Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Thirteen


Their mutual desire was like a living entity pounding its heartbeat between them, binding them. For a long time there were no words. Their clothes fell away and soon their naked bodies glided against each other as they kissed, hands molding to flesh.

Linking their fingers, Nick stretched her arms wide apart on either side of her head. He thrust his tongue inside her mouth and Keyonna moaned louder, shuddering against him. He pulled his mouth away and whispered in her ear that hearing her moan like that was his favorite sound. He only made her shiver all the more, and he chuckled softly, sending her a rakish look before he tracked kisses along her jawline.

Keyonna gloried in the sensation of his lips on her skin; like a silken caress. She loved the way his virile, masculine body felt pressed against hers, especially his manhood which throbbed heavily against her stomach, hard and thick and almost fearsome in length. She’d caught only a glimpse when he’d undressed and her throat had gone dry as lust and consternation had warred within her. She longed so deeply to have him inside her mouth, her pussy. But first, she let him take the lead, and purred when those knowing lips moved to her ear and he tugged gently on her lobe with his teeth. Hmmm, that felt so good, so intimate and sexy. But then he shifted much lower, gliding over her neck and straight to her breasts which instinctively thrust out further when she felt his breath skim her rounded orbs.

Keyonna helplessly stared down at his wavy head at her breast, and cried out when he sucked one dark nipple in his mouth. She bucked hard against him, rubbing herself into his hard, toned body and feeling the arousal turn her pussy slick. He continued to roll the stiff, aroused tip into his mouth and then laved gently right before he bit down firmly, causing her to let out a shriek of delight. Nick groaned deeply, letting her wrists go as he lowered a hand to her cleft. Keyonna could feel her own juices coating his fingers as he stroked her firmly and then sought her clit within its hood, pinching it gently.

Scalded by pleasure, Keyonna screamed out his name. Damn but he knew just what to do to make her feel good. He danced his tongue around her aroused nipple while he angled two fingers deep inside her until he was massaging that spongy bundle of nerves while at the same time, he rubbed on her swollen clitoris with carnal intensity.

He knew her body so well. Too well. Better than she knew it herself. He made love to each breast with a lover’s intimate care, making goose-bumps of ecstasy rise in her skin as he simultaneously stroked and finger-fucked her drenched cunt. Keyonna couldn’t stop her vaginal muscles from clenching hard on Nick’s fingers as they shafted her faster and faster. Deep within her throat, a strangled sound of pleasure erupted and she gripped tightly to his shoulders, totally blown away. She felt ready to cum and was almost helpless to stop it. Her eyes shut tight as she fought back the rising inferno. Higher and higher she climbed, lost in a maze of clouds that lifted her into a subspace where time and place no longer mattered.

Just Nick. Her Nick.

Now, his voice drew her firmly from the brink. “Open your eyes, beautiful,” he commanded thickly as his fingers stilled within her swollen core.

Keyonna opened her eyes and felt slayed by the flames of passion mirrored in Nick’s dark, blazing eyes.

“I will make you cum, as many times as you want but right now I need to bury my tongue inside you. I need to remind myself of your glorious taste which haunted me every night you were away from my side,” Nick said in that voice that sent shivers down Keyonna’s spine.

Keyonna saw no way to refuse him; not when she longed for the same thing herself. She remembered all too well his skill at pleasuring a woman’s secret spots, but when Nick rolled on his back and settled her above him, she stared down at him in confusion. He drew her up until she straddled his shoulders, and then he urged her higher still. Oh, dearest heaven, thought Keyonna as with his strong arms, Nick positioned her to sit right over his face.

Whoa! The sensation of her pussy settling over his mouth; to feel the friction of his lower face nuzzling against her sensitive mound was enough to make Keyonna fling her head back with an animalistic cry.

Keyonna knew the exact moment Nick’s tongue jabbed into her pussy. Keyonna’s thighs tightened on either side of his head, and she heard him growl with approval as she pressed her pussy harder in his face.

