Book: Lyon's Family (The Lyon (Book 5))

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Chapter 5




“ Colton, you need to go talk to Caitlin.” She was trying to sidetrack me. I’ve been laid up for a couple days with a bum knee and her little pussy hasn’t caught a break once. “What do I need to talk to her about? What’s wrong with her now?”

Fucking teenagers and hormones and shit; there’s always some fuckery going on around here. She was busy folding sheets and looking ripe in short shorts and a tight tank. My dick was looking for round three. I had no interest in talking to anyone right now.

“Her little friend is moving away.”

“Which one?” Kid’s got a ton of ‘em she could stand to lose a few. I can’t step foot in my place without somebody else’s brat running in and out my damn house.


I got the biggest fucking grin on my face. “COLTON! It’s not funny.”

“What, you want me to be sad that he won’t be around to get his grubby little hands on my little princess?” After the whole holiday dinner debacle, I’d had a strict talking to with my little girl. She’d given me the cold shoulder for a day or so but that shit hadn’t lasted long and sap that I am I had relented on the ban I’d had in mind. Now this shit was like my early Xmas gift.

“Why the fuck is she sad anyway? Don’t they have I this and I that so they can keep in touch? Is he moving to Outer Mongolia or some fuck?” I wish. I’d come to tolerate the kid because he really looks out for my little girl, but I was never gonna be okay with anything with testosterone anywhere near my daughter.

“Sometimes I worry about you. Now go in there and say something to her.”

What the fuck was I supposed to say? Hey kid better luck next time? The fuck! “I’ll get to it in a minute, get over here, you said five minutes ten minutes ago, now you’re sending me on errands and shit.”

“Go first and I’ll come.” I gave her one of my looks that still packed a punch. “Kat my dick isn’t about to wait another second more. Get over here or explain to your kids why it sounds like daddy’s killing mommy. I will do you rough. One, two...”

“Okay, okay, keep your shorts on.” Fuck that I took them off before she made it to the bed. Can’t go around naked in my own room these days because the little one is always sneaking in and out of shit.

“Lock the door before your nosy ass daughter come snooping in here and shit.”

“You want me to get on top this time? Don’t want you hurting that old knee or anything.” She’s got jokes I’m about to show her old. I pulled her down on the bed beside me laughing her damn head off. She still makes me so happy it’s stupid. “Hey babygirl.”

She sobered and smiled up at me. “Hey my Lyon.” I growled and pounced on her. She’s still the hottest fucking thing in creation. The years haven’t changed that, having six kids didn’t either. I look at her and I still see the same tight ass that she conned me with all those years ago at the BBQ. The sneak.

“Touch me Colton.”

“Where?” She’d gone all soft and sweet on me and my heart ached.

“Here!” She took my hand and placed it on her tit. I felt the nipple pebble under my hand as I pushed my leg between hers. So much heat. I lowered my head and took her nipple into my mouth, teasing her with soft nips until she pulled on my hair to get her way.

“I’m gonna eat your pussy but you can’t make a racket, you know your damn kids are gonna come running to my damn door with their shit.”

“I’ll try but I’m not making any promises.”

“Fine, I’ll just put the pillow over your head.”

I made my way down her body looking for the goods. Her newly shaved pussy, which I’d taken the pleasure of shaving myself the night before, winked at me. I took one long lick over her clit while easing a couple fingers inside. She was already juicing and squirming and I hadn’t even really got started on her yet.

Lifting her fine ass, I brought her up to my mouth and dug deep with my tongue. My cock was sending out signals, he knew what was waiting for him and wasn’t in the mood to wait. I maneuvered my body so that she could reach me with her mouth. She bit my cock ring before licking the pre-cum from the head and taking me into her throat. “Fuck.” She was trying to one up me again.

All it took was a finger on her clit while I tongue fucked her and I was back in charge. I knew her body as well as my own and used that knowledge to bring her to the brink and held her there. “Colton that’s mean.”

“You wanna cum?”

She growled at me and pounced, rolling me onto my back being careful not to hurt my knee as she climbed on and forced my cock into her wet cunt. “That’s right baby take it.” She braced her hands on my shoulders and lowered her tit to my mouth.

“Move that ass baby.” I helped her along with my hands on her ass, rocking her back and forth on my cock. She still loves a deep hard fuck but I had to make it quick. With a house full of kids I’ve been left hanging way more than I like, so to get us both off before the fucking brigade trooped to my door, I flipped her over, fucking up my knee in the process and pounded the fuck out of her pussy until we were both climbing.

“Fuck Kat, you fucked up my knee again.” I rolled away from her huffing like a bull in the ring.

“I told you to let me get on top old man.” I smacked her ass hard and she bit me, still a pain in the ass. “Now go talk to our daughter, she’s very upset.”

I ain’t doing shit but taking a nap. A man can’t ask for more than this, three rounds and still some more in me for later. A wife who still makes me feel like a king every time I touch her, shit I’ve got it made. I just have to keep her ass occupied between now and Xmas and we’re good to go.

“Colton!” Damn she likes to yell.

“Yes my little flower.” She rolled her eyes at me because she knew I was giving her shit. “Go.” Fuck! She don’t forget shit.

So what the boy was moving away, it wasn’t the end of the world. I hadn’t heard anything about Caitlin going to his house for dinner since that first night, and he’d been scarce around here since I was laid up which suited me just fine. Maybe his damn parents had caught a clue and found shit for his teenage ass to do around their place instead of hanging around mine.

All the same, I climbed off the bed and went to clean myself up so I could go see my kid before my annoying ass wife nagged me to death with her shit.

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