Book: Lyon's Family (The Lyon (Book 5))

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Chapter 3




I think they got to her first because she was nowhere to be found, but I wasn’t about to go anywhere near Kat and her mother in law right now to see if she was with them. I helped the boys tinker around with their bikes some, and kept an eye on my Caitie Bear and the mini douche, before Jared headed for home, leaving me in Lyon hell.

Pretty soon, it was time for the others to clear out and I still didn’t know what the fuck Kat, her mom and Elena had spent the last two hours in a huddle about. I said goodnight to my older kids and grabbed the baby who was acting like he had the eleven to seven shift somewhere.

The sneak came into the room not long after but was giving me a wide berth. Her ass was still upset, tough, that’s what the fuck she gets for plotting against her husband with the enemy. I decided to fuck with her just because I could.

“Come here Kat.” I shifted the baby to one arm and held the other out to her as I reclined on the bed. My son was a fucking drool machine, my whole damn side was soaked, and I’d only just laid him on my chest.

He was also half the size of his poor mother, who had lost her fucking mind and decided she wanted to try natural childbirth. I almost killed fucking Char and Elena for talking her into that shit, never a-fucking-gain. My heart can’t take that fuckery no way no-how.

She took her sweet time getting to me but I let it slide. “Look at me; are you unhappy about something?” She shook her head no but her face was still not right. Now I’m a reasonable fucking man. I don’t ask for much, just that my wife and kids are happy and content with their lot in life, and I do everything in my power to make it so.

“Is there anything you ever wanted or needed that you didn’t get from me?” She gave me her puzzled, lost in the desert look but I wasn’t buying her shit, she’d learned from a pro. Too bad for her little ass, I grew up with Elena’s shit; I know all her plays.

“No Colton.”

“Are the kids happy, they need anything?”

“Of course not, they’re fine, we’re all fine.” She reached over and brushed little Cody’s hair.

“Then why the fuck are you moping?”

“I’m not moping.”

“Yes you are, now cut it out. You know damn good and well you don’t want to go on no fucking cruise. First of all, Elena would have a stroke if she couldn’t decorate that damn tree of hers with her million and one grandkids around her, and there’s no way you’d take our son on a cruise at this age so what gives?”

Uh-huh, she can’t hide that guilty look for shit. “Spill it Kat.”

“There’s nothing to tell.” Oh, so it was going to be like that was it? I kissed my baby boy on the head and laid him in the middle of the bed so I could deal with his mother.

“Katarina, you’re always doing something that causes me to either beat your ass, or fuck you into submission. Now tell me what the fuck you and Elena are up to.”

She started twitching and moving from leg to leg. I know what that means; she’s not talking, so she’s expecting a beating or a pounding, very well.

I got up and took the baby from the bed while her eyes followed me like a hawk on its prey. I gave my boy some shit to keep him occupied in his crib before heading back through the connecting doors into our room.

She backed up when I started pulling off my belt. “Strip.” She looked at me, looked at the door, and down at her feet. “It’s too far, you won’t make it. Now this little infraction of yours I can’t see how it deserves a beating. You didn’t put yourself in danger so that’s dead.”

“But I want information and I know just how to get it out your little ass.” I advanced she retreated. “I said strip.”

“Colt.” She held her hands out in front of her and tried to ward me off.

“Kat, clothes, off, now.” I flicked the belt in the air when it was finally free and her hands flew to her top. She kicked off her shoes and got rid of the rest of her clothes while I pulled my shirt off over my head.

“On the bed, hands and knees.”

“Oh shit.” That’s right, she knows what’s coming. I’m about to make her pussy sing and learn all her top secrets at the same time. It’s a win-win; then maybe I could get some fucking joy around here for the damn holidays.

I took a moment to enjoy the sight of her fine ass as it stuck up in the air, her pink pussy winked at me from between her spread thighs. I walked over and ran my fingers through her heat while my cock throbbed. He don’t know the difference between teaching a lesson and just having a good time. All he knows is that the pussy, his pussy, is open and ready and he’s ready to break out the gate at a run.

I got up on the bed behind her and spread her open. She was already half wet when I ran my tongue over her slit. That taste hit me right in the gut and I wanted to feast, but I knew she was hiding something from me and I needed to know what that was so the feasting was gonna have to wait, right now I was on a mission.

I licked her pussy until the juice coated my tongue and her ass began to twitch. I hummed into her pussy because the shit was so good, but I caught myself, I had a job to do so I pulled my tongue out of her.

“You’d better hold onto those sheets real tight babe.” She had started to relax there a little when she felt my tongue. I think I even heard her sigh, like she thought she had me.

I know she knows tongue fucking her pussy is one of my favorite delights, but I was after something else that was sure to have her giving up everything she thought she wanted to keep hidden from her man.

Leaning over her back, I bit her ear, just a small nip, just enough to send those little shocks to her nerve endings. “Tell me.”

