Book: Lyon's Family (The Lyon (Book 5))

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Chapter 4




I'd forgotten that it was way past bedtime and my kid was asleep. She looked so innocent, like my little girl. Why couldn’t anyone else see it? When I look at her, especially at times like this when she’s not looking back at me with one of her mother’s patented looks, all I see is the little angel I brought home from the hospital.

She’d been that little girl for so long, even as she grew and times changed, she’d still been my Caitie Bear. But all that had changed almost a year ago when she met that boy. Now I’m lucky if I see the shadow of that kid.

It seems I spent as much time watching her sleep now, as I did her first two years of life. It’s about the only time I have with her these days. That’s not exactly true but fuck it’s beginning to feel like it. She is so much of my heart, the first from my body. Mine and Kat's first creation, and she will always hold that special place in my heart.

I thought for sure that I would have more time with her before I had to deal with this bullshit though, but I guess it was a sign of the times. She was growing up too fast I wasn't ready to let go dammit. She’s my baby girl.

I ran my fingers softly through her hair light enough that I didn't wake her. She looked so innocent, so perfect. Shit, if she was doing this to me, I wonder what the fuck Hitler's youth had in store for my ass. Now there was a thought to make a man’s nuts crawl up his ass.

Since I was already up I decided to make the rounds and looked in on all my kids. I had to save my third son from certain death by putting him back in the bed that he was hanging half off of. The twins who were all but joined at the hip still shared a room. I pulled the covers up over them in their separate beds and walked out heading for Catalina’s room.

My little terror had her thumb in her mouth as she slept on her side. I covered my grin with my hand as I stood over her. What a fucking con, she looked like the most harmless little thing. My baby, as much hell as she gives me I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

I could stand here and look down at her like this, and just see it. This one is going to take my life in a whole other direction. I’m not sure why, and the baby was yet to be old enough to see if he was going to turn out the same, but of all my kids, this fucking kid got all of me in her. It was going to be fun to see what the female genes did with that shit.

I know one thing was for sure; she’s going to give Kat a run for her fucking money. Serve her sneaky ass right, I should really let Marnie loose on her ass. She has no idea just how much like me Catalina really is, but Elena does, that’s why she’s always trying to hide from my kid when she’s up to her shit.

She sighed in her sleep and rolled over, and I wondered what the fuck she was plotting in her dreams. As I left her room I said a silent prayer as I looked back over my shoulder at her sleeping form. Please let me keep them safe. It was the same prayer I said every morning when I woke and the last thing at night.

Things had been beyond anything I could’ve imagined these last few years. There was no danger lurking around the corner, no one was fucking with me and mine, and Kat and I were doing a pretty good job at raising decent well-rounded kids that any parent could be proud of.

The only thing fucking with me these days is Todd the teenage fuck, we have a love hate relationship. The fucked up thing about it is that I really do like the kid, in fact if he wasn’t sniffing around my little girl, he’s just the kind of kid I’d want my boys to be around. Fucking kid had a good head on his shoulders, was polite and smart as fuck.

Kat and Elena loved the fuck outta him, and he looked at my little girl like she hung the moon. That’s what the fuck scared me. The kid is so fucking solid, how do I stop him and my daughter from crossing the line way before it was the right time for that shit?

Caitie Bear follows him around like he’s her fucking lifeline. Kat says I’m jealous and though I’m man enough to admit that I don’t like my daughter’s affections being splurged on some little punk, there was more to it than that. She was too fucking young, a few months away from sixteen. Fuck, sixteen, I remember those years.

The other one was sitting up in bed with a pout on her face when I made it back to the master bedroom, following me with her eyes and shit like she wanted to fight. She’s so fucking cute that even when she’s working my nerves like a sore tooth I can’t get away from that burning feeling of love that she brings to my heart.

“What did you do?”

“Nothing yet, she’s asleep. Now you listen to me, I’ve been trying not to lose my shit around here with you and your damn kids, but this is the fucking limit. I don’t give a fuck what your mother let you do when you were fifteen, but my fucking kid is not going to anybody’s house for the fucking holidays. I don’t even let your ass go anywhere what the fuck! And don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“I’m not…”

“Yeah, you are; you had to know that shit wasn’t going to fly, but like everything else, you thought your ass could hoodwink me with the pussy. Now see where that shit got you?”

I pulled off my clothes, walked through to the other room to kiss my son goodnight and went to take a quick shower before going back to her. She was still sitting there working up a head of steam, stubborn fuck.

I climbed in bed and dragged her stubborn ass into my arms. She tried playing the stiff role, but a couple fingers in her pussy soon took care of that.

“You want a holiday ass whipping you keep your shit up Kat.” I stroked her pussy a couple times before holding my fingers still inside her.

She tried to keep her movements, those little grinds into my hand quiet, but she wasn’t fooling me. I grinned down at her after turning her onto her back. Biting into her jaw I pushed her legs open with my hips and settled in before sliding my cock home.

“Did I ever tell you how fucking tight your pussy is when you’re mad? Nothing like it.” Lifting her ass in my hands I fucked into her deep, making sure to catch her clit with the ridge of my cock.

She was pissed, but fuck, so was I. I was in the right mood for her ass. Stretching her arms above her head lifted her tits just the way I needed them for my mouth. She grunted when I sucked down hard, drawing her milk into my mouth. Her pussy liked that shit so I turned my attention to her other nipple.

I teased the shit out of her with my teeth and tongue while I used my cock to pile drive into her. It wasn’t long before the pussy started juicing and those cute little moans she was trying her hardest to keep hidden were teasing my ears. “Whose pussy is this?” I knew that shit would fuck with her. She hates me right now so admitting that the pussy was mine wasn’t gonna make her happy.

When she didn’t answer right away, I pulled a switcheroo on her. Twisting my body at an angle, I fucked into her from the side, going past the opening of her cervix. She opened her mouth and I had to cover it before she screamed down the damn house. Then I pulled out and flipped her over, driving back into her until I found the spot I’d just left, right into the mouth of her womb.

Leaning over into her ear I whispered one word. “Whose?” all I needed to do was flex my cock so that the heaviness would hit her.

“Yours, please.”

“Oh yeah.” Getting to my knees, I forked her legs and with my hands on her hip, fucked her hard.

Her pussy took a battering and she kept her face buried in the sheets to muffle the noise as I fucked her without mercy. This time, when I felt that tingling in my balls, I buried my cock deep and flooded her pussy with my seed. Greedy fuck.

I rolled away and pulled her in as we both tried to come down from the heights. I’m gonna have to up my damn vitamins in to deal with her and her shit in the near future.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do a lot of this in the next few weeks, because shit was about to get fucked around here. I had no doubt that she and her fucking posse will rally come sunup and be ready for my ass. I hope she knew that her ass was the one that was going to pay the price for that shit, because this time they’d crossed the fucking line.

As fate would have it, I wiped out the next day because my mind has been so preoccupied that I wasn’t paying attention. Jared the fuck carried on like an old woman and sicced Kat and Elena on my ass when I refused to go to the hospital for a few scrapes and bruises.

Of course they pulled the guilt trip on me and I ended up in the damn doctor’s office to be patched up, and no one was listening when I told them I couldn’t take any time off because I had shit to do. The fuck stupid doctor went right over my head and told those two that I needed to stay put for a few days, and they crawled up my ass.


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