Book: Bear Home for Christmas: BBW Holiday Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance (Christmas Bear Shifter Romance Book 1)

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Chapter Eight


“I’ve told her the good news,” Granger said as they sat down at the dinner table. Diana had cooked an amazing spread of roast meat and potatoes.

“Good,” Albert said. “Now I won’t have to restrain myself from cracking out the bear jokes!”

“I don’t think she’s ready for those yet, dad,” Granger said, rolling his eyes.

“Welcome to the very small number of humans that are initiated into the shifter secret,” Diana said, with a smile. “I don’t think you’ll regret finding out about us.”

“Neither do I,” Noelle said, shooting Granger a glance, and seeing that he was looking at her with tenderness and affection.

The parents chatted away while they ate, eager to find out about Granger’s latest deployment, and exactly why he’d left the army for good. They asked Noelle all about herself, backing off tactfully when she explained that she’d lost her parents.

“I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through, dear,” Diana said. “But you need never feel like you don’t have a family again.”

“Thank you,” she replied a little shyly, but in reality, she was overwhelmed by the butterflies in her stomach. Everyone was welcoming her into the family, seeming to assume that she and Granger were going to be together, and she liked that idea a lot. It still seemed too incredible to believe though – that she, a dumpy kid that no-one wanted, could be the mate of the most handsome, smart, charming and kind guy she’d ever met. She thought that if she squeezed her eyes shut and opened them again it’d all be gone, and she’d still be trudging through the snow in Northwood. She tried it when no-one was looking. Nope, she was still right there, at the family table, Granger’s foot gently rubbing against her own. He caught her eye and they shared a secret smile. They were going to have sex soon, she knew it, and that certainty made her feel light-headed and tingly all over. She loved the idea that he wanted to take it slow with her. It was a deeply arousing thought that such a big man wanted to be gentle and care for her needs.

As Albert was taking the dessert out of the oven, the front door banged open, and Adam hurtled into the room, bringing the cold with him.

“I’m still in one piece!” he announced.

“Congratulations,” Albert said drily.

“You’re just in time for dessert. Come and tell us how they took it,” Diana said.

Adam threw himself down in an unoccupied chair and gave a dramatic sigh.

“There was a lot of yelling and tears. God, those wolves are hierarchical. The alpha wolf came in to see what all the commotion was about, and insisted that we tell him all about our relationship, and our feelings for each other. And then he decreed that it was okay for us to be together.” He gave an exaggerated shudder. “I dread to think what would have happened if he’d said it wasn’t okay. I think Sylvia would’ve been snatched away from me and I’d never have seen her again. The baby would be brought up in a wolf’s lair.”

“That sounds like good news overall,” Diana said brightly. “And where’s Sylvia?”

“Her family insisted she spend Christmas Eve with them. We’ll hopefully get to meet up tomorrow though.”

“Fair enough. Actually, I have a surprise for you kids!”

“What?” Granger said.

“The tree is still waiting to be decorated!”

“I hadn’t even noticed in all the commotion. But why have you left it so late this year?”

“I just couldn’t do it without you kids being home. I’ve been waiting and hoping to see you both home for Christmas, and have us all decorating the tree like a family.”

“Aw, mom, you’re the best,” Granger said, laying his hand over Diana’s. “Decorating the tree is a real family tradition,” he told Noelle. “We’ve been doing it every year since I can remember.”

“That’s really neat,” she said with a smile.

“Shall we get started?” Albert said, heaving himself up from his chair.

“Yeah!” the boys said, suddenly sounding like little kids. Noelle looked at Granger with affection, imagining what he must’ve been like as a kid. She bet he was very cute and cheeky.

“Come on,” Granger said, grabbing her hand. He opened a couple of doors, looking for the tree. Locating it, he and Adam carried it out to the hallway at the foot of the stairs. It was a huge blue fir, at least eight feet tall, sitting in a giant pot. Albert brought over a cardboard box stuffed with Christmas decorations, and all the family dived in, pulling things out. Granger handed her some tinsel.

“Put it anywhere you like,” he said. “There’s no particular plan.” As she began adding it to the tree, Albert wound some fairy lights around the trunk, from top to bottom, while the rest of them pulled out baubles and other smaller decorations and put them on the ends of the branches.

