Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Twelve


Keyonna flicked her sunglasses off her face as she stepped out of the taxi which had stopped in front of her hotel. She preferred doing her shopping in the morning and now she was back for some brunch and maybe a nap in her room. She found herself pausing by a stall near the hotel where a man was selling fresh flowers. Buying an attractive bunch, she buried her nose in the colorful bloom as she turned to walk up the steps into the hotel.

But then she was startled by the sound of screeching tires and turned sharply to see a tall, familiar man spring from out of the driver’s seat, her name spilling from his lips.


Nick. Here.

Those were the only two things she could process in her mind as she was struck with a sudden, inexplicable bolt of fear.

He’s found me! Damn! Wild thoughts flew through her head as she realized it must have been Rachel who told him. She should have known.

In a sudden spurt of panic, she dumped her shopping and the flowers and turned the other way to run. Running, always running. Her one aim always to evade that sharp feeling of dread that enveloped her senses from knowing Nick had come to get her back. She couldn’t let him catch her.

“Keyonna, stop!” Nick called out to her in a harsh, tortured voice. But Keyonna didn’t look back, hurtling forward on her choppy heels and quickly turning the corner. Then she tried to cross the road without looking both ways first and missed a moving motorcycle making straight for her.

The rider gave a shout but couldn’t stop in time. Keyonna couldn’t get back out of the way fast enough, and she was only able to let out a tiny scream as the motorcycle made impact and threw her to the ground. The last thing she was aware of was of Nick’s voice yelling, “No!” before she sank into a dark, painful nothingness.

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