Book: Lyon's Family (The Lyon (Book 5))

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Chapter 8




I needed to go. My boy Law had just called and said I needed to get to his place and from the sounds of it the shit was serious. “Catalina’s little friend is coming over to work on a school project together isn’t that cute?”

It was the ‘isn’t that cute’ that tipped me off. “What little friend?” Her cocky grin told me I was not going to like what came next and I was right.

“You know, one of her many boyfriends, she told me this one might be serious so she invited him over to work on their science project together.”

I glared at her for half a second before stalking her across the room. “Didn’t I say no girls; huh? Didn’t I know this shit was going to happen?”

“Who in the fuck is this kid and what science project?”

“Some volcano thing they have to work on, calm down. Your father promised to come over and help you know he’s a science buff.”

“Yeah that’s all we need is to get somebody else’s kid high.”

“Oh pooh you know he doesn’t do that around the kids stop it.”

“I know they’ll be high as a fucking kite messing around with him. And I’m not sure about Mengele and her little pal in my basement building shit. Kat why are you trying to make me crazy?”

“Colton honey you need to calm down.” I growled at her ass and left the room.

I left the house after my crew got there and headed to Law’s place. He’d sounded like some fuck was up but I can’t imagine what that could be. And when we rode up a few hours later my antenna zinged off the charts. The place looked like they were gearing up for some shit and it didn’t look good.

“The fuck Jared, is Law planning a coup? Look at all these military type fucks, shiiiit.” I slid off my ride and went to meet my old friend who’d had some trouble of his own not too long ago, with some asshole offing his parents and kid sister.

We’d offered our services of course but he wanted to handle shit on his own. Now his yard looked like they were planning a raid on Fallujah or some fuck. We shared our usual greeting before getting down to shit. “What’s going on brother?” I asked him if this was about his family, something I was more than willing to help him take care of, but once again he denied it. It was the way he skirted the issue whatever it was, that started the burning in my gut. That’s my warning signal, my first inclination that some fuck is way off.

When he told me to stay Cool, he had to know that the opposite was gonna be the result, there was some fuck going on here that obviously involved me, but what the fuck could that be? Law and I hadn’t ever really made any runs together. I’ve made bikes for him and some of his guys before and we developed a kind of bond over the years. Though he was way younger than I, he was my type of people.

Creed, I’d done a few save the children runs with in the past, but I didn’t know the soldier types Law introduced me to. He didn’t have to tell me they were military that shit came through their pores for fuck sake. When he came back from talking in hushed tones to one of them, probably the leader, he led me off to his clubhouse office, and my whole world got turned the fuck inside out.

My men lined the wall behind me because they got the memo that some fuck was up. “Okay Lyon, the rest of us have had time to look at this shit in the last day or so. I’m gonna show you what we’ve got and then we’re gonna decide what to do next. As it stands we have more questions than answers…”

What the fuck? “Bro, you’re starting to make me nervous, I don’t like being nervous, just tell me what the fuck…” He passed me an album and I still didn’t know what the fuck, until I came to my daughter. “Caitie bear? What the fuck is this? Who the fuck are these kids?”

I heard his words of explanation but my mind was already back at my house. I flew out of my chair and went to make some calls. When I came back into the room I was ready for all out war.

I thought I had problems with my kid wanting to spend Xmas with a boy, what I learned that day showed me how fucking insignificant that shit was. For a split second my world literally tipped on its axis and everything faded to black. When life came back into focus I saw red, the blood of the motherfuckers who’d done this shit.

Someone had put my daughter in a fucking flesh rag. All I could think about was getting back to them and making sure she was safe. I’d made some calls to safeguard my family while I was away and dealt with what I had to until I could get back home, but it wasn’t the same as me being there.

The day dragged on forever while they brainstormed about what to do, me, my mind was already made up. Somebody was gonna die. When the name Porter came up things started to fall into place and I had my target.

The others had their own shit going on, some ring they were trying to break, and though I empathized with their plight I didn’t give a fuck. My only interest was in taking out the fucks who’d put my daughter in this shit.

I didn’t let on, not after my first outburst, but all the while I was there I was plotting. They wanted to wait, to go after some fuck that was in the hills hiding out with the hate brigade as Law calls them, fine, I’ll play along…for now.

By the time they’d decided on something I was ready to grab my piece and head to the desert. I wasn’t leaving here without some answers and from what I’d gleaned from their conversation this Stockton fuck that they’d mentioned was in the hills, looks like I was headed there after all.

There were too many unknowns involved since Law had called in his military friends and they had different ideas about how to deal with shit than I did, but as soon as I had time to think this shit through I was going out on my own. No way I could sleep at night with this fuckery out there.

Tyler, one of the ex SEALs, seemed to have his shit straight, so he’s the one I picked because I knew he would go for my play. I had my boy Travis Mallory get me some info that these boys wouldn’t be able to get their hands on no how, because his old man owned practically everyone in the known world, well the fuckers that mattered anyway.

While Logan, the leader of the SEALs was more level headed, which I respected no doubt, I just didn’t see the need for that shit in a situation like this, Tyler and I had our own understanding. I wanted to move on this shit now, not stand around plotting strategy fuck that. Dead is dead I give a fuck how they get that way.

I couldn’t let myself think about anything but the end result, because when my mind stopped I saw my baby girl’s face in that fucking book, her and a hundred other innocents. The mention of the Porters as one of the players only made things more pressing for me. I’d ended their son for fucking with my wife years ago, now the family was after my kid.

No one knew for sure what had happened to Porter, but I’m guessing his family suspected, I give a fuck. His raping ass got just what he deserved and now it looked like the mother, father and uncle were heading for more of the same. His idiot girlfriend hadn’t fared too well either, but I wasn’t the one that ended her, my boy Travis had taken care of that one as a favor.