“They’re great decorations,” she said.

“I made that one when I was eight,” Granger said proudly pointing to a little snowman made out of cotton wool. It was adorable. There was a little red scarf around its neck, its orange nose was askew, and one of his eyes was missing. “We used to have competitions at school for who could make the best one. It was serious business!”

“Yeah – I think we should do the same thing,” Noelle said, a distant memory coming back to her.

Soon, decorating became a tangle of arms as everyone hunted for a free branch. By the time they’d finished, the big tree was heavily laden, and it looked great. It was a happy, chaotic history of Christmases in the Sullivan family.

“Done!” Albert said with satisfaction. He flicked the main light off and switched the fairy lights on. Everyone oohed and ahhed as the tree was prettily illuminated.

“Now it’s really Christmas!” Diana said, clapping her hands together. “And I’ve got my two boys back.” She stretched up to put an arm around their necks and kiss each of them on the cheek. “And I’ve got a lovely daughter –” she broke off. “Oops. Sorry, I think the mulled wine made me a little tipsy. We’ve got the lovely Noelle here for Christmas too!” She kissed Noelle on both cheeks. “Ok, I think I’d better be getting off to bed, before I totally embarrass myself! I’ll see you all in the morning!” Granger gave her a hug and wished her goodnight, then he, Albert and Adam slapped each other on the backs.

“Shall we go to my cabin?” he asked Noelle as soon as they were alone together. He sounded a little uncertain, as if he didn’t want to be presumptuous about her sleeping in his bed. But they both knew what was going to happen.

“Yes, let’s!” she said, taking his hand.




They crunched through the snow, making yet more footprints across the pure white blanket. It had an unearthly, pale blue glow under the brightness of the moon.

“When’s the last time you made snow angels?” he asked. She laughed.

“No time that I can remember!” He put his arms around her waist.

“Ok, right here, right now!” he yelled, and at the same time, he pulled her down onto the snow. She gasped, waiting for the shock of the cold, but it didn’t come. Instead, she was lying on an impossibly soft surface. Granger started waving his arms up and down, and she copied him, both of them laughing uncontrollably, until the snow was deeply indented on both sides. They stopped and lay still.

“The moon is so beautiful,” Noelle breathed, staring up at it. “You can really see that it’s spherical, with all its shadows and indentations, and not just a flat disc in the sky.”

“Isn’t it? I think you can only really appreciate it in this position.” Just then a howl broke through the air, long and mournful.

“Werewolves,” Granger said. Noelle turned her head to him.


“Yup. They go crazy on the full moon. They’ll be out all night, running around, having a mating frenzy.” Noelle shivered, thinking that she was looking forward to being in a warm bed. Granger’s bed. “Shall we go?” He held his hand out to her and helped her up, then they surveyed their work.

“Beautiful,” he proclaimed and snapped photos of the angels, and of her. He showed her the results, and she cringed, hating having her photo taken. But when she saw them, she was shocked to see that she actually looked nice: bright and alive, as if she was glowing with happiness.

They ran the rest of the way to the cabin, and were soon inside, their skin tingling at the contrast from the cold. It was lovely and cozy indoors.

“All the heaters are working,” Granger said, testing them with his hand. “We won’t be shivering under our blankets tonight!”

“That’s very good to hear,” Noelle said, taking her coat off. She felt shy now that they were alone together again. Sex hung in the air between them, as if there was a charge between their two bodies, the atmosphere crackling with energy.

She gazed around the room warily.

“What’s wrong?” he said.

“Do you have a bathroom here?” He laughed.

“Of course. It’s that door right there.”

“Do you mind if I have a shower?”

“No, of course not. But hold on a second.” He stuck his head through the bathroom door and came back again. “Looks like mom put some towels out for you.”

“Thanks. I won’t be long.”

“Take your time. We’ve got all the time in the world,” he said with a grin, sitting on the bed. Noelle grinned back at him, her heart leaping at his words.

The bathroom was immaculate. In contrast to the rustic cabin, it was modern and beautifully appointed. As well as the towels, Granger’s mom had put out a fluffy peach bathrobe for her. She took her clothes off and stepped into the wet room, sighing as the rain-forest shower beat down on her body.