She felt almost hysterical with lust, feeling Nick’s hands cup and squeeze her butt cheeks as he pulled her even closer while he licked the fleshy walls of her inner lips. In no time Keyonna was jerking herself over his face, shocked by the thrill of sharp pleasure cutting through her. Her instincts seemed to take over and all she could focus on was Nick’s tongue, lips, nose and chin grinding into her sex with unbelievably delicious pressure.

It was wicked, wild and hot.

Keyonna felt like she was in paradise.

Nick’s hands shifted from her ass to massage her tits, and Keyonna’s hands covered his as her body writhed and shook. Half of her was worried she was smothering him but Nick didn’t seem to mind, even when she began rubbing herself violently over his face. She was crying out, sobbing and moaning at the same time. Keyonna wanted nothing more than to spurt all over Nick’s face and something told her he’d like that too. Gulping air like she was drowning, she Keyonna grunted, “Yes...fuck yesss.” Nick’s masterful tongue fucked her pussy into a mass of goo just as his sucking lips pulled on her clit until it sent currents of ecstasy straight to her brain.

Oh, she definitely wanted to cum, so much her body felt ready to explode. But Keyonna knew something she wanted even more.

Lifting her pelvis off his neck, Keyonna pushed her body down his chest and kissed away his protests. “Let me do something for you this time baby,” Keyonna purred, and smiled sultrily into his face which was smeared with her juices. Plucking one more time at his lips and making him groan, Keyonna glided her naked body down Nick’s muscled frame. She nibbled at his nipples, and heard his deep grunt of pleasure, and then kissed adoringly over his rippling pecs before resting on her knees in between his thighs.

“Oh my,” Keyonna breathed, cupping one hand around his juicy-looking balls and wrapping her hand around his thick, long and beautifully hard cock. He was magnificent, all smooth and silky yet strong as steel in her grasp. She whined with appreciation.

Keyonna’s knowledge with giving blowjobs could easily fit on the back of a postage stamp. She’d never had much opportunity to indulge in the act but then she’d never had such an eagerness to have a cock in her mouth the way she wanted Nick’s. She couldn’t help sighing, “You have a beautiful cock, baby.” She licked her lips wantonly as she cut her gaze up to his face and saw the look of agonized arousal in his expression.

“Oh fuck. Keyonna,” she heard him groan when she bent to lap at the precum pooling at the tip of his massive erection. Keyonna hummed at the deliciousness that was Nick, and kept her gaze linked to his as she wrapped both hands around his thick, solid shaft and stroked him up and down while she closed her mouth over his crown and sucked lusciously.

Hearing Nick groan and swear thickly in Italian made her nipples grow even more erect and tingly.

She bobbed her head lower and took in more inches of his throbbing member, her eye lids fluttering in enjoyment as he stretched her lips wider and wider as she descended halfway down his staff. Oh, he tasted and felt so good. Her tongue flicked around and around, her mouth sealed tight over him until she could feel each pulsing twinge of his manhood.

Keyonna could hear his breathing become more labored and irregular as she jerked and sucked on his cock. The next thing she knew, he was pulling her hips in his direction and soon had her sitting over his face again, this time in the sixty-nine position. The pleasure of that moment became so immense in its raunchiness. Keyonna felt like every last one of her inhibitions melted away as they both pleasured each other at the same time, ramping up the many sensations to a fevered tempo.

Nick nibbled on her pussy lips right before he teased her clit and then swiped in a straight line up to the crack of her ass. He licked her there and Keyonna shuddered, gurgling around on his cock. It was the lewdest, hottest thing ever to feel Nick’s tongue teasing her ass. She found herself rubbing her ass harder on his face, absolutely loving the feeling that was nothing like she’d ever experienced. Whoa. She’d never have dreamed Nick would be so kinky – and he got even kinkier when he wet his thumb on the juices dripping from her cunt and then pushed it slowly, sweetly past her anal ring.

Keyonna shuddered so hard she had to pop his dick out of her mouth. “Nick! Oh my...God!”

Nick went on fucking his thumb in and out of her ass while slipping the fingers of his free hand over her swollen, sodden cunt. He pushed in two fingers deep inside her vaginal walls and began to shove both her holes with a synchronized, relentless force. Keyonna could easily have passed out from ecstasy.

