Book: Bear Home for Christmas: BBW Holiday Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance (Christmas Bear Shifter Romance Book 1)

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Chapter Four


Dina and Logan sat close together on the car’s soft leather seats. Logan clasped her hand, letting the back of his hand rest on her thigh. The contact with his body was almost unbearable. She longed to unfasten her seatbelt and jump on top of him. Instead they sat calmly, chatting about their lives. He seemed to want to know the smallest details about her, asking her all about her family and her friends, her job, and where she lived. She answered all of his questions, but her mind was wandering, thinking about how hot his body had looked in his Shiftr photo, how much she wanted to see it in the flesh. Her mind constructed mini fantasies: him on top of her, thrusting inside her, his strong hands spreading her thighs.

She was so engrossed by him that she hadn’t noticed that the road had become a lot darker, the streetlights further apart. She’d been to the national park plenty of times before, but she didn’t recognize this road. Logan leaned forward to direct the driver, and the car took a sharp turn, and the road became a rough track.

“Funny, I don’t know this part,” she said.

“There’s a reason for that,” Logan said, his white teeth flashing in the dark. “We were-bears need our privacy from the human world, if we’re going to keep our existence a secret.” He spoke to the driver again, and the car made another turn, then came to a stop at the side of the road, beside a gap in a line of trees.

“Where’s your place?” she said, confused.

“Through the trees, a hundred yards back,” he said. “Some of the other guys and I have cabins back there.”

“That sounds really nice,” she said.

“It’s the best,” he said with a grin. He unfastened his seatbelt and turned to her. “It’s so hard for me to leave you here, so I’m going to kiss you goodnight quickly and go, before I lose all self-control.” His lips brushed hers, and he opened the car door. “Good night, beautiful,” he whispered. He climbed out of the car and closed the door. The driver began to pull away, and Dina watched as Logan strode into the dark woods. His kiss was still burning on her lips, and there was an unbearable ache between her thighs. But even more than that, she felt a hole, a vast emptiness in her heart, at being separated from him.

“Stop!” she yelled. The driver jumped and stepped hard on the brake.

“Sorry, ma’am?” he said.

“Hold on, I’ve made a mistake!” she said. She unfastened the seatbelt, and scrambled out of the car. She ran back to the clearing and stared into the woods, but she could no longer see anything.

“Logan!” she yelled.

“Dina?” came a voice from far away. A second later, she saw a flash of his white shirt and he came crashing back.

“What is it?” he said, panicked.

“Logan, take me home with you,” she said simply.

“Dina, if you come in here now, you’re not going to leave for several days. I hope you realize that,” he said. 

“It’s a good thing there’s vacation from school next week,” she said, coquettishly. His face broke into the most beautiful smile she’d ever seen. He bounded over to the taxi and told the driver that she didn’t need a ride anymore, then he took her hand.

“Wait,” she said, as she began to stumble into the undergrowth in her heels. Logan paused and looked down at her feet.

“Oh, sorry,” he said with a laugh. With no hesitation, he bent down, swept her up, and strode off with her into the woods. Dina lolled in his arms in a daze; she hadn’t been carried since she was a small child, and she hadn’t thought it was possible to feel so small and vulnerable again. He looked at her tenderly as he walked.

“It’s just a little bit further,” he said, his breath a soft rumble. The woods looked entirely black to Dina. The meager light cast by the crescent moon left the night very dark, and she couldn’t see the trees at all, but Logan navigated the track with ease.

At last she could make out a row of cabins. Each had a small light above the door.

“This is mine,” Logan said stopping at the third one along. Three steps led up to a small veranda and a covered porch with an arched roof. Still managing to hold her up somehow, he rooted in his pocket for his keys and unlocked the door. Dina made to climb down, but Logan held onto her.

“No, I’m carrying you over this threshold, baby,” he said. Ensuring that she didn’t bump her head on anything, he brought her into the cabin, and gently laid her on the sofa. Then he flicked a light on. Dina looked around. It was way bigger than she’d imagined from the outside. The living room was spacious yet cozy, with rustic wooden furniture, a huge, antique-looking leather sofa, and homely rugs and animal skins spread across the floor. There was a big open fireplace, loaded up with logs for a colder evening. Lamps in the corners cast the room in a subtle orange glow. Logan sat down next to her, and she immediately fastened her lips onto his, kissing him more passionately than before. Her hands ran all over his broad shoulders, his huge biceps, and felt for his pecs beneath his shirt. He drew back, looking at her with wonder.

“Dina, we don’t have to do anything tonight. You can have my bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa,” he said.