When she was done, she wrapped the bathrobe around her body, luxuriating in its softness, and looked at her clothes. It seemed weird to get dressed again after the shower. She shrugged. Maybe she’d just stay in the robe.

As she opened the bathroom door, Granger pulled himself up from his lounging position on the bed, and gazed at her, his pupils dilating with desire. He came over to her, took her in his arms, and kissed her on the lips.

“You look so pretty and soft, all damp from the shower,” he murmured. “Let me just get in the shower too, and I’ll be right with you.”

While he was in the bathroom, she sat on the bed, drying herself carefully. He’d dimmed the lights and the room was bathed in a soft, golden glow. Being naked under the robe made her feel very vulnerable, yet aroused. She imagined him taking it off. Would he rip it off in one go in the heat of passion, or would he slide it off, slowly, sensually? She found she liked both of those ideas equally. She felt an ache between her thighs, vague at first, and quickly becoming a deep throb. She hadn’t known it was possible to want someone the way she wanted Granger. Her desire was all-consuming, as if every nerve of her body was calling out to him.

She was thinking about him so intensely that when he finally emerged from the bathroom, she was startled. And even more so when she saw that he was wearing only a towel. Her lips parted, she watched him walk over to her, a sexy smile illuminating his handsome features. He sat next to her on the bed, wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her on the mouth, lightly at first, then more searchingly. She laid a tremulous hand on his shoulder, and as her fingers made contact with his damp, velvety skin, something inside her snapped, and she forgot her reticence. She began to run her hands all over his torso, savoring the firmness of his pecs and abs, the huge muscles of his shoulders, and the powerful muscles of his back. His body was unbelievable; just incredible. She filled her nostrils with the scent of his skin, enhanced by its dampness. He moved off her mouth and began to kiss her neck, tracing a line of soft feathery kisses all the way to her collarbones. He opened the neck of the robe a little wider to allow him better access to her shoulders, and he kissed them too. Slowly, slowly he began to slide the robe off her shoulders. Taking a deep breath, she unfastened the belt, allowing the robe to open as he wanted it to. He planted kisses all over her décolletage, and then the valley between her breasts, tugging at the robe until her breasts were revealed. She felt a flicker of dread, self-conscious about their size. With a sigh of pleasure, he dipped his head to her right nipple, licking it softly, before taking it into his mouth. She moaned. God, her nipples were sensitive! His right hand cupped her other breast, grazing the nipple with his callused thumb. As she watched his dark head, bending to her body, making her feel incredible, she felt like the top of her head was lifting off. He moved from one breast to the other, taking his sweet time, as if he couldn’t get his fill of her. She was dimly aware that she was clutching his back, kneading at his muscles, when he lifted his head and whispered, “let’s lie down.” He pulled back the covers and she climbed into the bed, clutching the robe at her waist. Granger lay beside her.

“Noelle, I can’t believe you’re here, in my bed,” he whispered. “I feel like I’ll wake up tomorrow and discover that it was all a Christmas fantasy.” She laughed.

“No, I’m right here – ” she broke off as he stripped off his towel, becoming fully naked. His cock was big and hard, and at the sight of it, the ache between her thighs became a burn. She felt silly still wearing the dressing gown now. Pulling herself up, she started to remove it, and Granger helped her, opening it all the way up, gazing at her belly and thighs, and her dark triangle of hair with hunger in his eyes.

“You’re so incredibly beautiful,” he murmured. “Even more than I imagined.”

“You’ve been imagining me naked, huh?” she said with a sly smile.

“Constantly,” he admitted bashfully. A shudder ran through her body. She never thought of herself as the kind of girl who got desired and objectified.

“You only want me for my body?” He shook his head.

“Nope. I want every single bit of you, Noelle; your body, your mind, your heart.” He stroked her arms, her belly, her thighs, his big rough hands so thrilling on her skin. He took his time, exploring every part of her body – except the part that most hungered for his touch. He was driving her crazy. Every time his hands brushed her inner thighs, her body jolted, willing him to touch her there – on that sensitive place. She wanted to feel his fingers inside her, ached to be filled up by him.