Her grip tightened around his saliva-slick cock as she applied more pressure to her jerking motions, dazed by the sensation of both her front and rear entrances being wedged by Nick’s skillful fingers. So good, and so bad. So wrong yet so fucking, incredibly right. This was becoming the hottest sex ever and Keyonna could imagine only one thing that could top this was for Nick to slide his big, fat, beautiful cock deep inside her aching pussy.

Keyonna bucked uncontrollably as Nick plied her with his fingers, pleasure coiling tight in her womb. When she came, it felt like a shock of lightning had shot straight up her spinal cord only to implode somewhere in the back of her skull. Her eyes flew wide open but she was senseless to sight or even sound as she screeched in whistle-register notes.

Keyonna unconsciously backed up into his face as she grabbed his cock and drew the bulbous end into her mouth as the last throes of her orgasm shuddered through her. She would have loved for Nick to erupt in her mouth as well, but he gently positioned her on her back.

He moved in between her readily parted thighs and pressed his aroused penis at her apex, rubbing himself over the slippery folds of her throbbing pussy. Keyonna gasped as her body once again became flooded with desire. She bit on her lower lip and moaned helplessly.

“More?” Nick rasped, his voice almost unrecognizable.

Keyonna threw her arms around him and raked wanton fingers down his broad, rippling back. “Yes. Yes and yes, Nick. I need you deep inside me. All the way.”

Fuck. Nick mouthed that one word hoarsely and it was both a curse and a prayer. Wanting to leave no doubt as to what she wanted, Keyonna inched her hand down and wrapped her fingers around his engorged cock. She gripped him tighter and ran her fingers over its length and girth, spreading his precum and her own juices all over it.

“Keep doing that with your hand and I just might not make it through the next minute, sweet one,” Nick bit out, burying his face in her neck to give vent to the thin hold on his control by nipping lightly on her neck.

Keyonna shuddered as his teeth connected to her flesh, branding her as his. At the same moment, she whispered her acquiescence and guided his cock to her entrance just before tilting her hips upwards to receive him.

They both gasped as Nick drove himself to the hilt inside her. The very room seemed to pulse around them as Nick waited for them both to adjust to the thrumming sensations where they were merged. Keyonna couldn’t think. She could only feel, and Nick buried deep inside her felt damned good. It had been a long time – no never – since anything had felt half as good.

Slowly, Nick began to rotate and grind his pelvis against hers and Keyonna writhed beneath him in eager response. He drew out inch by torturous inch, and then thrust back inside her at a delightful pace that made her moans increase in pitch.

Keyonna could feel her pussy walls clench erratically around Nick as he speared her again and again with sweet precision. She knew he’d been taking things slow from the start due to her recent hospitalization; he’d let her take the lead many times in their passionate coupling and now, he was almost painstaking in his thoroughness. He was gentle, yet profound. He drilled in as deep as he could go, angling his thrusts to meet her at the very point of her need – right up against her most responsive sweet spot. The pleasure became so thick and powerful it was almost weighing her down, smothering her.

“Oh shit...oh lord, Nick. Nick please. Harder!” Keyonna heard herself cry out as she began to peak.

He increased his pace, slamming against her just that bit more ferociously. Keyonna could see the sweat gathering on his sculpted chest and forehead, and reached up to swipe her tongue hungrily against his clenched jaw.

“Is this what you need, baby?” Nick asked as he pounded into her squelching pussy. “You like that?”

“Yes! Fucking hell. Yes. I love what you do to me, Nick. You feel so damned good inside me,” Keyonna gasped as she moved with him, not losing rhythm as her body instinctively matched his thrust for thrust. And then it happened. Even as he ground and plunged into her, Keyonna was jolted by her second orgasm. Her back hunched off the bed and her inner walls pulsed and vibrated around Nick’s magnificent cock. She gripped tight to his upper arms braced on either side of her and she reveled in the firmness of muscle there, her glazed eyes roving all over the rest of his beautifully carved body dusted manfully with his dark, silky hair. Damn, but he was so freaking hot!