“Logan, maybe it isn’t obvious, but I want you. I want you real bad,” she said, looking back at him with smoldering eyes. He hesitated for half a second, before throwing himself on her. He pushed her back against the sofa, and kissed her hard, his stubble chafing her skin, and his fingers tangling in her hair. He scooped her up and pulled her onto his lap, and as soon as her thigh made contact with his crotch, she felt his hardness, his need for her. His hands ran over her upper arms, into the v of her cleavage. Dizzy, drunk with desire, she swept her skirt up above her knees, turned to face him and straddled him. Now the bulge of his cock pressed right on that hot, aching place between her thighs, and a small sound escaped her lips. Logan’s hands hovered around her ass, as if uncertain whether he could touch her there, but as she pressed herself closer to him, his fingers sank into her flesh, pulling her close, inciting her to grind against him. His tongue snaked into her mouth, seeking out hers, circling it, with an insistent, hungry motion. She matched his urgency, sucking on his lips, lashing his tongue with her own. Dina had never felt so hungry, so unashamedly wanton before. He kissed and bit her neck, from one side to the other. They pulled at each other’s clothes, eager for skin-on-skin contact. She fumbled at his bow tie, eventually getting it unclipped, and threw it aside. Then, she opened the first four buttons on his shirt, wanting to get at his muscular chest. His skin felt unexpectedly soft beneath her fingers, as did his sprinkling of chest hair, and his muscles rippled. She needed more. Sitting back to give herself enough space, she opened his shirt all the way down. He pulled off his jacket, then his shirt, and she finally saw him, just the way he’d been in the photo. She ran her hands all over his upper body. She’d never touched big muscles before, and the feeling of the bulges and undulations was amazing.

“Your turn,” he growled, his voice harsh with desire. His hand went to the zipper at the back of her dress, and he pulled it all the way down, in a single motion. Gently, he eased the broad straps from her shoulders, and the entire front of the dress fell down, revealing her mint-green lace bra.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, bending his head to the sensitive skin of her décolletage. He made a trail of kisses along her collarbones, and down, into the valley of her cleavage. Hesitantly at first, and then more hungrily, he cupped her breasts in his hands. As soon as his thumbs grazed her nipples, they became twice as erect, begging to be taken into his mouth. His fingers hooked into the top of the lace cup, and he dragged it down, freeing her nipple. Dina watched as he brought his mouth to it, flicking his tongue over the tip, before fastening his lips around it. He sucked gently, and the sensation shot a burning path down to her clit. Hardly aware of what she was doing, she rubbed herself back and forth against his bulging, rock-hard crotch, every movement drawing waves of tingling heat. He pulled down the other cup of her bra and gave her other nipple the same treatment. With one breast in his mouth, and the other cupped in his strong hand, she was ready to combust with need. She could tell she was drenched, and she was probably leaving a wet mark on his pants, but she didn’t care. She needed him inside her so badly.

He went to unfasten her bra, but then he paused and looked up at her.

“Let’s do this properly,” he said. “I want to take you to bed, and treat you like the goddess you are.”

“Ok,” she said, looking at him in delight. He rearranged her bra straps, and she climbed off his lap and got to her feet awkwardly. Her dress slid to the floor and she stepped out of it. She was still wearing her heels. She shrugged to herself. They’d come off at some point. His gaze swept over her body, his eyes full of fire. He led her to the back of the living room and through a doorway. There was a short passageway, with two doors leading off it. He opened the right hand door, and took her into his bedroom. It was just as cozy as the living room, with bare wooden walls and a huge bed. The head and foot boards were made of intricately carved dark brown wood.

That was all Dina had time to observe before Logan took hold of her again. His hands moved frantically all over her waist, back and breasts, while he alternately nibbled at her neck and gave her hard, biting kisses on the lips, which left them tingling. He backed her onto the bed, until she was sitting down. Standing before her, he unfastened his pants and tugged them off. He was wearing snug, black undershorts, the kind she liked best, and the bulge of his erection was huge. His thighs were bulky and muscular, and covered with dark hair. He knelt down between her legs, holding each calf tenderly in his hand as he slipped her shoes off. She loved the way he was forcing himself to be gentle with her, although he was obviously half-crazed with desire.

He lifted her up, laid her down, so she was lying fully flat on the bed, and then he arched over her, his eyes darker than ever. His brow suddenly furrowed.

“What is it?” she asked in alarm.

“It’s my bear,” he said. “It’s driving me on to mate with you, and claim you as my own.”

“It is?” she said, intrigued.

“It’s so hard to hold it back,” he said in a frustrated tone.

“But you don’t have to hold it back.”

“I do, Dina,” he said. “I want to take my time with you. Get to know every inch of your body.” She wriggled happily. No-one had said that to her before.