“Touch me,” she said, as his fingertips danced right at the top of her slightly-spread thighs.

“Where?” he said, his eyes bright with mischief, wanting to hear her say the words.

“Inside. I need your fingers inside me, right now.” He laid his hand flat on her pussy and her whole body jolted. He pressed a little harder and she squirmed with pleasure.

“Or just keep your hand right there,” she panted. His fingertips lightly touched her entrance, dipping into her wetness, then he caressed her labia, teasingly softly, moving back and forth with deft strokes, spreading her, encouraging her to open to him. When a finger finally touched her clit, she cried out, a wild, uncontrolled sound. His eyes blazed and she thought she saw a hint of his animal. At once, he pushed two fingers inside her, and she gasped. It almost hurt. Her muscles rippled in pleasure as he slid in and out, his thumb circling her clit. All the time he watched her, watched his hand pleasuring her as she lay back on his soft pillows. She saw the tip of his tongue dart out of his mouth and lick his lips.

“I want to taste you,” he growled, his voice sounding far rougher than before. And before she could say anything, he dove down the bed, and his long, pointed tongue was gliding over her clit.

“Oh my God!” she cried out. It felt even better than his finger, lighter and more sensitive as it flicked back and forth. And then he began to suck, drawing her tiny bud into his mouth, and she saw stars beneath her eyelids. Her fingertips rubbed at the back of his head. It was a good job he didn’t have much hair, she thought, or she’d be tugging on it hard right now.

Of their own accord, her hips began to buck, inciting him to go faster. All of a sudden, he slid his fingers out of her, and entered her with his tongue instead, sighing in pleasure as he tasted her. She moaned and sighed as her pussy spasmed.

He took hold of her thighs, clasping them in a firm grip, and began to lick her clit again, his tempo increasing until it matched the jolting of her hips.

“Oh God, I’m going to come!” she whispered. He responded by sucking harder on her clit, until all she was aware of was his deft tongue, right at the very core of her body, whipping her into a frenzy. Her eyes fluttered shut as an explosion began to build inside her, growing and growing, until it detonated with powerful waves, all over her body. The stars fizzed and burned beneath her eyelids.

“Granger,” she muttered, minutes later. “That was unbelievable.” He lifted his head, an eyebrow raised questioningly, the edge of his lips curved in a half smile. Then, with a sound a lot like a growl, he climbed up her body, powerful and agile, until he crouched over her, his shoulder muscles bunched.

She ran her hands all over him, recovering from her orgasm, but still needing more. As her frustration grew, she pulled him close, until he lay right on top of her, his cock a hard rod against her thigh. Then something in his face changed as he gazed down at her; and his features took on a rougher, fiercer expression.

“Noelle,” he muttered, his jaw tight. “I can’t control my bear like this.”

“What does it want?” she whispered.

“It wants me to mate you. To take you roughly, in every position, and claim you for my own.” A shiver of delight ran through her at his words. She loved his soft, romantic touches, his incredible tongue, but in her deepest, darkest fantasies, she wanted to be taken hard. She reached down and encircled his cock with her hand. It felt so swollen and ready for her. He groaned at her touch.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he hissed from between clenched teeth. She moved her hand up and down, along his shaft.

“I want it like this,” she whispered. “I want all you have to give.” She hooked her ankles either side of his hips and pulled him towards her. A sharp burst of pain made her gasp as his cock pierced her, immediately filling her pussy. She held on though, her muscles gripping him tight, and the pain was replaced by a wave of pleasure that radiated all over her body. She felt herself yielding to him, abandoning herself to this big, powerful animal-man. His eyes were intense as they held her gaze, and she sensed that he was using every ounce of his willpower to control himself.

“You feel so good inside me,” she said, and instantly, it was as if a spring uncoiled inside him. His hips began to move, thrusting his big cock in and out of her, every movement setting her on fire. He moved faster and harder, alternately kissing her and burying his face in her neck. His breathing was harsh, somewhere between a growl and a purr. She was as limp as a ragdoll, overwhelmed with euphoria as he ploughed in and out of her. In and out, in and out, in a blissful rhythm. He sat back on his haunches and lifted her legs, one at a time, placing them over his shoulders. She gasped at the deeper penetration, at the different angle his cock made inside her. As he leaned towards her again, she was almost bent double. He fucked her in quick, sharp thrusts, and then he leaned back, holding her legs up in the air as he watched his cock entering her and filling her up. She squirmed and bit her lip. It was hot and a little dirty, and she loved it.