“Uh-uh.” She was playing stubborn, but it was no more than I expected. Taking my cock in hand, I ran just the pierced head up and down her cunt slit. She clenched and tried to pull away, but my teeth in her neck held her in place.

I sucked on her neck until I left a mark, all the while teasing her clit and slit with my cock ring. I let my fingers squeeze her nipple while her pussy juiced all over my meat and her ass went in search of cock, which I held back from her, barely teasing the entrance to her gash until I was ready.

“Oh shit Colt, please.” I hadn’t even started on her ass yet. This’ll teach Elena to fuck with my shit, now I was going to fuck with her program. “You gonna tell me?” I slammed into her hard and held still. Her pussy twitched and squeezed around my cock while her greedy ass pushed back for more.

“Tell me.” She shook her head and tried to syphon the juice from my dick but I had news for her ass. The more she pushed, the harder I pulled back, until just the tip was inside her. She started begging, pleading, but I turned a deaf ear. I needed her well and truly gone to get what I wanted, I was almost there.

Reaching around, I played with the piercing in her clit, while letting the tips of my fingers just brush her flesh, light as a breeze. She mewled and her pussy gushed. Any minute now! My cockhead leaked pre-cum into her pussy and ran down the backs of her thighs with her own juices, the mingled scents permeating the air.

I gave her short jabbing fucks with my heavy hard cock while tapping her clit and her breathing became erratic. I waited until she was close and changed shit up on her ass, keeping her confused and needy.

She grumbled when I pulled all the way out and screamed when I went into her ass. I had to push her head down into the mattress so that her nosy ass kids didn’t hear her racket.

I fucked her ass hard for five minutes straight with no let up. I almost wished she would hold out on me so I could continue my assault on her ass, but she wasn’t that strong. I didn’t even have to ask her again, the constant teasing in and out of her ass, fingers on her clit, and stopping when I knew she was close did the trick.

“It’s nothing Colton really, just um...” She stopped talking; just what the fuck was it that she was hiding from me? “Stop fucking around Kat, talk.” I pulled her head back and sucked her tongue into my mouth while slamming her ass and fucking her pussy with three fingers. She was well and truly stuffed on all ends.

Her pussy was creaming hard so I knew she was close to a massive orgasm. I stopped all movement, except for the in and out of my fingers in her pussy. I flexed my dick in her ass and bit her again, hard enough to mark her in the same place as before.

“Caitlin wants to spend Xmas with Todd.” The words ran together but I got it. “Say what now?” She really stopped me in my tracks with that one. Of all the things I expected to come out of her mouth, that wasn’t even on the list. Now I was the one who had to keep my head on straight and think this thing through. Dealing with these fucking women is like walking a minefield.

“So you thought if you told me about a trip I would be more than happy to stay home and allow my baby to go to some fuck’s house for the holidays?” Why did nothing these women did make any damn sense? Who the fuck thinks like that? Conniving fucks. I started moving inside her again, but slowly this time. There was more to this little tale I was sure.

“You might as well tell me the rest.”

“Promise you won’t get mad.”

“I’m not promising shit, unless you want me to stop I suggest you start talking?” I gave her a few courtesy strokes to remind her of what she would be missing if I pulled out.

“I kinda told her it was okay.”

“You what?” She looked over her shoulder at me. I guess the ‘you’re so fucked’ tone in my voice tipped her off that she was in a fuck load of trouble. I could imagine what she saw on my face just then because pissed didn’t even come close to describing what I felt.

“Colt…” I held her eyes for pure spite as I fucked into her ass until she was close, then pulled out and sprayed her back with my seed that she so did not deserve right now, before letting her drop to the bed.

She was pissed, but she had to know that shit was coming. “I suggest you tell her there’s been a change of plans, or better yet I’ll tell her.” I fixed my clothes while standing at the side of the bed watching her fight her temper. She hated not having my seed inside her.

“Colton you can’t, she’s really looking forward to going.” I gave her a look that usually shuts her ass up, before heading for the door. Kat’s problem is that she lets her damn kids get away with shit. Now she’d just cost her daughter her little friend, because if that fuck thought he had enough props to invite my kid to have Xmas dinner with his family, he must know some fuck that I don’t. Fucking teenagers and bullshit.

She jumped off the bed and came after me, but lucky for her, the baby had had enough of his own company and started fretting. “Go tend to my son before you get your ass beat.” She knew not to challenge the finger pointed at her face.

Now, I have to go crush my kid because Kat’s too fucking soft. Why would my Caitie Bear want to spend the holidays anywhere else but with her old dad anyway? Seems like I’m losing the pulse of what the fuck is going on around here. It’s time I took the reins back before Kat and her fucking brood drove me insane.

“You do know I’m going to ban that little fuck from coming here right? That’s what the fuck you get for being sneaky. Let me find out you and fucking Elena been teaching my kid to be a sneak like you two. I’ll ban her ass too.”


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