All fucking day while my family was at home unaware that their lives were being turned upside down I sat there and listened to every bit of information I could gather. Not because I was even remotely interested in doing things the way these boys had planned, but because I still needed to know all the players.

There was mention of some desert fuck who they believed was the mastermind, the puppeteer, he might be out of reach for now, but it seemed there were more than enough assholes stateside that needed dealing with.

That night my crew, Ty, Creed and Travis snuck off since we were of the same mind. The hate mongers were hiding out in the hills around Law’s place and they were apparently hiding the guy who had had the album back in Georgia. The shit was confusing as fuck, but from what I gathered that’s why the SEALs were involved, this guy Stockton was their mark and they’d followed him here.

Creed had a dog in the fight because some asshole had put his woman in the book as well, and so was Law’s and one of the SEAL’s. Everybody had a stake in this shit, but these boys were trained to do shit systematically. For me, there’s something to be said for the berserkers, I have some of that shit running through me because I just want blood in my throat.

“Fuck Law.” He and his posse came out of the bushes once we made it away from his compound. “Your wife ratted you out bro.” Fucking Kat, I knew when I called her that last time she would be listening to my voice to gauge the situation. She’s sneaky like that, if I’m not giving her what she wants, she reads me to get it anyway. He wasn’t stopping me though no one was.

When he and the SEALs were through pontificating it was time to go.

“Let’s go.” I followed Ty because we were after the same fuck, while Creed and Law had other targets. The rest of the SEALs went into the fucking trees like smoke, spooky fucks. My mind was razor sharp as we hunted down our prey. I was only after answers, because we’d already established that this asshole was nothing more than a pawn.

Ty worked him over first and then it was my turn but the sight of the fuck sent me into a deep dark place. When he told me that the Porters were behind my daughter being sold or auctioned or whatever the fuck was the reasoning behind that book, he was already a dead man.

I’d just thrown a fuck over a cliff and didn’t think twice about it, I’d do it again and probably would have to before this shit was over and done. By the time we made it down off that hill I’d only just wet my appetite I wanted blood.

I wasn’t planning to head back tonight, Law had captured some of the hate fucks and I’m guessing he was planning to work them over for answers, but my sneaky ass wife needed me home.

I had what I needed anyway, and though I was willing to help them do clean up when the time came, I wasn’t about to wait around cooling my heels while they did their thing.

I told them as much before heading out, I needed to get home so I could have eyes on my little girl, reassure myself that she was safe. I had time on the ride to think about the last fifteen years. I hadn’t even thought about Porter at all in all that time and had done everything in my power to erase him from my wife’s memory.

How was I going to tell her that this shit was back to bite us in the ass? She didn’t even know that I’d offed that fuck for what he’d done to her and I wasn’t about to tell her, neither was I about to let his asshole family fuck with me and mine.

I had some hard thinking to do. Here I was thinking my family was safe and all the while someone had had my daughter marked for who knows the fuck what. I didn’t like the feeling of desperation that threatened to overcome me. I’ve spent my life protecting my family from the darkness of the world. Whatever it takes I’m gonna make sure that my wife and kids are never touched by this shit.

Caitie Bear, my little girl, every time I thought of her I saw her little body as she toddled towards me, her eyes bright with glee as her daddy held out his arms to catch her. She was going to have everything she wanted in this life and no motherfucker was going to take that from her.

This family, these people that were involved in this shit were never gonna get close enough I’d kill every last fuck if I had to-to keep that from happening. Jared and the others that had come with me wanted to head to the desert now and take care of shit, they weren’t too fond of waiting around either, but I needed to regroup. It was the holidays; Caitie’s little life was already in turmoil because the boy was leaving and now this. What does a father do?

By the time I made my way back home later that night I’d forgotten all about Xmas and whatever the fuck it was Kat was up to. Life had just thrown me a hard curve. I’d pushed hard to get back to her because she was worried. She knew me well enough that when I called her she heard it in my voice no matter how I tried to hide it. The fact that I’d put men on the house and taken the kids out of school would be more than enough to get her antenna going haywire.


I came into the house in the dead of night and she was waiting for me. “It’s okay baby, I’m home.” I held her to me as she shook and fought back the tears she knew I hated. “How’re my kids?” She nodded her head against my chest telling me that everything was fine. “Let’s go look.”

I held her hand in mine as we made the rounds. I didn’t want to give anything away, but as we stood over our eldest my knees almost went weak. As long as I live I’ll remember seeing her face looking back at me from that page; that was something I couldn’t, wouldn’t share with her mother.

I kissed her little head and silently vowed once again, to stand between her and whatever may come her way. I took my wife to bed and made love to her like it was the first time. “Colt, what’s wrong, won’t you tell me?”

I could only shake my head at her as the emotion threatened to choke me. “I love you so much Katarina, my Kat.” I kissed the place where her heart beat, light butterfly kisses, before taking her sweet tit in my mouth and tasting her milk. It was like taking a part of her into me when I fed at her breast like this.

Her hands held my head in place as I made love to her with my mouth and tongue, moving back and forth from tit to tit until I had my fill. “You want my mouth baby?” I wanted to fuck, wanted that ultimate connection. But I knew when she was feeling like this she liked her man to take her away, all the way.

I made my way down between her thighs and inhaled her scent. Her pussy has its own scent; it’s all her, my own personal aphrodisiac. I sucked her pussy until she was begging me to fuck her, and in that moment when I slipped into her, we both forgot everything else but each other and the way we felt when we were joined together like this.

“Look at me.” I held her head in place as I rocked my cock into her. There were no words needed, as we loved each other. We just held on and let our bodies do the talking. By the time I was emptying my seed inside her I felt whole again.

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