Suddenly, he pulled out of her.

“Turn over,” he growled. “I want to take you from behind.” She flipped over eagerly. She’d always liked this position the best, liked the way it was rough and primal. He didn’t penetrate her immediately, but stroked her thighs and the globes of her ass, murmuring his appreciation. He placed a hand on the small of her back, encouraging her to arch her back more, and then she felt something soft and wet running the length of her labia. Oh my god, he’s licking me again! Her cheeks warmed, and she tried to get away from his tongue, but he held her still, spreading her with his fingers and licking her eagerly, all the way from her clit to her entrance and back again. When she realized that he wasn’t going to stop, she allowed herself to relax and enjoy it. It did feel pretty amazing like this, kind of liberating.

Just as she was turning into a quivering mess yet again, he took his tongue away and, instead, she felt the tip of his cock probing her entrance. She cried out as he entered her like this, feeling her muscles yielding to his wide girth. Her nerve endings were so sensitive that she felt every bit of his cock as he slid inside her, all the way to the hilt. She arched her back further, dropping her head into her arms and he gave a purr of appreciation. At the first thrust, she cried out again, and again. He fucked her slowly, smoothly, and she began to make all kinds of sounds – yelps and moans and cries – barely aware that they were coming from her mouth. His cock was setting her insides on fire, but she needed more and more, and she pushed back on his cock, like a woman possessed, demanding all he had to give her.

He arched right over her, his hands coming down on each side of hers, and his chest pressing into her back.

“You’re mine, Noelle,” he said in a harsh, growly voice. “All mine. I’m going to fill your womb with my seed and claim you as my own. Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” she managed to say in between pants.

“Then tell me,” he ordered her. The Granger fucking her sounded so different from the sweet guy she knew that it made her hairs stand on end. It was wild and delicious.

“I’m yours, Granger,” she said. “Yours and only yours. I want you to come inside me and make me your own.”

Her words had the desired effect. His hands bit into her hips, his nails suddenly very sharp, and he began to fuck her hard, his pelvis pounding against her ass.

“Mine,” he muttered, in between thrusts. “All mine.” His words bounced around in her brain, making her delirious with arousal and pleasure. This big, sexy creature was claiming her by fucking her. He was making her his. Now she understood what it was to mate. She jumped as his hand slid along her belly and touched her clit. It was the final spark she needed. He fucked her with abandon, her fingers twisting into the sheets to stop herself from falling down flat, and at last his rhythm matched hers perfectly and she began to shudder, her pussy clenching his cock in quick little spasms. At the same time, he gave a wild roar, and came with a last, rough thrust, shooting his hot seed deep inside her.

She collapsed, lying flat on the bed, and he laid himself gently on top of her, his breath warm on the nape of her neck. They were silent for a while, Noelle too overwhelmed by the experience to be capable of putting any words together. Eventually, he turned onto his side, bringing her with him, and curled his body around her tenderly.

“Are you okay, baby?” he whispered. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“You didn’t, Granger, and I’m better than okay,” she said, unable to stop herself from grinning. “But, I had no idea that sex could be so good!” He chuckled and stroked her face.

“That’s because it was more than sex: it was mating. You’re mine now. All mine. Forever and ever.”

“Really?” she whispered. He looked confused.

“Of course. Hey, hold on a minute.” He got out of bed and rummaged around in his discarded clothes, pulling out his phone. “Guess what time it is?” he yelled, jumping back into bed. She gasped.

“Is it Christmas day?”

“It is. It’s 12:32am!” He held her head in his hands and kissed her. “Happy birthday, Noelle! And a very merry Christmas too!”

“Merry Christmas, Granger!” she replied, her heart flooding with joy.

Moments later, she was asleep, her head resting on his chest and his strong arms wrapped around her.


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