He let his weight come down on top of her, and she gasped at the sensation of full body contact. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply again. She curled her legs around his, drawing him closer to her, and their bodies seemed to meld into one, sliding together as if they were made for each other. Underneath her back, he reached for the clasp on her bra, and she arched to allow him to get at it. Slowly, reverently, he slid the straps off her shoulders, and lifted the bra off completely, exposing her large breasts, and swollen, aching nipples to his gaze. With a soft growl, he fell on them again, sucking harder than before, taking more of her breast into his mouth. She moaned, and lifted her thighs, wrapping her legs around his waist. He gave a deeper growl and his pelvis gave little jerks.

She groaned in frustration. She loved what he was doing to her nipples, but it was still a big tease. More than anything, she wanted their underwear to be cast aside, and him to be inside her. Suddenly, she raked his back with her nails. He stopped kissing her and sat up, a sexy smirk playing on his lips.

“I think you’re taking on some of the energy of my bear,” he said.

“Maybe I am,” she said, a wicked grin lighting her face.

“But there’s no rush is there?”

“No rush,” she muttered, gazing at his torso. She did enjoy lying back on the pillow and drinking in the sight of this gorgeous man who seemed to be crazy about her.

“Good,” he said, in a growly voice, and cupped her breasts in his hands as he leaned forward and planted a kiss between them. He began to knead at them, rolling her nipples between finger and thumb, as he licked a slow trail down her body, all the way to her belly button. His tongue circled it and flicked inside, and she sighed. She hadn’t realized it was such a sensitive spot, but it seemed to have a direct connection with her clit, and she felt her little bud jolting as if sparks were flying off it. He continued on his way, licking and kissing her soft belly. She fought back a flicker of self-consciousness, then abandoned herself to the sensation. When he reached her panties, he tugged at them with his teeth. She was so enflamed with need, that even that small movement made her hips jerk. He kept pulling, until her neatly-trimmed, black triangle of hair was revealed. His nostrils flared, inhaling the scent of her, and he made a low rumbling purr. He hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties, and eased them over her hips. She raised her ass, and he slipped them all the way down, past her knees and ankles, leaving her completely bare.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, returning his lips to the place he’d left off, and planted kisses all over her pubic hair.

“Such sexy fur,” he muttered. She waited, dying for him to flick his tongue over her clit, but he took his time, moving over to the side, to the place where her belly met her upper thigh. He made a trail of kisses across the front of her leg, to her tender inner thighs, each kiss inflaming her like a line of fire ants. She jumped as he nibbled at the tender flesh there, moving higher, but maddeningly slowly. She closed her eyes, willing herself to stay calm. When his tongue finally made contact with her clit, she jumped as if she’d had an electric shock. To her relief, Logan gave up on teasing her, and latched on it, drawing it gently into his mouth. She moaned. As his lips sucked on it, his tongue made tiny back-and-forth motions across the tip. Before long, her breath began to come in pants, and her hands wandered down and tangled into his hair, keeping his head exactly where it was. He had an amazing technique, his rhythm never faltering, building and building on her arousal. He kept his hands on her thighs, her legs pinned to the bed, and she adored the situation of being held there and eaten out by the bear.

Her hips started to make little bucking motions – signs that an orgasm was near – and her grip on his hair became more aggressive. Little cries and moans escaped her lips, and he responded by sucking harder on her swollen little bud. At the edge of her vision, she could just make out that his ass was moving, as he rubbed himself on the bed, and the knowledge that licking her pussy was turning him on flipped her right over the edge.

“Oh my god, I’m coming!” she cried, as her clit spasmed under his tongue, and she exploded into a sharp, shuddering orgasm.


Dina couldn’t move for a long time afterwards. She let go of Logan’s hair, realizing, to her embarrassment, that she’d been tugging on it the whole time. He lifted himself up, the muscles in his shoulders flexing, and climbed up her body, until he was face to face with her again.

“You taste like the sweetest honey,” he whispered, caressing her cheek, and kissing her on the mouth. “You’re so sexy, Dina. I could lick you all day.” She tasted her own tangy sweetness on his lips, and she had an overwhelming urge to taste him too. She pulled at the waistband of his shorts, uselessly, since it was trapped between their bodies. He laughed.

“Ok, they’re coming off,” he said. “But I might not be capable of being gentle any longer.”

“Good,” she said, looking him right in the eye. “I don’t want you to be.” He gave a growl, reminding her of the animal inside him, and she shivered. She sat up and helped him to pull his underwear off, gasping when his cock was finally revealed. It was even bigger than she’d expected from the bulge in his underwear. It was bigger than the large vibrator she kept in her nightstand, and she’d always been a bit of a size queen when it came to her toys. She really enjoyed the feeling of being filled, but she wasn’t sure if she could handle Logan’s cock. He spread her thighs again and knelt between them, his thigh muscles bulging, and his cock looking like a dangerous tool.

