Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Six


Kendra dropped her bag on the bathroom floor and dug through it for a fresh change of clothes. Luckily, she always kept a spare set or two in her truck. After years of delivering breeched calves, she’d learned an extra change of clean clothes could come in handy. After being up most of the night checking on Flint, she desperately needed a hot shower to help her unwind and loosen up her tired muscles.

Minutes later, she stood under the shower spray, letting the hot water run over her body. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake the image of Flint’s face lowering to kiss her. Or the feel of his taut muscles under the Steel Infidels tattoo that stretched across his back and shoulders. Kendra closed her eyes as she replayed the kiss they’d shared in the middle of the night.

Even now, she couldn’t understand her strange reaction to Flint. Had she no pride? How in the world had she given in so easily to Flint’s kiss...his touch? Maybe it was from lack of sleep, she reasoned. Or more likely the fact that she hadn’t been that physically close to a hot, virile male in a very long time. If that was the case, she seriously needed to get out more.

She had acted spontaneously and completely out of character. It was a mistake she wouldn’t be making again. After all, she was an educated woman and respected in the small community. What would her staff or clients think if they knew she was making out with a stranger in the middle of the night? And not just any stranger but a member of a motorcycle gang for heaven’s sake!

As long as she kept her cool and didn’t let it happen again, it would go down in her mind as a temporary lack of judgement. It was understandable, she told herself, considering the stressful situation the MC had placed her under. Maybe she was having a touch of Stockholm Syndrome or something. All she needed to do was keep her distance from Flint and not let him get to her. Piece of cake. She could do it.

Feeling a little bit better about everything and much more in control again, she stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel hanging on the rack.

Kendra bit back a loud yelp.

“Flint! What the hell? You ever heard of knocking?”

Flint stood in the open doorway and appeared to have been there for a while. He was leaning casually against the frame as he regarded her with narrowed eyes.

How had she not heard him? How long had he been standing there watching her through the sliding shower doors without saying one word? She hastily wrapped the towel around her body and tucked in the ends. 

He broke the silence at last with a mild-toned, “Need help drying off?” He straightened his lithe frame from the door.

Kendra had no intention of responding and started to walk past him. She jumped back when his arm came up, but it was only to prop it across the doorjamb so that he blocked her exit.

“Do you mind?” she asked steadily, her eyes fierce as they held his.

“No, I don’t mind,” he replied, intentionally misunderstanding her request to move his arm. “I’ll spend hours drying you off if you want me to. Not a problem. At all. I have all the time in the world.”

He smiled suddenly, a devastating smile that melted the hard lines of his jaw and made his eyes light up. Kendra really wished he wouldn’t look at her like that. She didn’t know what to think when those intense green eyes skimmed over her body, missing nothing.

It took superhuman effort not to drop the towel right then and wrap her arms around his neck. To run her hands down his chest and over his shoulders. To trace every stroke of the Steel Infidels tattoo on his back with her tongue.

Good Lord! She refused to even think about how much she wanted to be thrown down and taken hard and fast by him on any available surface, including the tile bathroom floor.

It made no sense. She normally had a whole lot more self-control. He was making her insane. She’d made it to the top of her class in veterinary school and took great pride in being a structured, disciplined person in both work and her personal life. Now Flint was gazing at her and it was like he could tell exactly the effect he was having on her. And that made Kendra want to flee from the room and him as fast as humanly possible.

Maybe her raw desire showed in her eyes. Or maybe he was used to women falling all over him. It could be that he sensed the tingling shiver that went through her whenever he looked at her.

“Why do I make you so nervous?” he suddenly asked. “At first I thought you might be afraid of me, but that’s not it, is it? Jesse said you weren’t the least bit intimidated by my crew and they’re much scarier than I am.”

A moment later, he lifted a hand to smooth a knuckle across her cheek. Kendra’s strangled breath caught in her chest.

“You’re very beautiful,” he murmured very thoughtfully, those eyes gliding over her face. “Eyes the prettiest I’ve ever seen.” His words were simply hypnotic. She could only watch, immobilized, as his head slanted low, aiming for her mouth.

Kendra could not believe this was about to happen. Again. So much for resisting him.

But God help her, she couldn’t stop it. She couldn’t do more than melt into him as he devoured her lips. His tongue began a slow, sensual assault the moment she let him into her mouth. Kendra moaned and trembled when she felt his hands move under the towel and cup her ass. His touch was possessive, heated, famished. He cupped the curves of her ass and tugged her tighter against his hard, overpowering masculinity.

Their lips crashed together so hard Kendra knew her lips would feel the bruises later. Her fingers dug into his hair and rifled through the silken strands. But then moments later her senses returned and she gasped, letting go of his hair and straining against him. He pulled away slowly, resting his hands on her hips as Kendra slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were glazed and confused, her sensuous mouth even more swollen and enticing. Kendra was completely losing it. Her gut told her Flint was a man with the potential to lead her deep into forbidden territory, and he was proving her right with every passing second.

He seemed to see right through her to her fears and worries, and he gently touched her swollen bottom lip as he said in a gentle tone, “It’s all right, doc. Relax. It’s not my style to force myself on women. Which means the next time I touch you or kiss you, you’re not going to want me to stop. When that happens, I’ll start here,” he murmured thickly.

Kendra looked down and gasped as his fingertips grazed over her now rock-hard nipples through the towel. She’d never felt them get so big and stiff, aching with need. Her own body was betraying her. She arched at his barely-there caress across her breasts.

She lifted widened eyes to his face and found his gaze fixed on her heaving breasts, heavy now and filled with want that she was sure he could detect even beneath the terrycloth towel. She met his gaze. She felt one thing, but her brain told her another. She couldn’t let this happen. Not now. Not ever. This wasn’t her style and he wasn’t her type of man.

“I’m sorry,” Kendra said before hurrying out of the room, embarrassed once again for giving in so easily. Whatever was happening between them, it was opening a side to her she’d never known; a submissive part that found it so easy to yield to a man with the will and passion strong enough to control her every response. Flint was that kind of man. She knew it instinctively. The knowledge both scared and thrilled her to the bone.

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