“Is this good?” Nick asked tensely, and Keyonna’s gaze jerked up to notice he was watching her.

“So good,” Keyonna whispered back, amazed at her body’s own responsiveness to his. Still needing and wanting him; still hungry for that next lunge that would bring his cock pummeling through her tender walls. Keyonna thought of all the times she’d cum, and reminded herself that she’d never been a selfish lover. Hungry for Nick’s release as much as her own, Keyonna began to roll her hip, her pussy muscles rippling around his relentless cock.

She ran her hands over his chest, loving the brush of silky hair against her palms. She gazed up into his flushed face and licked her lips in that way she noted made his eyes glaze over. “Cum inside me, Nick.”

Nick let out a grunt, his eyes dragging to look down at her undulating body, sensual beneath his tanned, rigid flesh. She felt amazed at her own audacity.

“You want my cum?” was Nick’s raspy response, as their bodies mated in untamed abandon. Hearing Nick talk dirty back to her could easily trigger off her next orgasm, she knew.

Keyonna stroked her fingers over his well-defined abs and then up to her own breasts where she lightly skimmed over her erect nipples, moaning at the sensation. Touching herself always felt hotter when Nick was looking at her so ravenously.

“Yes. Give it to me, Nick,” Keyonna whimpered, tugging at her sensitized buds and blinking with delight to feel his cock throb and swell all the more inside her snug, spongy walls. “Now! Deep inside me.”

Fuck,” Nick let out, pumping his hips faster into her. “You’ll be the death of me, cara mio. But I think it would be a good death.”

“Then let’s die together,” whispered Keyonna, sinking her fingers in his hair and tugging him down to meet her lips. As they kissed, he surged deep inside her with several more deliciously paced thrusts, and then he strained against her, roaring against her mouth as he coated the inside of her pussy with his copious seed. Simply knowing that he was flooding her with his manly essence drove Keyonna into a soul-rending orgasm that felt all the more intense because Nick was deep inside her.

With one last triumphant thrust, he settled completely over her body, and Keyonna could fell his heart slam against his chest, the tempo echoing hers. Skin to skin, bone to bone; they were connected in the most intimate of ways. Keyonna clung to him tightly for a few moments, dazed by what had happened.

A lot of things didn’t make sense to her right now. She hadn’t let herself think too much or worry too much since she woke up and found herself in the hospital. But right here, right now – nothing could ever be wrong about this. She felt that with a certainty upon which she could stake her life.

Keyonna almost felt bereft when Nick then pulled out of her still swollen folds and lifted his frame off her body. There was the rush of cool air against her skin and she was glad when he settled right next to her. She expected him to pull her into his arms, but instead he stayed back a little to study her.

Keyonna was sure she was flushing all over at the way his eyes roved over her naked body; her arms splayed out on either side of her, her legs still spread open and her thighs and sex glistening with their combined cum. Her chest rose and fell sharply as she strove to steady her breathing, her skin flushed to a burnished hue as the film of perspiration quickly dried off in the delicious breeze coming through the windows.

Keyonna pushed her fingers through her hair, and smiled a little shakily. “Well, do I pass the fitness test?” she teased.

Nick simply smiled, and cupped her jaw. “You’ve been through so much in the past few weeks. I was selfish; I shouldn’t have forced my animal appetites on you; not so soon.”

His words made Keyonna giggle. She liked the animal side of Nick very, very much, she decided, and told him so.

“Ay, woman. Don’t encourage me,” he growled, even as he gathered her by the waist to rest against his warm, solid frame. He gazed down into her face with the stupid grin spread over her lips as Keyonna stared back up at him.

“And to answer your question; you didn’t just pass the test, sweet one. Anything more beautiful than you would be unreal. The way you looked, fresh from our loving, is an image that will be burned in my brain forever.”

Keyonna sighed deeply and snuggled closer. “Thank you. You’re quite the stud yourself,” she murmured, hearing his deep chuckle as he kissed her lips.

But then Keyonna surprised him by shoving him down on his back and twisting  her body to rest over his, pinning him beneath her. Her grin matched his and her eyes danced with impish delight.