“The moment I saw you on the app, I knew I wanted to mate with you,” he said. “But I can hardly believe it’s about to happen now.”

“Me neither,” she said. Every part of her being was tingling with anticipation, and it was all she could do to stop herself from jumping into his lap and impaling herself on his length.

He arched over her again, supporting his weight on one arm, while he kissed her and slid his free hand up her inner thigh. She gave a little moan as he stroked her soft, damp hair, and ran his thumb between her sensitive labia. He circled her clit briefly, before slipping all the way down to her entrance. At the slightest touch, her pussy spasmed. This was exquisite torture. Slowly, achingly slowly, he slid his index finger inside her. Her nerve endings were so sensitized that it almost hurt. He moved in and out, and she squirmed. She needed more goddamnit! She glanced at his cock; it was just within reach. Her hand snaked out and she took hold of it with a firm grasp. Logan gasped, and his finger shot all the way in, his knuckles bumping at her entrance. A moment later, both his hands were on her thighs, spreading them further, and the tip of his cock was probing at her entrance. She took a deep breath as he eased himself inside her, her muscles resisting, then yielding to his girth. He kept his eyes on hers, and the look in them was wild and animal. It was a little scary for her, but deeply exciting as well. His length kept coming and coming, until with a growl, he went all the way in, his pelvis butting deliciously against her clit.

“Don’t worry, I can take it,” she whispered, sensing that he was restraining himself with a massive effort.

Something in him uncoiled, and he began to fuck her hard, vigorously. Back and forth, in and out he moved, in long, relentless strokes. Each thrust set her nerve endings on fire, and she yelped and moaned like a wild animal. Her pussy turned to molten heat, throbbing out of control. He lifted one leg over his shoulder and went even deeper, making her gasp, before she learned to accommodate him. He began to pound her like a jackhammer, and she loved it, crying out and digging her nails into his back. She wasn’t a girl who liked to go slow. Fast, hard pumping was what drove her crazy. Before long, a second orgasm hit her, and her pussy spasmed hard around his cock.

“That feels so goddamn amazing,” he said. “I love the way your pussy feels. So hot and tight.” His dirty talk knocked her into a third orgasm, and a fourth, and she lay helpless, as wave after wave of pleasure hit her.

Suddenly, he sat up on his haunches, pulling her with him, and she balanced her weight on her knees and wrapped her arms around him as she rode his cock up and down. He gripped her ass with his hands, making her move to his rhythm. But she wanted it faster. Catching him off guard, she tipped him backwards, making him lie on his back, and without him slipping out of her, she switched to cowgirl style, riding him hard while she gazed down at his gorgeous body. He reached out and circled her clit with his thumb, and she came again and again. He let her take her pleasure until she was exhausted, and then he flipped her onto her back once more. They were so energetic together, she almost felt like they were wrestling.

Now her head dropped over the side of the bed, and she was helpless as he fucked her harder than ever before, holding her thighs flat and wide apart. She liked the feeling of being helpless, and the angle of his cock, rubbing against the front wall of her pussy.

Logan’s breathing was rough, and all kinds of snarls and growls escaped him as he pounded her harder and faster. He paused to move her further down the bed, laying her head on a pillow, and then he held her close, gazing into her eyes.

“Dina, you’re so beautiful, so incredible,” he whispered over and over again. His movements became very quick and jerky, and, at last, he came, with a roar, his seed shooting deep inside her, suffusing her with heat.

They lay quietly for a long time, damp with perspiration, the smell of sex heavy in the air. Logan’s face was nuzzled in Dina’s neck, and the feeling of this big, sexy man lying between her legs was blissful.

“That was incredible, Dina,” he said. “You’re such a sexy woman. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had a tiger inside you.”

“Was I too much?” she asked, instantly anxious that she’d scare him away. She felt like something long repressed had just been unleashed inside her.

“Not at all,” he said. “You’re the sex-mate of my dreams. We bears are very physical, and I’ve always hoped that my destined mate would be my match in terms of appetite and energy.” Dina laughed.

“I think I’ve always had a huge appetite, but this is the first time I’ve met someone I’ve been able to indulge it with,” she said. A look of delight came into his eyes.

“This is only the beginning,” he whispered, running a fingertip over her face, exploring her cheekbones, her nose, her lips. “There’s a lot more mating to come, trust me. Bears need to mate often, to maintain a deep connection with our mate. I need you to know that you’re fully mine, and that I’m yours, your one and only, who will stay close to you and protect you to the ends of the earth.”

“Logan, I would really like that,” she replied. He held her and kissed her for a long time.

After a while, he got up and pulled the covers out from underneath them, then tenderly covered her body. She turned onto her side, and he snuggled against her, so that her face nestled into his chest. The last thing she remembered was him murmuring sweet compliments to her.



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