then, that laughter died—gone, just as fast as it had arrived.

“Bitty, what…” The small mirror above the sink. Motherfuck. “Baby, it’s just bruising. It’ll all go away in time.” No reaction. Instead, her eyes stood transfixed on the small piece-of-shit object that hung on the wall. Linda and Mathew had been dead set on not letting her see the bruising that had developed on over half her face. It was the wrong call. Told them as much.


Watery eyes stared back at her reflection. “Oh my God.”  Three words. The pitch in her tone was even and resolute, as if she had no more fight left in her.

Cupping her jaw, I turned her sad face toward my own. “Stop it.”

“Talan, look at what she—”

“You are beautiful.” Her beauty was more than just superficial; my Bitty had a heart of gold.

A long sigh escaped her, and she looked down. “It’s not the bruising that hurts me, Talan. It’s seeing what she did—reliving it all over again.”

“Fuck her.”

“How can I forget? Dammit, look at me!”

“When did I ever tell you to forget?”

“It was implied.” An annoyed huff which ended with her hand on her hip followed. Stubborn fucking woman. How could she even think that?

“I’d never be so insensitive as to say that. Maya, I said fuck her…everything she stands for, not what she did and will pay for with blood.”

Her face softened at that, and the hand on her hip fell beside her. “You promised me.”

“Let’s get you cleaned up before the water turns cold.” Maya pursed her lips but didn’t argue. With a soft touch, I pulled her lace panties down and threw them inside the small waste container in the room. Those wouldn’t be needed.

Nothing she wore inside this place would be coming home with us.






“God, I needed this.” Her moan…fuck. Low and sultry, the sound of her pleasure made me hard as fuck. Like granite, smooth and slick against her heated flesh, rubbing itself into her lower back and leaving a trail of pre-come while my hands focused on lathering her front.

I’d tossed the washcloth Esther had bought for her in the trash the moment we’d stepped inside the small shower. Wasn’t needed. My hands were more than enough to take care of her needs.

“I needed you.” Truth. My truth. Maya was the only thing that mattered to me, and the fear that had gripped me that night—seeing her unconscious—nearly killed me. Drove me past what was considered sane by society. Blood and revenge was all I had wanted, and still do, but now I have to be thankful and enjoy our connection.

A shift, a small swivel of her hips, and her ass ground against me. “Need you now.”

“Son of a bitch, Maya.” A resounding thwack reverberated inside the bathroom as my palm connected with the all-white tiled wall. “Behave.” It was meant as a warning, one she didn’t adhere to. No, instead she pushed back again. Harder this time. Too much and not enough. She was a goddamned vision standing there beneath the water. Wet. Rivulets of water cascading down her body, tempting me.

Without preamble, no warning, I cupped her hot little pussy in my hand and added the tiniest bit of pressure.

“Please, baby. Just help me forget.” Yes, the words were whimpered while my one hand massaged her, but it was the last part spoken that made me pause. Bitty wasn’t ready for the physical more aspect of our relationship. It was the emotional that needed to be nurtured.

I would not hurt her by being a selfish asshole.

“Not like this.” She tensed, her body going rigid in my arms. There was a small hiss of discomfort that escaped her lips while she attempted to push me away. I was having none of that, and with both hands wrapped around her midsection, I nestled her body against my own. “Bitty, stop. Listen to me before going off—”

“Is it because I look like shit?” Now that right there pissed me off. My cock had been hard—leaking against her back, fucking ready to find his home between her thighs.

“Don’t.” Thundering,my harsh tone made her stop her persistent attempt to pull herself out of my arms. “Turn around.” My demand was met with defiance and a tiny sniff. And fuck me if my annoyance didn’t evaporate in that instance. “Please, Maya. I need you to look at me.”

Wiping her hand over her face, Bitty took a moment to compose herself and then turned to look at me. “What?”

“Enough.” I gave a harsh nip to her bottom lip that caused her to whimper. “If I could fuck you right now, I would.” Pressing up against her, I let her feel all of me. Natural reaction whenever she was near. I burned for her. “You feel that.”

“Yes.” A hiss. A goddamned plea for more was what I heard in that one word.

“Don’t ever question my desire for you. You are all I see. All I need to be happy in this crazy, fucked-up world. You…you stubborn, hard-headed, beautiful woman, are my happiness.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I—”


At my interjection, she gave me a timid smile and then turned back around. “Can you help me with my hair?”

Nothing else was said while I attended to her needs. Our bodies naked and wet, they brushed against the other. Reconnected with soft, innocent touches—enjoyed the feel of the other.

We needed that.

To just be.

For me, it was knowing that at that moment, she was safe. Healing. That her body and mind would get past this and I’d be there along the way, every step, because I loved her that damned much.

More than my own life.


“Hey, Miranda,” I called out when I reached the nurses’ station. “She’s back in bed and starving. Is it okay for her to eat outside food? Maya’s asking for homemade chicken noodle and a turkey club sandwich.”

Laughing, she nodded. “Yeah, she’s not on a special diet. And to be honest, that sounds amazing right about now.” Subtle she was not.

“Are you hungry, Miranda?” I’d be more than happy to get her something too.

Blushing, she nodded and came to stand next to me. “I could eat.”

Bumping my shoulder with hers, I smiled down at her. “You got it. Let me call it in and have one of our friends pick it up.”

“Let me know what I owe—”

“My treat.” She opened her mouth to argue, but I didn’t let her. “Not up for discussion.”

With that, I turned around and made my way back to Maya’s room. We were still waiting for her doctor to come speak with her; I was ready to get her the fuck out of this place and back home. Feelings she shared with me.

I’d just turned the corner toward her room when I was stopped short. What I saw made every molecular cell in my body burn white hot. Anger consumed me. It was overwhelming. Hands shaking and body coiled tight, I rushed forward and grabbed their hand, pulling them back harshly without a care for their safety. I wanted blood.

A loud thud reverberated throughout the empty hallway, followed closely by a cry of pain. “Son of a bitch.”

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

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