“You know, after all that hot sex my body does feel a bit achy,” she purred, running her index finger over his lips then down to his chest, “I’d say what the best solution is for an aching body...but I might seem much too naughty...”

Nick’s grin broadened. “And me being the blushing groom I am, maybe I shouldn’t ask what that solution is.”

His voice was throbbing deep in his chest, vibrating against Keyonna’s tits pressed close to his pecs while her nipples felt like stinging hot bullets.

“Maybe I won’t tell you...I think I’d much rather show you,” Keyonna said in that same breathy tone. She slowly edged off Nick’s frame, her eyes sultry as she slid out of bed. She could feel Nick’s gaze following her lithe, curvy body as she swayed enticingly, making her way to the en-suite bathroom door. She knew exactly the view she was giving him from the back, her bouncy ass moving in time with her generous hips swaying side to side. She glanced over her shoulder and almost giggled when she saw the glassy hot lust cast over his handsome face as he stared. Keyonna knew she’d never be a size zero model but she was happy with her trim shoulders, arms and waist, her long, toned thighs and legs, and of course all those curves her ‘mama’ gave her; her firm, high-profiled tits, just enough to spill out of a big man’s hands, and an ass to make an hourglass green with envy.

Biting tantalizing on her bottom lip, she crooked her finger at him with nothing but promise in her eyes and a sexy smile. And then wanted to chuckle when Nick’s grin took on a devilish tilt as he skipped out of bed and almost tripped over their clothes on the floor. Gloriously naked, he made his way to join her as she disappeared into the bathroom.

Nick had a gorgeous body. Keyonna liked that he hadn’t gone for the smooth look but had a light smattering of hair going on over his chest, forearms and legs. Very manly. And he towered over her at just the right height which made them fit perfectly together when they stood toe to toe beneath the warm spray of the shower. She loved the baby-soft texture of his skin, and the rock-hard sinew underneath. His solid, broad build would have been intimidating, especially when it came to that immense cock of his that was so hard and hot now, pressed against her belly as they kissed and embraced passionately.

She remembered how well he had stretched her walls and reached every recess of her molten sheathe. She’d been so wet and ready for every inch of him that it hadn’t been as uncomfortable as she’d feared to have someone so big inside her. But then Nick had taken care not to be too rough, giving her just enough to split her senses into multi-colored fireworks.

She let him turn her so he could wash her back, his hand smoothing and lathering the soft, soapy cloth over her shoulder blades and down her spine. She flinched slightly as he skimmed over a lingering bruise just at the back of her left side, and he crooned tenderly in her ear, soothing her as much with his voice as his hands. His touch felt so good, bathing her with such tenderness. She couldn’t wait to do the same for him. He roamed those knowing hands all over her from the back to the front, sponging in between and underneath her breasts, slipping his hands in between her thighs and making them quiver. Keyonna felt like the water turned to steam the moment it hit her scorching flesh; Nick’s teasing touch was turning her on to the max.

She could feel his cock, proudly erect, prodding in between her ass cheeks and he soaped sensually up and down her trim flanks. He whispered some of that sexy Italian she adored inside her ear, and Keyonna reached up her arms to sink her fingers through his slick dark hair. She turned her face to meet his descending lips in a hot, sloppy and spicy kiss.

This went on for long, endless moments as the shower spilled like a waterfall over their bodies. And then Keyonna twisted around, retrieving the sponge from Nick and running it with equal care over every inch of him. Damn but he was one fine specimen; not an ounce of fat and far from bulky; just perfect; all lean, defined muscle with all that gorgeous tanned skin.

Soon Keyonna was flinging the cloth aside and gliding greedy hands all over him. Her breasts were pressed to his back as both her hands shifted boldly down to his cock. Good lord but he seemed even bigger and harder than she’d seen him tonight. Nick groaned deeply, his head thrown back as she stroked him, and jerked firmly on his shaft. It felt blissful to have him fill her palms, to know that he belonged to her and she could savor every potent inch of this marvelous cock that seemed designed just for her pleasure.

“No more teasing, cara,” Nick growled, his shaft pulsing like a separate entity in Keyonna’s stroking fingers. He turned round in her embrace, seizing her lips and drawing her upwards by the waist so that she could wrap her legs around his hips.

Keyonna gasped when without further ado, Nick’s rearing cock speared a perfect stroke deep into her pussy.

Heavens above. That went right through like a knife through butter. She stared into his intensely dark expression, her lips slack with pleasure as he drove in further than ever before, embedded right at the apex of her shivering inner walls. She clutched helplessly to his shoulders as she willed her body not to disintegrate from the agony of being so totally engorged by cock.

“Feel how perfectly you fit around me,” Nick rasped, cupping her ass cheeks and bringing her down more firmly on his throbbing staff. “So tight and wet. Always so ready for me.”

“Yes,” Keyonna gasped, her head spinning round and round. The sound of the shower running seemed to escalate in her ears until it felt like a rushing tempest.

Keyonna felt surprised when Nick reached out to shut off the shower and then, still deep inside her brought her across the steamy tiles to the bathroom sink. Oh boy. Nick slipped out of her quivering pussy and placed her gently on her feet. Then he kissed her lingeringly before turning her so that her back rested against his chest. Keyonna was a little startled to look up and see their images reflected in the misted mirror. She couldn’t help but notice how much they complemented each other.

He was hard and strong where she was soft and giving. Keyonna viewed even in the hazy reflection how her spine was arched into him, the column of her neck exposed to his lips raining soft kisses on the damp skin. Just watching them together, and the way his big hands scooped and fondled her breasts almost overwhelmed her senses with how well they suited each other.

How could she have ever thought him a cold and unfeeling brute? Yes, she remembered quite well the reason he’d got her to marry him. But all that was in the distant past. She still couldn’t remember a few portions of what had happened at the wedding, but Keyonna kept telling herself that if she couldn’t recall them then they weren’t that important.

Nick kept on massaging her breasts, kneading their fleshy orbs and pulling erotically on the nipples. Dazed, Keyonna gasped with bliss even as she wondered who the woman in the mirror was becoming. She felt she didn’t recognize the wanton female with the black, slick curls falling down her shoulders while she pushed and undulated her hips and ass into Nick who growled with pleasure in her ear.

Keyonna couldn’t stop staring into Nick’s face as he nipped on her earlobe, shifting one hand from her aroused nipple and down her straining ribcage before circling her quivering belly button and then lower still. She whimpered loudly when his fingers parted her dewy, swollen vulva. He sought out her clit from its hood and jockeyed it with his index finger. The moisture and heat rushed to her core when she met the intensity of his lustful gaze.

“I’ll never get over how beautiful you are, sweet wife,” Nick rasped in her ear. “Especially now with your full, dusky pink lips parted, your skin glowing, your lovely high cheekbones and your beautiful almond shaped eyes smoky with desire and framed by these soft curls falling around your face.”

Keyonna whined, loving how he made her feel so hot and sexy. He spoke of each part of her with such appreciation that she swore never to feel self-conscious of anything about herself, ever again.

Their eyes met in the mirror and Keyonna knew Nick could see how desperately she needed him. Her pussy still twitched from being impaled so deeply by his cock in the shower, and how each thrust had hit its target without fail. Now she placed one of her hands over his as he caressed her dripping pussy, and then with her other hand she reached behind her so she could cup his probing erection.

Keyonna heard his sharply indrawn breath and for the umpteenth time, reveled in the size of him and how sexy they looked touching each other with such intimacy. It had always been Keyonna’s dream to be with a man just like Nick, so gorgeously masculine and physically appealing in every way who also knew just how to switch on her buttons.

She loved the way every muscle in his arms and shoulders flexed, the heat of his flesh pressed up hard against hers. It was such an erotic picture and she wondered why she’d fought her attraction to him so long in the beginning when they’d first met over business. Deep inside she had sensed he was way out of her league; or that he would never be into someone like her: a woman who could hardly claim she was anything close to the kind of models and heiresses she’d pictured him with.

And yet now here they were, together as one, the world outside forgotten as everything that mattered was right here in this bubble of space and time. Driven by a desire so strong it made her heart pound like a bass drum, Keyonna stared deeply into his darkly passionate gaze in the mirror and said in a surprisingly steady voice, “Fuck me now, Nick. Fuck me here.”

Being a man of action as she expected, Keyonna was to have her wish granted in no time. Nick pushed into the small of her back and had her bent slightly forward, her arms holding her steady against the counter as she parted her legs. The next instant Nick lined up behind her and thrust himself into her slippery, twitching center. All it took was one smooth, high-powered motion and he was buried inside to the hilt.

Keyonna could hear them both cry out at the jarring contact. Nick’s hands were heavy on her hips, pulling her tight against him as he steadied himself inside her for a few moments as they breathed harshly, tensions rising. And then he withdrew only slightly, bending his knees and then plunging right back into her pussy at a whole new different angle. This time, Keyonna screamed.

Damn but that felt incredible, thought Keyonna as her walls seemed to vibrate around his cock like the shock waves of a sonic boom. Nick must have felt how tightly her walls gripped him, because he groaned deeply, gripping her hips so much tighter she could feel each imprint of his fingers. He continued to move with choppy, hard thrusts to her very depths, each angled lunge of his hips ensuring that his dick stroked every sensitive spot in her vaginal canal.

The sounds of their red-hot sex filled the bathroom and the visual of their reflected mating teased her in the mirror as Keyonna watched Nick push and pull into her. His movements grew more driven and feral and each time he bottomed out inside her, they both grunted with half-agony, half-pleasure. This was exactly what Keyonna had needed; this was what she’d demanded for. Nick’s cock virtually assaulting her pussy, the sound of his skin smacking against the back of her thighs and buttocks as their moans of ecstasy echoed around them.

Eager for an even deeper connection, Keyonna strained her neck to the side and gazed up at Nick’s curvy mouth, her lips brushing against his jaw to get his attention. To her delight he responded instantly, bending to seize her lips in a ravenous kiss. His tongue thrust deep inside to massage against hers as his thrusts drilled faster.

“Having a hot new wife like you makes a man want to have all kinds of sex in all kinds of places,” Nick rasped thickly into her open mouth, and Keyonna shuddered deliciously in response.

“Considering my husband is freaking hot as well, I fully intend to oblige whatever he suggests,” Keyonna said on a gasp and a giggle. Her breasts swung and jiggled as he slammed into her harder.

“Oh damn that feels good,” she whispered huskily, turning to watch again in the mirror. Nick grunted some response she couldn’t discern, and then she watched with bated breath as he slid his hand down her belly and over the light strip of curls on her mound till he unveiled her clit. Keyonna let out a wail of approval when he pressed firmly unto that little swollen bead while he stroked in and out of her more powerfully.

His free hand cupped her breasts one after the other, pleasuring them as he fucked her down to the bone. Keyonna blinked several times, feeling layer after layer of bliss engulf her as her orgasm swelled. Keyonna felt Nick increase the pressure on her clit while his pace grew almost manic, his grunts deep and loud. Keyonna knew he was just as close as she was; knew the oncoming crash would be titanic.

Her legs began to tremble and she lifted her arms to clutch behind his neck as deep within, her pussy tightened around him like a fist closing and opening. He whispered four words in her ear that had her ass moving harder against his pelvic bone as she hounded after her release: “Come for me, Keyonna.”

Keyonna heard herself crying out, “Nick...oh fuck, I’m coming!” just as her orgasm slammed into her like a freight train. He rode it out with her, shouting her name as he came deep inside her, his throbbing cock brimming her once again with his hot seed. He continued to stroke inside her as he reached down for a kiss, letting the final waves of their conjoined orgasm wash through them.

Keyonna’s muscles didn’t stop breathing around his cock, and because she wanted this special contact to last just that much longer, she whispered to him not to pull out yet.

“Nothing could drag me away,” Nick growled, meeting her eyes in the mirror.

His hand was still cupped over her sex, and Keyonna sighed deeply as she lifted her hand to his cheek and turned for one more kiss.

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